Leonerdo (NA)
: You can't force people to read anything. But I do like the idea of a pop-up with only the most CRITICAL patch notes. Like 3 lines of text maximum. Just enough to let people know that those 5 items were removed, and the support item quest passives were replaced by sightstone's active. That's all people really NEED to know, and they stand the best chance of actually paying attention to it if it's presented as concisely as possible.
It would be the patch notes that are available in the client, not just a few TLDR lines.
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eedat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5JgjsriV,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-01-25T18:00:04.621+0000) > > Compares a skillshot to an unavoidable global ulti that can be used while dead. > > I mean I don't like Zoe either but this is a shit comparison. Karthus ult is easily top 5 strongest ults in the game. That's why the rest of his kit is kinda lackluster It really isnt considering we have achamp that does almost double the dmg faster more efficiently ( far too easy to deal with karthus ult mid late game ) and on like not even a miniscule percentage of karths cd.
Your rage data is terrible. It's easier to deal with Zoe's Q than Karthus's ult, especially mid game once players have boots. Moving left to right is a lot easier of a dodge mechanic than trying to dodge a tracking ult that will always hit you anywhere on the map in most scenarios and deal a large chunk of damage. Karthus ult during a teamfight can easily turn the fight in his team's favor. Zoe lands a Q the enemy team still has an equal chance to win. Honestly Zoe's E and Q are just as easily dodgable as Illaoi's tentacles if you have any brain cells.
: I lost a teamfight because Evelynn muted my sound effects.
Pretty sure Evelynn cannot mute your eyeballs. Saying "I lost a fight because I can't hear" is like saying a deaf person can't hold up a conversation for the same reason. Deaf people can hold up convos just fine because they can still SEE what others are saying just like you can SEE what is happening in a fight. Riot has specifically made visual cues for pretty much everything in the game, so there is 0 excuse you can make as to why you lost outside of your own inability to perceive with your eyes. Scrolling through the comments I seen you say >There's a big blob of champions firing skills and cc I'm supposed to dodge.... And I can't even hear my own autoattacks and cancel them properly. Did the audio mute make you forget how to right click? You shouldn't be sitting in a "blob" of champions anyways unless you're a champions that thrives in them like Illaoi. Honestly speaking, everything I've seen you say in your post and in the comments points at it being your fault you lost. You couldn't keep track of your champion's animations and you were in the middle of the enemy team complaining about how you couldn't dodge their visual cued CC you should automatically visually search for on your own.
  Rioter Comments
: So its happend already... a moron calling me out for not having a sightstone...
I feel like the first time someone logs onto League after a patch, a prompt should pop up with patch notes on it saying "Check out the changes in patch #.#." with the full patch notes in a scroll under it. That way kids have the chance to actually read the patch notes.
: Riot is paying attention to Panth right now. Take a look at the 8.2 patch notes that just came out.
I noted the changes in the 8.2 notes with minion aggro as it does nothing against Pantheon due to the travel time of his Q.
: Get your jg to gank early then you can out damage him in lane for the rest of the game. Or just play safe and farm under tower
My WW did gank, Pantheon got a double kill because he's Pantheon. When I try to farm under tower all he does is throw out Qs, lowers my HP enough, then dives me, kills me, gets away without dying at all because his passive is a cancerous pile of shit.
Rioter Comments
: Well that's just like, your opinion, man. Bans exist in solo queue for people to deny the enemy a chance to play a champion that particular player doesn't feel comfortable, or want, to go against. While you may see it as a handicap of sorts to not ban as many champions as the enemy team, look at the other side of it. You're likely going to get much-needed practice against a champion that's strong in the meta which will improve your play as an individual.
I don't even care if it's a meta champion or not, just feels like a waste when nothing gets banned. I understand the viewpoint of why no ban exists, just feels bad imo.
Rioter Comments
: @Riot, You really need to tone down Shyvana's jungle clear ffs
Fun Fact about Shyvana, jungle clear and counter jungle was the only things people would use her for when picking her because she was considered weak. Then, out of the blue, a few people finally figured out how to use her in a broken way, resulting in everyone realizing how strong she really is. You'd be surprised how often a champion is viewed as weak and trash, turns out they're a hidden powerhouse (old mid-Lulu, Illaoi, Twitch back when he got his visual update, etc).
: Ruby Sightstone Passive (20% CDR) Back?
Removing the support actives only hits the non-support champions in most cases. A lot of the time you were buying the Eye versions of the support items anyways, if you were buying things like Face of the Mountain, in most cases, you were building inefficient for what you got out of it. There were times where the tier 3 support item was the correct choice, but most times it was just Eye. So by making Eye the only choice, it makes things easier for players so they don't make the wrong choice later. Don't forget that this also removes viability from ADCs running Targon's now, seeing as the old reward is now 100% removed. In addition, healing from ranged champions is now half efficient. Long story short, most people weren't even getting the 20% Item CDR to begin with because they opted for Eye over Ruby Sightstone.
Spaxa (EUW)
: why is no one talking about mao though? he is just as strong as Ornn, even feels more braindead to play and no one complains
Fun Fact : In solo-Q Ornn is actually a bad champion, people are just stupid when they play against him.
: "Removing the unstoppable on ornn is one of the WORST things you can do" - Scarra
FUN FACT : The only form of CC removing this actually matters against is displacement, which isn't as common of a CC in top lane. If you were hit with a stun or snare while "Unstoppable" you kept the stun or snare afterwards just like Vi and Malphite do. So in most matchups, you won't even feel that it was removed. There are _maybe_ 5-6 top laners at most that get any form of benefit out of this, and just as few if not fewer junglers when they go to gank him.
426287 (NA)
: Inspiration tree should give no stats at all
You need to read patch notes and look at the PBE notes more. Klepto -Free gold >> getting nerfed hard on early generation so it won't give nearly as much at all stages of the game (first 15 minutes is getting hit hard with everything after 15 minor hits, and ranged attacks get even fewer chances than melee so RIP Ezreal and other ADCs running it). Boots- Free gold AND cheaper upgrade to t2 boots >> Boots are getting pushed back to 12 minutes until obtained and the 50 gold discount is getting removed stopwatch I agree needs to go or at least has a decent timer before it can be used.
: I like the new Swain, but I'd personally like him more if he had DoT(s).
There was nothing to love about old Swain. He was boring and un-interactive in every possible way. You throw out the DOT and back off, that's it, that was his trade pattern. It's the same pattern as Malz and any poison user. His current Q helps his wave clear and his fight potential on a low cooldown (less than 2 seconds at max rank and high CDR).
: > [{quoted}](name=Shuyin178,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=h6OPO4Bs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-23T18:19:57.475+0000) > > Riven's CC + shield were too cancerous and unfair, so they removed her from the roster. Yet it's fine to get one shot by {{champion:107}} and {{champion:91}}?
It's fine because they are single target assassins, meanwhile Riven is an AOE CC machine with a built-in shield on her dash to keep her alive further.
: Why is Riven not on PBE's bloodmoon?
Riven's CC + shield were too cancerous and unfair, so they removed her from the roster.
H00K3D (NA)
: About the new game mode (Overcharge)
The problem with the vent tactic is that auto attacks from marksmen track, so you can still die easily.
: So Bramble vest is becoming completely impossible to rush next patch
It wasn't just Fiora, but it hurts her far less now. It still hurts vs Aatrox and other draining auto attackers.
: Poll: 2k18 League
This isn't a shitty basketball gaming series, so you don't need the k.
: It's actually bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit. Forces all runes on same champs because they all work the *same* way. Stupid fucking visibility. Can't even buy tabi boots. It's all garbo. Save yourself the time and ignore it.
>Forces all runes on same champs because they all work the same way Runes are disabled in this mode, so they're all the same because they don't exist.
: This Zoe shit is broken
>Toxic trash champ She is fun to play as/against/with, so i don't see her as toxic at all >Toxic trash damage She only has good damage with 1 spell you need to be smart to use correctly, the rest are low to low-moderate at best >Too much CC She has 1 spell that has CC on it, it's a slow that leads into a stun (it's a sleep, but same thing more or less), one spell = too much cc when it's single target not multiple?
: Overcharge and Graves
I had fun with Graves at first in the mode, but Lucian felt way better imo. There were too many times Graves's short range screwed me out of kills.
: I really think buffing Sunfire Cape's damage is not a good idea.
Tanks need a little love right now, giving them one of their old tools back is the best way to do it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shuyin178,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GAARcT9Q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-22T20:04:39.888+0000) > > It's a needed nerf, free 4% is a good amount. On an ADC at level 1 it gives +14 movement speed, that's quite a bit. With this change down to 3% its 10 movement speed. > It won't kill the rune dw. most melee champions and especially fighters have higher base movement speed than adc. so yea, nerfing the ms bonus on the rune ends up more of a nerf for fighters. didnt they say they wanted to buff bruisers?
This can't be seen as a class nerf because its player preference. It's by no means mandatory to run Sorcery on every single rune page, thus this runes nerf is a general all champions nerf. And its just 1% anyways, we still get the same AD/AP from it.
: please dont nerf celerity...
It's a needed nerf, free 4% is a good amount. On an ADC at level 1 it gives +14 movement speed, that's quite a bit. With this change down to 3% its 10 movement speed. It won't kill the rune dw.
: So, on the PBE Galio's W now also deals damage
I believe its to promote people to not just snap-cast the W. It only does the damage when fully charged after all.
: lol exactly... If the minimum amount upon level up is 810 how can people still say "I only got 600 BE worth of stuff."
My friend was over today and leveling his account, he opened a level chest and only got flat 500 BE out of it, so the "810 minimum" is a flat out lie.
: Fleet footwork buff will break Nocturne.
It's still a garbage Rune, so far Noct is the only one that would use it because everyone else prefers Press The Attack or Lethal Tempo.
Rioter Comments
: Due to quick games and short laning phases, Overgrowth is getting crowded out by its peers
Overgrowth is a garbage rune. I did the math awhile ago, for a 4000 HP tank it only gives you like 150 HP. Just take the one that heals you when damaged, way better.
: 15-40 ... wow :/ RIP AERY PLUS....... late game is what it matters when it comes to runes... 40 vs 600 damage.. guess what it wins .. riot is a bunch of monkeys
Actually I'm hearing more chimp sounds from you if you honestly believe that. The power of the early game makes the foundation for the late game at least 7/10 times, so early game runes like Aery and Scorch are very powerful and should never be underestimated because of how much extra they give you.
: Just me or does olaf suck now?
Try this rune page : http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-update/8300-8351?build=41101013 You can swap Magical Footwear for Future's Market if you want, but given the rest of the chosen runes it wouldn't hurt in order to save 300/350 gold early. Glacial Augment gives you a better slow when you are in their face and Approach Velocity gives you that little bit extra movement speed when you land an Axe to catch up to them before your Q slow wears off to apply the Keystone slow. For anyone wondering why Glacial Augement, it scales 40%-50% for melee champions while Olaf's Q is 29 / 33 / 37 / 41 / 45% making Glacial Augment stronger early game and comes out stronger later.
: what do you mean nerf? on damage? on cd? because in my opinion aery doesn't deal such damage... 50-60 damage after all... WHILE dark harvest can deal up to 600
It's a small damage nerf, the reason is because of how often you can get it back. It allows players to do a lot of extra damage in the early game for an advantage, same reason Scorch is a good Rune because of the early game damage. It's horrible against a harassment champion, especially one like Teemo where his poison ticks can hit you with Aery twice. PBE Nerf Note : Summoner Aery (S1) Damage lowered from [20 - 60] to [15 - 40] Meanwhile Dark Harvest is a late game rune, where Aery falls off by that point, and Aery is used on a much wider range of champions.
Kyunsei (EUW)
: Why Do You Write This Way ?
Rioter Comments
: Ok Go to PBE get top with zoe (or bot) go AD then come back here and tell me is AP zoe better than AD i have tried BOTH AD and AP and i have to say AD is a LLLIIIIIITTTLLLEEE stronger then AP
That's also the PBE where everyone is worse than Bronze 9/10 times. And of course something that's right click only would be able to do things where everyone has 200+ ping constantly. When it hits live you'll understand.
: Vandiril discovers Ivern is broken(Riot should see this)
It's a bug and will hopefully be fixed soon.
Kaìju (NA)
: I already had 11 and now I have 22. I already own every champ and I have nearly 50k BE that will only ever be used on new champions.
I feel like 5 is a solid number personally, have each tree be a primary, then just swap the secondary to fit whoever you're using.
: xD did you ever try AD Zoe?????
She's a BURST MAGE for a reason. She isn't auto attack reliant outside of last hitting and all of her damage comes from her high af ratio on her Q.
: Zoe is bullsh**
AD Zoe alone was enough of a reason to downvote.
Durfain (EUW)
: Can we change nullifying orb to also block physical damage?
I feel Nullifying Orb it to help with the lack of Magic Resist every champion has now. If you note, 0 champions got Magic Resist when stats were changed.
Ebolol (NA)
: What's really the point of Kleptomancy, though?
In the words of Trick2G "To get paid."
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Wow, kayle is so strong with the new runes
Actually a big part of why she's strong is the stat changes. If you note, 0 champions got MR, that's also part of why Kog'Maw and Corki are both very strong, because of their hybrid damage. Runes did help, but people underestimate the stat changes too.
: I beg to differ. Plat is filled with egotistically maniacs who think they're good at the game, but are actually not. I'm not egotistical and I know I'm not good at the game. Just slightly better than the average player. I can't climb out of plat, though, because: 1. I'm not a good enough leader. Because of this, I can't keep my team together 2. I'm not way above this elo in terms of skill. Like I said, I'm not good at the game. Since I'm not good, I can't abuse people that at least know a little of what they're doing. I won't blame my teammates for being bad. But I will blame them for having shitty attitudes that constitutes to the majority of my losses.
Plat is the highest a standard player aims for because Master and Challenger is only for the best of the best. So yeah, you're wrong 100% on this.
: May we please have more rune pages, Riot?
the max anyone could ever need is 5. Buy 3 pages and you're set. If you wasted your Blue Essence conversion on anything else that's your own fault.
: Xin's ult
It blocks (almost) all damage from anyone outside of the range But does NOT block any form of CC
Sparkle (NA)
: Yes, they should. Fix for this bug is coming with the 7.23 patch. EDIT: It will also remember your line vs. grid mode preferences.
Thank you for your response. ^-^ The Grid Mode has been working fine for me, it was just this.
Kloqdq (NA)
: It's a bug and it will be fixed in 7.23. Riot already knows this and confirmed that it's a bug.
I believe you, but do you have a source so I can see? Thank you.
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