: yes - we will activate it after channel ults end
How does this interact with {{champion:19}} 's ult? Does he get the MS during the leap or after the ult channel? Personally, I'd like to see it put into the leap, as that has the ability to create some crazy outplays.
: Bring Us Your Bugs!! Celebrating 10 Years of LoL
Warwick occasionally loses the MS from blood trail when following it - this is due to the fact that enemy units are walking into the trail.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 23
My friends and I have been talking about the changes on the PBE, and we've come up with this list in terms of how we feel about some of the changes: 1) Jinx - does not need changes. Her problems are that crit sucks right now, not that she's weak. She's sitting at a relatively high playrate and a good winrate DESPITE crit being awful right now. Any change on Jinx may just outright break her, and we don't want that. 2) Kat - What? WHAT? Why? We understand her balance is wonky and needs changes, but we all agree this is not the way to do it. How often do you get a full ult off as Kat in _any teamfight_ and lose that? The answer is basically never. This seems unnecessary late. Her problem is her level 2 - 4 spike is crazy, not her ultimate. Lower the early Q damage and raise it later. 3) Lux - Huh? We don't understand it. Some of us say this changes nothing, and others say it's completely bonkers. That's a 20 second ultimate lategame with just Morellonomicon. We're not sure why this needs to exist. 4) Lissandra - We'd like to see her passive changed from this mana stuff to a cd reduction when she CCs people. Lissandra really struggles with being useful in a fight after the initial couple of seconds pass because her cds are so long, and we like the idea of lissandra gaining benefits from CC'ing enemies.
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emernic (NA)
: Maybe stop complaining that they are giving us a skin for a s*%& champion and start complaining that they allow champions to be garbage for extended periods of time. {{champion:6}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:30}}
Urgot and Galio need VUs before they can get a skin, and Karthus is actually pretty good right now.
: What about voice chat? If you have a queue as competitive as that built in voice chat definitely needs to be a thing
Riot has said before they want to do this, but are waiting until after the alpha client is launched fully to start working on new features.
: [Event Ended!] PROJECT: Holy shit there's a lot going on, let's break this down
Why do we have to wait until the next patch to disenchant it. It's infuriating.
: can any rioter explain why there is 6 skins instead of the normal 5 skins, not complaining because they look great but im just curious as to why, thanks
Because SKT had 6 members play at worlds last year.
: The front page isn't determined by who is viewing it. They just want new players to have some resources when they show up, because traditionally LoL has a steep learning curve with limited official resources to help them out. If I were you, I'd just hit the **News** tab up top or scroll down to the *Recent News* section. Having the home page display different content depending on who is logged in isn't a bad idea, though. You might pitch that to Riot on the **Miscellaneous** board or in a ticket :3
Rioter Comments
: Ask Riot: Chromas and ChampUp
Considering Ryze's update has been out for a while now, what are some of the champs you think are most likely to start seeing ideation?
: I don't think we have any plans to buff Garen. AFAIK there's still a good amount of our playerbase that view him as very strong even though he's not played in competitive, and that's important to take into consideration as well.
If that's the case, why is Brand (a champion most people see as quite strong) getting buffed next patch (as it says on PBE)
: Maybe your access may have been revoked?
Then it got revoked before I even entered the alpha client.
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Porocles (NA)
: Taking a stab at this, it sounds like your network is having issues connecting to the authentication server and preventing you from logging in. Are you having any issues logging into the live client? Go over our[ connection issues ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues)guide to see if the steps there can get this fixed up for you. If you have any issues or feedback for the alpha client, be sure to reach out to your fellow testers on the[ Alpha Client boards](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/alpha-client-discussion).
: We agree that seeing that celebration moment after a goal is scored in soccer is great. We also think that seeing a player react to getting rekt, or stealing a baron, etc is entertaining to see. To clarify a bit, we did some eye tracking studies on the current broadcast HUD earlier this year and we found that very little time was spent looking at the player cams despite them being on the screen almost all the time. Then in team fights we often drop the cameras to make room for more of the action which means that the reactions are lost in most cases. Our goal is to try and find a balance with the player cams. When the cams are mostly just showing focused players chatting on coms, they probably don't need to be on the screen. But when there are those great reaction moments we do want to make sure those are visible. So while the cams are not at all in this current video, we do plan to bring them back so that we can have a good mix of more viewable game play area without missing the real life reactions.
Why do we STILL not have permanently viewable tier 3 keystones? That's the most requested feature.
Porocles (NA)
: Taking a stab at this, it sounds like your network is having issues connecting to the authentication server and preventing you from logging in. Are you having any issues logging into the live client? Go over our[ connection issues ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues)guide to see if the steps there can get this fixed up for you. If you have any issues or feedback for the alpha client, be sure to reach out to your fellow testers on the[ Alpha Client boards](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/alpha-client-discussion).
I can get into the normal client just fine! No problems at all. I'll see if any of the above fixes it.
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: Please just don't overdo it. If you hit her abilities' base power because she can spam, then decide to reduce the CDR on her ult to limit her spamming, Sona will basically get Sejuani'd and have to wait for another rework. Maybe just lower the free CDR and see how that goes first? Or hit Power Chord since she can use it more often now. Otherwise I'd be really worried about Sona's lane phase with super weak QWE.
I never understood why the term was "Sejuani'd" when she's been in a pretty good spot (aka a sleeper pick) for most of the year. Just a random thought, because the only time she wasn't good was when games were effectively over before she hit level 6.
Ubangi (NA)
: Ryze is broken as all hell... how come this champ gets THREE FRICKEN UPDATES in a year and champs like warwick never get touched. Screw Ryze.
Warwick's getting a rework. After the ChampUp team is finished dealing with Ryze, Warwick is the next non-Yorick.
: Playing on live without them for the last few weeks has been so frustrating. I'm glad we've been able to ship such a satisfying feature... If only I could stop myself from trolling by pinging my Q on Skarner. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
My only problem with it is I expected a sound like normal pings when I pinged the blue buff, but there was no sound. Great idea, but it's missing that oomph.
: Will players on 3v3 Ranked teams still earn the Victorious Skin at the end of the season if they are Gold+?
Yes. Always has, always will, as long as ranked 3s exist.
: Emblems are about as useful as honors.
Considering they'll change as if your preferences change, not quite. If you play 25 solo games, you'll have the solo emblem. But if you then play with 3 friends for 25 more ranked games, your emblem will change to the dynamic emblem.
: ehhm hell NO! my skill only can be showing when u guys bringing something like different Ledders or so!
Wait, so winning 25 games by yourself isn't being "boosted" via dynamic queue? I'm so confused.
: Patch Chat 6.12 - Keystones and Catalyst and Marksman Items, Oh My!
I know you didn't particularly work on the ARAM changes, but do you have any insight as to why there were no champion specific changes? Some champs just feel totally overbearing (ex. Sona)
: When does this patch get released?{{item:2054}} {{item:2010}} {{champion:201}} {{summoner:31}}
Meddler (NA)
: Hi! We went back on forth on those champs quite a lot, with some similar arguments to those you've outlined being made. Our eventual feeling was that while there were sub classes that were better matches than others, those champs also had enough characteristics that weren't representative that they were ultimately more unhelpful in getting good discussion going than helpful. This stuff's also pretty work in progress too. I suspect at some point we'll probably add a couple of new subclasses for example. One of those might be a category of high risk, middle of the enemy team mage type that Fiddle and Kennen could fall into, along with champs like Kat and Lissandra. Another could be a breakdown of marksmen into multiple categories if we found an appropriate set of criteria that described what they did that was different, not just how they do it or how individual marksmen are different from other individual marksmen.
For Marksman, why not 'Caster Carries' (aka Marksman that rely on their spells to do meaningful constant damage like Lucian and Ezreal) and 'DPS Carries' (aka Marksman that focus on autoattacks like Caitlyn and Vayne). Jhin, Sivir, and maybe Kog are the only three that, IMO, lie somewhere in the middle, and even then, it's not that bad. Jhin - Has only 4 autos at a time, which leaves plenty of time for casting spells. He relies on is spells to do a decent portion of his damage, so I'd call him a Caster Carry. Sivir - Her W is for all intents and purposes a steroid, and her main use of Q outside of laning phase is to clear waves. The rest of them are one time use spells that don't do much for her damage output. DPS Carry. Kog - Kog's W is also a steroid, and the rest of his kit is designed to maximize the damage he does with his autos except for his ult, which is an execution tool. DPS Carry (and this goes for champions like Draven and Tristana as well). EDIT: If you wanted to, you could also include utility carries (Marksman that tend to have lower damage output, but trade that for CC and engage power)
Rioter Comments
: As a matter of fact, the Boards are filled with people who play and enjoy the game. Frustration starts with a catalyst which erupts into mob mentality-driven violence.
You're an amazing person. Don't forget that!
Solaxo (EUNE)
: These lazy jerks can't even fix tribunal and add game replays... ffs it's been 6 YEARS
Replays has, in part at least, been due to the current client. Tribunal I miss though :(
Rioter Comments
: Autofill is going to upset so many people. The fact that you are ensured to get one of the two roles that you select is one (if not the *only*) merit of Dynamic Queue and you're taking that away for the sake of lower queue times? If we wanted lower queue times we'd be playing blind pick. Or Solo Queue but it doesn't exist. ***I WONDER WHY.***
You're confusing Dynamic Queue (being able to queue with 4 others in ranked) with New Champion Select (being able to choose 2 roles, the new pick & ban, etc.)
: Patch Rundown 6.11
OK, gypsylord is cool.
: that even ask more ressources, since its on rotation the OP is totaly right in his comment.
It still takes less resources to send dominion to the RGM team (that already exists), and have them do scheduled upkeep on it when it's about to reenter live than it would be to create a new team specifically for dominion and have them do upkeep on it all the time.
: "We simply don't have enough resources to upkeep Dominion."-Riot
It takes less resources to update a map then to keep it balanced FOREVER.
: Riot regrets releasing Yorick the way he is he is cancerous and was destine to fail just like {{champion:266}} and old {{champion:78}} his kit is anti fun because when it is aloud to be strong he crowds out any top laner because he has ranged poke that you cant respond to he has sustain.He needs a Sion level rework not just for game play but for lore and Visuals since honestly he is almost worse then {{champion:77}} who you have to pay for a VU lol. Hence why they dont want to give him new skins Also just like {{champion:29}} and {{champion:18}} before their updates and {{champion:28}} {{champion:80}} his model doesn't allow for many good skins
You make a good point, but you should have said Evelynn and Pantheon and not Trist or Twitch, because both got Trist and Twitch a VU.
: then people above gold 4 are gonna end up smurfing, just saying.
The other way to do this is to let a player queue up as a mentor, and get to spectate the game without a 3-minute timer behind it.
: Oh yeah, I wasn't trying to imply that's what I thought you were saying. Just wanted to bring up the difficulty of how hard that line is to clearly define. Totally on board that as a support you should be able to help your teammate when an assassin jumps on them. I would say this is very true for some supports, less true for others. Let's take Zed: Sona: Can probably just ult him? 1 man ult isn't really that great for Sona so she would be pretty bummed Janna: Knock Zed back, shield, knock Zed up, should overall feel pretty impactfull Soraka: Silence when Zed ults should hit his damage pretty hard. Heals obviously make her feel good about herself I don't think you are saying to go from one extreme to the other. I would just mention that I feel like there are things that can be done versus Zed right now as a support, and amplifying that would be good, but may have problems.
I guess I just don't play the right supports! I like to play Braum, so really the best I can do on him is E block a few shuriken or two, and blow all my shield actives. But thanks for the conversation either way! It's neat to get a rioter's perspective.
: Totally feel ya here. These changes are also supposed to make him weaker if he max range Ws and then ults because it will be near impossible to get a 2 shuriken hit. It may not be enough but hopefully it allows a little more room for adcs. **Opinion Zone!!!** I'd also just like to mention something that I struggle with a lot. Assassins are frustrating, they are mobile, they kill my important teammates and they can make me feel very helpless. I think this is a part of the game, and if it was removed it would make the game worse. Finally catching the god damn Fizz after he has been hoping all over the map is incredibly rewarding and feels great. There is a balance of course, the trick is finding it.
If I sounded like I wanted a way to make assassins useless forever, that's not what I meant to say - assassins are a part of league that need to exist in order to maintain balanced gameplay. I just want something I can do on occasion to protect my team - after all, if I can't protect my team from the members of the enemy team that they require the most help, what am I good for? If the enemy team has a Rengar, I just don't bother peeling for my ADC when my items are full. My ADC will die before I can do anything about it. If the enemy team has a zed, I'll try and land some CC on him or just pop all my shields, but that's the best I can do.
: Preface this by saying I am not the designer for the Zed changes, I am simply the playtester who was helping with these changes. So these are my personal opinions, hopefully I can shed a little insight into my logic when giving feedback though. So I'll talk through the logic, or at least the logic that I gave from a Playtest perspective. When you hit Zed's Q by any number, but lets use the 10%, you effectively hit multiple areas of the champion. Zed uses his Q for farming, wave clearing, harassing, and all ins. All of this would be reduced by 10%. Since this ability is so core to the champion, any change will affect him very heavily. Now you may say that Zed deserves to be hit heavily and can use some time in the gutter, but I think a lot of people would prefer to see the champion still be viable if he isn't so frustrating to play against. Especially when you consider that his winrate isn't even that high, it's simply his bantrate that is the problem. This is very subjective though so I can see why people feel he deserves to be weak for a while. So this is where the change to multiple qs comes in. We are giving Zed players that can execute well some room to still succeed on the champion during all ins, while keeping nerfs on his early wave clear and poke. It can be easy to dismiss a nerf when the number may seem small to you, but when it affects so much in a kit I would expect it to have a pretty decent impact. Also, I personally don't see -10% as a small number. ~~I'd be happy to stay around and chat if there is anything people would like to discuss.~~ Think I'm gonna head out and be done for the day. Thanks for the discussion guys.
I'm not a mid lane player, but I play support a lot, so I wanted to give you another side of things on my end. As a support, it is my job to keep my teammates alive (and in several cases, engage as well). When I'm playing against a Zed (and other assassins like Talon, but that's another champion so let's keep this on point), I struggle to peel these assassins. They either have so many mobility tools that my peel seems effectively useless, or they blow up the ADC before I get a chance to react. I agree that his laning phase is strong - it's too strong, and it always has been. I appreciate the changes to his Q. If he wants to hit you for meaningful damage now, he'll have to hit you with multiple Qs, which means he'll be in range more often to receive return harass, which puts him in more danger. However, that's not why Zed has recieved near permaban status - it's because Zed has always been balanced around QSS and Zhonya's existing and nullifying his ult (which is somewhat of a false premise anyways, because Zed would buy enough CDR to be able to ult twice in the timing of one of either). Now, with the QSS changes, Zed feels much more unfair to play against. I can rarely do anything about Zed deleting my ADCs aside from using all my shield granting actives and pray that's enough, and they can't do anything about it either. I get that positioning is supposed to be key, but when champions like Zed have a gap closer that is longer than the basic attack range of most of the ADCs, that's not possible.
: For how long? I have them and I started in October.
I don't know how long, but a few months at least.
Mr Frank (NA)
: Does this mean tier one runes are gone? And if so, do the tier numbers need to change?
Tier 1 runes have been gone for a while.
: I think the whole first blood thing is meant to be a failsafe to prevent people from abusing the system. I'm more worried about the time it takes for remake to occur. I feel like it's way too situational
Why not allow them to end the game anyways with full penalty?
Rioter Comments
: UPDATE: Play games that matter with /remake
Why is there a no first blood policy on this? Is a 4v5 suddenly acceptable once someone dies?
Rioter Comments
: So much this.
The problem with that is Lucian is so good at EVERYTHING that you'd need to power creep the entire ADC lineup!
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