: Trundle is a fairly good duelist in his zone Garen is OK match up vs Fiora Any Shen that wins against Fiora is either a God, or the Fiora was playing for the first time.
No Shen destroys her in lane because he forces her to play on his terms because of his taunt, Most of her damage will plummet with his W Trundle doesn't need to be in his Zone to fuck up Fiora either, AA + Q + AA With thunderlords will literally half her health before she gets any armor items. I literally toy and dance with Fioras in lane to the point they stop coming to lane from how ruined they are.
: wanna know why fiora's winrate is low
> Doesn't make her any less unhealthy. She is impossible to duel, I have 2 trundle games in my match history where I completely destroyed Fiora I have another one a bit further back as Garen where I comically beat her too. I have 2 from last patch where my Shen was insane against her. I don't know if I just naturally play Fiora counters, but she really isn't that hard to play against.
: Riot, if you can make Doom Bots, why can't you make Hard Bots?
Because Doom bots were overpowered and cheated?
: those champions are nerfed so hard they are using crutches and kass especially needs crutches
They all get pretty damn insane in the right hands actually. And other champions like {{champion:5}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:31}} Hell just about any tanky champion with AP scalings is going to be ridiculous with the item.
KrugLyfe (NA)
: You supports sicken me. I don't mind the humble ones but it's the ones who are like you that piss me off. The ones that play the victim even though everyone gets treated badly when there's a toxic team. You act as if you deserve special treatment because of the role you play. You don't trust me you're just like everyone else playing your role and trying to win.
Shh just go along with it, Supports are the best role clearly.
: For everyone that thinks this is not common, or OP is exaggerating, just play 5 games in a row as support. **This community is the reason we're seeing 3/0/0 {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{summoner:14}} {{item:3089}} bot lane. If you rage at your support and treat them like they're not human, you have nobody else to blame when your support does not grab {{item:2049}} .** People are starting to give up on that role all together, because on top of the crappy attitude people give you, the support role continues to be neglected by Riot. Scaling is broken, gold income is a joke, and the itemization is terrible. There's a reason that support queue times are so short. Everyone is more likely to be toxic towards you if you're a support, so many of my friends who used to be support mains like me have asked, "Whats the point?" You can't really carry as a support, but people treat you like the game rests on your shoulders alone. They'd rather play a role that has a chance. When you play support you'll quickly see that people treat supports like they own them. * They treat you like you're their ward bitch. * They consistently fail to realize supports cannot light up the map with vision when they have Sightstone. Their main objective is map control. You will not survive if you do not use your trinket. * They blame you for losing team fights or objectives, you're always the first one to be singled out even though you're least likely to hit 18 before the game is up and you definitely have the least amount of gold. My other game I actually got a thank you from a teammate in the post screen, and it shocked me how uncommon that was. I'm normally on the verge of getting into an argument with someone, to the point where I almost always mute now. I do not need to do that for any other role I play. Another common thing I see on soloqueue is I pick a support I want to play with my ADC, and someone bans that support because I don't do what they tell me to do. For reference I do not play some off meta AD LeBlanc support. I'm so not a special snowflake. I'm talking actual primary supports that are considered powerful by many, but because I said I'm more comfortable playing so and so, they just ban them. Suggestions are fine, but the support gets to choose who they play, and if it does not hurt your team comp, then you have no reason to make a fuss. It's frustrating and something I do not experience in any other role. I really can't stress that last part enough. {{champion:67}} "play braum or else" - an actual Vayne player said this to me.
I have gone periods of time of only playing Braum support, and have never been attacked or insulted by anyone.
: Like if you think Moonflair Spellblade should be on SR.
Maybe if it got rebalanced for SR This item just sounds like it will be a pain in the ass on a few champions already {{champion:50}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:38}}
jQuery (EUNE)
: At the cost of loosing capabilities to switch between programs with a mouse click. I know, I know.... U too have more than 1 monitor... Well, I DONT!
You know windows can normally be expanded right? Borderless fullscreen exists too.
: > [{quoted}](name=Silents429,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lXqAhWBx,comment-id=0006000200020000,timestamp=2016-03-07T07:51:53.630+0000) > > Um, larger view for start. Do you struggle to see it as it is right now...?
Yes actually, on my 1080p monitor I have readjust the window everytime to get a fuller view of everything.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zenthon127,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lXqAhWBx,comment-id=00060002,timestamp=2016-03-06T19:35:10.173+0000) > > Out of curiosity, is there any chance of the client being fullscreen like literally every other modern client? I prefer it Windowed. Not sure what the advantage of it being full screen is, while being windowed makes it easier to swap between it and other programs.
Um, larger view for start.
: Jhin, Swain, Karthus, Cassi and sometimes brand/malz take it. but brand/malz and everyone else are better off with thunderlords because the damage window for DFT to outweigh thunderlords is retardedly small since they buffed late game thunderlords to below 20 seconds CD
But it isn't popular on them, the most common setups are still with DFT
: They capped it because he would have it up almost indefinitely. Resulting in a permanent 20% damage reduction aura for his team.
Velasan (NA)
: DFT isn't even being used on DOT mages...
Says what? Champion.gg still shows majority of Swain players are taking the DFT.
: Upvote for a "Gold Given to Enemy Team" stat at end of game.
I think this is something more fitting for when they release the new client, all the extra information and such.
Rhai (EUNE)
: Swain cant as his cost scales too
No he can have his up until he is out of mana, Maokai has a time limit in place regardless of his mana
JPlayah (NA)
: She's freaking annoying. On the other hand, having to deal with all the Lux players led me to learn LeBlanc, who is suddenly one of my favorite champs ever. Just remember that Lux has counters. Play someone with a blink spell (Zed/Talon/LeBlanc/Kassadin), get good at using that champion, and all your Lux problems will go away.
But why learn to counter when we can just ban her and ask for nerfs? /s
Nukronic (NA)
: Buff Maokai's ultimate to fit with the rest of League of Legends
I think Maokai in general needs a tune up. Top lane kind of made jungling as him pitiful, his Ult has been nerfed a lot, his clear speed is bad and such. I rather his ult has a lower cooldown and mana cost like it used too, but make it not block as much damage or something.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nukronic,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UyGp34kX,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-06T09:16:03.464+0000) > > Maokais ultimate should not have a mana cost per second + a cooldown. That's just absurd. {{champion:34}} {{champion:50}}
They can keep them up indefinitely, Maokai has his capped at like 10 seconds.
: Can we all agree that no one is happy on the current state of the game
: We all saw how TSM lost from 1 mistake right
I really don't mind it, longer a game goes the more tension to not screw up comes into play. Some are going to disagree but comebacks are easier now, just as easily as an Ace can bring down 3 turrets, your team is easily capable of doing the same right back to the enemy for a win.
: winrates are only indicators lets not forget that just because YOU did something that worked very well doesnt mean that the next guy will win 100% of the time just cuz he used X build ive won games with "troll builds/champs" and lost games with "meta builds/champs"
Winrates are a fraction of a story that don't do anything worthwhile except make some people on the boards think they have a clue about balance.
Akeydel (NA)
: > E does not do anything for damage until a few levels are put into it Exactly, thats why you put a few levels into it, so it kills camps quicker than if you were maxing shield. The time difference, so that the camps deal less damage, is enough to compensate for the weaker shield with more damage absorbed, plus the E helps early ganks a lot more than W.
By the time you have those levels in E he has the jungle item upgraded and doesn't struggle with any clearing anyway!? His W Dot is significantly better for dueling absorbing damage, at most you do E one time during a gank, while you can smack them several times with W
Jobriq (NA)
: Hunter's Potion Sucks
But it has it's niche and does well with it, it's not suppose to be for skirmishes it's for Junglers with crappy sustain. You can almost always have it active while clearing camps.
It's, really true. Hec could use some love, I haven't been able to get into maining him for long for his reliance on snowball or fall behind nature.
Joseraph (NA)
: Which is why most of the lowest winrate junglers build Warrior, right? (Vi, Kha, Rek, Lee, J4, Heca, Olaf, Rengar, Wukong, Pantheon, and Trynda)
Winrates be damned, all of those are the type of champion that go apeshit when the smallest buffs go there way, Warrior is just fine.
Salron (NA)
: Can we do something for Enchantment: Warrior?
Can we just leave it alone? The champions building it scale best with flat stats, they aren't like mages and tanks that need some niche on the item to help them clear, Fighters don't suffer from those problems.
: Yeah, that's how it was in season four. But, they buffed his E to the point where it makes his clears both healthier and faster. This new change may make that different, but in the current patch, you max E.
No his clears are not healthier when his shield is broken instantly and he takes the damage directly, E does not do anything for damage until a few levels are put into it. Nautilus jungle takes W first, his E has been nerfed twice now, nothing changes for him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Silents429,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aEiepbwF,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2016-03-04T02:38:57.834+0000) > > > > Disclaimer: I am a super Jungle Naut main, initially worried about his top lane popularity and the nerfs to come, the nerfs coming are very very minor **and don't even touch his jungle because you do not max his E first anyway.** Erm... Yes it does, as a jungle Naut you max E for the faster clears, damage and slows in ganks it gives you.
You do not Max E first, it does not help his clears until you get the jungle item, and by that point his W takes down camps easier with actual sustain, E you lose to much HP, it's clearing potential isn't suppose to be for early on. For ganking you need E for slow, not the damage, that is the point of a moderately damaging Dot, and why E is not maxed first.
: Every 4 seconds for 30 seconds, when you're oom and die.
It's meant to be spammable, I'm not saying every possible moment to use it, but it's suppose to be spammed in trades. That would be insane for Nautilus to negate enemy minions entirely, or shove the lane as hard as a {{champion:74}}
: ....So hes not viable in the only place where people take games seriously? Hes not even an option in pro play due to how low his early game pressure is. I mean, that just leaves normal games. I can play Yorick support in a normal game, doesnt mean its viable.
It's viable and not viable because Nautilus can't carry, he is like most tanks in that regard, if you have at least one carry on your team who can make use of his assload of CC then Nautilus Jungle is completely viable to tank into ranked. If you have teams that refuse to organize in the slightest or help you kill the enemy that you've locked down then he is useless.
: Nautilus does not need more cc, even on jungle camps lol. Give his E bonus damage to monsters. Jungle Nautilus becomes Viable, Top lane Nautilus disappears, and bot lane Nautilus is just an unfortunate casualty.
Jungle Nautilus is viable, just not in SoloQ
: I dig non-champion knockup, helps clears, isn't 2stronk and looks cool. This needs more upvotes.
Yes just imagine in lane what kind of bullshit knocking up all the minions every 4 seconds would be like.
Gusicles (NA)
: Yup you've caught me red handed and my evil upvote farming operation, I surrender sir. I wish I was as good as you, papi.
: Ok well the issue was not whether Ashe would use her ult on 1 person but that she could. Its an option available to her if she should be jumped on. She is not balanced on the assumption she won't have her ult in X or Y situations. My point was she does have several options available to her.
She has 1 option available to her in case of being jumped, and it's the unintended usage of that option that she is not likely to have available to her, that is why it does not matter.
Gusicles (NA)
: Compensation for Nautilus?
> So apparently Nautilus is getting some pretty substantial nerfs because he's getting abused in top lane. Lol it's a love tap to his E, not substantial, just enough to scare the crowd off of him. > As a player who frequents Naut jungle this pisses me off but I understand the frustration someone could have when facing him top. I don't get how, Jungle Naut players max W for clears. > In my opinion, it's a reflection of the current metagame, not that Nautilus' numbers are inherently OP. You very clearly have not witnessed Nautilus with Grasp of the Undying murdering entire teams, and out damaging fighters. Or that he has the highest winrate in the game for top lane. It's well beyond meta. > But of course wishing that a more reasonable, slower approach is taken is nothing more than wishful thinking when people want change NOW. Good good, really winning the crowd now. > Can Nautilus at least get some recompense for the nerfs on his E? I'm thinking a higher slow % and maybe it can even knock up minions and monsters. Really, that's the extent to your imagination? He doesn't need a compensation, his Jungle is unaffected (thank god) while his 2 other roles took a smack, that made him sit back down more so then kick him to the floor. Higher slow does nothing for him. And how is knocking up minions/monsters every 4 seconds not overpowered to you? Disclaimer: I am a super Jungle Naut main, initially worried about his top lane popularity and the nerfs to come, the nerfs coming are very very minor and don't even touch his jungle because you do not max his E first anyway.
: You are getting into assumptions and scenarios though
Right, I am making the assumption Ashe will use her initiation tool to initiate a team fight 9/10 times.
: You are missing the point, both Ashe and MF are better equipped to deal with an Assassin jumping on their face than Jhin is. Yes burst does counter burst, you kill them before they kill you, countered. Ashe using her arrow one person is most of the time better than her being dead. If she is not getting any peel and is dying in teamfights that then are lost without her, its better for her to ult to save herself.
Okay but no one is likely to jump on her until after a fight starts, when most Ashe players have used there ult to initiate, so she has no way to deal with it. Jhin has the ability to offload massive amounts of damage, and landing his Root is very easy to do at pointblank.
: Aye. I feel like people complaining about the Naut nerfs didn't really play Jungle Naut. Naut clears rather quickly once he has his jungle item, his first clear while slow isn't hurt by the nerf because it's primarily a nerf to later rankes of E.. Yeah. He'll be fine. Heck, he'll still be a good top laner if you're good at landing multiple Riptide hits. Also I mean. He needs the nerf. Sorry guys abusing Scuba Bae FOTM, we knew he was strong before it was cool.
I feel like a hipster for playing Top/Support Naut in the beginning of S4 before it became a norm.
: Poor Nautilus jungle players...
The nerf is justified, and as a huge Nautilus main, his E nerfs don't hurt him that much in the jungle thankfully, I still found my W to be the best clear method, with E not clearing much faster.
: > [{quoted}](name=Project omen gr,realm=EUNE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=goncQz3A,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-03T00:51:46.060+0000) > > He is getting a rework. Is that not enough? It's bad enough that it's happening and the Yorick playerbase is too few in number to prevent the deletion of their favorite champion... Why do you want to rub it in?
Following the false assumption every possible change in the game made by Riot is evil and sucks. i look forward for him to be reworked.
Yenn (NA)
: This is really sad. Can a Rioter explain what is being done about these players?
Well honestly what the hell are you thinking they can do? No automatic system will pick up on this unless people are reporting the player, if no one is reporting him then he gets away with it. Riot can't do anything.
: Ashe has perma-slows and her ult. MF has fast MS and an AoE Slow, plus she can dish out a ton of burst damage to counter any burst that is thrown on her. Jhin only has a root on a delayed easy to dodge skillshot that requires a setup.
No perma slows do nothing to the assassins and mages that blinked out of no where and blow you up. Wasting her ultimate on 1 person, at point blank is only a brief stun that won't do much of anything. MF having "burst" doesn't counter burst, it doesn't work that way. Her AOE is disappointingly bad, and her passive is stopped when she takes damage. > Jhin only has a root on a delayed easy to dodge skillshot that requires a setup. Jhin has the ability to attack from a longer range, critting for movement speed boosts, several traps that he can place to slow and lock down an area and a root.
: Riot, is there a reason why the new Swain, Warwick, and Irelia splashes haven't been implemented?
When did Riot ever really state those "Teased" splasharts were going to ever really happen?
KarKzz (EUW)
: Ashe can keep her stun, and pop a lot of slows. MF have a high damage output, and can rekt the whole teamfight from far away. Jhin have a VERY HUGE ms buff when he crit and a snare. Combined with high burst damage. But he have "the same AA DPS" as other. The only thing that can allow him to out damage an other carry is his ult. But his ult is so niche that jhin straight up lack of DPS. UNLESS his team win the fight, so he can finish off the low-mid HP runners. Which is hard to do, since his ult is difficult to hit / easy to dodge. Tl;DR : Increase jhin's ult cone or make it easier to hit (Faster projectile, but less slow ? Make it instant but with a cast time like is W , but with no slow at all ?) Buff E Slow OR W damage and/or snare duration.
Ashe wasting her stun on a diving Rene or Riven is just that, a waste for what can be one of the best initiates in the game, her slow does jack to anyone with more then 1 gap closer that gets to her. MF simply doing damage changes nothing. Jhin has plenty of tools to help out, but his weakness is more severe then these two, but his gains are also massive.
: I didn't say taking out his intended weaknesses now did I? I said his intended weaknesses are too much in most situations and it puts a strain on the whole team just to compensate. You can't even engage because all it takes is one person with high burst and decent Mobility to jump on him and he is dead. My idea was not to lessen his weakness, it was to further reward him for hitting his only for of peel. As it is now, its not only difficult to pull off on most divers/assassins, but its effectiveness is insufficient most of the time.
It's the same with any immobile ADC though? I'd argue Ashe or Fortune are more screwed if someone jumps her then Jhin is. Jhin has more tools to deal with this then most.
: lol nautilus gets damage nerfs before fiora
No no, I love Nautilus, first champ to buy, SOOO many games on him. I have seen how bullshit that top lane version of him is, these nerfs are very justified.
: Jhin is super strong, but the amount of peel he requires to stay alive in a teamfight is ridiculous, that or he stays so far back he isn't even in the fight except for his ult. The trap slow increase is a super good idea, but personally I think working with his W wouldn't be such a bad idea. They basically have to be already CC'd or not expecting the W for it to hit, and even then quick reactions can dodge it. So maybe reduce the delay slightly or give him a CDR if he hits an opponent so he can use it again quicker? It might give him too much power but I think its power that can be outplayed rather than just giving him a ton of slows, which have no effect on his main weakness (dashes and blinks).
Taking out his intended weaknesses is not a good idea.
Jobriq (NA)
: Rammus vs. ZZ'rot
I don't feel like this is a bug.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: >Good not like I pointed out 3 other **viable** options for laners. Best pick for mid, by your logic, would be Teemo with Ignite and Exhaust rushing Frozen Heart. Excuse me while I refrain from further commenting on this issue. >That is why they are noob stompers. This is why I prefer them banned.
Mid laners expected against Udyr and Xin include. {{champion:99}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:50}} All effective means at locking down with high damage, or ability to harass or maneuver about. {{item:3151}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3001}} Items that are effective against tankier easily kited champions for mid laners. Strategies for mid laners include saving the CC after Xin uses his E, Udyr has no gap closers. And effectively kiting them or outright burst them down depending on the item situation.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: A sound strategy. Next time somebody will pick Xin or Udyr I will be doing nothing, but following them around their jungle for 30 minutes of the game... as a laner. This isn't a 1v1 game. If it was I'd have exactly zero problems with them, but guess what? It isn't. There are 4 other people in my team I have no control over. I can give them suggestions, but ultimately I have little options... unless picking Rammus mid is an option (lmao, no).
> Next time somebody will pick Xin or Udyr I will be doing nothing, but following them around their jungle for 30 minutes of the game... as a laner. Good not like I pointed out 3 other viable options for laners. > This isn't a 1v1 game. If it was I'd have exactly zero problems with them, but guess what? It isn't. > There are 4 other people in my team I have no control over. That is why they are noob stompers.
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