: Wait, you wrote and recorded this? Damn. Nice! That guitar ... I still need to work on my own guitar playing...
I recorded this on GarageBand. It's pretty easy to work with as a newbie. But I have been told to switch to Logic for even better production. Still working on learning it. 😊 As for guitars it's just practice man. I'm still no Dave Mustaine but with practice I believe everyone gets there! 😬
: Love it!<3 Lyrics would be awesome. Though difficult to not make cheesy. xD
All my lyrics are cheesy! That's why I don't write them! 😂 In all seriousness, thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate it! 😊
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: oh yea i know them TessaracT, DLC, Karnivool, TOOL , muse, porcupine tree. the butterfly effect and so on oh if you are on soundcloud check out freinds of mine... a rock band from texas... mix of southern rock./metal with a lil influence from Ax7 https://soundcloud.com/search?q=krash%20rover
: http://imgur.com/xDft3oA but if your a fan of some electronic music... maybe you would be into the band DEAD Letter Circus... really awesome look them up
I know that band! One step is one of my favorite tracks! :D If you like dead letter circus, you'll really like TesseracT. Its a little prog but its really melodic! ^-^
: well props on being creative... hmm in my opinion dubstep isnt music lol however im old school... i feel music is best live and its an art form... performed by musicians , i personally love rock of all genres
Don't rule out any genre my friend... There's good music everywhere! :) Merry Christmas! ^-^
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: Like you creation their. Don't stop being creative.
Happy you like it! Thanks for the support! :)
: In all honesty, this is sooooooo good <3
Sckullzz (NA)
: This is just too legit... <3
: Wow, I love it ! I can totally imagine myself playing with the Ethereal form while listening to this, the beat is really cool ! Keep the great work ! s( ' u ')--b
Glad you like it! :) Thanks a lot! :D
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L0rdinho (EUW)
: O_O best song ever O_O \_('_')_/
Thank you! I do my best! :)
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L0rdinho (EUW)
: NICE, im a top laner main tho :P
Lbound (NA)
: Real nice :> Gives it a nice jungle vibe
Glad you like it! 😊
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: How having a Nami on your team feels like
: This is wonderful! Great work!
Thank you so much! 😊
: Day of the Dead Jhin Skin?
: Yo, awesome track! I love chill stuff and electric stuff so it's always a treat to find chill electric stuff. I remember you doing a Riven inspired piece some time ago that I also enjoyed. Keep up the good work, dude!
Thank you and I will do my best to keep it up! 😊
: I have been playing a lot of karma and i have been thinking of making her my main and this song helped my solidify it
Karma is fun af! I'm glad this song helped in picking her. Thank you so much! 😊
: My own League music
Great job man! Needs some bass tho! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
FeeNeeX (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sid88,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=1EOMt07R,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-08-22T17:42:46.364+0000) > > YAY! :D you made it?
FeeNeeX (NA)
: 0:20 sec in and love it
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: I'm glad I saved this tab. Thank you for this! It's such a nice groove. :)
Thank you so much! :)
: I like it :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Yay!!!! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: Pls upload this to newgrounds so I can use it in my geometry dash level...
Will do that ASAP! :)
: As an Ashe main I can confirm for dope.
YAYY!!!! :D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: awesome, will do, keep up the good tunes, you got some talent!
Thanks for the encouragement! :) Will post more soon! :D
Rommel (NA)
: Really Cool! It's a lot more active than the usual kind of login themes Rito makes, makes me wanna go play {{champion:22}} !
I'm really happy you like it man! The Project skin feels great on Ashe! Try it out! :D
: Thank you for sharing! This is well done!
Solitair (NA)
: TBH I like it better than her login screen music
That is high praise man! Thanks a lot!
ßoy (NA)
: reminds me a bit of deadmau5 tbh. So sick man! <3
Yayyyy!!! Thank you! :)
Felvyne (EUW)
: Logged just for upvote. Really nice music, and the best is that I really feel a Proyect vibe. Good job!
Thank you so much! I really appreciate that! :D
: This is fantastic, from a fellow {{champion:22}} main.
: Pretty good {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you!!! :D{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: This is fire. Reminds me vaguely of some of the stuff by Pendulum combined with Knife Party and Pimp! Code
Wo those are some epic inspirations of mine! :) Thanks a lot man! I appreciate it!
: hey, awesome track, just wondering can I use it in one of my future youtube videos? My channel is [http://www.youtube.com/SentienceLOL]
Sure thing man! Always happy to support fellow creators. Just find some space to credit me for the track! :D
: Really dope
: Awesome!
I'm so happy you like it!
: I like it. The first part definitely reminds me of the feeling of playing adc mixed with techno.
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: Blade Queen Diana or Emerald Queen Diana
Tup (NA)
: New ping for Enemy Wards?
That will solve a huge problem! It's hard to warn your jungler while he/she is ganking your lane because there isn't much time to type and gain his/her attention. This will be very useful!
: A Cheerleader Skin Representing Their Faction
Cheerleader Urgot pls! https://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/55784280.jpg
Neamean (NA)
: Elderwood Kayle
Rito pls! https://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/55784280.jpg
Hairzo (EUW)
: I could just close my eyes and listen to this all day. Great job!
Thank you! Your support means a lot! :)
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