macspam (NA)
: So nobody wants to play jungle?
: Riot is doing nothing for league.
Clearly with preseason its a shitshow, and riot hasn't fix or revert things back.
: I don't find the meta to be extremly bad, but pretty mediocre. That combined with the PreSeason which means that rankeds dont matter until months...yeah I'll stay on WoW with my priest.
The meta is pretty shifted... Ornn has the highest win rate for some odd reason?
Artican (NA)
: Riot's Focus Has Shifted
Riot doesn't care. Everytime I see a broken champion and I say riot nerf this I think to myself *riot won't give a shit.*
: League of Legends is a broken game
Lux needs a major nerf. And Ashe with those slows unacceptable. Cool, she's an ice queen with a bow, but seriously.
Rioter Comments
DatPolak (NA)
This new season is f*ing shit I'm sorry, but f* its dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons and dragon buffs. It's f*ng annoying. JG exp is garbage. Before it was red wolves blue lv 3. Now its' f*ng red, wolves, blue, gromp then lv 3, and this spawn timer on the scuttle isn't fun either I have to wait till I get scuttle exp.
Yenn (NA)
: Jungle EXP really needs to be revisited
Agree jungle exp needs to get back to normal.
: How long will Riot pretend that everything is okay lol?
This game isn't okay. First off we got Mastery lv 7's Talking trash because of they some gods. Toxicity levels and sportsmanship levels ahs fucking dipped. I never saw a nice person in such a game. In my opinion, some of these champions need major nerfs. It's insanity, and fix the client I keep crashing sometimes whenever I load into games. The jungle is trash now, except for some champions... The top lane is still a fucking island and has no impact what so ever in games. Riot wants us to play these champions it's crazy.
Boart (EUW)
: he'll be back in a week
> [{quoted}](name=Boart,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=btU9yE7E,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-11-20T03:17:48.269+0000) > > he'll be back in a week Not cool.
: EZ
Busted this enemy top lane and we lost you know what she said, "ggez" I'm like.... ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Rokuroú (EUW)
: Senna is a bit nuts
You want to see nuts... Play Diana and you'll one-shot everyone
Mahoh (NA)
: not 1.25 make it .50
Just dodge the stun...???????? The only way he can engage is through the stun until he has lich bane or something.
: Ekkos needs one of two things nerfed.
Nah Ekko doesn't need a nerf, I'm going towards more of Senna needing a nerf maybe a nerf that would make her get played around instead of stunning for 2 seconds.
: About Senna secret passive..
More like get senna out of the game.
: Honestly True Damage Ekko just nailed it
Ekko is the name don't wear it down. Echoes in the room tryin seize the crown.
KazKaz (OCE)
: URF isn't bad this time around, it's the community
: Way to go your S10 changes take everything we hate and make it even worse.
Rioter Comments
Spear of Shojin was a great item don't get me wrong. The problem was the abuse of it.
: I agree, the execute really only benefits teams who are struggling to kill a target. Assassins will oneshot the squishies anyways, so it doesn’t really make that large of a difference. It does hurt tanks a fair bit though.
True, most likely a team who is losing team fights, and can get Elder will benefit a lot
macspam (NA)
: Why is further reducing jungle XP a good thing?
More opportunities in jungle... like ganking or following an enemy jungler and stealing camps. I mean I don't like how they reducing the exp.
FeeD3R13 (EUNE)
: MAKE A RANKED FOR SOLO PLAYERS ONLY SOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: The problem is, why should we farm? I camps suck, give fk all XP, fk all gold and take FOREVER to respawn. Right now, If Some1 power farms and I gank+farm, I will out lvl the power farmer. This XP change, further pushes me away from farming as my camps are even worse and thus I jst spam gank as that's literally my only option
Farming helps you... You can get better items...?
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Maybe because Jungler should farm jungle and occasionally gank instead of babysitting lanes occasionally farming? 🤔
Well, ganking gives you experience too. Perma camp works with good matchups.
: Do not put execute on the elder buff
I do agree and disagree. Elder is an objective and an objective that is kind of optional if you're way far ahead of the game, meaning you can clearly defeat the enemy team in a team fight. I mean the execution is eh, because most champions who have (range) would execute easily, and would make assassins more useless (correct me if I am wrong). I agree with this, because it's a cooler feature, and we needed something for a long time to make the game lively.
: Does this happen to anyone else
: CSGO far better Esports experience and overall experience. And they don't actually balance the game around Esports unlike riot.
> [{quoted}](name=ORB1TS,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=INimzeAa,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-22T23:43:54.588+0000) > > CSGO far better Esports experience and overall experience. And they don't actually balance the game around Esports unlike riot. CSGO esports are actually super hyped. Riots just eh
: You know what? League just isn’t fun anymore.
TFT isn't fun. In all honesty, the community wants URF. Give them URF. We don't a mini chess game this company is designed to make better game modes. This is some shit.
HàrrowR (EUW)
: So this just happened, 5 AFKs from the start
: There are some problems with the game that I don't want to ignore
You're going to have to ignore them because of riot won't care and being truthful. I agree with you on everything.
: Why did you buff jax.
Jax isn't bad. It's just the items he posses that makes it bad.
: Champ select idea to save my brain from auto banning
Every time I'm in champion select it's either I lose chromosomes or I get a smile on my face.
: I really don't understand the balance methods in this game.
There no such thing as a balanced team... look at Pyke!
Slim Şhady (EUNE)
: The current state of League ( Damage , game pace )
Yeah I'm one-shotting people with ekko. But at the same time money is easy if you farm early game, and find picks.
Jøkèr (NA)
: Get rid of promo games.
I agree with this. This is just a useless part of the ranking. In Overwatch (example) you don't get promos. Just a straight up rank.
Rioter Comments
: I'm with you in every single point you made. I'm waiting for the 10 year anniversary so i can see what they planning for the preseason, If they are not fixing shit up I'm gonna call it quits. Hope they fix it though.
They'll probably make a new skin, and make it legendary so people can buy, and not care for the game status.
: That is by far the worst thing about this meta. Getting a lead on anyone but yourself is super risky, and even then if you have a lead you cant use it in a lot of cases for fear of dropping the bounty.
One single lead from the enemy team could cause defeat from yours in a spilled second.
: State of the game
Holy shit ranked was always bad after season 6. It's like playing overwatch rank system.
: Champion Types That Are Inherently Broken
Kha Zix is pretty broken even though I lost that game due to the top being a complete blunderbuss. Other than that one-shotting is just damn.
: You think thats bad? My friend dropped from plat 1 to plat 4. With the first like 7 games of the loss streak having around 10-12 players on her team with a 45-48% winrate.
goddamn this game is so shitty.
: In this whole year, I probably enjoyed like 10 games total.
yea most game is just same stuff same game tft didn't even help in honesty
: Seems fun doesnt it? When you get queued with people who have lower than a 50% winrate consistantly. And they end up either feeding and flaming or feeding and refusing to do anything with the team because they want to "be the carry"
went from 100 lp to 0lp
GigglesO (NA)
: Stage a Protest?
Yasuo isn't getting nerf even with a high ban rate in low elo.
: I played a game as Pyke and snowballed..
Welcome to league of legends where nobody cares for your input. In reality, we do, but riot really doesn't care.
Rioter Comments
Papa Stalin (EUNE)
: The Riot Games Balance team does not care about you or your feedback.
Riot buffs a champ that doesn't need a buff. Oh YEA GAREN. he doesn't need a buff guys what in the fuck
: I've had the same thing the last week, also tried everything. my consistent ping now is 80-110 almost unplayable. No idea how to fix it.
Is it an ISP problem because for me it is. I tried everything to fix it it's been like this for 4 months constant.
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