: > [{quoted}](name=Silas666,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=s5cz9YQd,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-06T05:32:41.725+0000) > Game 1 > Silas666: FCK ANNIE > Silas666: STOP > Silas666: ISAID DONT BE AGRO EARLY GAME Yelling at your teammates. > Silas666: dont > Silas666: shen stay out of bot > Silas666: unless we ping This isn't yelling, but it isn't polite. It's worded very rudely. You can just as easily say "Shen, no need to gank unless we ping, thanks." And that's a lot nicer. > Silas666: so annie went mid eh > Silas666: ANNIE > Silas666: I HAVE HEALL MAN > Silas666: LIKE WHY ARE RUNNING AWAY > Silas666: YO > Silas666: STOP More yelling at teammates. > Silas666: stop feeding > Silas666: i pinged > Silas666: so many times > Silas666: can u guys start paying attentin > Silas666: mid and annie Complaining at teammates. > Silas666: THEN FCKIN LISTEN > Silas666: TO THE PINGS > Silas666: IM PINGING > Silas666: THAT THEYRE' COMING > Silas666: NO > Silas666: LITTLE FKCIN BTCHES More yelling at teammates. > Silas666: idiots like u make me mad > Silas666: i ping > Silas666: u back > Silas666: simple More complaining at teammates, insulting teammates, belittling teammates. > Silas666: gg > Silas666: report annie please > Silas666: ahri too but i feel like she just sucks > Silas666: how > Silas666: i get upset at feeders > Silas666: man stfu ahri like ur jesus christ > Silas666: no ur sad > Silas666: lol the childish im better than u come back > Silas666: well she admitted to it > Silas666: i guess we can report her too > Silas666: thats nota mistake moron > Silas666: thats intentional > Silas666: no sht > Silas666: man > Silas666: u and ahri fed > Silas666: why did u engage shen > Silas666: who the fck do u think u are ahri > Silas666: it was a question to him that he answered > Silas666: play the game > Silas666: child Still more complaining at teammates, insulting teammates, calling for reports on teammates. > Silas666: smd > Silas666: please > Silas666: or bend over > Silas666: please > Silas666: its ur style Vulgar comments towards teammates. > Silas666: ahri and annie cost us the game > Silas666: alright now we gonna ff > Silas666: unlike you i dont like wasting my time > Silas666: omg we have a psychotherapist here > Silas666: you know what that makes u annie right? > Silas666: a sociopath > Silas666: u like to subvert control and think it makes decisions like these important > Silas666: hey ahri > Silas666: its not about control u morn > Silas666: moron > Silas666: thats cause its a minute goldfish > Silas666: or does ur memory work that way? > Silas666: and what are u doing? > Silas666: u need to troll to feel power > Silas666: and importance And yet more insulting teammates, and complaining at teammates. > Silas666: guess that was too much to expect from these 2 mentally challenged folks > Silas666: dude stop typing > Silas666: just report annie and ahri please > Silas666: and hope i literally never have to see there names again Final round of insults, calling for reports, and complaints against teammates. I was able to pull about 6 lines of chat out of this entire log that weren't toxic. You may not see anything wrong with these sorts of things, but Riot, and the playerbase doesn't agree with you. They consistently report this sort of behavior, which is why the IFS has learned that it is considered unacceptable. If you continue to communicate like this to the other players in your games, you are going to end up permabanned. It's only a matter of time. If you want to keep your account, then you need to work on leaving these sorts of communications out of your chat. If this is the only way that you know how to interact with other players, then you may want to consider unbinding your enter key, or finding one of the other ways to hide chat, so that you cannot use it.
How come the righteous always ignore the facts that don't suit the matter. First of all you can't see any of my pings yet you believe my first response is unwarranted. "worded rudely" I'm sorry this isn't preschool or kindergarten. I don't know where you grew up but worded rudely definitely would include death threats at the minimum. The league I started playing on wasn't snowflakes and even then nothing in that sentence was worded rudely. It was just a sentence. Asking people to come to your heal is complaining? Excuse me, are you a bot cause these seem like predetermined answers without making any actual sense. In essence what you are saying here is for me to be silent because a staple of Riot, the pings are not effectively working, and then, as this is a team game when I try to communicate, initially without yelling then I proceeded to yell, I am not denying that, you are saying it is wrong to voice my directions to the team. Have you ever played basketball or soccer or team sports? Finally even in recourse of any of these sports you do not disable means of communication to encourage better behavior. I do not know who on Riot is a psychologist but with at least a decent understanding you would know that that discipline like this does not change a thing. Lastly, and I am saying this last part to everyone, I hope that you are put in a position to be judged with only one sides story told. Then you will understand my level of frustration with this "honor" system. Ps. Take the honor out of there. There is no honor in what was done, just vindication.
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Greed is a wonderful thing isn't it?
: Honestly, even as a student in Psychology, I always find myself astonished whenever I see posts like this pop up on the forums. Let me open up by saying that anger is a normal emotion and there's nothing wrong with it. Everyone feels anger, and it is generally acceptable for someone to be frustrated with a certain situation. However, it is how you deal with your frustration that isn't socially acceptable. There are multiple defense mechanisms humans use in order to deal with anxiety inducing situations. Denying the existence of the problem itself is a common one. Rationalization is another I commonly see on League regarding toxicity. I'm sorry to tell you, but the only thing I'm seeing in those chat logs is your incapacity to overcome the frustration caused by your teammates misplays without lashing out at them.
As a psychology student, you just judged a situation based on a very loose set of words. Are you any type of student if you don't cross check your sources? PS. I never said I'm not trying to rationalize but I'm trying to understand how its reasonable to pass such judgement without any sort of due process or appeal? Guilty period right?
Xidphel (NA)
: >Silas666: FCK ANNIE Silas666: STOP Silas666: ISAID DONT BE AGRO EARLY GAME And that was just the beginning.
That actually wasn't the beginning and no timestamp also gives it no context. The beginning was Annie your ping is too high. It's funny how everyone doesn't mention that part as if it's irrelevant to the whole situation. I understood her ping was high is why I just told her to move back.
: > [{quoted}](name=Silas666,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=s5cz9YQd,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-06T05:32:41.725+0000) >"How do you judge anything by listening to one side of the conversation?" by judging if you broke the rules. it does not matter what anyone else was doing!! look at the first three lines !!! then you follow it up with > [{quoted}](name=Silas666,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=s5cz9YQd,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-06T05:32:41.725+0000) >Silas666: can u guys start paying attentin > Silas666: mid and annie > Silas666: THEN FCKIN LISTEN > Silas666: TO THE PINGS > Silas666: IM PINGING > Silas666: THAT THEYRE' COMING > Silas666: NO > Silas666: LITTLE FKCIN BTCHE The ENTIRE chat log is nothing but toxic negativity immature uncivilized verbally abusive garbage How can you even even consider this even remotely acceptable or unjustified ???? 100% justified sooooo here is my standard copy paste gift for you op I doubt you'll get he message though IMO the punishment system should be harsher _**There is no justification for combating negativity with more negativity in a video game.**_ ^^^^^What part of this is such difficult concept to comprehend?????^^^^^^^^ If you are getting angry at the status or outcome of a video game that is a personal issue dealing with emotional stability / anger management. It has nothing to do with Riot , the game , Competitive, legitimate rule breakers or anything else you can come up with. If someone intentionally feeds/ afk etc and you flame them for it _**you deserve to be punishing just as much as they do.**_ If someone calls you every name in the book and makes up some new ones -- and you respond _**you deserve to be punished just as much as they do.**_ If someone simply isn't answering your pings , chat or playing the way you think they should and you "call them out" _**You deserve to be punished**_ It does not matter "why" you did it ...the fact is you did . That's the only think that matters in the above cases. No matter what game mode your in certain things just are not allowed reacting to anything you dont like in game is one of the things not allowed, In other words you ( according to Riots behavioral policy) have no right to * be verbally abusive/ verbally offesive * react or "defend yourself" against others being verbally abusive * chastise those legitimately breaking the rules * Chastise those who you don't agree with * complain about anything * Rant about any personal grievance in the game * giving any type of negative commentary regarding whats happening in the game Doing any of the above can lead to various punishments including permaban's So here is the lessons you should take from this on the mature and civilized way to handle things which will also ensure you are following Riots behavioral guidelines So yes if someone is saying the most vile insults to you ever spoken, the proper action according to Riot is mute and report without any response including " report x or i'm muting you" If any amount of people are breaking every game play rule in the book The proper action according to Riot is ignore them don't respond with anything -- even "report x" yes you might lose a match and some lP if in ranked its still just a video game and not a serious life or death situation if you do. and really--- Which is the best coarse of action if you don't want to be punished given Riots current policy? 1 Not reacting or responding in any way shape or form and losing a match and some Lp ...which really has no "real value" and can eventually be replaced 2 Reacting, "defending yourself", "sarcastic " responses, chastising rule breakers or simply just complaining about think you don't like in game and risking losing your entire account that does have monetary value? The safest option is in other words if you cant say anything positive ..without being sarcastic about it .. don't say anything at all. If you pick option 2 its inevitable that you will eventually end up perma banned
Hold on. To everyone responding to this and judging by only looking at one side of an argument then you are justifying the other side. You're saying I'm wrong so the other person must be right, that is the perception you are putting forward no matter how you are justifying it. Again judging from one chat log where, again I must reiterate this, where you only have seen one side of the argument, you draw conclusions. Just so you can compare that to a little bit of society, that's exactly the same approach as only the prosecutor was allowed to present arguments. And if punishments need to be harsher than what would they be Mister Communist Russia? Jailtime? Obviously in my time playing League I have dealt with all this stuff and taking any conversation out of context does not justify anything. What if it was my and a buddy and we're cool talking to each other? What if, what if, what if. The thing is when you approach something with only ones perspective than you're only gonna be seeing one thing. It's like you starting a conversation with " I don't mean to be offensive, but....." or "Now don't get angry at what I'm going to tell you but...." Lastly to restrict chat is to limit the flow of communication. Regardless of whether its construed as negative or not once you cut communication you risk something worse than hurt feelings. You risk complete misunderstanding. You must know how vital communication is to the game, and to a whole another level life itself, and the punishment to that, in riots opinion is to restrict your talk so you can only communicate 6 times a game. Yeah you're right buddy there should be a worse punishment than this because there could be no other worse punishment than to be silent and watch as shit hits the fan. And by the way if you don't think your time is valuable, then you are one of the fortunate few.
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: Look. Riot. As a Lover of the evil overlord of badness that is Veigar... Stop. Please. Veigar is already scaling out of control with your little stunt of "Sneezing on Enemy Champions gives you AP." It makes him more aggressive in lane and takes away the opponent's chances of capitalizing on his weak phase as he'll prefer to go more for the reliability of Poke than the SKILL OF **EARNING** HIS ABILITY POWER. If you're trying to set up a pretext for nerfing him, just NERF HIM. Again, I am a lover of the evil overlord. But Riot. It's time to stop. Please. I love my Veigar, and I'd rather NOT see him gutted because you decided to go and buff him to unreasonable levels.
I honestly logged in just to post a similar reaction. I've gone through most if not all patches just sitting back and think "Ah that's interesting" or "That is an interesting way of buffing a champion". This though is the most insane buff. Might as well have doubled his stacking cause thats what it pretty much is. There will be a nerf to this in the next patch or there should be. Rito pay attention please and all Veigar mains enjoy your freelo. I know I'm gonna main him now. Cheers ;)
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So how about that "E-Bola" strike?...
: I just won a 1:27:56 game....
thats how long i waited in que!! YAY!!
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So I don't know everyone's opinion on this except for bring back TeamBuilder. From what I have experienced though this is very pretty on the surface but it doesn't do anything. First, you can't see the champions tips, bios, abilities and such forth. Not a huge thing but it kinda upsets me to not get a refresher before the game starts. Second, from I have done as well as what I have heard in the chat before games, it seems people pick fill just so they can play a game, which pretty much takes us back to how it used to be. Thirdly, Counter picking is made more difficult because players just play what they que up for instead of even trying to play as a team and just adapt with the flow. Finally, I finished this whole post because I waited in Que for 10 minutes!! First time I've done that playing Leagues since I started playing in the second season! **Edit make that 15 minutes!! Sincerely, A Player concerned with all the flaws this new system has brought. Definitely more cons than pros right now.
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Heres a quuestion. Can you ulti them towards your own turret /:){{summoner:4}} {{champion:78}}
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Some really great lines in this starting with "All things, dear Wolf."{{champion:266}}


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