: I love different types of modes but it's totally pathetic that you guys cannot release even a custom game more for fans of URF. Overwatch has done this and while it may not be the most popular mode it doesn't hurt to have it. People playing URF don't care about balance they care about fun, and fun isn't always balanced. There is no reason, not 1 to not have this ability in customs especially if TT is STILL around when I am quite sure it's much much less popular than SR.
So, I'm going to be honest. I HATE URF. I don't find it fun. At all. Everything like you said is unbalanced as fuck, and it is NOT even across champions. If every champion was unbalanced in a similar way, then maybe, but there are a few exceptional outliers.
: Fizz is at 56% WR, 10% Play Rate, 32% Ban rate on Diamond+
Did Fizz need buffs? As much as I hate him...yes, he did. The change to his W really hit him way to hard. Did he need ALL OF THIS? No fucking way. Keep the scaling on W, but drop The base damage back to what it was before, and for the love of god, make the guppy actually weak. Just my thoughts.
: They prioritize the target you're attacking, by the way.
I thought they prioritized champions?
Seen (NA)
: That's quite the gap close
It's the new Vi ulting into fountains!
Pika Fox (NA)
: Tower reveals her, oracle lense reveals her, vision plant reveals her, taking damage reveals her. Pretty much every form of true vision reveals her position, including champion abilities that reveal. Shes just not targable while revealed.
There is something VERY important that you're missing here. Vision DOES reveal her, but you CANNOT TARGET her.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wild Geese,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=2ykqAkNa,comment-id=002a,timestamp=2018-04-30T18:42:26.527+0000) > > As an ADC player I really like what I'm hearing. Yes the class is strong but the "two crit items" is extremely boring and your scaling can feel very bad carries compared to others; who lacked options. A few questions!!: > > 1. Stormrazor sounds good on Draven especially, maybe Miss Fortune and Quinn. Is it aimed specifically at these early scaling ADCs to maintain their power? I expect it to help these sorts of champions, though I'm doubtful of it on MF. Stormrazor is intended to fit into a variety of builds as an early purchase, though the meaning of the item changes (crit-heavy builds use it for MS + a steroid; Lethality or raw AD builds use it to frontload damage). > 2. Speaking of Quinn, is there plans to get Quinn and Corki back into the botlane (and maybe, crossing fingers; a Graves rework/partial revert??) Bot lane Quinn's indirectly buffed because she's not getting the base stats treatment of the rest of the class. Corki is more of an edge case, presently he does have the base stat changes applied but I'm not committed to that. > 3. I hope these goals of like, making "winning the lane" more important don't buff Caitlyn indirectly yet more. I'm pretty sick of her dominance. I hope that champion is getting some work because she lacks weaknesses and is strong late while being the ultimate lane bully adc. If Caitlyn's OP, Caitlyn gets nerfs. That said, champions like Caitlyn and Tristana express a more clear weakness with these changes - it takes longer for champions who express mid-late game power through crit strike autoattacks to turn on, which means that they're more exploitable in the mid-game than before. Whether that's enough remains to be seen. > 4. Is a large cost reduction of BOTRK in the cards? because it would be a good rush on several characters, if it wasn't for the cost... BoRK is 200 cheaper on the build today (3200 total). That is of course subject to change between now and 8.11.
Honestly, I like that Quinn isn't in the bot-lane. One of my preferred play styles is to take her mid and play a bit more like an assassin, looking for people who are out of position and punishing them for it with her insane movement speed. I may also like taking Predator on Quinn. :3
Galiö (NA)
: I can imagine top quinn with duskblade, this item and electrocute... man would that hurt.
Caw?{{champion:133}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}}
HowToChoose (EUNE)
: did you die at 150 stacks? I died at 200 and it broke dont know about regen part after 250 mana tho
To be honest, I didn't really notice. Baiting in fools with her passive has become such a habit to me that I don't think about it too much. If the red post above is any indication, this is most likely the actual cause then.
: [GAMEPLAY] New manaflow band not stacking properly
Had this too. Got to 150, then used the ult and could no longer stack. Pretty sure it's due to her ult being toggable, it might break something
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: I'm not an item or systems designer, but putting more CDR onto items bought primarily by champions with huge mana pools {{champion:13}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:69}} reads to me like a pretty big balance risk.
Can confirm, Anivia's Cool downs are low enough without CDR. Giving her CDR is a dangerous game to play. ESPECIALLY since one of her core items now has 20% cdr. :D
: Indeed. It is a LOT of mana.
So, I was considering commenting because I saw the Archangel change and was worried for the most mana hungry of birds, {{champion:34}}. Then I saw the Total amount of Mana and damn near had a heart attack, because holy SHIT is that a lot of mana. Since Anivia's Early game is basically gated by her mana pool, I suddenly became a very happy bird.
ItsLowbo (NA)
: Changes to Sightstone/Support Items coming to PBE
These changes have me a bit concerned. If the goal here is to give supports more agency in what they do, it seems like these changes will be taking that agency away by essentially forcing them into the "Eye of" upgrades. Before hand there actually was a meaningful choice between the T3 items and the "Eye" items, but by removing that, you're actually turning the support role into even more of a ward bot. Pretty sure you guys initially introduced these items to AVOID that.
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: Riot when they see that 75% of the Boards front page is complaints about the loading bug
Especially since there was GIANT FLASHING YELLOW WARNING telling people that your games might get fucked. If you ignored that warning, you don't deserve your LP back. Learn to read. ~~I may be mildly annoyed at all the whining and people blaming Riot for their own decision to not pay attention to the giant warning.~~
: I was playing Skarner and ulted somebody and dragged them into Ryze ult with me. That was hilarious :D
Now hold up. You can take enemies ulted by Skarner through Ryze's ult? ...That is glorious. HAIL THE THE SCORPION!
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Played a game as Skarner just now for Ascension. Um... Where are my spires? I really do need this looked into because I love playing this scorpion.
: When You Get A QuadraKill
...This fucking happened to me recently. I was so mad. It was going to be my first penta with {{champion:133}} , but {{champion:5}} had to kill the Ekko.
: When the support dies only to give their team an ace
Managed to pull this off as Soraka. I refuse to let anyone die.
: I thought you guys were adding power to {{champion:111}}'s riptide, if anything you nerfed it also. Am I missing something here?
I played Naut on PBE. It's definitely a buff, as Riptide is sent out much more often.
: ~~Oh nice they added 4 damage to skarners abilit-~~ ~~*20/30/40/50/60 magic damage **per stack of Crystal Energy***~~ ~~WHAT!? :D~~ EDIT: OK, disregard this. I have been to every other documentation site I know of (Surr@20, wiki, exc.) and none of them say anything about the damage increase per stack. So yes...... it might be a typo. Now that I think about it, it would have been waaaay to big of a buff.
As if I need a reason to play him more. :D
Kuroi86 (NA)
: When dealing with more than half the champs I listed, Kalista will be dead long before she can even think of kiting.
Can't upvote this enough. Also, just want to make s specific mention for Eve: If bye late game, you can't kill Kalista in about 1-1.5 seconds with Eve, you're doing something wrong. I say this from experience.
: Am I the only one who thinks Arbiter Vel'koz is just awesome?
: That is not the company, that is the community. Not to mention, a lot of people aren't like that actually just a selected few in which Dota has as well.
Excpet now the company "updated" Leaverbuster to punish you for leaving. Even if it is their fault. Which it probably is. Case in point: I have to REINSTALL League to play it again.
: Karma shouldn't have to use her shield on herself in order to get her snare to work, it defeats the purpose of her shield. Also, her slow is extremely low for 1.5 seconds. Anyone with any sort of mobility can hop right out of karma's W. They really should buff the range.
Yeah, no. Karma is more of an "In your face" mage than others. The self shield mitigates quite a bit of damage and her slow is not long, but DAMN if it isn't potent. A full mage Karma has no trouble tethering people and making them explode. And the mobility point is moot. You're telling me they should buff Karma because a Lee can bully her W? Fuck no. Mobility champs are hard to play, but the skill needed to disengage and re-engage consistently DEFINES them and the higher skill cap they have. Please note, I SUCK at these kind of champs. A visual indicator though? Not a bad idea.
: [CRASH] Loading Into Game
Just tried a game. No matter what I did, the game would not connect. Riot needs to fix their trash Servers. This is utter bullshit that I'm going to get punished for. It wouldn't be such an issue if they didn't up the strictness of Leaverban. Now I'm going to be punished for something that's THEIR fault. I used to have faith in riot. It's pretty much gone at this point.
: wait i got a warning. because of the client being a piece of shit?
Just tried to play a game. League wouldn't let me connect. I'm likely still "in" the game while being unable to connect to it. And Riot still says their servers are good??? I'm about to be punished for their crap servers.
: Leaverbuster
This JUST happened to me. My client wouldn't connect to the game, and history with this issue usually means I have to restart my computer. What my issue with this is that this was COMPLETELY out of my control. And this kinda worries me with how Riot promised a crackdown using Leaverbuster.
Pyro (EUNE)
: "Oldschool" mages such as {{champion:63}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:112}} or even the newest {{champion:161}} are pretty much nonexistent in middle lane, especially in competitve play. This has been the issue for ***years***. Is there anything you guys are willing to do about that? --- **EDIT: It's not about what the current meta favours.** Ziggs, Lux and Xerath, for example, are just as skillshot based as the ones on my list, but have absurdly high range and utility (stun/snare/Satchel Charge, AoE slow) that works *okay*, and therefore can surface again from time to time. Xerath is already frequent in EU LCS, and NA will quickly catch on. Brand, Malzahar and Cassiopeia are season 1 mages. Let me list the midlaners released after Brand: {{champion:91}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:157}} . Every single one of them but Viktor (who joined the "bad mages" club) either shits on combo mages like Brand and Cassiopeia in lane (just look at their mobility), roams better, picks people off better or outranges the "old squad". It's not like S1 mages have a low winrate - their raw damage is quite high - but at competitive levels of play, they are outclassed by everyone else. The point is that **when a champion is so reliant on hitting their skillshots and has no mobility, all the initiative is given to the enemy** who then can make the "flashy plays". In coordinated teams it's even easier to break the channeled ultimates (Malazhar, Vel'Koz) or spread out in a way to deny AoE ultimates (Brand, Galio). And it takes only one good play (Zhonya, Flash, Fizz trollpole, Windwall, Braum's Unbreakable, the list goes on) to break the whole Pyroclasm chain. Suggestion: All the popular mages build the holy trinity of midlane items: {{item:3174}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} , while the "oldschool" mages, especially Cassiopeia, Malzahar and Brand, make a great use of Liandrylai {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} combo. The problem is that Liandrylai provides zero mana regen and way too much health (800 HP, 130 AP). Maybe reworking those two items could be the way to broaden up the midlane champion pool? Rylai could have a tier 2 component with its passive, a 1800 g blasting wand + sapphire crystal item. Or even blasting wand + chalice. Crystal Maiden (Rylai from Dota) has mana regeneration in her kit as well as slows ;) --- Oldschool mages are getting screwed over by the mobility creep. **New champions have the tools to outplay the old ones, but old champions don't have the tools to outplay the new ones.** I wonder if there is any way to give the oldschool mages their own niche?
Dear lord can I up-vote this? Especially because of you including {{champion:90}} ? I mean, it's LUDICROUSLY hilarious to punish someone who jumps on you with an EWR combo and watch as their health melts, but HOLY HELL MANA. Even with additional mana items, which, are not really built onto him too often, it's still a pain to play and be all "Oh sweet he's coming in! Now to EWR. WHERE'S MY ULT WHERE'S MY ULT ASDGGHJKLUHJHDJCBJ MANA Y U DO DIS TO ME?!" Or, in the example below in the mention of being surprised by another enemy, "Oh sweet he's coming in! Now to EWR. WAIT WHAT YI?! CRAPCRAPCARPCRAPCRAP! And I'm dead. >_<" I'd love to hear the other horror stories people have concerning this issue.
KLee1007 (NA)
: Ashe has quite a bit of problem. Her stats are low but she got low damage potential. She's forced to max Volleyshot but due to her bad auto attack motions and weak slow of 'frost arrow' in early game, it's difficult kite enemies. Her passive is useless that i can actually count how many times i've used full focus stacked attack to enemy champion in a game. Her hawkshot is in same stance as her passive: its bonus gold is too small when consider Draven's passive and duration for sighiting when used is short that it doesn't help you getting away from ganks(and long cooldown really makes Ashe vulnerable from gank) **If she's got low damage potential, than why did Riot make her very vulnerable that its difficult to mend the loss that she got from ganks?** I mean Kog, Lucian and Ms. Fortune, they can still kick ass when ganked but Ashe cannot because she got neither strong damage nor an escape skill. Shouldn't she at least given an escape if early level frost arrow and hawkshot is useless? She's not that strong in lane phase as well, so she deserves some mobility instead of high damage, or more CC so that it can cover up her lack of mobility at least.
While I do agree with some of your points, mostly those on escaping ganks, I do have to make a small disagreement on Frost Shot Vs. Volley, and her damage potential. As someone who does enjoying playing other ADC's, such as Kog or Jinx, Ashe does have a very effective method of punishing those who over commit. As you know, ADC's are not alone in lane, they have a support with them. Ashe tends to synergize VERY WELL with engagers and disengagers - that is to say, Leona, Braum or Thresh, for example. In my experience, having tried both methods of Maxing either Volley or Frost Shot first, Maxing Frost Shot first has proved to have more success for me as it helps with engaging and disengaging...except against Lucian. At level 5, when most ganks occur, having a 25% slow with each basic attack and volley is pretty effective for a disengage. A tag with Volley while having even just one level in Frost Shot, actually makes it easy to kite enemies...except, once again, Lucian. But he's another story. Ashe's strengths are the combo of CC and damage. Ashe is, what I would classify as, a defensive ADC more like Ezreal oe Even Kog'Maw, rather than an aggressive ADC like Jinx or Lucian. Ashe's strength are punishing opponents who take even one step out of line. Of course, this may just be due to different playstyles. When I play as an ADC, I tend to be cautious and bide my time for that moment when they over commit. Your comment makes more of an indication for a high burst, in-and-out style of play where you look for moments when you can jump on the enemy, get that kill and get out safely, even if a gank comes. I honestly don't expect to change your opinion, because the points you made were excellent and true. I just wanted to put in my own two cents on the topic of Ashe. In fact, if you can point out anything in my statement, please do so. I relish the chance to learn more about how to become a better player of League. ~~(Though a cool-down reduction on Hawkshot would do wonders to help her laning. >_<)~~
: heh
The madness you pulled here was just marvelous. Props to you for being an inspiration to us.


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