: He should get a unique jungle ward item.
We should get Tracker's Knife back. From the patch notes, it sounded like the gold income was the issue, not the wards. So give us back the item that included wards, at the tradeoff of the Champion smite.
: #A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Our True Selves Are Revealed When We Can No Longer Power Our Fake Faces_** {{champion:150}} _"Walks into office."_ "Hey, we're back. I hope-" _**He pauses as he notices that there is no power in the office. There is a metal barrel with a fire in it. Soraka and an unknown person are gathered around it while God Fist Lee Sin sits on the floor playing a sad song on his harmonica.**_ {{champion:16}} "Oh, hey boss! Welcome back from wherever it is you two went." {{champion:37}} "..." {{champion:16}} "No, if you don't wanna share then I don't care." {{champion:150}} "What's going on? Why's the power out? Who started that fire? Isn't that extremely dangerous? **AND WHY IS THERE A HOBO IN MY OFFICE!?**" {{champion:16}} "He was cold. I figured I let him warm up by the fire. I didn't start it though, it just kinda showed up on its own." {{champion:83}} "Thank you for the company, kind soul. But I don't mean to impose." {{champion:16}} "Oh no, you don't have to leave." {{champion:150}} "Yes he does." {{champion:83}} "It's alright. I am used to being alone and forgotten on the streets." _"Walks out."_ {{champion:16}} "Why do you have to be so rude to people?" {{champion:150}} "Oh, I'm sorry. Was I rude after I came back to my office and found that **SOMEONE LIT A BARREL FIRE IN IT?**" {{champion:16}} "You don't have to yell at me." {{champion:150}} "Also, why is our janitor sitting there playing the harmonica?" {{champion:64}} {{summoner:11}} "I lit the fire." {{champion:150}} _"Eye twitches."_ "Why?" {{champion:64}} {{summoner:11}} "It was dark in here." _"Goes back to playing the harmonica."_ {{champion:16}} "I didn't know you could play that." {{champion:64}} {{summoner:11}} "I'm a god, I can do anything I so much as think about." {{champion:150}} "I leave for a few hours and everything goes to hell. Why don't we have any power?" {{champion:16}} "We don't really know." {{champion:150}} "Has anyone checked?" {{champion:17}} "They can hardly get off their lazy asses up to grab an elixir. You really think they thought of anything other than; _"Let's just wait until the power comes back online."_ Pathetic." {{champion:150}} "**HOLY DUSKBLADE ONE-SHOTS!** I forgot you were in there." {{champion:17}} "Yeah, that's because you are stupid." {{champion:64}} {{summoner:11}} "Ooooh, got em." {{champion:150}} "Do I have to do everything around here? Fine, I'll fix the power. Soraka, Janitor, you two are coming with me." {{champion:16}} "Oh, now you want me to go with you." {{champion:64}} {{summoner:11}} "Why do I have to go?" {{champion:150}} "Because it's dark and I need your fists to light the way. Sona, put that fire out and watch the office." {{champion:37}} "..." {{champion:16}} "Well, that's because you're a cold h-" {{champion:150}} "Let's go!" **** {{champion:16}} "Do you even know where you're going?" {{champion:150}} "Look, this building is huge and there are doors that lead to all kinds of weird things. But the breaker box has to be somewhere around here." {{champion:64}} {{summoner:11}} "At least you're not the one who has to clean this building. I've had to get stuff out of places you wouldn't believe." {{champion:150}} "I hear screaming from this door up ahead. Maybe that's it?" {{champion:64}} {{summoner:11}} "I'm afraid I don't see your logic there." {{champion:150}} "Ah, right here." _"Opens door."_ {{champion:62}} **"REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!"** {{champion:150}} **"WHAT THE HELL!?"** {{champion:62}} **"REEEEEEE YEEE OOOOHH REEEEE!!!!"** _"Jumps around the room, knocking things over and throwing poo."_ {{champion:64}} "Oh come on! Now I have to clean this room too." {{champion:150}} "This is my life. _**WHY DO WE HAVE A MONKEY LOCKED IN A CLOSET?!**_" {{champion:36}} "That is Matchmaking Monkey." {{champion:150}} "**AH!** _"Breathes."_ Where did you come from?" {{champion:36}} "Corporate Mundo get lost in dark." {{champion:16}} "Wait, did you call him Matchmaking Monkey?" {{champion:36}} "Yes, he in charge of matchmaking." {{champion:16}} "That explains so much." {{champion:150}} "How could you leave a job like this to a dumb monkey?" {{champion:36}} "Me have pay him even less then foreign children. It not hard job. Computer do most of work. He Just need take ten lights that around same color and put them together in game. He get it right most of time. Some time we get blue player match with brown player, but it rare." {{champion:150}} "So, why is he freaking out?" {{champion:36}} "Maybe power fail break banana dispenser. Maybe he just need Corporate Mundo feed him banana." {{champion:62}} **"REE REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"** {{champion:36}} "Shhh, it okay. Come to Momma Mundo." _"Cradles Matchmaking Monkey in his arms."_ {{champion:62}} "**REEE AHHHH OHHH REEEEEEE**eeeee ooooooooh." {{champion:36}} "It okay, all better now." _"Feeds him a banana."_ {{champion:62}} "Oooh ah." {{champion:150}} _"Shuts door."_ "You know, the emotional scars I get for working here are not worth the money. Come on, let's go find a way to turn the power back on so I can take a bath with a toaster." {{champion:16}} "Hey, did anyone notice his clothing? I guess he was wearing-" {{champion:150}} "Finish that sentence and I'm firing you." {{champion:16}} "A monkey suit." {{champion:150}} "Rito please, just end my suffering."
What was Corporate Lee Sin doing in the middle there? ;)
: **Please disable the new Presence of Mind in ARAM.** Presence of Mind is going to be a "must-have" / ruiner of ARAM. As there are many more take-downs in a shorter period of time, this will grant poke champions essentially infinite mana (basically the old morellonomicon passive for free) and incredibly low cooldown ultimates. Couple this with a tear and Ziggs, Velkoz, Veigar, Lux, Fiddlesticks, Xerath etc are going to be even more oppressive being able to cast non-stop. It's bad enough that every champion, with tanks and mages included take Dark Harvest if they can abuse it.
Presence of Mind was already good on a few champions in ARAM, but no-one knew it. With Taric, get a takedown, and then mash q to get auto reset and heals.
: Patch 8.7 notes
All those old "Better nerf Irelia" memes...
Mtonyex (NA)
: u guys do realize that 8.10 is the same as 8.1 right?
Why all the downvotes; this is a great joke. (At least I hope it's a joke, right?)
: Some Larger Patches Incoming
> so far we’ve been able to channel our inner Zoe to portal ult a few champion migrations each patch But if you use a Zoe ult, won't all the champions return to their original format the next patch? Wouldn't something like a Ryze ult be more effective?
: #A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Like Trying To Catch Smoke With Your Bare Hands_** _In case you missed it, [here is a link](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/free-rotation/new-free-champion-rotation-braum-caitlyn-karma-and-more) to last week's teaser._ {{champion:240}} "I'm starting to think you been making a fool of me. We been waiting for this student of yours to come kill us for hours. He better show up soon, because Skaarls getting real hungry and she ain't ever tasted no shadow before." {{champion:238}} _"Gulp."_ "Kayn will come for me, I'm sure." {{champion:240}} "Let's hope, cause I had to pay all my guards over time for this and some have already gone home to see their _"families,"_ cowards. **WHO'S STILL HERE? ROLECALL!**" {{champion:427}} "Guard tree reporting in!" {{champion:19}} "Guard Dog ready to kill!" {{summoner:31}} "Here!" {{champion:98}} "Guard Ninja is still reluctant to do this." {{champion:223}} "Guard Fish just wants a McMuffin." {{champion:266}} "Guard Darkin is bored." {{champion:240}} "Guard Darkin? I don't remember hiring a Guard Darkin." {{champion:89}} "Last month sir, something about wanting the embodiment of war to work for you. You drank quite a bit of mushroom juice." {{champion:240}} "Oh yeah, right." {{champion:33}} "Okay." {{champion:2}} "Guard Viking ready to blow a 5-0 start." {{champion:29}} "Guard Rat could be eating pizza with Corporate Jinx right now." {{champion:107}} "Guard Cat ready to get stabby." {{champion:240}} "Dear Rito, how many guards did I hire?" {{champion:136}} "Guard Dragon wants his pay day." {{champion:31}} "Guard Voidborn ready to feast." {{champion:240}} "Is this why my paychecks recently have only contained about three dollars and fifty cents?" {{champion:89}} "I've tried to tell you this sir." {{champion:48}} "Guard troll here to smash!" {{champion:240}} "Guard Kled ready for blood!" {{champion:240}} **"GUARD KLED?! OH HELL NO, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE KLED IN THIS OFFICE! YOU ARE FIRED"** {{champion:240}} "But, how am I supposed to feed me Skaarl?" {{champion:240}} **"GET, OUT!"** {{champion:240}} "Yes sir." _"Walks out in shame."_ {{champion:3}} "Guard Gargoyle ready and waiting." {{champion:240}} "**ALRIGHT, WE GET IT. STOP THE ROLE CALL!** I need to stop drinking so much mushroom juice." {{champion:106}} "Guard Bear can bearly w- **WAH AH AHHHHHH!**" {{champion:240}} "Hang on, what happened to that one, the bear? Someone, go check on him." {{champion:2}} **"HE'S DEAD! HIS BODY HAS BEEN-"** _"Gets a knife through his head."_ {{champion:240}} "These guards are useless. Leona, remind me to fire most of them so that I stop wasting my money." {{champion:89}} "Can do sir." {{champion:240}} "Also, remind to drink less mushroom juice and to stop making decisions after I down a bottle." {{champion:89}} "I've tried, sir." {{champion:141}} "Give me Zed and all this can be over. Don't, and I will continue to kill you all one by one." {{champion:48}} "How about instead I smash your-" _"A shadow swoops down and breaks his neck."_ {{champion:136}} "I mean, I'm an unstoppable egomaniacal dragon and I think we should give him what he want's before-" _"Just plain dies."_ {{champion:223}} "I have grown bored of this establishment. I am leaving, who wishes to wise up and join me." {{champion:31}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:62}} "We do!" {{champion:33}} "Okay." {{champion:29}} "I'm going to get pizza with my owner." _**"They all attempt to walk out of the building. But an explosion of shadows hits them. When it fades away, all that's left are their skeletons."**_ {{champion:240}} "I trained them all on proper spacing. But they weren't listening and look what happened. One grenade aced em." {{champion:141}} "No one leaves until I get what was stolen from me." {{champion:98}} "Stolen? Zed, what is he talking about?!" {{champion:238}} "I don't have the foggiest." {{champion:240}} "Boy, you better start talking or I'ma give you to him." {{champion:238}} "Alright, alright. So the Noxians found an ancient and powerful demon scythe. I sent Kayn to destroy it. A power like that should never be wielded by man. Instead, he did what I told him not to and attempted to control it. But it was too much and I saw he was losing. So I took it while he was asleep and came here. Now he is very very angry." {{champion:98}} "Whats that, a student finds an ancient locked away power. His master warns him not to use it but he does anyway and now the student wants to kill the master. Doesn't this sound at all familiar to you?" {{champion:238}} "No, not really." {{champion:98}} "Really, you don't think this is some sort of cosmic justice for past sins?" {{champion:238}} "What, the thing with your father? This is a completely different situation. I don't even have kids." {{champion:141}} "And you never will be able to after I'm done with you." {{champion:240}} "That's it, quit hiding in the shadows like a damn coward and **COME FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN!**" {{champion:141}} "Can't do, guess you will have to come into the shadows with me." {{champion:240}} "Alright, you asked for it. no one can hide from my **CHAAAAAAAAAAAARGE!**" {{champion:141}} "Now the fun begins." {{champion:240}} "There you are, I've locked on, nothing can stop me now." {{champion:141}} "You sure about that?" _"Phases into wall."_ {{champion:240}} **"OH, WHAT THE-"** "Phases into wall after him." {{champion:141}} "Let's see you get out of there without my shadow step." {{champion:240}} "This doesn't feel right. **GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!**" {{champion:141}} "Now that he's occupied, you boys ready to have some fun?" {{champion:141}} "This is going to be a real party." {{champion:141}} "Of murder." {{champion:141}} "A murder party." {{champion:266}} "You alright there buddy, you seem to be having a stroke or something." {{champion:141}} "Aatrox, oh this is going to be so much fun. You do know the scythe he stole from me is Rhaast." {{champion:266}} 'What, really? Small world after all. But Rhaast is insane, even for me. I ain't letting him take the Darkin spotlight." {{champion:141}} _"Yes, I know, traitors all of them. No, I won't hesitate. Soon, I will have you."_ {{champion:141}} "Now tell me, **WHERE IS MY PRECIOUS!**" _**To be continued:**_
: Players at level 1 will have access to default "standard" rune pages and as they level up, they'll unlock the ability to customize then. And yes, when you choose a path, you're in that one. So if you get Domination, you go full into domination runes. Much like the current masteries systems you also get to choose a second path for minor runes as well.
I'm glad that we'll also have a chance to chose a second path for minor runes. It is especially good for supports who don't tend to go with a lot of damage but would benefit the most from something like "Ingenious Hunter" from the domination path.
Soulgern (NA)
: Lets not have structured paths, freedom to break boundries and customize the champion that you synergize with really opens up a whole other place to be. There won't be ONE best way to do something, your playstyle and preferences should be the only thing governing choices. Those choices are what start the strategy to this otherwise fighting game. Don't forget your combo (rotation).
This is especially true for supports. The new "Ingenious Hunter" mastery is screaming support, but that won't work if it is in the damage tree.
Kobold (NA)
: Oh boy! Can't wait for another second coming of Release thunderlords!
: While I know everyone won't agree with this, nor would it be useful to some, but I think it'd be cool if a % of the ip worth/spent could be converted into champ tokens. I would have spent a lot of that ip there anyways myself; I'm sure some others have a similar sentiment. Hopefully they post their suggestions too.
I like that idea. It's great for newer players who still need the champions. Plus for the players who already had many of the champions, the champ tokens or blue essence would still be useful for unlocking champion mastery, which is still a relatively new system.
: Hi everyone, we'd love to hear your thoughts on performance / responsiveness in the updated client after 6.24. If you've seen changes good or bad, please let us know.
Hi there, I'm playing on a Mac toaster, and the game works fine, but the client is still pretty laggy. It does seem better with patch 6.24 and the low specs mode, so thanks for that. I've also noticed that if I try to open the new client after I have previously opened and closed it, nothing happens. No error message or any indication whether or not it is trying to open League. But if I shutdown or restart my computer, then I can open League again. Do you have any information or advice about that? Thanks, SignError
Roxti (NA)
: Tbh, I'd rather stick with the Legacy Client than the newer client, because at least the old one doesn't lag when I get to the character selection screen. Well, at least the old one doesn't lag for me in general. The Newer client lags so hard I'm surprised my game doesn't crash.
They fix that in this patch notes. And now there's an option to turn off all the extra animations and stuff so that it should run faster
: I agree. Give Ivern 15 seconds and he'll free a HA Tower. XD
Something to do with the poros would be fun.
: Patch 6.24 notes
> NEW TOASTERS ON Added a “Low-spec mode” switch in settings that lets players turn off certain animations and effects if they’re suffering from performance issues. Right now this mostly affects some minor aspects of the champ select experience, but we'll expand Low-spec mode to cover more features in upcoming patches. Thanks so much for this!
: Patch 6.24 notes
I found a typo in Rengar's patch notes: > We’re dialing back his scaling to make sure squishy champions get a response to respond to knifecat before he claws their faces off. Maybe you meant "...a chance to respond..."
: lel im always the first to comment on this thing and then i ask where the comic is ;P
Free champ rotation came in late today. Either Corporate Gnar has been slacking off, or the extra support champs have him overworked.
: Since when can Bard actually speak?
Maybe that's really what the egg did.
: Tahm Kench, Blitzcrank, Thresh, Nautilus, Trundle, Bard, Braum, Taric, Alistar, Zilean, Vel'Koz, Brand, Ivern, and Nunu for more "traditional" support picks, although Ivern and especially Nunu are still far more prevalent in the jungle. Maokai, Veigar, Ziggs, Fiddlesticks, Malphite, Gragas, Nasus, Shen, and Sion for nontraditional picks that can still see good success when played properly.
I got massacred by a update Rengar playing support.
: I would as well! I was a support main but now only play it with friends because it's just much harder to have an impact on the game compared to mid lane. So I would que mid/support if I didn't get support 90% of the time doing that. I think there are a lot of players that feel this way so implementing something like if you get your secondary role last game you're guaranteed your primary role for the next say 2-5 games might end up increasing que speeds in the long run, it's at least something you can try. I would be okay with getting support 20-30% of the time, but I'm not okay getting it >80% of the time with it as my secondary role. Nerfing sightstone to only 3 charges hurt the ability for supports to carry too. One of the best ways to carry as a support was proper vision control and it is much harder to get good vision down now. I understand it had to be done because of every jungler buying it, but there has to be a way to give supports more power vision-wise. Also one of the reasons we're seeing so many damage supports bot (Karma, Zyra) is it's just better to have that extra damage than a tank that does no damage and needs to have perfect reaction times and positioning to save an adc from a fed Leblanc that pops over a wall. Might as well let the jungler or top be the tank because they can do damage while peeling or being the frontliner. And in solo que this is amplified because doing damage and killing someone making a mistake is way better than saving an adc that probably isn't that good anyway. So this is another problem that needs to be addressed somehow before we see more support players. I like the new support item though, I think it's a good idea to help give a way for supports to carry harder. Still don't know if it's a good item, but it's certainly a step in the right direction.
Getting the primary role for the next 2-5 games seems extreme, but getting it for the next 1 or 2 games might be more reasonable.
kKumA (NA)
: What about a conditional refill? like you have to hit enemy champions to get the refill or something.
For the killing a ward to get a ward, I don't think you would need a cooldown because killing a ward is already limited to control wards and sweeper, which work on an ammo system or have their own cooldowns.
: Inside Pre-Season 2017 changes
The Bard plays at minute 12:00!
: How to rank up in the 2017 season
> This year, in addition to selecting a primary and secondary position preference, we're looking into the ability to exclude your least-favorite. We are currently running tests in LAN and LAS, but if it's seen to drastically impact queue health, we may not proceed with developing this feature. Just a heads-up! Gee, I wonder which role everyone is trying to avoid playing. Rito, you've really got to give some love to those of us who actually play Support.
: Also if you're top and figure you'll get dived a ton, and your opponent won't necessarily have made the right call in doing so. Can't wait to start taking this on Shen xD
ikr, it's for those moments when you pick a melee top like Nasus and then the enemy picks some one with range and a lot of early game harass.
: All I can say is "The Dawn has arrived."
Yep, hopefully my adc is smart enough to be able to survive without bond of stone, because now I'm going with Courage of the Colossus all the way.
: {{champion:154}} I was made for this {{champion:154}}
Thunderlords still might be better for early game or if the enemy team is really squishy. Plus there's that extra 5% CDR to spam blobs. But I guess it depends on if you're play style is to be a super tanky diver disruptor or to have a little damage in there too.
JRobin31 (NA)
: ikr, Oppressor removed because is a 'yes or no' mastery... but Courage of the Colossus added to enhance the play style of tanks... lol
At least most of the diving tanks (not juggernauts) have some form of hard crowd control. There were more damage dealers using the Ferocity Tree that didn't have reliable crowd control.
: #A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Plants Vs Crazies_** {{champion:240}} "Where is that darn lion wolf man thingy?" {{champion:51}} "Cecilgar isn't too far away now, it takes time. You Corporates are so impatient." {{champion:240}} "And you safari folk are so expensive. I paid good money to kill this thing and I want to **DO IT ALREADY!**" {{champion:427}} "Not if I have anything to say about it." {{champion:240}} "Who in Rito's name are you?" {{champion:427}} "I am Ivern Bramblefoot. Guardian of this jungle. I'm afraid I can't let you hurt anyone here. I hate hunters and if you don't turn back I will have to reso-" {{champion:240}} **"DIE DIE DIE!!!!"** _"Stabs Ivern about 120 times."_ {{champion:427}} "Oh jeez, he hurts." {{champion:240}} "I'll be honest, most people don't give me any trouble. You gave me even less." _**Some time later:**_ {{champion:427}} "I'm sorry, I wasn't able to stop him." {{champion:57}} "Why do you have to be more useless than release Bard?" {{champion:143}} "And you call yourself a Treant. Come Maokai, let's go fix Ivern's mistakes." _**Back by Corporate Kled:**_ {{champion:51}} "Alright, Cecilgar is right there. Have fun." {{champion:107}} "Who do I hear approaching on my territory?" {{champion:240}} "**IT IS I, CORPORATE KLED!** And this is my buddy, Skaarl. I have come to kill you and cause a whole mess of internet controversy." {{champion:107}} "If that's your goal, then you might have more luck killing a gorilla." {{champion:240}} "Sorry, but I ain't seeing no gorilla. Just a soon to be dead lion." {{champion:107}} "I might be the worlds greatest hunter. But even I know that you don't 1v1 a Kled. You can't kill what you can't see." _"Turns invisible and runs away."_ {{champion:240}} **"COME BACK YOU COWARD!!!!!!!"** _"Ults toward Cecilgar."_ {{champion:57}}{{champion:143}} **"STOP IN THE NAME OF THE FOREST!"** {{champion:143}} "We won't let-" _"Gets rammed in the face by Kled ult."_ {{champion:240}} **"GET OUT OF THE WAY! I PAID GOOD MONEY TO BE HERE, WHICH MAKES THIS MY LAND! WHICH MAKES YOU TRESPASSERS!"** {{champion:57}} "Oh no, you didn't just hit my girl. Now it's personal. The both of us are going to stop you from killing. Prepare to be fertilizer." {{champion:240}} "1v2? **YOU MEAN DOUBLE KILL?**" _**DOUBLE KILL!**_ {{champion:240}} "And you better not still be here after I kill Cecilgar. Because if you are, I'm going to turn ya into a little house for Skaarl." {{champion:427}} "Now is my chance to redeem myself. It is up to me to stop you, Corporate Kled, me and Daisy that is. **GET EM GIRL!**" {{champion:240}} "I thought we **SETTLED THIS ALREADY!**" _"One-shots Daisy."_ {{champion:427}} "She just wanted a hug. Guess I'll have to CC you to death. **ROOTCALLER!**" _"Misses horribly."_ {{champion:240}} **"GET OUT OF MY WAY!"** _"Stabs Ivern about 240 times."_ {{champion:427}} "I can has buffs now, pls?"
The funny part is that there isn't much difference between release Bard and current Bard. You just need to know how to play those types of champs (and be able to hit the skill shots, of course).
: Ask Riot about patches, scripting, and rotations
> How do you choose which champions will be in the free rotation? > The real answer is that Corporate Gnar runs the free champion rotations.
: Listening was never their strong point was it... The reason ARAM is weird and gets old fast: It's whoever randomly gets what works best. The reason ARURF is weird: It's whoever randomly gets what works best. My solution? 2 small selection changes. 4 bans per side. 3 too few, 5 too much. Make it so that people can see what the enemy is picking. It's still the blind pick style, you can just see what the enemy is playing so that you know whether or not you can play something that will suck to play against. Just seems like a thought...
And then the optimal strategy would be to pick a different champion at the beginning and switch it in the last few seconds. Draft pick might work so that you can counter pick
: This is exactly my point, although the banning option i would remove if we get to pick because it would give more versatility (ill admit, not always) to the teams. Although something cool they could do so that people dont team spam wins or stuff.... the game could lock the last champion used by you in URF, that way you always have to pick a different option.... maybe it could ban up to 3 champs at a time and force the craziness even further.... idk tho.... thats just my opinion
I like the lock idea, except maybe there could be even more than one lock. Always picking the OP optimized champs isn't fun, but having some control over who you play is still important.
dnsup (NA)
: > Thank you Riot and please don't make us wait 4 months till the next URF Seconded on both counts. Thanks, Riot. Also, make URF more often (please). I hate to say it, but I'm also going to agree with people who are a little disappointed that there's no opportunity to *choose* the champions you play. I would have at least liked the *option* of playing either version of URF (random or blind pick with bans). I don't see why it shouldn't *at least* be allowed in customs. *** As a player with nearly all champs (except the two newest and maybe Zac), I probably won't get a chance to play certain champs that I really like to get spammy on. For example: I would like to play (but probably won't be able to, in the two days this is available and I'm not working) * tahm * viktor * nami * kennen * nasus * mordekaiser * ekko * galio * leblanc * teemo (*gotta* play at least *one* URF as teemo...) * maokai (ditto--have to play at least one maokai, for the laughs) * leona * elise * bard (again, too funny to pass up) *** What's sad is, somehow every game seems to have at least one of the champs the saltiest anti-URF players hate. Personally, I don't care about that. But what bothers me is that I'm punished for having played longer than people who have fewer champs. Certain champs haven't had their kits updated in so long that they're woefully boring to play, or just can't keep up (that's a minority of cases, though). But while *I* might end up with one of those, there are a ton of players who have only unlocked up-to-date champs. *** That's a double whammy. * Having more champs unlocked --> lower probability of rolling a particular up-to-date/"fun"/"novel" champ *** * On a team with someone who has fewer unlocks --> they are more likely they have unlocked up-to-date/"fun"/"novel" champs (why would anyone choose to unlock a champ in need of an update?) --> they are more likely to roll a champ from the pool of up-to-date/"fun"/"novel" champs --> lower probability I roll an up-to-date champ
But Zac is so much fun on URF. Knock ups for days!
: says ends sunday evening "we shut it off early tuesday" does that mean we get an extra day of AR URF or is that a typo? :(
Wow, only four people have seen that mistake and up voted your post as of my comment. But this important; 4>3
Mhija (NA)
: Leona VS Diana: WHO WOULD WIN?
The answer might be different the next patch when the support updates for Leona come out. Right now full damage Leona has some pretty good burst, but with that being shaved off in exchange for utility, I don't know if Leona has any chance in a true 1v1.
: State of the Season: Mid-season followup
Typo: "Vel’Koz at least doesn’t seem to have hit the mark, with his ability to pull **off** a successful ultimate too restricted by the changes."
: When the zed nerf seems like a secret zed buff. 75% of riot plays zed confirmed.
IKR All the other champions seemed to get unquestionably nerfed (except Taliyah who I feel is already way to strong late game or if she gets ahead)
Whulfmon (NA)
: where's that dunkmaster illaoi skin?
Or Dunkmaster Garen. Get that rivalry going.
: IF you're gonna nerf boots of speed can we get back the boot enchants ? I don't understand why you'd removed diversity from the game :|
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: LG={{champion:51}} NG={{champion:44}} CG={{champion:245}} LN={{champion:268}} TN={{champion:33}} CN={{champion:117}} LE={{champion:50}} NE= {{champion:31}} CE={{champion:222}}
mirth101 (NA)
: I have it on Windows. No fix in site! I dont care if it has no impact. Its hella irritating{{champion:236}}
It seems like this is a new strand of the error. It had been fixed for a few months, but now it is back for me on Mac, and apparently on Windows too. For me it is happening when I accept a game invite from one of my friends. Is that where it is happening for you too? Otherwise, since this is new, and it's on Windows for you, I would submit a support ticket to be sure that Rito knows about it. Edit: It says that this error message was fixed in the 6.10 patch notes.
: I have this issue but I am running Windows 10 with no connection issues whatsoever, normally get 58ms ping a game and I am well aware when it comes to networking. Reason being is I am a computer technician and I also have learned about network administration. I've tried patching my client and it seems to just be an issue with the current LoL patch. As such, I have never had this error with prior patches.
It seems like this is a new strand of the error. It had been fixed for a few months, but now it is back for me on Mac, and apparently on Windows too. For me it is happening when I accept a game invite from one of my friends. Is that where it is happening for you too? Otherwise, since this is new, and it's on Windows for you, I would submit a support ticket to be sure that Rito knows about it. Edit: It says that this error message was fixed in the 6.10 patch notes.
: I did an oopsie with multiplication on the W at one point where it threw you across the entire map. That was cool.
That's kind of how I figure Doom Bot Poppy or Taliyah would be. Please make it happen. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Too bad Veigar's ult has nothing to do with dealing damage based off AP anymore :P
Man, those mage updates. There's just too much to keep up with.
: {{champion:67}} Hold it right there Fish. {{champion:223}} The name is Tahm Kench. I am more than a simple 'fish.' I can talk, walk, even laugh. Have you heard of a laughing fish before? {{champion:67}} _fires_ {{champion:223}} Ow. Boy that hurt more than grandma cheek pinches. {{champion:67}} _fires_ {{champion:223}} Owww. What was that for? {{champion:67}} I'm not a boy. {{champion:223}} It was a figure of speech!! Have I even done anything to you to do this? {{champion:67}} I hunt all who have fallen in the dark arts so that no one else will lose their parents like I did. {{champion:223}} Ok 1) I do not use dark arts. and 2) I never killed your parents. {{champion:45}} But I did!! {{champion:67}} _Not this guy again._ Where you even alive back then? {{champion:45}} No. But I still did it...cause I am that Evil. {{champion:67}} .......... {{champion:223}} This one head more screwed than Bilgewater during the Harrowing. {{champion:45}} Let see you think that after I revel my new weapon: BEHOLD!!! {{champion:67}} A...water gun? {{champion:223}} I have no idea what is going on anymore. {{champion:45}} Take this!! {{champion:67}} What the- Is this mud? I can't see with all this mud on my glasses. Why can't I take this glasses off-IS THIS GLUE YOU SHOT INTO MY EYES!!!? {{champion:45}} Yes. And not that your vision is blocked it is time for the next phase of my plan: RUN AWAY!!!! {{champion:223}} What? I? Umm...You have a good evening Miss. _runs away._ {{champion:67}} That is IT!! Next time I see that little guy he is DEAD!!
I want Veigar to use his ult on Vayne and then have her say {{champion:67}} You do realize I have 0 AP, right?
: Patch Chat 6.9 - Playtesting the Mage Update
It isn't about the Mage Update, but it's definitely important to Patch 6.9: With the increase in the importance of the Rift Harold and Elemental Dragons and the decrease in the gold value of towers, do you think that teams with multiple {{summoner:11}} will be more viable in mid-season?
: Patch 6.9 notes
With the increase in the importance of the Rift Harold and Elemental Dragons and the decrease in the gold value of towers, do you think that teams with multiple {{summoner:11}} will be more viable in mid-season?
: > ONLY FOR THE WORTHY: Non-epic jungle monsters now only grant experience to their killers REMOVED: CATCH-UP:~~ Jungle monster experience rewards no longer increase when you’re lower level than the slain monster~~ What laneswap meta?
True, you can't swap with Jungle, or take a camp in route to another lane... unless you take smite, and with the buffs to Cinderhulk, and not needing to stack devourer, that might be slightly more viable... Especially considering the huge importance that Rift Harold and Elemental Dragons now have, along with the decrease in the gold value of towers.
: That hurts tank supports because many times it the only thing stopping the onslaught. I know i'm support main. That hasn't see the world outside bronze because people love to leave tank role for the support.
That's true. In general I find that the poke supports mana regenerates faster than the tank supports health. Unless of course they have some sort of healing / health regeneration in their kit, but {{champion:89}} and {{champion:201}} are out of luck. But with the nerf to {{item:3303}} line, support mana regeneration might also take a big enough hit. Then there's the ADC's basic attacks, and there is no limit to those.
Pelumi (NA)
: "Regeneration overall is a bit too free, so we’re taking some of botlane’s mana as well." Nerf's support item.{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Plus, considering that {{item:3302}} recharges charges faster, that's probably the better item for gold.
: Yes! devourer removed. NO, YOU BUFFED RAGEBLADE!!!!
You only get phantom hit while in Guinso's Rage. And it no longer deals AOE damage, so I say that's a win.
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