Shahamut (NA)
: what if I already have all the ultimate skins?
You get all of them as shards.
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: NA Clash test starts August 19
When will clash come back permanently and how often will it happen? (Ex. clash every weekend or once a month)
Rahegarn (NA)
: They're the icons for the Dark Star Thresh event that happened a few times. It was for a game mode with crazy Thresh abilities to pull or throw your enemies into the black hole in the center of a small map to kill them for points.
sounds fun, i wish i didn't miss it. Maybe they'll bring it back sometime.
: PROJECT 2019 Event Guide
Want to see ward skin but no images!!! Also what are these items for? -->> {{item:3694}} {{item:3690}} {{item:3692}} {{item:3695}} {{item:3693}} {{item:3691}} <<--
: Honor 5 Chromas coming soon
What if you reach honor 5 before these are added? I got honor 5 yesterday and did not get an emote or ward skin. I got Grey Warwick and Medieval twitch last year and don't mind not getting a chroma this year though. So just wondering if I might get a ward skin or emote later or not?{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Prestige Points and new prestige edition skins
Maybe make it so you get prestige points by getting S ranks in a match or by getting mastery levels on champions, something that shows the player put in real work to get a prestige skin. Also dont make many, o feel like 1 or 2 a year is a good number but I dont know.
solkatt (NA)
: How would you as a system determine between the following? - I'm tilted and toxic, and I'm banning someone my teammate highlighted. - I see last pick wants Yasuo for top lane, but I'm 4th pick mid lane and don't want to lane against a Yasuo, so I'm banning Yasuo to protect myself.
I'm more referring to people who do it in spite of you for some reason, the last one told me it was because i couldn't spell my name.
: Lol one time we were all laughing in voice chat just fucking with eachother. We all do our bans and carry on as usual... then we notice some guy flipping out in the lobby chat with all caps just raging at my friend because apparently his normal ban was what our teammate wanted to play. He then goes on to tell us how we are gonna lose because he needs to teach him a lesson for banning his intent pick. Lmao. We all just laughed and were like wow... some people are so fucking petty. Was that you? Lol just kidding... i know some people do it on purpose and thats who you are specifically talking about, I hope. Because sometimes, you just dont see the intended picks and ban what you always ban. Then someone thinks youre a troll who did it on purpose. Ive had it happen to me too on a seperate occasion. So no, Riot wont ban people for it. Its impossible to tell if its an honest mistake, or malicious. If they do speak in chat about how theyre intentionally trying to ruin your experience, then yes that is punishable already, report for griefing. I would like if they punished the trolls who bitch about getting their intended picks banned, though. Also, yes I have had my intended pick banned before. I picked someone else. It really wasnt an issue. Idk why its an issue with you... do you not own enough champs?
He banned my champ because he said I couldn't spell my name, I understand if it is an accident and am more referring to people who do it to spite someone.
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