: i wonder if clan names/tags will get rules EVER
You can report them in the post game screen using the "Inappropriate Name" box. Specify clan tag in the comment box. Alternately, you can report them with a support ticket.
: Yeah I know that, but She was again, telling ashe to mute ME because SHE was annoyed i was "Talking too much" VI had a problem with me helping ashe, Ashe didnt. its the same thing with the Lee Sin who was telling me "Stfu I already know that" when i was explaining to the NEW PLAYERS, Viegar and Sona How to ping. How to use Emotes, etc. Its these people who dont like someone helping new players because its "shit I already know, so shut up and stop being so annoying" "Yeah so Because YOU (general, not directed) already know how X mechanic works, that means I am not allowed to help a new player who doesnt know these things because you dont want to hear shit you already know being told to someone who doesnt know" And people wonder why Veterans like me are less and less inclined to help new players. Its just not worth the headache if people are going to start calling on others to mute/report us for "Talking too much" or constantly telling us to "Stfu" because they dont like the idea of a veteran actually enjoying helping new players.
I placed those lines in quotes as an example of what you could say to new players like Ashe when someone like Vi starts annoying you with an attempt to get Ashe to mute you. Teaching the new players when to mute can be as important as teaching them that last hitting earns gold. And again, I suggest muting the players that annoy you and are making you less inclined to help new players. They can't give you a headache if you mute them.
: ahh, sorry I have had alot of people attacking me. But yeah, even if I did mute them. In this case It was Vi who was telling ASHE (The new player who didnt even know what "farming minions" meant, or what her own abilties really did) to mute ME (The one who was trying to explain her abilties, kiting, pinging, etc) because I "talk too much" Yeah, Teaching someone how the game works means I have to explain all relevant information, Not use twitter speak. So yeah, I could mute her. But she was actively trying to sabotage by telling the ASHE to Mute ME because VI was personally inconvenienced (Rather than Vi just muting me for "talking too much" and just being done with it)
You could use it as a teaching tool. Knowing how and when to mute people is an important thing. It'd help a lot of new people. "Vi brings up a good point. You should mute people when their chat isn't useful. You can mute chat, pings, and emotes using those buttons on the scoreboard."
: Yeah, How dare New players not know how to instantly play the game at a challenger tier level right off the bat. How dare someone who has been playing the game for years try and help explain the game to them, help show them how to farm, how pings work, the more complex mechanics outside the tutorial. HOW ANNOYING. Yeah Go ahead and mute people who try and help new players. Then wonder why the "new player experience" is so fucking bad. Because people like you want new players to mute and dismiss veterans trying to help them learn the game for being "too annoying" Again, This is why the new player experience is trash, why new players get reamed out, called inters, garbage, trash, etc. Then when someone tries to help, you respond with "OMG STFU ur so annoying. Stop telling ME things I ALREADY KNOW" even when the person isnt even TALKING TO YOU. But the new players who dont even know what you mean when you are telling them to "Farm minions" Or how their own abilities work.
You misunderstand. The people complaining about you helping. They're annoying you. Mute them.
: Mentoring new player? Vi: Mute him. Talking too much
You see that box above the annoying people? Click it. It will silence them.
Pyrosan (NA)
: well ya that'd be true if 100% of ranked games didn't have feeders/trolls
Mathematically, a higher incidence would increase the magnitude of the effect. The ratio will always be 4:5, at that is the number of players on each team that is not you.
: Why am I banned for helping a troll feel good then, when my chat is not affecting the game at all?
When trolls feel good about trolling, they troll more. It hurts Riot's profits.
: So what exactly triggers the report system to knock me for "negative attitude"? What are the keywords I got knocked for? Because I know darn well a Riot employee didn't look at the chat. A robot did and deemed it bad.
: So you think trolls shouldn't get called out for being assholes?
I do think that trolls shouldn't get called out for being assholes. I think that because that is exactly what trolls want. Why help them feel good?
: (Screenshot inside) Went from zero bans/restricted chat to 14 days ban for a single normal game
Getting a punishment only 15 games after you purchased the account. That's not a record, but it's impressive enough.
: Permabanned five minutes after game ended, 1 game referenced.
You have a few misconceptions on how the system works. I'll try to see if I can help. > [{quoted}](name=cp dubspol,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=7xjAjBE9,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-19T06:50:02.961+0000) > > Okay, I get it, I said some mean stuff. Well, essentially that means that the punishment was warranted. You signed an agreement with Riot about how you would act while accessing their servers. > But when I get banned because three other toxic people on my team are flaming me and I flame back I feel like there should be some sort of punishment for them as well. Everyone is responsible for their own behavior. If you think they were breaking their agreement with Riot, the correct response is to report them. Someone's behavior is only examined if they are reported. If no one reports them, Riot will act as if no one was bothered by their behavior. At the end of your post you seem to indicate that you don't report people and don't want them to be punished. > How can a permaban on my four year old account be handed out five minutes after the game? The IFS is fairly quick. > I know I shouldn't talk like that in chat but at least watch the game to understand where I'm coming from. Your agreement was with Riot, not with the other players in your game. They are unable to modify the contract you signed. Their actions don't have any impact on how you are allowed to behave. >It seems to me that just my personal chat log was read and a permanent ban was dolled out right there. Yes. When issuing punishments to an account, only the actions of the account have any bearing. >When my team is turning on me because I didn't gank their lanes or didn't ult karthus, and we start arguing, I'd like it if the whole situation was looked over, the state of the game, the rest of the players toxicity in the lobby, before instantly dropping the ban hammer on me. If you find it difficult to argue without breaking the contract you signed, I'd suggest not arguing. But, again, other peoples' actions are unable to modify the contract between you and Riot. >any communication other than a little pre-written speech about toxicity in league that I can't appeal to. I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. Are you asking for the ability to appeal the judgement? You may do so with a [support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). But, valid punishments are not overturned, so based on your opening statement, I'd not waste my time. If, instead, you're asking for the statement on toxicity to appeal to your worldview, the time to have that discussion would be before you click "I agree". >For all the person who banned my account knows Interrupting the sentance here. The IFS is automated. >they could've been inting(not saying they were, but 4/11 and 5/12 in a 30 minute game is more than a death every three minutes) and I'd have every right to flame them, Once again, other peoples' actions cannot modify the contract you signed with Riot. You do not have the right to flame people. You signed that away when you created your account. > but they wouldn't know, they didn't watch the game. The IFS checks what a reported player did. It doesn't check things that are not reported. > Also, a permaban because of one or even two games seems inane to me, Yes. That would be inane, generally speaking. That's why there is a four step punishment ladder that everyone has to go through before earning a permanent ban. The only way to skip that would be to troll, int, use hate speech, or urge self-harm. >especially with how toxic games can get, Once again, you signed an agreement with Riot, not with the other players. Other peoples' actions are not a reason to break your agreement. If you think that someone else is breaking their agreement, report them. >if you're the one out of the five toxic players that everyone disagrees with, thats four reports on you and only one on each of them. The IFS checks a player's actions if there is any number of reports greater than 0. 1 report is exactly the same as 9 reports. >Whats the point of even reporting at that point? It's a report? If you want someone's behavior to be checked, that's what the report is for. Yeah? >I don't beat them, they don't get banned, Reports don't cancel each other out. The IFS can check the actions of every player, in every game, if they are reported. It relies on reports to trigger rather than checking everything because at the scale of League, that would be a significant investment in electricity and processing time. > and why would I even want them to? Well, if their behavior annoyed you, having them receive a punishment would probably help them modify their behavior so that they are unlikely to annoy you or other patrons in the future. Also, you earlier wanted them punished alongside you. So, I'll turn the question back to you. Why did you want them punished? >so I just go next, forget about it, people blame junglers its nothing new, but not anymore. That's a good attitude to have. But, I suggest applying it earlier. Flip that switch when they first start flaming you. If you have a difficult time controlling yourself, I suggest muting at the first sign of them annoying you.
: honest to god I actually had the most fun playing this game as Singed support and just running around lane to lane ruining the game for my team. People would lose their shit and I could just report them after getting player punished box after player punished box but I would be unscathed because I wouldn't chat and I'd just spam laugh on their dead bodies. Sure my mmr took a hit but I've lost all hope in climbing to plat in solo q which I know I'm capable of.
You were banned for chat. You're also someone who has admitted publicly to trolling. You were the same person both times. Riot has noticed exactly that. The people who can't control their chat behavior are the same people that troll. Infinite scaling chat restrictions, similar to your suggestion, was ALREADY TRIED, and the results were HORRIBLE.
: Against a walking seafood dildo? That shitshow just presses E and escapes everything. I cannot Flash-R him, he will just E immediately.
Try doing R-Flash instead. That gets rid of any input delay you may have.
mack9112 (NA)
: His reputation has hit a point that he can’t climb out of diamond because he gets trolled every match.
Feeding trolls seems to have that effect. Who, knew? Certainly not the entire internet.
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/OjEUxbwH-player-behavior-rules-update
> > > Discussions about why a particular word or phrase is likely to trigger a punishment are subject to strict review. In general, the only context that matters is what the League community in a specific region considers worthy of punishment. As such, discussions about the differences between the League community and other environments are likely going to be removed under the ban on political and social discussions. > > To be explicit, no, we don’t care if a word used to have a different meaning, if it has a different meaning in other countries, or if it’s acceptable in other communities or cultures. We do not care if certain people believe a word or phrase can be reclaimed. Similarly, we don’t care if you personally consider a word or phrase to be inoffensive. While it’s an opinion you can have, it’s not especially relevant or helpful in the context of Riot's policies. > That rule is specifically about arguing about the context of using hate speech. And, once again, even in that section, it DOES say that is considers the context of the issue. It's just not the context that some people want to focus on. >the only context that matters is what the League community in a specific region considers worthy of punishment So, Context IS NOT going to be used to determine if it was acceptable to break the rules or not.
: Please just fix your system.
Context is used by the IFS to determine punishments. Context is also conversed about in several threads on PB. There are no rules against talking about the context of a chat log. **Context IS used to determine if some part of a chatlog was against the rules or not.** **Context IS NOT going to be used to determine if it was acceptable to break the rules or not.** Context never makes breaking the rules acceptable.
: Petitioning to forfeit is not against the rules. I played to my full ability, and so I never gave up. There is an /ff vote in the game, and its entirely legal and legitimate to use.
It is entirely legitimate to use the /ff vote mechanic. It IS against the rules to publicly give up in chat. Just use the vote. People will vote. Abide by the result.
Keiaga (NA)
: If you feel like you're losing to the champion and not the player 100% of the time then you're 1.) delusional 2.)dumb for not picking that champion
This is rudely worded, but true. If a champion has no weaknesses, no counters, and can't be defeated by macro play, then you should play as them. Win. It's a good idea. But, while you're playing as them, you'll probably notice that sometimes you lose. If you really pay attention you may notice what caused the loss. Armed with this knowledge, you can then apply it to your own games against that champion.
: Ranked Flex: win: + 11 LP defeat -30 LP EVERY GAME
This happens when your MMR is drastically below the average for your rank. Win often and your MMR will increase enough to lower that disparity, or lose often and your rank will drop enough to lower that disparity. Or, you can just play more, winning and losing in equal amounts, and the disparity between wins and losses will slowly close.
Modi (NA)
: [Theory] Riot's matchmaking intentionally attempt to put people on "streaks"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP-Ipsat90c&t=563s If you flipped a coin 20 times, over 50% of the time there would be a streak of 4+.
Keiaga (NA)
: Because according to your match history that game didnt happen? And if it happened on a different account, post a link or picture
: how do i post chat logs
When you log into your account, the reform card pops up. Highlight the whole thing, and press ctrl+c (or right click on it and select 'copy'). Next, either click on 'Edit' or 'Reply' on this thread so that you can type an additional message. Then, while having the blinking line active in the chat field, press ctrl+v (or right click on the field and select 'paste').
: Honor Level 1 Still locked after so many games ?
Honor progression is based off of both games played and time elapsed. It's difficult to show change or growth in just 3 days. Also, pouring your energy into it like this is likely to cause you frustration that could leak out into chat (and in general, being frustrated like that isn't good for you anyway). I don't suggest grinding as a path for increasing honor, because any minor toxicity wipes out a lot of progression. If you played closer to 5 games a day, you're much more likely to be able to completely control yourself, and you'd still be essentially maxing out on honor per day. If you want, you could send a support ticket in, asking if there was any negative behavior reported in your most recent 75 games that could contribute to slowed honor growth.
rujitra (NA)
: This would likely be it.. honor progression is different (non-existent?) in bots, and I suspect the OP isn't going to be getting honor bonuses from ARAM games given the community's lack of honoring in that mode usually. It's also quite likely that the OP does not remember all 77 of those games...and can not say that they've never used chat. Someone with the attitude of the OP is also the type of person who would tend to snap at someone and lose control of themselves, and in fact that sort of behavior is already what got them restricted in the first place.
Honor does go up in bots, at almost the same rate as SR. In the first season of honor, ARAM gave faster progression.
: How does riots toxicity report even work?
Try relogging into the client, so that the reform card pops up. That should give you the chatlogs, if it's for chat behavior, or a game link if it's for trolling.
: ultimate bravery challenge in flex queue - how isnt it bannable
The only part of Ultimate Bravery that would be directly considered trolling is Rule 4: Don't use Wards. I suppose for those who are in the JG role that not selecting smite would be frowned upon, and potentially punishable. But, as long as the players are trying to win, then any champion, any runes, any summoner spells, any skill maxed first, and any build that contributes useful stats are acceptable. For example AP Zed would be punished as he has absolutely no AP scaling, but AD Zac is acceptable because he has an auto attack.
Ýisus (NA)
: When did I say communist anything? This has nothing to do with China being good or bad ... Hell I played on the Garena server when I lived in Vietnam. China can decide what culture they have, I am just stating that censorship is not common place in American culture, and it should not be applied on the NA server just because this game is a Chinese owned game. I have yet to ever play a game that censors its players like this 1 does. I find it hard to believe that these policies are not related to the host countries culture.
This type of 'censorship' is absolutely everywhere in America. It's actually part of the case law surrounding freedom of speech. One mode of speech that is guaranteed by freedom of speech is freedom of association. No one, and that includes businesses, is forced to associate with everyone, on the grounds that association bears a message, and is thus considered speech. This (contributing to other rights) means that any buisiness can throw you out if they want to (as long as they are not breaking any other laws by doing so). You can test this in any bar, restaurant, store, or dwelling. No one is forced to put up with you. And really, compared to Walmart, it is impressively difficult to get thrown out of Riot. The first 20 minutes spree of insulting customers would land you a ban in Walmart, but it would most likely just be part of a single chat restriction here.
: The point being that they shouldn't lord this "power" to begin with. You and your knucklehead friends aren't the only people playing to have fun. And you can't mute someone following you in your jungle, actively counterjungling you because they decided they don't like you.
You moved the goalposts there.
: It's linked further down. Judge for yourself. >Why would we need spoiler tags? Because posting huge walls of text is considered to be as rude as posting in all-caps.
In the case of chat logs on the PB board, posting the full chat logs, without edit or commentary in the middle, is polite. Posting edited logs, like yours, is considered rude.
: Why won't my dodge timer reset?
TrulyBland (EUNE)
: Because they are deliberately screwing around with the ranking system. It's been a long while since I've seen Riot make a statement regarding this (tried to find it, but couldn't), but I distinctly remember three different cases where people have been punished for such behaviour, each using a different method. Two of those are no longer possible, one is exactly what the OP is describing. The quintessence of the statement was: If you are intentionally screwing around with the ranking system to create setups that wouldn't happen if you played legitimately, you can be punished for it. [Edit: If somebody else wants to give searching for it a shot, iirc the phrasing included something along the lines of "hurting the integrity of the ranking system"] The rule exists. It's just difficult to enforce.
: Found the joker rule
There is a difference between baiting a conversation and creating a conversation.
mggio (NA)
: It does not go back. IMO you have no chance of getting back to 2 before the end of the season. I got a chat restriction a few weeks ago, and since then I only say positive things in chat (good job, nice kill, thanks for leash), and I always honor someone every game (unless my whole team is toxic, lol). I play maybe 7-9 games a day, with more on the weekends. Its been maybe 125-150 games since my restriction ended and my honor is still locked. From what I've heard it is a few months after it gets unlocked (if it even does this season) to go from 1-2. You might be better off creating a new account assuming you can climb the ladder faster than you can recover honor.
Your progress is unusually slow. Are you by any chance being sarcastic with your comments? For example, saying, "thanks for the leash" when no one has leashed? If you are, the system is correctly flagging that as negative behavior, and it is slowing your honor progress.
: 14 day ban issue continued. Riots support system sweeping under rug. Refuse to see inting.
Looking at the date and time that your tickets were submitted in, it's very clear what happened. You submitted 3 tickets about the same issue in two days. Submitting an additional ticket puts you at the back of the queue. Yes, they closed your most recent ticket and then they referenced the original ticket number as the place where your issue would be handled. They have done nothing inappropriate. Wait for your ticket to receive an answer.
: between 300 and 400 games. They were clean i did not get any punishments during that time.
Clean means a lack of problematic behavior, not a lack of punishment.
Kimblee (NA)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Kimblee,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EZEhTZad,comment-id=00030000000100010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-03T21:31:18.605+0000) > >I didn’t say a single word in the game before he had 7 deaths. This is strange, because you also said: > [{quoted}](name=KimbleeNA,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EZEhTZad,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-03T10:11:40.547+0000) > > > KimbleeNA: please report ( he is 0-4 now) 0-4 seems to be before seven deaths, but, I'm just a troll who doesn't know how numbers work. /s
Kimblee (NA)
: And yet you are ignoring the fact that the inter is in game right now. A long with the toxic zed. So no punishment was given to these players who were actually toxic. Asking for reports may be against the rules but it is not toxic. If people are offended by “please report obvious inter” then people need to get some thicker skin. You are also ignoring the I responded to the ENEMY team asking if we wanted them reported. Your last paragraph was literally “inters have also helped people rank up, more than they hurt them, so it’s okay” The support ticket was a copy paste of the above post. Seems just like a supporter of a horrid system “I assume you said something bad that’s why it got closed”
How am I ignoring that they're still playing? I suppose in the context of talking to you, I may be, but that's because your punishments are caused by your actions not theirs. Also, I'm talking to you and not them. So I can't convince them of anything. Talking about them would be useless. No one is 'offended'. That is your word. Trolls are encouraged. People who are not trolls are discouraged. There is no situation where asking for reports is useful. If someone doing poorly or trolling gets you upset, you should get some thicker skin. There was a lot of typing prior to that. None of the things you typed were for the purpose of winning the game. The last paragraph was an explanation of why I wouldn't be overly upset. You were asking me about how I would emotionally respond to a scenario. I responded to the thrust of your idea. No where did I even hint that inting is okay. >The support ticket was a copy paste of the above post. And yet, there's this suspicious lack of proof.
: What action could I take? Ask for him to be reported as he deserves. But that got me banned. So I put in a ticket showing proof of inting, they closed my ticket. So I post on forums showing the VIDEO of him inting, they remove the video. There was a lot I could do and did, and it was swept under the rug to protect the horrid automated system. Riot wouldnt even overturn a ban for someone saying KYS which meant kiss in his language...They do nothing to prevent the actual toxicity in this game. For example, lets say I am in a game saying fuck this, fuck you, N word, bitch etc. At least THAT can be muted and you never see it. Still not okay, it is just insane how chat will get you banned, but destroying any potential fun or chance of winning in a game wont. Lets say I go into your promo game into diamond, you have been working ALL SEASON for it, and I just immediately start inting and throw away your chance of being in diamond. You can't stop that. You can't report that, because nothing will be done. You have to prove the player was inting and isnt just bad at the game. When you prove it they remove the proof. Update: The inting ezreal is on his 3rd game of today, after 3 more last night after reporting him. He inted in those 3 games last night, im sure he is inting right now.
> [{quoted}](name=KimbleeNA,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EZEhTZad,comment-id=0003000000010001,timestamp=2019-09-03T19:47:06.482+0000) > > What action could I take? Yes, what button is available on your computer that assigns a punishment? If it's there, why haven't you pressed it yet? >Ask for him to be reported as he deserves. Multiple reports don't stack. The IFS checks the game when the boolean flag is set. Any number of reports greater than 0 sets the flag. 1 is exactly as useful as 900. So, asking for reports or getting additional reports DOES NOTHING. >But that got me banned. Well, yeah. You signed an agreement with Riot to behave in a certain manner while on their servers. Some third party not fulfilling their contractual obligations does not relieve you of yours. One of the things that would probably annoy you is if someone spent all game asking for reports against you, calling you a troll, and whatever else you did. That makes that set of actions punishable. > > So I put in a ticket showing proof of inting, they closed my ticket. I'm going to guess that you were "upset" and thought that support would accept any abuse you sent their way. When someone is belligerent, support is not contractually obligated to maintain communication. If that's not the case, you could SS your interactions with support and gain social pressure against them. > > So I post on forums showing the VIDEO of him inting, they remove the video. Yes, that was breaking one of the Universal Rules of the forums. One of the things that you implicitly signed by using the forums. If you want to post the video elsewhere, like your computer desktop, youtube, imgur, or in texts to your friends, no one will stop you. > There was a lot I could do and did, and it was swept under the rug to protect the horrid automated system. Riot wouldnt even overturn a ban for someone saying KYS which meant kiss in his language... The only thing useful that you did was to create a ticket, but given that they 'closed' it, I'm suspicious about how you worded it. >They do nothing to prevent the actual toxicity in this game. Trolls troll to get reactions. There is nothing else they're looking for. There is no other reward for that behavior. The people that respond to trolls are causing and encouraging the trolls. STOP. > > For example, lets say I am in a game saying fuck this, fuck you, N word, bitch etc. At least THAT can be muted and you never see it. Still not okay, it is just insane how chat will get you banned, but destroying any potential fun or chance of winning in a game wont. > > Lets say I go into your promo game into diamond, you have been working ALL SEASON for it, and I just immediately start inting and throw away your chance of being in diamond. You can't stop that. You can't report that, because nothing will be done. You have to prove the player was inting and isnt just bad at the game. When you prove it they remove the proof. Given that I don't int, 5/9 inters will have been on the other team during my climb. They made it so that I could reach diamond more than the 4/9 inters on my team prevented me from reaching diamond. Also, I CAN and WOULD report it. I have a tendency to read the things that I sign, so I would post the proof in a ticket, not on the forum, so it wouldn't be removed.
: They are too worried about protecting the inter. Im glad the community is protected from people like me causing such harassment in games by asking people to report an intentional feeder. "Need proof to report an inter" - Got it, was removed. "Two wrongs dont make a right" - Does not seem like I said anything negative or bad BESIDES the fact that I was reporting someone for doing something bad. "Mute them and move on" - Cool, so the inter continues on in his game and continues to int. Refuses to surrender so we can't get into a new game. 35 minutes of my life gone, 0 fun, 0 potential to win. Then I get banned for 2 weeks and he continues to int in his next 3 games. Nice.
You report inters in the post game screen or at https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new . The forums aren't the place to report inters, just like the PA at the grocery store isn't the place to report assault. Sure, there's the possibility that there's a police officer at the store, but you're mostly just talking to civilians and getting the proper paperwork started would be more effective for the police anyway.
: > [{quoted}](name=DaenrysTargaryen,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EZEhTZad,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-09-03T14:15:03.468+0000) > > I have removed the Video as per the no Naming and Shaming rule of the boards. > > If you would have any questions or concerns about this action please visit us at [the boards moderation discord](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/7rtKBZLi-boards-moderation-discord-verification) or feel free to post in [discuss the boards](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation). > Thank you. translate: i have fucked over your attempt at trying to get an inter punished. (prove me wrong)
Even if there were clear proof of inting, what action could **you** specifically take to punish them? We're all just regular players and have no ability to press a button to ban someone. Removing it did nothing to reduce the chances of them being punished.
: i know i flamed i know i deserve it , but why was it 14 day ban? i knew that you would get 1 grade off punishment every 3 months clean? have they changed? I have been clean for 4 months , i swear and this one game that i tilt in i get 14 day ban off him haha
The punishment tiers do reset, but it takes between three and six months of regularly playing with clean behavior.
Tailypo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GatekeeperTDS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=A8h7LrYc,comment-id=000000020000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-03T17:11:48.068+0000) > > But...you already mixed up intentional feeding with **being bad at the game** in this very thread. > > Everyone thinks it's easy to detect the **intent** in intentional feeding. Please enlighten us on how you would do that, and no, KDA isn't how it's done. I didnt mix anything up. I said that if someone feeds 0-12 in 10 minutes, I believe they're probably in the wrong division, regardless of intent. Under such circumstances, where a player singlehandedly throws an otherwise winnable game, I see no reason the LP loss should not be distributed accordingly.
So, when a challenger does a run through, they leave a line of ruined accounts in their wake?
Hotarµ (NA)
: >why is it hard to report/detect inting (i mean those obvious cases) but its easy to detect bad chat? Because a chat filter is... well, just a chat filter. Basically, if someone uses a flagged word (fuck, shit, ZT language such as slurs) it's marked and the context is weighed **lightly** (ex. saying "Fuck me" is acceptable, "Fuck you" is not.) Realistically it takes less than a few minutes to fully and accurately review a chat log. Intentional feeding and griefing is a _much_ harder thing to detect just due to the sheer amount of variables. Let's say there's a 0/12/7 Jax on the enemy team. - How often do they play Jax? - Are they experienced in this particular matchup? - He's got 253 CS by 27 minutes, is he split pushing _or_ refusing to group? - Did the jungler gank/camp him? - Did he say anything in chat? - When did they last play League? - What rank are they? - His jungler came up and he went in with him, is Jax only comfortable when teammates are around? These are just some examples of the **thousands** of variables that come into account when reviewing someone for intentional feeding and griefing. Basically, you have a word checker (Did the person use the word "fuck" in a negative way?) versus checking someone's playstyle, mouse patterns, damage dealt to champions/towers/objectives, CS, ward score... _everything._ :p
You are correct in most of the things you say, but the IFS does not employ a chat filter for anything but the Zero Tolerance list. Chat is scored by a machine learning system that reads comment chains as a whole.
: yes
A) Situation: Something good happened for you, maybe your team got a dragon. B) Emotional Reaction: Someone on the other team feels like their team is going to lose, just for a moment. C) Action: They are now going to try to cause one of their teammates to ragequit. They will pile all the blame on whoever made any sort of "mistake" (in quotes because they'll grasp at anything). They will troll to frustrate whoever seems the weakest emotionally. D) Once one person on the opposing team gives up, someone else will notice, and also not wanting to take credit for the loss, will join in. Anyone with enough mental fortitude to continue trying to win after losing a dragon will find themselves playing alone, as everyone else is spending their energies trying to 'not lose' by causing someone to AFK. Someone would have enough, and decide to leave because the game IS NOT FUN when your team is trying to lose. You would not get credit for winning the game. Once this pattern of behavior is established, everyone will be paranoid that their team is going to start soft-inting. This means that D) will happen WITHOUT B) or C). The person giving up and trying to lose will do so off the _perception_ that someone else is intentionally losing. You would never get credit for winning any game. I don't think that would be enjoyable, and I would cease playing the game. --------------------------------------------------------------- Or, you could view it mathematically. The Matchmaker grabs all 9 of the other players in your games randomly. It doesn't sort them by % AFK and place more in your team. It would be incredibly inefficient and a lot of work to just target you (assuming that you're not paranoid). So, we can match up the 4 players on your team with 4 players on the opposing team and know that those 4/4 will AFK at the same rate. This leaves just You, and 1 player on the opposing team unaccounted for. As long as the % chance to go AFK for a random person is a positive number (and it has to be, because you can't Negative AFK and it's also not 0% or you wouldn't be complaining) they will AFK more than you. This means that you will win more games because of AFK than you will lose. Note: this setup only works when the % for AFK are equal across all 9 other players. If you are defeatist, spam pinging, insulting, blaming, complaining, blaming, arguing, or otherwise annoying, you may influence the %'s so that your team is more likely to have an AFK.
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: I'm just going to assume you've never heard of the Starfish story: >One day, an old man was walking along a beach that was littered with thousands of starfish that had been washed ashore by the high tide. As he walked he came upon a young boy who was eagerly throwing the starfish back into the ocean, one by one. >Puzzled, the man looked at the boy and asked what he was doing. Without looking up from his task, the boy simply replied, “I’m saving these starfish, Sir”. >The old man chuckled aloud, “Son, there are thousands of starfish and only one of you. What difference can you make?” >The boy picked up a starfish, gently tossed it into the water and turning to the man, said, “I made a difference to that one!”
No longer links to a story, it is now just an announcement that the linked site is closing. /Edit holy necromancer Batman! I'll be more careful in the future
: I know that, so what's a good name for what this person did? Trolling? It seems somehow insufficient.
No, that word sufficiently covers their actions. It's just trolling.
: How can I look at it without being able to log in?
: What is my recourse when 5 of my last 13 losses are from leavers?
> [{quoted}](name=5 Dollar Holler,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=g4zBiRo2,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-31T14:14:42.142+0000) > > mid died 5 times in a row, said "Guess I'm trolling, bye" and immediately quit. It sounds sorta like someone accused them of trolling.
: Former, I was just so pissed off. Guess it really was my fault. But I tried not to curse. That obviously wasn't enough, though. So, yeah. I kinda blame myself. But partially the ban system too. They didn't get suspended.
> [{quoted}](name=BIGBADBUNGALO,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=6GFNb4KL,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-08-30T18:01:19.300+0000) > > But I tried not to curse. The system really doesn't care about what specific words you use, aside from the zero tolerance list of hate speech. Cursing is completely fine. What is not fine is annoying, arguing with, harassing, or insulting people.
: "Toxic" is a word that needs to be defined as whats toxic and what isnt. These days people just toss around the term on anything they dont want to hear, which is kind of sad. Im not saying whether this post is or is not toxic but for example most people say i was verbally harassing the ziggs, which is odd because then what is banter if it isnt the continuation of back and forth trash talk. EDIT: What people consider "toxic" now used to be called bragging rights.
ban·ter /ˈban(t)ər/ noun noun: banter the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks. "there was much singing and good-natured banter" synonyms: repartee, raillery, ripostes, sallies, swordplay, quips, wisecracks, crosstalk, wordplay;
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