Vulkus I (NA)
: Why Do People On Here Refuse to Admit Kayle is Broken?
I don't like playing with Kayle because I expect her to lose lane and I know that the game is going to last 30+ minutes because my top laner is playing Kayle and has to reach at least level 11. Just the fact that the game is going to last 10 minutes longer is off putting. Her reaching level 16 isn't a guaranteed win either and the game might only last for 5 more minutes after she hits 16.
: Let's discuss Nami's kit
They nerfed all other supports so now Nami is a bit stronger than usual, she's not overpowered though, and I'm confident in the work that Riot puts into the role. I would be happy if Nami was left untouched and they buffed all other supports across the board, especially tanks. I feel like its time for Riot to take another look at the support role. I feel like you should play her a bit more too. She has clear weaknesses. Her W mana cost is high so you can't just spam it. The only way you'll poke someone out of lane is if the enemy is stupid and ends up making a lot of mistakes. A lot of Nami's damage also comes from auto-attacking which is risky, and if Nami falls behind then she's forced to sit in lane spamming heal and hoping the enemy laner doesn't tower dive. Her bubble doesn't travel instantly and its a hard to land so you're forced to hold onto it because missing it means the enemy can play more aggressively and you end up wasting 60 mana. I might have a good day and land 80% of my bubbles or I have a bad day and land 30% of them. Her E is rarely leveled unless I'm confident in my ADC, most of the time I just use it as a low cost speed boost. Her ultimate has a reasonable traveling time for its radius and power. If you were to make any major changes to Nami, a champion that has been balanced for years, you could end up creating more work for yourself. It would be easier to just leave her alone and wait until all other supports are strong again. If they keep nerfing everything then one day Nami might need a nerf, but I don't see anyone else picking Nami except me so I think she's fine.
: Let's chill with some Blitz!
: Was There Ever a Response to the in Company Female Sexism?
Yes, there was an article. At first I doubted the article was true because Kotaku was the only source, but Riot issued an official response on their diversity and hiring page(I won't link the response, find it yourself <3 ) edit: Here,
Rioter Comments
: 20 bans doesn't seem like a bad idea right now
I miss when we could ban whatever we want plus the one or two OP champions. Now everything is either OP or annoying, example of the bans I generally make: {{champion:27}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:105}}{{champion:23}} {{champion:157}} Example of the bans I want to make but can't because everything is broken: {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:157}}
: CC him.
: Community Patch Notes
Giving Annie brittle would be interesting. Some of these changes are alright considering they're quality of life changes(Mostly the smaller ones.)
Elohaven (NA)
: @Meddler The excuse you won't buff towers due to snowball is a bad one
From their perspective, as you said, and from what I read, they want towers to fall pretty early so the losing lane can get help from other lanes. Essentially Riot just wants lane phase to end as fast as possible. Personally I don't see a reason behind doing this because laning phase already ends around level 5 to 10. I actually prefer a longer laning phase because everyone comes out a bit more even mid-game, while there are more chances to make a comeback and then fights are decided by how good your rotations are and your skill in teamfights. I mean maybe they could make it so Rift Herald kills a single tower and then vanishes, while also making Rift Herald incredibly easy to get early on so it would be contested with both Scuttle Crab and Dragon in mind. But I don't want to give them any ideas because this sounds like something they might actually do.
: I feel like riot is just playing it be ear with patches.... I think they need to take a step back create a long term goal and a plan to get there.... It's like someone that lives paycheck to paycheck not because they have to but because they blow there "extra" money instead of saving it. Tldr: riot create a long term plan for the game instead of these 2 week patches.
> [{quoted}](name=Gear Jammer,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5dFuE792,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-17T19:04:16.872+0000) > > I feel like riot is just playing it be ear with patches.... I think they need to take a step back create a long term goal and a plan to get there.... It&#x27;s like someone that lives paycheck to paycheck not because they have to but because they blow there &quot;extra&quot; money instead of saving it. > > Tldr: riot create a long term plan for the game instead of these 2 week patches. They do have a long term goal in mind and they're slowly chipping away at it.
: Innit{{summoner:6}} {{item:3124}}
: Season 8 is pure garbage, folks. Let's all thank Riot for "Runes Reforge".
I don't understand why they gave access to all these damage runes yet we get almost no defensive options.
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Enderkk (NA)
: Thank you Riot for keeping this great game free from cheaters. I have been playing this game for 2 years and have been astounded that I have seen no cheating. Their have been odd bugs and such but that is just part of a complex game. Thank for making this game extremely enjoyable by keeping the game down to skill and teamwork, not ridden with hackers and cheaters
The thing is **sometimes you can't see cheating.** And even if there is a possibility of someone cheating it usually has to be VERY obvious.(I had a scripting Kog'Maw on the enemy team but this is the first scripter I've actually noticed over thousands of games while others may have been ignored.) In the past there were programs to show buff timers, there are other overlays that give access to champion stats and user information so you can look people up while you're in-game. Its not that big of an advantage but these players have access to something that not everyone else has and Riot doesn't want that. Hypothetically I feel like scripts limit the amount of actions a player can make, because if this script suddenly decides to do one thing but you want to do another then you're shooting yourself in the foot, all while not improving.
: I hated Bloodstone in Dota. I'm also going to hate it in League.
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: The shield nerfs themselves were good thinking although arguably poorly timed but oh my _god_ why would they not give compensation buffs (especially to {{champion:43}}) is absolutely beyond me.
I understand reducing shield duration so everything requires more skill, but that power should be shifted somewhere else, whether that's by giving those supports more utility or slightly increasing the amount of damage they shield by around 5 or 10, since now they have a smaller window of opportunity to use shields.
: I'm just trying to make a living and here you are, blowing up my car man.
Ardent Censer + Ancient coin created a problem where ADCs would even build Relic shield just to get Ardent Censer even faster. Before all the nerfs, Ardent Censer gave 25 health drain dealt as magic damage and 25% attack speed whenever you healed your ADC. 25 Health regained whenever your ADC auto attacks is **very strong** when you end up getting it within 8-15 minutes, it would allow you to outsustain your laner and win fights really hard early on. The health drain also helped a ton with objectives cause I could just heal my jungler if they were low while they did drag, and it was a strong item to use if you had an all AD comp. If supports could only get it mid game then Ardent Censer would have never been nerfed because its technically not OP, what made it OP is a bunch of changes that allowed supports to get it sooner than intended.(Ancient Coin) The main abusers where obviously healing supports and it created a laning phase that was incredibly boring and it allowed bot lane to steamroll all the other lanes with their lead. It made the game less fun for everyone especially supports, and everyone is still angry about that meta and wants to see healing and shielding gutted. Though at this point I think people are just calling for more nerfs for the sake of nerfs and not the state of the game. I'm curious how the nerfs and item changes are going to affect bot lane and if its what players really want, I feel like this should've been done like 10 patches ago. EDIT: The reason they're removing Banner is because they're not satisfied with the item. It was a support item I'd pick on the champs I play a lot, but for some reason they removed the 400 mana, which was a huge change cause Heimer abused it. Then they recently switched it from being a magic damage counter to 70% reduced damage vs all instead, but this stacked with baron and felt awful to play against so they nerfed it to 30% while also removing the CDR. Hopefully they make it a fun item to use, the type of item you would buy for fun without caring about stats.
: Dear RIOT, why isn't the community involved in the Balance team.
I seen that circlejerk on reddit about how OP supports are, but if they were OP then people would play support more but guess what? When you play support you aren't guaranteed to carry or have influence in every game. If your top laner is in a bad mood or your mid laner decides to be useless, you're fucked. They also said having 2/3rds of the gold of other roles is bad and supports should have their gold income nerfed into the ground when its already an unpopular role, or have their item costs increased which would just create even more problems than it would solve. Unless its an obvious problem half of the time you guys have no idea what you're talking about and _**I would never trust any of you with making complex balance decisions.**_ I will trust the guy who's hired to do it, and is probably very passionate about it.
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: Is Overheal a bit weak?
Its just really situational while Triumph is more consistent.
4zn4ce (NA)
: Verify it's you - step 1 of 3 (Incorrect Password?)
You're not the only one that's getting this error.
: What are you replacing ultimate hat with? Regardless of the moves, still leaves only two available runes in a slot. Or is absolute resolve to fill in the missing spot? Scorch won't be worth while beyond level 3 until they put a ratio on it, even 3~5% AP would be a worthwhile improvement.
Absolute Resolve to fill the missing spot. I listed them at the bottom.
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: Wait so...
We're all just eldritch gods playing with champions now.
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: Amazing improvement. Now they need to fix Order of the Lotus’ hair in game and face in the splash. They need to fix the blades also, looks like plastic.
They have trouble with hair on a lot of champions, Lotus isn't the first.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 16
Is it possible that you guys might return the 10% CDR to Locket? Honestly just curious.
: agreed delete ez
: Imho it looks interesting, albeit a little overloaded.
A few things could be removed but I try to keep it interesting.
MysterQ (NA)
: Oh god a fusion champion. Potara or dance? p
They nerfed Potara :(
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: Umm sona Needed a nerf, but nerfing her Q wasn't the main issue. Riot Needs to Nerf Aery, to many champs Sync WAAAAAY to well with Aery. Honestly Sona's just one prime example and she was overly strong with it. But other champs with Dots, and auto champ target spells got a free pass this week. The main issue is Champions like sona. do so much damage because lanes now lack the ability to put on MR runes to have a survivability vs ap supports like sona. so with with this new system All AP supports got a huge boost in damage + extra damage for what ever Damage burst rune they take. Aery being the most toxic cause its guarantee hit / damage
They already have nerfs for healing and shields bonuses for support items on PBE. After those nerfs they'll tweak runes overall so Aery should be fine. Still think Arcane Comet is stronger for champs that aren't support imo
: The thing is, your argument is flawed, because Varus mains are a much smaller minority of players than the gay people who now have a champion to represent them. So either way you turn this, there is a minority of players. Except, the minority of players who felt connected to Old Varus can have that same connection with Lucian. But if Varus mains just like how Varus plays, then nothing has changed at all. And now gay players can have a champion who is composed of a gay couple. Which is their ONLY representative. This would probably be an entirely different scenario if the whole tragic loss of wife wasn't already in the game elsewhere, along with a host of other characters who can represent just about every combination of straight person out there.
You say that but both of you guys got the shitty end of the stick. Varus players don't have the lore they want, and you don't have a truly gay champion. Instead you're stuck with two guys in a edgy rampaging Darkin - further decreasing the odds of getting a real gay champion(It's not impossible, but once you have that token champion you can only make so many.) and now both sides of the community are divided over something that could have very easily been avoided. I partially agree with you but as I said before this could've been handled differently as they had TONS of better options. Darkin Varus for Varus mains, token gay champion to represent your community badabing badaboom, Riot gets a huge wave of positive feedback for the gay champion and it's not overshadowed by all these negative reactions and instead of the two people comprising the champion are gay it would be the champion themselves that are gay which I'm sure you would be far more happy with.
HarrowR (EUNE)
: You mean like they changed the champion i've played 80% of the time since he was released as an ADC,Graves? And then changed into a jungler,he's still awesome though,i just really love being the ADC and i really loved old Graves,still play Graves but not as much as before,just never understood why would they change a character so much that he can't even go the lane he was going to for 5 whole years before his rework,was he broken for 5 years and then they decided to change him,was he OP? Couldnt they just change his Ult or something? Not gonna lie,i've never found a solid replacement adc for Graves,if i was designing a champion it would be it,and they've changed it....
They could always just increase Graves range to 500-525 and then let his pellets pierce through targets instead of being blocked by them. Would need a bit of number tweaking but I think it's entirely possible to make Graves an ADC again.
: This whole "give them their own champ" is just another branch of the inability to accept things and the hope that separating it away from you will somehow make things feel better. They chose to update his lore. Deal with that. You do not own the game, and your wants regarding the lore are fan theories and nothing more. Riot would have made a new champ if they so chose. They instead picked a champion who was sitting around with a stagnant existence and made him different and unique. Gay people can be pleased by this just as much as they can be pleased by a new champ. Gay people who played Varus would actually be pretty thrilled now that they can form a deeper connection to the story of their main. So just because straight people have blown their tops because their main is now made of gay men, gay people can be ecstatic that their main is now made of gay men. The street runs both ways, and Riot chose to go the direction to represent the few. Deal with it, or play Lucian if you really crave the dead wife revenge story.
Imagine if a Rioter got their hands on your champion and turned your champ into a Jungler because they really like Junglers? They know its a bad decision overall, yet even though they expect more backlash than positive feedback they go along with the decision anyway - after all they're more happy with pleasing a small minority of players instead of the people that main that champion and might hold a strong emotional connection to that champion. They could have easily just expanded on Varus' lore making him a human with a darkin bow, while making a new gay champion which would have received a huge wave of positive feedback. Knowing all of this they go along with the change anyway. So obviously I'm fine with Varus being two gay dudes in a darkin, but what I'm not fine with is the type of poor decision this is, because if we approve poor decisions like this then they'll be made again in a different form. That's what bothers me.
Barkley (NA)
: I'm gold 5 and I think the highest win streak I ever had ever was like.... 17. And honestly, I think I got my ass absolutely carried in like... half of those games or more. Just luck. But 28 games? (including the one we just won) Something's fucky.
Then report them. My highest streak is around 22 games or so and it's happened 4 times to me. It's not impossible and not unheard of, just uncommon and usually happens when a high elo smurf plays in bronze.
Xenðn (NA)
: How does matchmaking work?
The gist of how I feel it works: The match making system is primarily designed to lower queue time above all else. If someone declines upon notification that a match is available, the odds of you being given an off role increases drastically. Why? Because the matchmaker keeps 9 players and must now shoehorn a 10th player, and it prioritizes queue speed over getting your role. If you're in champ select and someone dodges, the same process will happen, as you can end up keeping the same team members or your teammates might end up swapped. There may also be hours where a majority of top laners, adcs or mid laners may be playing at any given time. Tips: If someone dodges, wait a minute before queuing again. If multiple players decline a match, wait. And if you're in queue for almost 5 or 10 minutes, it's better to requeue and have it reduced to 2 or 3 minutes, being in queue for over 5 minutes means the MMR of your team will be skewed and you might end up with or against someone an entire tier above you.
Barkley (NA)
: 42 wins 3 losses?
It's entirely possible at low elo to get a win streak that big. Eventually it'll even itself out once they reach the rank they're suppose to be at. It's unlikely that they're cheating unless you think they're elo boosting or scripting. You can report them but I doubt anything will happen.
: Looking for advice on laning against Singed.
Have your team(You, Mid, Top) stop him from proxying by blocking off his paths @ level 1. Have your jungler gank him a few times if he tries to proxy again. Pick a champion that farms well under tower and does well against him. Take teleport. That's all I can really say. A good singed can be 0/10/0 and he'll still be a pain in the ass.
  Rioter Comments
: But the gold gain on coin is what's making it so popular since it builds into the *real* items way quicker. Only reason Relic Shield finds use is because the champs that use it sort of *need* it to stay relevant against ranged poke when they have few or no healing/shielding.
Same answer. The solution isn't more gold gain. If it's such a big deal then nerf the gold gain on Coin and buff Spellthiefs in some other way. Buffing the gold gain on spellthiefs won't solve much unless the gold is being earned some other way rather than landing spells/abilities.
: That is true. But the thing is champions are all at the same level when it comes to balancing. So if one champion gets buffed like crazy he’s not just “op in NA”.
Yes, however a lot of what dictates the meta is based mostly on balance and partially on opinions. If everyone thinks something is strong then its meta, it doesn't necessarily mean that its broken or outright balanced, the same way {{champion:154}} randomly vanished even though nothing changed about him and he was pick/ban for a decent chunk of the season. A lot of champions weren't even nerfed and no one is picking them as much, they're still strong it's just everyone's shifted their attention to Lucian mid, Ezreal jungle and other things.
: It doesn't need "buffs", it needs a very specific thing: More gold gain
> [{quoted}](name=LightIsMyPath,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QEaEnc3r,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-10-03T02:07:59.335+0000) > > It doesn&#x27;t need &quot;buffs&quot;, it needs a very specific thing: More gold gain More gold gain would make it unbalanced because Mage supports like Brand/Zyra/Morg can proc its passive very easily. It needs another way of being strong without more gold gain.
: Why is Janna's Ban Rate in Diamond 73% in NA but 23% in KR?
They play different champions and have their own metas.
: Can we stop defending coin now?
Spellthiefs needs buffs to make it contestable with Coin. That's it.
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