: Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass Update
So, I thought i'd share my input... I feel that so few people will have the tier 4 Icon. Now I know the icon isn't exactly something everyone wants. That being said, just owning the icon should show you participated a reasonable amount. Not spam played TFT only for 2 weeks straight. I don't think any of my friends have the icon and they've been playing close to non-stop.. So, just a thought is all. I'm barely going to get the Rift Arena (7th reward) and i've been playing quite a lot, outside of work. This could have been ANY reward as well. I'm just saying it seems nearly impossible to reach that final mark of loot.
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: Kayle and Morgana Rework
Correct me if i'm wrong, but Morgana's rework should be much lighter than Kayle's rework, correct? Kayle becoming more like a support, and... Not sure about Morg, probably still mid/support. That being said, i'm excite.
: So I played this mode twice to try out, and it's awful for me. I thought ARAMs were bad enough with not allowing fairness, but this mode has far too much damage. The games are decided within the first few kills. Which happen very early. I get it, it's Nexus _Blitz,_ it's meant to be fast, but I didn't expect it to be as fast as it is. Then, once game is decided, the team that's ahead wins every event, yet it still takes another ten minutes for the game to end. I'm glad folks are having fun with it; it looked like fun from the outside; but it's 0% fun for me. I hope I'm in the minority.
I _almost_ want to disagree. The problem being is that they wanted to balance, a mode not meant to be balanced. I do like the map design now.
Dat Kat (EUW)
: I'm glad toxic players don't get rewarded.
> [{quoted}](name=Nirvinian,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Y6Ms2eL0,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-11-11T09:28:53.595+0000) > > I'm glad toxic players don't get rewarded. As someone who get a chat restriction 2 months ago, I am very sad I didn't get the skin, but I also was too busy to worry about grinding honor 2. That being said, I believe my punishment was very reasonable. I had a bad game with people flaming me and I let lose on them. I've done better since then, though. Hopefully this next season will do better with toxic players.
: yes! by putting more passive damage it rewards using your r more smartly, giving R evo more dueling power (that rewards playing around passive well) and is just a nice buff in general. his passive hasn't been great besides slow for a while now, so i'm super happy :D (it opens up another more interesting playstyle AND gives more damage). plus, the W buffs aren't that much of a difference. he wont be broken, just a bit better (which honestly i dont see a problem with, he isnt broken and theres a new skin so its extra appealing). plus sorc boots on kha will now be a thing source, coming from a 600k+ ""high elo"" kha main
okok my bad. XP I just think I worded bad
: you are funny. isn't passive buff essentially an R buff?
Well yeah.. My bad.
: I'm sure Kha won't be broken at all in 8.19... after all, there were already several Kha mains in high ELO even with no buffs. This doesn't feel like forcing a meta at all. It feels like deserved balance changes. It DEFINITELY isn't related to the upcoming Championship Kha'Zix skin either. Oh wait... most of the changes in the last few patches are NOT about correct objective balance. They are about forcing certain comps/picks/strategies to be dominant because Riot thinks they're more entertaining than actually having a properly balanced and diverse game. Is competitive integrity and FAIR balance really not on Riot's priority list anymore? There are so many champions struggling more than Kha even if they're not as "flashy" or popular. Those aren't even small buffs and he already had a good play rate in high ELO, as well as an above average win rate. It's hard to believe they really don't realize that they're just butchering balance with changes like this or for Pyke. Even the Lucian changes were pretty obviously over the top and he's now the best performing ADC in high ELO despite an enormous play rate. If Riot's going to switch to milking people with unwarranted buffs for skins or just because they want to showcase what they think are the "most fun" champions at a big tournament, they're going to lose respect/credibility/trust almost instantly and the game's player base along with it. Favoritism or skins should not play a role in balance. Riot should have a contract with the community where they abide by this. If League is to be a game with longevity, it needs to have an unbiased custodian (perhaps an independent organization). This shows a really irresponsible attitude on Riot's part. It makes a mockery out of people's time in ranked. Someone who's not even good at some of these champions will often see more success than another player with extreme skill on an unloved champion. There shouldn't be such large deltas between the effectiveness of champions and their power levels. Riot has to make a commitment to real balance if they want this game to be taken seriously as a competitive endeavor. When they make changes which clearly distort balance, it devalues the time everyone puts into the game to be good. _____________________________________________________________________________ EDIT: I may have overreacted to the Kha buffs! It remains to be seen but he's not too crazy yet based on the limited sample size so far. However, his play rate shot up a lot so that's always going to depress win rates. On paper, they still seem incredibly scary though and I think having such high damage already + more utility may incentivize tankier builds like Warrior-BC-Sterak's since you're often overkilling targets. I don't really have a problem with Kha being buffed if it's just a small nudge towards viability at the highest levels (although he saw some play even before). I thought that he was being overbuffed specifically to make him a nearly guaranteed pick at Worlds. Ideally, I think every champion should be viable at every level but I don't want the balance team to force a certain meta. It should develop organically and not because something is suddenly broken tier etc. That's all.
As a Kha player in high gold elo (I know it doesn't say much) I can say that Kha's R evolved was unplayable, so you just didn't evolve R anymore. His Q, W and E are all very powerful still on their own, and any good Kha'Zix could play him well still. The buffs granted here... His passive doesn't need it at all, and the slow utility will be basically broken. Kha will 100% rise to god tier JG. Honestly, nerf his damage a bit, and make his R work on a charge system instead of being timed within 10 seconds. Obviously as an assassin he needs damage, but it is pretty overloaded at the moment.
: Patch 8.17 Notes
So I have a request and a bug report. Annie {{champion:1}} has a SERIOUS bug where when she stuns a MINION with any basic spell, AFTER Tibbers (R) is summoned, Tibbers will ENRAGE, and the attack speed WILL NOT decay until Tibbers is dismissed or killed. The passive stun only enrages tibbers on ENEMY CHAMPION stuns, and should also decay. This causes Annie to demolish towers very quickly. The request: Please bring Ionic Spark into Nexus Blitz <3 Thanks guys!
: Patch 8.17 Notes
I have to make this post again so I'm heard, can you guys possibly add Ionic Spark to the list of special items purchasable in Nexus Blitz? Would really make me happy if it was available, even if the item isn't strong. Thanks <3
: Patch 8.16 Notes
So, I don't tend to comment with ideas too often, but for Nexus Blitz, do you guys think you can put Ionic Spark back in the shop? It was my favorite item to buy on Twitch when I was younger. Would really bring back some memories <3 thanks!
: Patch 8.13 notes
So, don't get me wrong I love the changes this patch. I'm only nervous to see Aatrox in action. I feel his kit is entirely different now. Great design team, but I feel he should have been a bit more Auto focused like he originally was. But I get the idea of a rework is meant to do that so :p Regardless, i'm excited to see what the new champi-rework brings.
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: Rewards for old Honor are out
Wait... Within the last year got a ribbon? I got honors every other game and got no ribbon , and barely anyone DID any honoring (I'm not saying I SHOULD have gotten one, i'm saying it was near impossible, I barely saw streamers get ribbons even). I got at least honorable ribbons (3 of them being Honorable Opponent) medals during seasons 1 to 5, all that means jack shit and i'm stuck with the 10 honors group? This is probably the lowest i've seen Riot. As much as I appreciate their hard work, I feel like I have been betrayed.
: Patch 7.17 notes
Honest talk, Ahri didn't deserve the legendary skin. Soraka did. Hear me out now: Ahri is popular, yes. But she has so many skins with a theme to it, one of them already being pink. It's already slightly shocking she is getting a Star Guardian skin. I'm sure a lot of people are very happy about it, and I wouldn't argue that. But I believe Soraka deserved the Legendary skin title more. Her skin looks very beautiful compared to Ahri's. I just wanted to say my opinion, I really don't want haters. Real talk, I despise Soraka and ban her every game. Hehe
Tomosima (EUNE)
: We already knew about all these reworks lol Only thing that is leaked are the skins....
> [{quoted}](name=Tomosima,realm=EUNE,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=Rl5AJUUo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-03-25T08:34:23.221+0000) > > We already knew about all these reworks lol > Only thing that is leaked are the skins.... No, not all of those reworks were known.
: Graduation project a Tank, Support and ADC
In my honest opinion, the adc does look really generic and boring, no offense whatsoever. Regardless, I would be interested in the abilities and stories. :O
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Avandra (NA)
: I Don't think so, her shield is just so much, if maxed first at low levels.
If you want to play a champion that maxes out the shield first, play Janna. Or Lulu even. At least Lulu can damage with her e as well. But if you believe Karma max on e early is too much, then you gotta look at the facts again. Karma is meant to poke and harass, and bring massive shielding late game. Her shielding early game isn't really that much EVEN IF you max it. The only time it should be frustrating is when she ults. That is the point of her as a champion.
: Good yasuo's run high noon
Personally I think Blood Moon is the nicest skin, but that's my opinion. Oddly enough, I own every skin BUT that one, and don't even play him regularly. Imo they need to make the French Maid Zed skin already.
Raiokun (NA)
: Speaking of Mages that have their duo/solo lane ratio off {{champion:43}}. Just gonna leave this here for a bit-
Tbh Karma is in a really good place, in terms of being balanced. Her support potential AND mid/top lane potential is very good right now. She just isn't that GOD TIER champion sadly.
: Lunar Revel Crafting
Let's be honest, if I actually consider getting 10, i'll end up getting 4 gold bars, then want to spend money until I get that 5th bar for a gemstone. (Yes this part is partially a joke) I do like hextech crafting but honestly Riot, you are putting too much into it. Not gonna happen this time, friends.
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: One for All would be so much better if we could choose our champs
I say leave the option to do so, meaning two separate queue options. One to be put into Lottery, and the other option to be put into a match with 4 others who want your champion as well.
: Patch 6.22 notes
Yo would anyone know, or think or anything... Would anyone think, Medieval Twitch could become available in a bundle in the near future...? They are redoing that and several of Twitch's skin splash arts. I can dream okay {{item:3070}} {{champion:29}} {{item:3070}}
: Are gemstones too rare? Chest opening.
I'll be honest I wish I didn't try for it. Kindof down $100 for it. (still don't have Hextech Annie, but I DID get Sweetheart and Prom Queen) I'll be honest though it unlocked me the last 6 champions I needed and a few FANTASTIC skins that I'd say is the same cost overall. So, while it is REALLY difficult to unlock a skin and I can actually say it is very rare, you can get stuff along the way. A bit of a money grabber, but respect to riot for making it setup like this.
: Preseason 2016 crests the horizon!
I feel like if you want to balance champions without changing them, you would just want to remove all items in general, or a great amount of them.
Leafie (NA)
: Kindred is what Quinn should have been.
Realistically speaking, Valor is _always _ with Quinn, just really freaking high up, and only shows when called. However, it is slightly unrealistic at the same time. How do you feel on this idea, towards riot: A visual update of Quinn & Valor, where valor is always by Quinn's side. Whether it is flying with Quinn, or on her shoulder, who knows. Quinn's passive activates as Valor selects targets. So, as Valor randomly flies around, then, she notes to Quinn someone she is ready to attack (marking them). Valor attacks on Quinn's next basic attack. When Quinn uses Q, Valor simply dashes forward and strikes that target area then, flies up and returns to Quinn. When Quinn uses W, Valor flies up quickly, viewing the area, not being around for the duration. Her E, really anything. Valor flies up, then returns. Or even attacks with Quinn. Yeah, I like that. Attacks WITH Quinn in order to mark them. Her R is the only issue I would have. It already makes little sense as it is, so, not sure. I personally say Quinn could either jump REALLY high, or hide away into shadows away from the area. Then, on return, Valor flies through a rain of arrows that Quinn fires. As I said, Valor is constantly around. She drops by to mark targets, and her Q, in an unrealistic way. It would be REALLY cool to see something like this occur. I'm not really a huge Quinn player, but in attempt to see great visual/story/art changes to the game, this would be awesome. EDIT: .... Shit, is Valor a boy or a girl? I'm sure there are hints in game but I can't think right now.
: Quinn is a duelist, one of the best, if not the best, in the game. And each have the same number of abilities connecting each other: Quinn passive, Q, and Ult, and then Kindred Passive, W, and E.
You're an idiot. The CHARACTER, stop thinking about JUST gameplay. Holy shit.
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: Data and Champion Balance – Part 1
Out of a random curiosity, and on a personal thought, would you guys ever consider returning old visual/pre-reworked champions to the game, as an alternative skin, available inside of custom matches? Or would this make things difficult? I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to look into it. I'm not saying I dislike the reworks, but it would be interesting to play pre-reworked stuff again for fun. And... Visually missing my {{champion:29}} . Just a bit :P
: Champion Reveal: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
I'll be honest, I had an idea for a champion slightly similar to this, with the champion and pet thing. I really need to start submitting some ideas to Riot.
: With the ulti buffs, {{champion:56}} feels like {{champion:102}} + {{champion:107}} since he likes to power farm, can use the Devourer/BotRK combo nicely, and has a high-impact level 6 gank from a variety of angles.
As a non-jungler Nocturne, I highly appreciate the buff. It makes roaming any lane pretty effective now, since I don't have to wait in the bush RIGHT by the lane, and the roams are significantly faster.
: Really? Maplestory? That's your comparison? Saying Maplestory took skill makes your comment almost entirely invalid. First off, unless you're playing on a pro level, Buffs and Debuffs don't matter as much. If your champ gets nerfed, you'll either keep playing it and find a way to make it work, or you'll pick a new one. Secondly, League of Legends is an ESport. You don't see the NFL changing rules so that people who play backyard football are happier. Pros are incredibly skilled at the game, which means if they're overusing certain things, they probably are overpowered. And unlike in pro games, where it can be easily outplayed, in lower ELO it can be game breaking. Look at how many people say that Darius is broken. TL;DR: If you're looking anywhere other than at the pros to determine which champions need to be changed, you're doing it wrong.
I mean, I bought Kha Zix right after his big nerf. I still enjoyed learning him. I liked the concept of the champion, and enjoyed it. Kinda sucked for a few games but after a few I started destroying people. The only nerf I think will hit people hard is the removal of bruiser/AD Fizz. Because... That was actually removed. Technically, you can still do it, but it is a bit weaker.
: Community Patch Recap - 5.17
My favorite buff this patch is Nocturne's. I easily appreciate his ultimate range going up, and my friend said at first 'it isn't that much' I told him, that a long time ago, his ultimate could REALLY do stuff. His ganks were obvious. I'd roam mid lane from top and have to wait outside a bush just like rengar to jump on them. Now I can do it significantly further back. In terms of nerfs? I feel very bad for Maokai and those who liked AD fizz. I think they hit him a tad hard. He is very strong, sure. His utility puts my Shen to shame. It is more of the fact his laning isn't as great as people may think.
Xtofervs (NA)
: b/c there are more of them than u, therefore u get shit on. i have still not heard a good argument as to why there cant be 2 servers. im sure most of us on the west coast would gladly suffer slightly longer que times to get decent ping.
You want a reason? Because first of all: It will be 2 entirely different servers. Second: Do you know how much money having 2 different servers would cost?? Third: They are making STRONGER servers, so everyone overall has a better ping And finally; just because you are selfish and think you should have a better ping then thousands of others, does not mean you're right. Open your eyes, and all of the other 'less than 50' ping players. You are all just selfish and give the community a bad name with how toxic you're being at this. It isn't like your ping is jumping to 120-150 like it was for the east coast.
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: You dear sir, deserve all the upvotes possible.
: I cant tell if the changes to {{champion:111}} are good or bad but it looks brutal. Can anyone explain it?
Basically, screw early game and never die late. In other words, the shield is powerful early to an extent, if anything MUCH stronger at the start of the game. It scales with MAX health, and you don't have a ton of bonus health early, especially those who lack runes (and possibly masteries, however this is unlikely). So at the start of the game, the most challenging part, it has a buff for sure. Once you hit mid game, depending on the build, it may or may not be a buff. It is a bit hard to calculate, and I don't want to do them. Sorry. The best advice I can give to see if this is beneficial or not: Search {{champion:111}} on the wiki, and it gives you the option to view their stats from 1-18 and any in between. Then, look at the current items that grant health YOU would possibly build on him, and then consider his max health with/without them. Then calculate the shield strength. I hope this helps!
: add in a triforce or a youmuus and 100% crit
Thank you for realizing the new choice of builds/finding new builds xD I feel triforce could get sketchy on yas, but is definitely possible.
: build PD then :D
While you could and have the benefits of PD, most Yasuo players already build static shiv. You would end up with too much crit building all 3, and it would be inefficient in terms of cost. I feel players may want to consider a different build now that may or may not include IE.
: 2015 season kickoff sale!
I just bought a rune page D: darn! I should have waited!
Preeti (NA)
: Big Plays: Eye of the Storm
Not working on youtube, oh well. I love this play though by her :)
: Preseason 2015: Diversifying Objectives
"Check out these fangs I got! They make me take less damage!" "Look at these shiny, hard scales. You know what they give me? MORE DAMAGE OUTPUT!"
: Tap, Tap, Tap. Her footsteps were as loud as a pin on the forest floor as she ran through the night. She had been dressing up for a special encounter, but that would have to wait. The threat posed was to great to ignore. Her reputation far preceded her, and even though her line of work was generally more supernatural, she believed this case demanded an exception. The Spider Queen's reign of terror had gone on long enough. The information had been delivered by an interesting source. For some time she had suspected his betrayal of Noxus, but she didn't believe it until Renegade Talon (260 RP) actually appeared at her doorstep to supply her with news. After recovering from his shock at her appearance, he told her his tale. He had been stalking a Noxian party through the shadow isles, waiting for the moment to strike down the leader when he saw a congregation lead by Elise (487 RP). The source of her power had always been a subject of curiosity, so using his talents, he endeavored to find out. What he saw horrified him, and he knew that she must be stopped. With this in mind, Heartseeker Vayne (487 RP) knew she needed the best team. The ever willing Full Metal Rammus (487 RP) pledged his aid, even promising to don his best and most protective suit for the occasion, as well as the monolith completely opposed to agents of disharmony. Malphit (292 RP). The plan was simple, she would go ahead using her skills as the night hunter to scout. She would then report to Full Metal Rammus and Malphite, who would dash into the fight, causing a distraction while she took the shot with her silver arrow. As she approached the cave, she saw something that sickened her. "Trundle...." (440 RP) she muttered. "So then we agree," said Trundle "you will pledge your powers and your followers to our cause during the war." "Yes," she replied, "go tell Lissandra that the might of the spider god stands behind her in all it's terrible glory." This added an extra complication, but it was too late to go back. She headed back to alert her companions of the new danger, but Full Metal Rammus was unfazed. In fact, his only response was a cool "OK". That being said, it was time to strike. Heading in first, Malphite smashed into the cave wall, blocking off the entrance to delay interference from the spider God. He then turned to engage a dazed Trundle. Coming in from behind, Full Metal Rammus dashed in, taunting the trundle into madly attacking him while his metal spikes were extended. Then came Heartseeker Vayne. She silently rolled into the battle, and Elise didn't see her until the heavy bolt condemned her to the cave wall. "You better hope your Spider God's magic is as great as you believe," said Heartseeker Vayne, "because this is going to hurt." Loading up the silver bolt, she fired straight for the heart, but Trundle raised a wall of ice just in time, shaving off half the bolt. The half that hit did damage, but not enough to kill. Freeing herself from the bolt pinning her to the wall, Elise swapped into spider form, launching exploding spiders at her opponents to confuse them, then climbed up on a web into the trees to escape. Following her lead, trundle created an arena of ice and sprinted straight out. Full Metal Rammus was ready to follow but Heartseeker Vayne put a hand on his shoulder and told him to stop. "We've done our job, they won't be bothering anyone for a good while." They also had some good intel to take back to Damacia about the impending Freljordian invasion.
"Yes," she replied, "go tell Lissandra that the might of the spider god stands behind her in all it's terrible glory." ... its* And she is a Spider Queen. Nonetheless, this was entertaining.
: More playtime with Gnar
I think Gnar is baited way too easily for his own good... But how does that make Azir look?
: Champion Update: Viktor, the Machine Herald
This new set up may actually allow me to bring back my {{champion:112}} support! :DDD
: ...Riot, I love Soraka to death, but you just got rid of the only reason a lot of people played her. Soraka was the ONLY support, no, only CHAMPION in the game that could give allies mana, which is a huge thing that made her unique. But it's not only just that. Starcall for instance-- I like that you made it so it won't as easily just cs steal or whatever, but *Soraka is not made to do damage.* That's just not her. She is the "support." She doesn't want to hurt people. And especially considering that you now made it so that she cannot heal herself with Astral Blessing-- what's she going to do if there are no champions nearby? She has no way of healing herself now unless champions are nearby, and I doubt that a Kha'zix will let her smack him with a meteor to get back a little heath before he chops off her head. Another thing now is that Soraka's New E (also known as Swain's W+Silence), aside from it being no longer original whatsoever, is COMPLETELY useless against non-caster ADC's. Lucian (mid-late), Vayne, Ashe, Caitlyn, Draven, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Quinn, Teemo, Tristana, and Twitch will not be affected by the silence at all, and all of them except Ashe have the mobility to easily get out of the stun spot. So you pretty much just got rid of Soraka's E in laning phase against most Marksmen/ADC's. The only other thing I have to complain about now is the New version of Astral Blessing. Yes; The lower cooldown is great, even with the range reduction. BUT, Soraka lost her passive that made Wish and Astral Blessing so helpful-- that targets with lower health get healed more. This gets rid of those clutch heal saves, as that tiny bit of health won't help if Kha'zix/Shaco/Rengar/Any Assassin jumps on you. This really gets rid of Soraka's effectiveness against.... ~78% of the champion pool. She has a really weak heal now (except her ult, but that's a really long cd), no mana restore, an easily avoidable by every ADC or mobile champion root, and no way to heal herself without enemy champions nearby. That's another thing; this new rework will get rid of Soraka's entire lane sustain. Considering that Astral Blessing takes both health AND mana, she'll be using her health and mana to heal her teammates. Okay, now she needs to heal? Try hitting the enemy a few times with starcall. Oh look, Soraka's mana pool is now entirely gone and she can't do... anything but throw bananas. I don't want to sound mean Riot, but you always say that you try to keep a champion close to their theme and adapt them to the current meta. This is entirely breaking Soraka's theme, and while it may adapt to the new meta, I honestly feel that you didn't really think this through too much, especially considering how you've been borrowing abilities from other champions for a while now, including Soraka's new Equinox. (Which was taken from Swain's Nevermove. Some other borrowed things lately are such as Gnar Taking Vayne's Silver Bolts and Sivir's Boomerang Blade, Xerath's ENTIRE new kit (Q is Varus's Arrow, W is Leona's Ult, E is shorter range Ashe ult), and Skarner's New Passive. (Which is just a slightly different version of Braum's)) I really wish that you would keep to Soraka's true theme, Riot. And I know that you probably won't read this, unfortunately, as you don't have time to browse every single comment on here. But truly, as a person who loves to play Soraka, please... if you're going to rework her, try to stay closer to her theme. Because Rooting, having a truly damaging Q, etc... is not Soraka. Soraka tells you how she should be when she's walking, "To Heal and Protect." To harm and to hurt is not Soraka. Soraka is the truly purest support there is right now, and you're reworking a lot of these supports to be Zyra/Annie copies who have CC and fair damage. I don't want that for Soraka, and I'm sure many others don't either. Please, please.... Try to think this through more before you release it. Please.
Dude. I was reading, and reading, partially agreeing and such, but... "Have the mobility to escape the stun spot" "Can not use abilities to escape a stun spot" ...No, they can't use abilities to get out of the 'ROOT' location, because they are silenced.


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