: Some skins shouldn't have been part of this portrait update
As a singed main, I absolutely love how this looks. I adore artifacts of the older game still in the newer game.
: Riot let both sides show Boarders!!
I mean, I don't think the bigger concern is tilting because of the enemy team so much as it is people targeting the lowest ranked on the enemy team for camping. It's not like this doesn't already happen.... But that's my guess.
: Playing Singed against an immobile champion
Let's be reasonable here. If singed is any TF2 character it's probably the medic or the spy. xD
: PSA ADC players: if the enemy has two tanks, don't build lethality
Lethality actually works wonders when stacked with Black cleaver due to it being calculated after the percentage reduction. It eats into the most effective range of armor. (Armor and MR both have diminishing returns.) It works fine against tanks if you are playing and ADC that can apply it.
Danjeng (NA)
: Nearly every champion can do a flash during animation play, such as alistar q flash then headbutt into team. I would definitely praise that play if I saw a Singed do it in game though. It's fairly impractical however, since Singed usually takes ghost, and can do pretty much the same thing, just less flashy.
Singed should absolutely not be taking ghost past 7.14. There's simply no point when you can flash into the enemy team and instantly proc your passive on 4 people.
Danjeng (NA)
: At least you actually have to click on your enemies as Darius. As Singed you just run around the map. It's a known fact that inting on Singed is an impossibility of the likes of reaching level 3 honors, no matter how badly you do. Though I admit I have yet to precisely master the timing of my laugh and mastery emote spam. I sometimes get caught out doing so at the wrong moment and still have much to improve on. Let's just say every champion takes some skill.
https://youtu.be/5hqjhkH50i4 Excuse me? :^)
: Someone in my game said ____ champion is no skill
Someone told me singed took no skill. They were playing Darius. =T
: Name a champion and I'll tell you why they are unfun bullshit
: Who's your favorite assassin?
: teach me dude, how do you play against singed how do you play against someone who's ult lasts for an eternity while literally giving him free stats without doing anything like yi ult, and who's main spell is up every fcking second
Literally walk backwards and use CC? It's not actually that hard to counter singed. He's profoundly predictable.
: riot sells tons of skins its not like making champions cheaper would hurt them.there would still be people too lazy to even grind for the 3150 priced champions plus they make a lot of money from worlds with people buying tickets to them and food inside (I've heard is expensive AF) riot can afford to make this game a little bit easier to get into.
Like, for example, making all runes free so that people can save on IP? Or leave champions like poppy at practically no IP despite a full rework of her kit?
Keyrtyn (NA)
: too many champs cost 6300 IP, please lower some of them to other bracket.
I wonder how people imagine riot actually makes money... It's actually okay if people sometimes run out of IP and have to pay for a champion.
vidghost (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Silver Singed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9KJo2HIv,comment-id=002a,timestamp=2017-07-13T03:08:06.526+0000) > > Thornmail is beyond overpowered right now. I hope this thread is a joke. REALLY??? you think 25 return damage + lets say 10-30 damage from 10% armor is OVERPOWERED!!! this also gets reduced by magic resist ( at level 18 the damage is non existent ) OLD thornmail scaled with 15% of damage taken.. so the stronger they became the more damage they dealt themselves.. dude..almost every single champion gets more back from 1 lifesteel item then the new Nerfed thorn mails dishes out! GW only reduces that life steel to 60% .The old thornmail used to return 10 times more damage overall and scaled to super late game. 250 health with -15% attack speed slow and -40% life steel effect DOES not make up for doing 10 times LESS return damage in any ways what so ever ... plus it has 25 less armor
The damage is not overpowered. The item itself is. It completely outclasses Raniun's Omen right now. You're also not considering that AP tanks usually build magic penetration and abyssal mask which amplifies its damage, which by the way, includes ramus. The item isn't supposed to literally make ADCs kill themselves when they attack tanks. It's to remove the front liner as an easy sustain tool for ADCs. The Item accomplishes this goal and then some.
: Thormail's damage might as well be non existent
Thornmail is beyond overpowered right now. I hope this thread is a joke.
: Dead Man's Pants Unique Passive - they were soiled by the previous owner upon his death: deals magic damage per second to nearby enemies. Deals 0% damage to enemies without a nose.
: Riot, we need a pants item.
Rename DMP to Dead man's Pantaloons.
Jango Mage (EUNE)
: So if Spellvamp was unhealthy...
The only reason singed ever needs spell vamp is so that he can proxy a few more waves, and he only needs it from runes to do that. Singed does NOT build spellvamp and was not a wota user.
Zakrani (NA)
: Because saying, "stop blaming your team and git gud" is input on how to climb out of your elo. There's only so much one person can do to carry their team. I am good, obviously better than the current elo I'm in since i'm climbing out of it. I guess it's too bad you're hardstuck Gold 4. Obviously you need some input from someone of higher elo to, "git gud." Either that or stop maining a champion that can't do anything but run around.
yes, but you're basically implying two things with this way of thinking: 1. that your team actually feeds every game and you're never at fault. (They aren't, and you are occasionally.) 2. That you can't continue to improve and learn from games you lose. You're going to lose approximately 45% of your games and there isn't really anything you can do about it. True. You're also probably going to win approximately 45% of your games without having to carry them. What determines whether or not you climb is that 10% of games that are left. You need to stop thinking in terms of individual games and more about trends you can affect. If you've played hundreds of games, YOU are the only consistent factor. If you aren't climbing it is YOUR fault. As soon as you realize that and start focusing on getting better and less on the MANY mistakes your team makes, you can start improving and carry yourself out. Also, you're right that i'm currently in gold 4, but I wouldn't really consider myself hard stuck. I reached gold 4 and took a break to play PBE for a while. I haven't played ranked on my main in a long while. Once the PBE changes come out this patch i'll be back to climbing. :^) That said? I AM shit at the game. I recognize that. Hell, I celebrate it. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Zakrani (NA)
: Ah yes, typical Diamond attitude.
Yes, how dare someone who's actually climbed out of your Elo give input on what it's like to climb out of your Elo. The only people whose opinions count are the ones who can't.
: League is not supposed to be a horror game.
Say that after you get malphite ulted from fog of war.
Áery (NA)
: Who will Riot be voting for in 2020?
Oh gee it's great!~ At last we've got a president who can, REALLY sing and dance! We can't expect America, to win against it's foes! Without someone in the white house who can really tap his toes!
: "Darius is not reasonable" Is the boards seriously that stupid to upvote such a thread?
: as harsh as it may sound. Bronze has way to much diversity. Similar to challenger before mastery tier. There are just too many players in bronze to have an accurate measurement of skill. So an extra division may be better. Maybe scaled to B9- B1 ? or something
Yes. I like the comparison to master and challenger. Maybe they can pick the bottom 200 bronze players and stick them in a wood division and auto-check it once a day.
Simurgh (NA)
: Let's Chat about Honor
To be honest, most of my honors came from honorable opponent. Sometimes the person who lights up a game is on the enemy team and it's really a shame when I can't send kudos their way.
: DUDE THIS IS ME! Okay I was also confused because there was a duo in the room, and you picked Bard, so I thought you might be swapping. Also my dude, Bard is one of my favorite champions. I used to one-trick him before I became a toxic Yasuo main. You played that shit top so well. I actually don't think he's terrible top right now? I mean you can scale into a monster with the stacking changes to meeps. GG WP M'dude. Also some Bard love for you: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/bards-big-birthday-datapalooza
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 23
I feel like the only thing that'll make building damage on singed a viable option is if he can actually survive long enough to use his sustained damage. Are you guys considering slow resist or tenacity for the passive? =D
: Riot wants feedback on Yasuo. (Friendly conversations inside pls) What makes him fun/anti fun?
I think the fact that he can ult you under towers and barely take damage, and the fact that he can sit inside his wind wall and take no damage are the real issues with him for me.
: Who is Doran
I don't know, but he had a fucking awesome shield.
: why is ohmwrecker still here when zephyr is not?
Kieferr (NA)
: Nice upvote farming. Ofc they will never do it. If it existed, everybody will use it instead of the shop icons. It kills diversity and reduces income for riot from rp. "Oh i see you have Kennen as your profile pic, you like playing Kennen? How very interesting! I would never have guessed!" (Hint: it's fucking right there in everybody's profile page). There is no point in it. Sry to be a buzzkill, but this is the most logical answer as to why it will never happen. Bring on the downvotes, I don't fucking care.
I mean. It's not as impossible as it sounds. Riot is going to need an IP sink once the new runes go live, and there have been people playing for over 7 years. They could require mastery level 8 and charge 40,000+ IP for the icon so that people will have to use RP to buy champions. ....And people would do it too.
: Reaching mastery lvl 7 with a champion should give you a summoner icon of that champion.
Man if they did that I would actually use my tokens and unlock mastery 6 on singed. =T
: Remember when mana conservation used to be a thing?
: Gentleman Zed, Jhin, and Shen skins concept!
I could totally see jhin in tails. Like a conductor.
: If Ryze gets his 4th rework...
: I think with {{champion:34}} it would be pretty chill
: Your main is now your room mate.
{{champion:27}} How about a drink? Mix, Mix, Swirl, Mix.
: Every ADC main should learn how to play Support
No worries. With autofill this season? they are.
: Can we stop pretending tanks are weak?
They're inexplicably not very tanky, which is more the complaint over win rate. Doesn't mean they don't make up for it with occasionally overloaded kits or damage they shouldn't have.
: Not sure i can agree with this... I main singed as well, and have made the whole mastery 7 challenge (multiple S+ in ranked) without ever needing to touch ghost. In fact, i ALWAYS run ignite+flash combo, and seem to have on average low death count, and high kill ratio (not only per game, but across the average in league's singed players). Although my 70% win average dropped to 50% i dont think it has anything to do with the above request mentioned. However i can agree that the teams are assuming our roles to be team-fight oriented. Singed isn't built for those playstyles, and i dont want to promote the idea of him being reinvented to accommodate that suggestion. He IS a split-push champ, and behaves well as one. I personally enjoy the challenge of absorbing all the focus of the other team, by even inviting the 1v2+ top lane battles, sometimes even forcing enemy mid AND junglers (sometimes support) to leave their lane, to aide their top to defeat me. Though some teams often misses the opportunity to seize the opening in out-numbering for objective control, that doesn't mean when it comes down to late game grouping 5v5 mid, that i'll be the one to lead that charge. (There's nothing in my kit for me to survive a frontal engage, and i actually prefer to keep split-pushing as it's usually a strong a viable option for singed mains).
I think you must have misunderstood my post, friend. I cited our recent reliance on team fighting initiations as a bad thing. We both enjoy taking on multiple players on the enemy team and getting into chases. It sounds like we agree. :p
Glîtchy (NA)
: Most annoying Juggernaut in your opinion.
: "How dare you play this champion?"
I played a game of yasuo once. I accidently got a triple kill in my first and only game. I felt guilty and went back to singed. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Ulanopo (NA)
: Actually, no, it wasn't.
Ulanopo (NA)
: The Verdict - Episode 1
This mostly came across as banter until this: [34:12] Master Yi: useless Caitlyn [34:19] Master Yi: literally useless This sort of thing is doesn't contribute anything meaningful, isn't constructive, and is fairly negative.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 2
Hi meddler! I'm a singed main. I was wondering if you guys have considered options for singed that let him choose to build AP items (when he wants them) by making him more innately tanky. The way I see it, there are two things the kind of person who plays singed wants out of the champion. (it's not ult + Ghost + RG derp tank initiations.) _**We're looking for a reason for the enemy team to chase us (so that our team can get objectives) and the utility, tankyness, and speed to escape when we are chased.**_ We're primarily interested in global map pressure and disruption. Ideally we provide our team with unparalleled split pushing power and a unique form of indirect objective control. While the extra damage is very nice, I don't feel like it addresses most of our primary concerns with our main. **It feels like we have been relegated to a team-fight oriented role lately because we lack the tools to survive when the enemy comes for us.** Thanks so much for looking into our main and sending some attention our way! -Silver Singed
: {{champion:27}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:68}} etc
Don't forget: {{champion:268}} {{champion:134}} (works on 5 out of her 6 ult procs) {{champion:63}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:96}} (should work on his w damage) {{champion:90}} {{champion:21}} (works on all procs of E past the first) {{champion:13}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:143}} And most importantly: {{champion:69}} {{item:3151}} And DFT. The things {{item:3194}} is intended to counter it already counters hard, and it's likely to unintentionally lower damage on things you don't even expect. (such as in the case of Kog's main damage steroid.)
: Ay yo Riot, you got any plans to make Adaptive Helm not irrelevant?
My dude, It's situationally busted right now. Don't encourage them.
: The 12 Days of Karthus - Day 3: Skin Concepts
Meep Man (NA)
: But you don't play Singed to interact with people dude, you play him to screw with people. His Passive and W need changes though. His W just has reason to be leveled early due to how simple and weak it is compared to other options. The changes that were on the PBE were pretty decent in my eyes, but were a little half baked in my eyes since I think they should also have had at least some W changes in there, which were not.
Most singed mains like being chased, which is a form of interaction. All a good singed main wants is a reason for the enemy to chase you, and the means to be slippery enough to escape. Right now it feels like riot is trying to turn us into ult + ghost + RG derp-tank initiator instead of a map-wide disruptor.
: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/05/531-pbe-update.html?m=1#balance Changes!!!
CORRECT. I'm not sure how to feel about them yet. The ult changes scare me but the Q change? That's pretty nice. Going to re-download the PBE client and give it a shot.
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