: So um... Riot, can i get an S when I play well please
Placing wards doesn't contribute to overall vision score. Placing better wards does. Its what stops people from getting 200 ward score when they get trinkets and spam the base, killing their own wards. Your vision score from revealing enemies helps you the most. Crowd Control score is also a huge bonus as a support. If you get {{item:3116}} your W will slow enemies, and count towards your CC score too. Overall score means very little. I have gotten an S- with a score of 0/2/14, but I had plenty of CC score, Vision score, Damage Dealt
Malphite I 100% agree with. His Q scaling is way too high, gives him a guaranteed poke that saps movement speed and costs virtually nothing to spam. Essentially, Malphite top is just, "Q. Q. Q. Q. Q... is their HP under 35%? Cool. Ult, W E Auto Q. Take ignite in case they manage to survive." Tone back the scaling of a person who already gets passive shields and armor on top of point-and-click bursty AP damage that won't miss. Galio on the other hand, they already gutted his ult by removing the Damage Reduction to allies. The charge-up is long enough if not too long. His Justice Punch can't go over terrain and doesn't knock the enemy into terrain for added stuns, his taunt needs to charge for a short duration before even recasting it, giving plenty of time to walk out of the range, and considering Galio slows his already slow movement speed by 15%, it isn't a threat.
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: Role-Specific Items
**Are you a sustain champ who uses mana for your healing ability to stay in lane longer? Then do we have the solution for you!** They run out of mana using their healing ability? Corrupting potion gives them the heal they need, and more mana to use their heal again! Not to mention the extra damage buff on top of it.
: Artificial restrictions are bad. Runaan's being disabled on melees is logical, as well as hydra on ranged. Jungle item restriction is made because riot couldn't make jungle camps worth enough XP and gold for junglers without having one of the laners take first 1-2 camps for level advantage. Its bad but Riot found no better solution. Also, how would you actually restrict item for supports only? How can you detect who is a support and who isn't at the beginning of the game? Why champions with sustain should not be able to get corrupting potion? They paid their gold for it, that could be used for other starting items that give actual stats, its ok
> Why champions with sustain should not be able to get corrupting potion? They paid their gold for it, that could be used for other starting items that give actual stats, its ok Its mainly just seeing GP and Kayle take 3 additional heals that ruin any potential counterplay. Doesn't matter that they have abusive built-in sustain already, but getting Cpots on top of that is irritating. At least nerf the damage buff on it.
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: Honor level Experience line. :O
Personally, I like the idea. There is only one issue; when you lose honor. If you keep constant tabs on your honor meter to reach the next level, you know as well as I do that reports affect it. I am unsure if the amount of reports, including false ones, affects the honor system at all, or if it is just the proven true reports for toxic behavior. Either way, it lets you know that you've been reported even when an actual message doesn't come up that you've been restricted, banned or even warned. If this honor experience line were to happen, it should be completely private from everyone else. There has been several people that check their teams (and opponent's) match history, w/l etc. If they could see honor, they may end up targeting those who are level 2 or below to get a rise out of them.
Chermorg (NA)
: How do you know he wasn't punished? You don't get any sort of notification for AFK punishments (such as low priority queue) and their character is only marked with an X if a few things are true (such as they have to be AFK at the end of the game or for a very large part of it, and some other criteria as well). If they were AFK over 5ish minutes, they don't get LP. Point blank. That's how the system works. >That fast LP gain can come to a grinding halt with one loss. This is untrue. The LP gain/loss ratio is not reset with the breaking of a streak - and it's not based on streaks at all.
Please note that I also mentioned that I checked his match history. I looked through the LoL client and a few external sites like opgg and lolking. He did not receive a loss. I will secede and say they you may be right with it not being based on streaks. That part I may have exaggerated on. However my point still stands that people should be rewarded and punished for extreme cases. Those that deserve an actual report for behavior would be additional player-driven reports
: It is already the case that people who leave for long enough to trigger leaverbuster do not gain LP if their team wins. In fact, they lose LP as if they had lost the game.
I have already noted this, but this user received a win for this game. I went and checked their match history on several sites and each came back that he did not get a loss for this game. leaverbuster did not trigger, most likely because he played long enough after the "trigger" to disable it, if that is possible. Either way, AFK or not, when a player drags a team down with them and is the sole cause of a loss, they should be punished slightly more than the rest of the team. Yes they others get LP loss, I will never deny that, but you cannot honestly say that a person who scrapped by in the base clicking every 10 seconds to avoid AFK should get the same LP as the person who participated in helping the team win.
Chermorg (NA)
: AFK players don't get wins. In fact, they get **loss** - they lose the LP they would've lost had your team completely. If they AFK, they're *punished* for it with *punishment* - not by artificially changing the ranking system to make others feel better.
This player was not punished for AFK because he reconnected and stayed reconnected for the remaining ~35 minutes. The game may detect a leaver and punish them if it was a remake or they never reconnected, but this player went on without punishment and got a win, not a loss. I checked this match though his history, and he gained the same LP as the rest of us. That is why individual games that have these extremes should be dealt with. It isn't about "is this person repeatedly winning/losing" because streaks can be broken. That fast LP gain can come to a grinding halt with one loss. The increased and decreased LP on participation is meant to combat players on these extremes and push them faster into their respective elo/MMR
Chermorg (NA)
: If it isn't flawless, it is flawed. That would mean you have to either have humans review cases where players think they were incorrectly analyzed by the algorithm (which I can guarantee will be at least 90% of those whose LP is decreased because of it) or you have to tell players to suck it up and deal with it. Smurfs already move out of low ELO faster - once a player is detected to be outside their skill level, their LP gain/loss can be accelerated in either direction to up to around 10/30 loss/gain (or vice versa). Lastly, there is no extreme case except intentional feeding that deserves individual recognition. That already gets recognized by bans. Other than that, if your team didn't win, I don't care what you did, you were part of the loss just as much as anyone else on your team.
[(https://imgur.com/a/uo82Ho3)] In cases like this where we managed to carry Kha who went AFK for roughly 16 minutes, then fed 20 kills despite pings to stop going in. These cases, which although rare, deserve to be looked at. Should he get the same LP as the rest of the team because he managed to queue up randomly with people that were good enough to play practically 4v6? No. He deserves _less_ LP for this win. If we lost, He is the one who deserves _more_ LP loss. Being on a team means playing as a team. If you did not participate, you weren't playing a team game, and shouldn't be rewarded the same as thought who did help the team.
: All this would do is make solo queue players play selfishly, which actually reduces their odds of winning. I've seen many split pushers win games, and I've seen many 23/1 Zeds lose games chasing kills.
It is actually meant to provide incentive, positive and negative to participate. Carries and assassins or "solo players" will still be contributing because it is helping the team when they get kills. Same goes for supports who ward and heal, the mid laners who CC and shove lanes, and the junglers who gank and get assists and kills. The 23/1 Zed isn't the worry, it is the 0/12/1 Kha who just wants to afk because he feels irrelevant compared to that Zed. Kha can still CC, he can still do damage and he can still help shove other lanes and avoid fights. That participation alone prevents players from ruining games because it pushes players to do something to help the team win. If the 23/1 Zed was also one of the best warders and had pushed a few turrets and OBJs, he was hard carrying on multiple fronts and should be rewarded for it, either lessened LP loss for a lose or Increased LP gain for a win. The 0/12 Kha should get less LP for a win and more for a loss if he was the primary source of the enemy's income and he wasn't helping on multiple fronts for CC, wards, OBJs etc.
Chermorg (NA)
: The reason this doesn't exist is because in a game as complicated as League it's literally impossible to have an algorithm anywhere near perfect that would do that. Also, it's a team game. It doesn't matter *what* you contributed by some algorithm - if you win, you win, and if you lose, you lose.
The algorithm doesn't need to be flawless, but if an extreme case is found it shouldn't be overlooked. Smurfs would move out of lower elo faster, and those that do end up bringing the team down with them would fall faster. Granted it is a team game, yes. However extreme cases deserve individual recognition, either positive or negative.
: About Ionia... (And Supports)
You assume that Malzahar and Cho cannot support!? They may not be "conventional" but I remember when people complained about Morgana being played as a support. "Wahh! She is a Mage! You are trolling! SHE ISN'T A SUPPORT!!!" Literally anyone with some form of heal, shield or CC built into their kit can be a support. We even have an assassin support now! {{champion:31}} {{champion:90}}
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