: Ultimate Hat Rune Question
Yep, got cucked in game and given an orb. Riot should put a note in the detailed description saying it won't work on ultimates less than x seconds to cover Udyr and R transform abilities if they don't want to give it to them.
Jonius7 (OCE)
: Ranked emblems were a temporary solution, before they implemented the Solo/Duo and Flex queues this season (scroll to the Q&A section). http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/competitive/riot-pls-ranked-pls-2017-season-ranked-changes
Aw man, could've still kept it. lol. Show who got solo emblem and who got boosted emblem.
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: Nobody likes autofill. However, it is a necessary evil to avoid the 15-20 minute queue times when the new champion select was released without autofill. People saying they get 15-20 minutes now because of autofill are exaggerating. At very worst it gets to 10 with it, if anyone dodges at all. 15-20 minutes was the norm though without autofill and god forbid someone dodge after you finally get into draft because the game decided someone had to be autofilled after 20 minutes.
I'd rather wait 20-30 min than give the enemy team an advantage of 5v3 and 2 handicapped in a competitive scenario
: They did fuck this up for me and the rest of the support mains few months ago but they seemed to have fixed that since recently in ranked and flex my win rate has increased with autofill been fixed for support pickers. I can play other roles but in ranked im way better as a team player support than a carry. Sadly when autofill messed up season 7 I've been less interested in ranked ever compared to the previous seasons way to many players threatening to take a match hostage that it still scars me. Just the thought of me trying to go back to ranked sometimes just makes me fear that one guy is gonna be beyond help and just drag the whole team down I've even seen this happen to enemy teams :(. I know this happened in previous seasons but this one the player's ranked behaviour is much worse.
I agree, it sucks. I just want a red to attempt to even explain to me why we still have it. I understand why they brought it in the first place, but clearly it's not worth it. So why do we still have it. That's what I want explained.
Sinserta (NA)
: I mean, if you're like me, you're smart enough to learn every role before going into ranked for the chance that you'll get autofilled. Sure, I'm best at top/jg, but, since I've played the other roles enough, I'm more than able to handle myself in those situations. If someone on your team cries? Offer to switch, be a bigger person. It's not hard to manage.
Sure, i try to offer as long as I don't end up mid. My point is, some people can't do that. It gives the other team a clear advantage. Even if they have someone who is slightly okay in other roles, they are still possibly forced to play against someone who is at their best in the role they chose. That's the problem. Autofill forces a handicap in a competitive scenario. Even if you can fill slightly, they still have an unfair advantage over you that shouldn't be there to begin with.
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: As a support main what makes me sad is I feel this is the solution to the problem that their just aren't enough support players. The ideal solution would be to make support more fun and impactful so that more people want to play it. I guess riot doesn't feel that is possible.
I do agree with that. But until they find a solution, they shouldn't ruin the competitiveness of ranked by enforcing autofill. Maybe in normals, but not ranked. And yeah, sorry to hear man. With this season practically destroying bot lane by just getting a 2nd mage, people are more unlikely to want to play either adc or support =/
Lakrosin (NA)
: Idk, I think Riot trolled ranked harder than this post. I don't even see how this game can be considered 'competitive' anymore with all the screw ups.
I feel trolled that they had the gall to come say "it's not unfair" Rip league competitiveness. I was in Dota1 until season 1 league started. Six seasons, I think season is where I transition back to dota in dota2
Danjeng (NA)
: There was a small time of peace, one where solo/duo queue was given back, but before autofill was a thing. What a sweet time. I swear, if Riot is going to remove autofill, they are going to pull off something even more outrageous.
Hey man, they were able to prove to the world they can fuck up harder. "Okay guys, you right. Removing solo/duo was a bad idea. We'll give it back. But watch this next trick." _-Months later- _ "You liked autofill in rank? You'll love our next trick then. Kappa"
Kilanost (NA)
: Also when balancing team mmr, the algorithm does not take into account if the highest elo player on your team got auto-fucked to support. That means that at every single carry role, the other team will be at a relative skill advantage based on elo. This becomes more pronounced the higher the elo relative to the rest of the team of the person who got auto-fucked. I see this one a lot and its the most infuriating. During champ select we should at least be able to see the rank of the people we're playing with so if the Gold 5 mid laner gets autofilled, he might be able to talk the Silver 5 person at mid who took mid as his secondary role into switching roles to give the team a better chance of winning.
Like I said, they raised the bar after removing solo queue last year by saying 'Hold my beer, watch this'
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: can we delete zed yet?
Riot was on that good crack and said 'Hey, let's say fuck the adcs and fuck up cleanse so Zed has a free kill target. If Zed ultis them, it's a free 4v5 now since no way adc can survive the damage unless they went tanky adc in which they don't have much dps from adc then. lol
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: Patch Chat with Playtest - Patch 6.4
Why nerf Udyr to begin with? He's been unnoticed for the longest time. It's not his fault for needing nerfs. Riot is to blame. Moment Runic Echoes hit live, Udyr suddenly became overwhelming. And the solution is to nerf Udyr and not just the item that suddenly spiked him? I just don't see how that came to be as the best solution. It's a little nerf and most bandwagoners will leave Udyr or stop banning him at least. But how did Riot reach the conclusion that the moment a new item is introduced and a champion that hasn't needed a nerf or buff ever since patch 4.5 is suddenly winning around the time of the introduction of that new item, that it's the champ's fault and they have to nerf him? Just wondering how the PBE guys reached that conclusion.
: Server lag on last day?
Doesn't matter. Smurf/booster night on top of lag already killed it. Season ended. Lag's gone also. Probably just too many or something.
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: They get you to change your name if they deem that it is inappropriate after reviewing the reports. Here is the process from Riot's [Summer Name FAQs](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752814-Summoner-Name-FAQ#h1q7): > #**WHY DID MY SUMMONER NAME CHANGE TO TEMP NAME?** > If your Summoner Name is ever changed to "tempname" or any variation on it, such as tempname123, your Summoner Name has been deemed inappropriate, and your Summoner Name has been temporarily changed for the time being. We would be happy to provide you with a free name change if this is the case. Please submit a ticket in to us for further assistance with your name change.
Okay, cool. Wondering if they just add the name change to your account for free after submitting. Or do I have to send my names to them directly and have them change it? Was thinking of changing my smurf's name.
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Jiberamu (NA)
: if you play katarina you suck at the game
fact: this guy mad that katarina destroyed him recently
: Birthday not go as planned
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: Hey Sickskillz25, Warring Kingdoms Katarina and Dragonblade Talon are not legacy skins, so they won't be leaving the shop any time soon.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot KateyKhaos,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=tp4stQn1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-02-22T18:48:17.562+0000) > > Hey Sickskillz25, > > Warring Kingdoms Katarina and Dragonblade Talon are not legacy skins, so they won't be leaving the shop any time soon. Thanks man! :D Just wanted to be sure I wasn't going to be too late.
: Lunar Revel Skins
Hoping someone can clarify?
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: So about them 'End of Season' extensions
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