: When is Shaco getting a skin?
PROJECT SHACO OR SUPER GALAXY SHACO. Those would be cool skins as well as DEMON SHACO by Silvarspark. Just please give us something RITO!
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benmo (NA)
: Warwick
You complaining about warwick being op with red smite tells me that you either dont play him or dont play him enough. Warwick is vastly underpowered and broken in that regard. His ult which has too short of a range, does little damage, and doesn't scale enough with items, can be interrupted by pretty much anything from any champ. I have been interrupted by the champ im ulting more than once and the cd doesn't reset. If Darius is interrupted his cd refreshes and other champs either cant be interrupted or their cd refreshes. Red smite on ww is the same as red smite on pretty much any other jungler.
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OhOkYea (NA)
: Don't insult the Nazis like that
Lol no you're right. I might anger them
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