Amni (NA)
: Can we please stop crying about Yuumi
Mastery 7 Yuumi here.. can confirm that nearly every game she losses in is not due to her and gets 95% of the blame. Solid community.
: This Sona Taric Bs needs to die.
As a support main I agree, nerf more support abilities.... MAKE THEM MORE USELESS... MAKE IT A MOOOOOORE THANKLESS ROLE! BURN IT ALL DOWN!
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Xyzx (NA)
: Or... Use common sense... and realize that you aren't supposed to go up in honor levels quickly. It's supposed to take over the course of a year to get Level 5, so what makes you think you're getting level 3 in a couple of weeks?
ty, your nice words have help me
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: how to you carry a braindead adc
Play any support that does damage, and build Zekes fro the ADC, and stay by them, giving them more damage and when they get into long fights that they shouldnt be in they have a chance to carry themselves out.
Áery (NA)
: Similar to Thresh lantern scaling with souls collected, need more changes like these
Have it scale off a stat called Utility, make all supports build it, all CC and shields and heals scale off it making them build something they can use
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Gotted (NA)
: I have several "S+"s in losses. Should I really get LP? Also, the wage gap is a myth.
Are you saying youre happy with an S+ loss?
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: See, but if the enemy team gets fed early game, and you aren't fed enough to do anything, you'll start dying rapidly and start losing lp... It should be based on how you do in lane and if you get killed by someone with more than 1000 gold earned than you, it shouldn't count against you.
Considering that one person from another lane can ruin your good laning phase, and team fighting phase, which option would you go for? The one where you couldnt stop feeding your own lane and they steamrolled you, or the one where you steamrolled them but you couldnt carry your feeding teammate?
Changsty (NA)
: If they implement that all I'm going to do is farm and ks during fights
Depending on the role your'e playing you can cause a loss with this strategy. So you'll have to find the balance and hope you can recover your personal rating before the match is up, and if you should, doesn't hat mean you're a good player, and should progress? But like I said. Holes in the plan, Holes in the plan.. .lookin like a fool with some holes in the plan.
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Arie (NA)
: Creator Interview: League Boy
Will you date me? I'm a dude. But I'm super nice 'n cute. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Patch 4.21 notes
Skins arent loading well... Halp

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