: His W is part of what makes his melee matchups so good. You're undervaluing how powerful a free always-up passive is, and the ability to consistently skirt just outside of someones range and dodge their attempts to engage on you. Maybe it's not perfect, but honestly it's one of the main reasons I enjoy playing the champ.
It's not free and its incredibly easy to disable. All you need to do is take the smallest bit of damage and you're slow, and mind you the active does not refresh the passive either, it just gives a 3 second "burst" that doubles the value.
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iiGazeii (NA)
: Is there anything wrong with an item fitting certain champions perfectly?
When the champions have 0 resources and some of their only foreseeable counterplay is working around their CDs? I'd say it becomes a problem when an item is so perfect it removes any ability to fight against the enemy building it.
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: Grievieous wounds should be a choice not built-in into your generic default itemization
It's already built into the default itemization {{item:3165}} because Riot are garbage at balancing the game. The least they can do now though is give the option to grab it early.
Done25 (NA)
: Would be a good way to get rid of early double mpen rush from boots+orb too.
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: There is a survey about League.
That moment when the only thing you can praise is the art and story of the League universe.
: All champions available in practice mode.
What, you mean you don't like being forced to purchase a champion in order to try them out for yourself while you're only allowed to have a grand total of 3 non-recharging refunds over the course of your entire League lifetime? Color me shocked.
Jamaree (NA)
: Because without it, he would be pretty shit tbh.
Sounds like a perfect reason for a rework then when an uninteractive skilless ability is the only thing keeping a champion afloat.


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