: Revert Malzahar
Not trying to be sarcastic or anything considering that I'm extraordinarily low elo, but what's the problem with malzahar and his current state? Is it mostly a high elo problem? Because all I do is level my e and then whenever it transfers to a champion I just go ham on them and win. Bonus points if they buy a QSS and then don't even move when they use it so they're still taking that percent health damage lol I didn't play malzahar before the rework though so I don't know. Was it really that much better than this current state? He's hella easy now And I mostly just pick them if they ban my champ because he's easy to play but I think that's only because I'm in low elo because he also seems really easy to counter with just a few items * Like I said I'm probably iron or bronze so it doesn't matter that much and I think that if it would increase the health of the game and make him more fun to play against then yeah revert the rework but I don't know
: So riot removed my post saying I was going to quit until they fire Daniel Z. Klein
> Bt didn't Mr. Klein violate THE GOLDEN RULE? > Be RESPECTFUL TO PLAYERS AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS??? precisely why i can't take this game seriously anymore, if they're not gonna hold their own employees to the same standard SMITE is pretty cool, susano is basically yasuo, so that's where I'll be
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: I believe the message in the client was very specific in mentioning to disenchant "Champion shards", which is completely misleading.
http://archive.is/2017.10.31-040744/http://status.leagueoflegends.com/%23na https://i.imgur.com/Rb4uABI.jpg This is the message that was shown on the service status page as of halloween. These same messages are shown in game. It does not specify champion shards.
: I feel the same. I even have several accounts, so when it was near the end I just said screw it, and dodged several times trying to get {{champion:117}} . I only got to play her about 1 in 30 games (I had about 30 champions available to me)... even with rerolls.
So you dodged because you didn't get your champ? What about those in the game that did finally get their champ?
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sosexy21 (NA)
: Autofill
They do. Now can we disable autofill globally? I'm so fucking sick of someone else dodging because they get support when I get a role I want, and I get support instead. Seriously.
Restaki (EUNE)
: Shaco is one of the hardest characters in the game. But if you think that a weak out of meta hard champ is easy then sure go on i don't mind.
It's pretty hard when you have nothing but doran's ring or shield. http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUN1/219154499 Good riddance.
Restaki (EUNE)
: Quitting LoL
Ayyy, it's one of THOSE threads :V

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