: Am I just terrible?
there are some games that are truly un-winnable because people are 0/7 or something, but the only thing you can do is get better and not tilt. always remember there are people out there that could get on your account and be diamond 1 within a week with 80% winrate. You can only control yourself. Just focus on becoming better and don't worry about anything else. Skill is the only thing that matters in the long run. If you're good enough you can pull yourself out of any elo hell
: When you jump on Zoe, so she uses one of her 2 flashes to get away...
: Please rate me based on the anime I watch
also, if you like Naruto/One-Piece another few good ones along the same lines are Bleach, InuYasha, and Yu Yu Hakusho. Sword art online is also amazing
: Please rate me based on the anime I watch
: The DZK conspiracy has made it to Polygon NEWS folks
Nice. Maybe this will force Riot to stop pretending that they aren't facing a massive community backlash right now. They might actually respond
: So two yordles walk into a bar
How bout this one: Two yordles walk into a bar. The bartender tells the male one to leave and come back after 2:30
Rioter Comments
: Riot, you have no excuse for defending Daniel Z Klein now.
Lol, a high ranking Rioter implying that men from their playerbase should kill themselves and the company does nothing. WOW this company is a joke
Rioter Comments
: Reddit mods actively censoring pax related posts
Yup, I posted a satire post on there about the whole PAX thing and it got instantly removed without so much as a mod comment saying it was removed or why. I broke no rules. They are just quietly censoring discussion on the topic. These boards are better
: As a white female, I should be allowed to be level 18 as soon as the game starts.
First off, as a white male I feel I must apologize for oppressing you and all other women you just by existing. Unfortunately, I've heard that white women will only start at level 15, starting at level 18 is reserved for minority women and trans women
: What's the point of the video ?
lol, it's just an old meme called a rick-roll. it's where you post a link to supposedly an article or something but it's just a link to that song
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AD Yuumi (NA)
: I've been exploring light changes to Morgana and so far nothing I've tried has stuck. Her kit is already great as it is on live, so we're only going to make small changes if it is clear that they make her better. We're totally fine shipping ZERO gameplay changes to Morg if we can't find anything that meets the high bar her current kit already sets.
As a Morgana one trick for 4 seasons I'm very happy to hear this lol. I mostly play her Mid lane and honestly I don't think there's much you guys could change about her kit without changing the essence of who she is. A lot of people say the W and passive are pointless/not fun, but that's only kinda true in the Support role, and even then the W is still really good for poking the other bot lane or helping push the wave when you need to. In mid lane the W is absolutely essential for controlling the wave and zoning your opponent, and the passive is huge for out-sustaining them. She wouldn't be a viable mid laner without these. W is also a lot of fun to execute low health enemies with. Many times I've flashed and finished off someone with W at max range and it's awesome. I also love what you guys did the W recently to make it come off cooldown faster. The passive is also pretty great lategame, because when you have enough AP and you get a 4 or 5 man ult you regain a ton of health just from ulting, so you can flash in and ult with very low hp, heal a ton from the passive and a have a few seconds to re-position before using zhonyas. It's awesome. I think Morg is actually one of the most fun champs to play, and I hope you guys don't change much about her kit, or if you do change some things at least keep her viable in the mid lane. On a side not I LOVE the current Luden's Echo and I hope you guys never change it lol. Anyway, I'm really excited for this visual rework. All the visual reworks Riot has done like Aatrox, Akali, Sion, Warwick etc have looked awesome and I'm sure this one will too. One thing I'm hoping for with this rework is that Exiled Morgana's Q and W will be a similar color to her autoattack lol. Anyway I have faith in Riot that you guys will make a cool rework without changing the essence of who Morg is and the role she plays in the game
: High Ping: League Specific
yup also getting high ping right now, started about an hour ago. Getting 160-170 when i usually have 70. I did a winMTR traceroute and it shows that the lag is most likely on Riot's end
Rioter Comments
: Keep the new champ select, kill DQ for Ranked, give back Ranked 5's.
still waiting for Riot to bring back Solo Queue before I come back to this game. Dynamic queue is absolute crap
: next pacth nerf{{champion:50}} as fck i just played a game were we couldnt even damage him 5v1 and it was that the whole game so go fcking nerf the sht out of him or go fck u self i dont care if get banned just fcking nerf op broken sht champ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{{champion:50}}
Take ignite and rush morellos for the Grievous wounds and every time you go all-in on him ignite him as soon as he ults at the start of the fight
Zuil (NA)
: How about you stop complaining and just be glad you're getting better odds at getting your good roles than what it was before.
I used to get mid far more often in the old champ select xD
: When are we getting the option to choose only 1 role?
I'm in the same boat. My main role is mid and I'm also a decent support but if I do that I just get support every time which gets old fast. So I've been having to play ADC and jungle a lot and been doing terrible. I was plat last season now I'm stuck in Gold 4. And I know that if I could just play mid like 80% of the time I'd be back to plat already easy. I'm also thinking about quitting, the game's just not that fun if I can't ever play my best role. I've made multiple post about it and stuff and it seems like no one cares. I used to get mid more often in the old draft pick FFS
: Please Read \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
I've looked at some of your matches on OP.gg and noticed a couple things right away. First off your CS isnt really as high on average as you say it is. That Rengar game only 66 cs in a 30 minute game. Even for a jungler that is very low. The Orianna game a couple games below that you had 85 cs in a 32 minute game. Again, not to be mean but that's incredibly low. Another thing I noticed is that your deaths are generally really high. The rengar game you died 13 times and the ori game also 13 times. The one Jhin game you had 25 kills which looks good on paper, but you also had 23 deaths which is bad. Think about it, that means you gave the enemy team almost as much gold as you got from kills. The Irelia game you are 11/12, which again even though you have a decent amount of kills is actually a bad score. You have to start thinking of every death as a mistake. Every time you die, it's because you messed up in some way no matter how troll your team is or how hard they baited you into dying. It's your mistake every time so every time you die you have to think "how can I avoid dying like that in the future?". There are some deaths that are "worth" like dying for an inhib but for now you should just focus on not dying. Every death gives gold to the enemy team and takes you out of the game for a number of seconds and during that time you can't farm or put any pressure on the enemy team. And pressure is very important in this game. The fact that you say your early farm is good but your overall farm numbers are so low, and your deaths are so high tells me that you spend early game maybe farming decently but playing way too aggressively and probably get ganked a lot and stuff. Then mid and late game you probably roam around trying to get in fights and get kills and probably chase enemies too much instead of focusing on getting turrets and securing dragons. This game is more like a game of chess than it is an action game, you have to start changing your mindset to value turrets and inhibs over kills. Everyone wants to see teamfights but this game is all about objectives. You need to start thinking about what objectives you can take. Every time you win a teamfight ask yourself "what can we take now?". Then take what objectives you can but DONT overstay with low health when the enemy team is about to respawn. That's a huge source of throws. Also, if you have taken the mid inhib, NEVER keep grouping mid while their inhib is down. If you have super minions attacking down mid lane, one of them will have to defend mid which means you already have pressure in that lane. Which means you can create a situation bot or top where you are taking a turret or inhib 5v4. That's how you close out a game, by putting continous pressure on the enemy team when you have an advantage and taking every lane's inhib. Grouping mid when you already have the mid inhib is another huge source of throws. Also, don't ever chase people over huge distances to try and get kills, especially into areas where you have no vision. Always prioritize farm over kills. If there's 15 minions gathered up in front of you and a low HP enemy running away, ALWAYS just take the CS instead of chasing. If you can't kill him in the first few seconds of chasing, stop chasing and go take the minions because 15 minions is just as much gold as a kill but with very low risk. Last thing is lower your champion pool a bit to like 2-3 champs. Normally for bronze/silver players I would say stay away from yasuo because he's kind of hard to master but you seem to do well with him. Then pick like 2 others and stick with that. It's a lot easier to climb when you use a small champ pool of champs you know very well. Don't lose hope, it took me almost 900 ranked games to get out of Bronze. I used to think I'd never get out too and made a post similar to yours about a year ago on here. Last season I peaked at Plat 4 with 50LP so it can definitely be done. Just remember there are boosters out there who could boost thru bronze with 90% win rate easily, so it is carry-able. Don't worry about your team.
Fikule (EUW)
: Primary Role at least 1 Game in 10?
Yeah Riot doesn't really care if people are getting their roles or not. But hey at least people still buy all those sweet skins am i rite?
: Is ranked team queue still a thing?
Nope they took it out of the game permanently along with teambuilder and Dominion. Because that's what makes the game better, removing modes.
: Leagues is on a downhill for me and i dont have fun now. What are peoples opinions on the game now?
Well let's see: I can't ever play mid anymore (my main role) because it's almost impossible to get in Dynamic queue. I have to wait through 5 dodges to get into a game and when I do I'm playing with or against pre-mades all the time. There are people who only play in pre-mades ranked on the same ladder as solo-only players like me. On top of that the balance in the game seems to have gone to sh*t. Never thought this company could destroy this game so hard in one fell swoop.
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i am jin (NA)
: "GG, ____ lost us the game for getting hooked"
Lol but seriously you could have good positioning and do some sick jukes for 10 of his grabs but if he hits you on that 11th one you're still screwed.
Dr Pump (NA)
: Does Riot Ignore Us?
Yeah it sure feels like it. Simple things like wanting to be able to queue for just one role go ignored....
: get a 5 man?
I'm considering that. The thing is then I can only play mid when at least like 3 of those people are online instead of just playing it whenever I want. But yeah I'm basically stuck between either joining some kind of serious 5 man or just quitting the game at this point.
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: Primary/Secondary? More like youre getting secondary.
Yeah completely agree with you, just made a post about this myself. Sadly it seems like no one cares about us mid mains, least of all riot. As long as a bunch of casuals keep playing and buying RP for skins they're happy. I totally understand the mid feeding thing. Like when you haven't had mid in 7 games and you just see some dude get mid that doesn't ward at all, doesn't roam and has crap CS in an easy matchup and you're just like "wtf how did the system give mid to this guy and not me?"
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Lyless (NA)
: I have tried almost every champ in this game.....
You can carry out of bronze with any champ. Warwick would be easy. People don't counter jungle very well in bronze. Just focus on farming to level 6 with the most efficient route possible and then gank a lane every time your ult is up and while it isn't up farm your devourer. Just don't get too greedy with the ganks and go tower diving or anything.
: It's obvious why riot is removing Dominion
Not sure you're being downvoted. If you think your precious twisted treeline or whatever is safe from being removed you're in for a rude awakening. It's Season 6 2016, the game's more popular than ever and this billion-dollar company is removing game-modes from their game...
: "No Such Thing As Elo Hell"
There's no elo hell. No matter how many troll things happen to you on your team, there's just as much chance of them happening to the enemy team in any given game. You gotta remember that.
: Bring back TEAM BUILDER, please!
I agree. I don't see how something like Dominion that most people even forgot exists is allowed to stay but the only mode in which you could pre-pick your desired champ and role is removed??
: Mage recommendations for mid lane.
I've always been a {{champion:25}} one trick pony and usually I play her mid. Morg is good because when you have 3 ranks in W it's enough to kill the ranged creeps of a wave, and maybe the melee depending what items you've bought. That means she's very good at controlling a minion wave because you can instantly push whenever you want and force the other guy under tower. She's a very safe pick but at the same time very good at putting pressure on people. Also, people tend to underestimate her damage especially her LV6 all in. If you can farm really well and get large rod on first back you will have a ton of kill potential in lane. With black shield it's easy to get away from ganks and her Q makes people tilt. She's also very strong in teamfights because of her ult and therefore good at roaming and counter-ganking. A lot of people say she doesnt have late game damage but a lot of the time I do the highest damage on my team. Her Q is 90% AP ratio so if you can hit a lot of them you'll be doing a lot of damage.
: Why Master Yi has such insane long cooldowns on everything?
Can't tell if this is a troll but I'm gonna take the bait. Master Yi is an assassin that is based on resets, meaning his cooldowns go down when you get a kill or assist or are attacking, so you're supposed to use him in such a way that you make maximum use of his resets. That's what makes up for his long CD's. His ult gets extended if you get a kill or assist and his alpha strike resets quickly if you are auto attacking. Yes his W cooldown is a bit long but it's also quite broken with blocking half of incoming damage. I sometimes run CDR blues on him it helps even more. And make sure you run tons of attack speed so his double strike procs more often and his alpha strike comes up as fast as possible.
: Who should i main this season?
How do you plan on playing mid only when it's almost impossible to get mid these days with the 2 role thing?
eatsnails (EUW)
: From S4 to B4 after my qualifying games in season 6. How the hell is that possible??
That's not even that bad of a drop. I went from plat 5 to silver 2 after winning half my placement games.
: Lost my series after winning a game? seriously riot?
Yeah it sounds like you made a pretty decent contribution to your team winning the game before you DC'd. That's different than being DC all game and not helping your team. I think you deserved the win
: If Dynamic queue had a single role
Of course they would stop. Being forced to play 2+ roles is dumb it's no wonder people are complaining. I'm willing to wait a few extra minutes to guarantee I play mid.
Craig (NA)
: Riot, since you're effectively screwing over pure SOLO Queue players with this delayed release, you
Yeah I was really excited for solo queue to come out, and I still am excited. But I'm getting the feeling that Riot doesn't want it to succeed and might even be purposely trying to make it fail so they can remove it again and say "I told you so" like you said. I've heard they're going to have no rewards for solo queue in order to basically force most people to play dynamic. I don't know if thats really true though. I'm actually ok with playing placements again though because I don't want people's messed up skewed rankings from dynamic to go over to solo queue. To be fair though they did say it would come in a "few weeks" and that was only 2 weeks ago so I'm still hoping for the best. I don't play for rewards like skins and stuff I just play for the ranking, but no rewards would definitely drive a lot of people away from solo queue.
: 4 Years, and I'm tired.
There's no elo hell man but you'll never get better if you don't have the motivation to get better.
Rioter Comments
: Yes this dual role system is bullshit, im jungle/supp player and i set mid as secondary just to be able to play jungle even if i suck as mid.
Yeah and the problem with that is when those people who put mid as secondary when they don't play mid actually get it while I'm stuck with support for the 6th game in a row. Then that person feeds and sucks at mid and I'm sitting there like "How the F did he get mid over me? WTF riot"
: How am I supposed to operate in this system as a mid/support player?
You just quit the game until riot fixes this terrible system like I'm doing. I'm also a mid/support, and playing support every single game and never getting mid is just not fun at all. The fix is easy, either allow us to queue for one role and incentivize support with some kind of ip bonus, or just bring back teambuilder so we can at least have a queue where we can practice what we want if we aren't getting it in ranked.
: Can we have team builder back yet?
Yeah the only way I could play TF or Ahri mid now is to go blind pick and autolock that champ and say "mid only." Then just keep doing that until someone doesnt dodge. I don't want to be toxic but that's literally the only way to play mid anymore it's kind of sad
1 Wing (NA)
: What if I like playing more than 2 roles?
What if I like playing LESS than 2 roles? I should be able to queue for only one
Ancestor007 (EUNE)
: Petition to bring back team builder
Yup I'm in the same boat. This is BS
: Either NA has a **very** different playing pattern than EUW or this myth needs to stop. I get mid more than 50% of my games...
Yeah the problem is that I main Morgana, which means the only reasonable role to queue up for other than mid is support. I don't mind playing support but the thing is I don't find it that fun and I DONT want to play it every game. If I queue up as mid/support I get support every time with an instant queue pop. So the way I see it here are my options: 1. Become a forced support main and forget about mid, which like I said is not that fun for me 2. Spend hundreds of hours getting good at top/jungle/adc which are all roles I don't find as fun 3. Find a few other people who are looking for a mid main to play with in a team on a regular basis What can I say, I just want to sit down on the couch and practice mid without having to find a bunch of people to play with every time. I guess I'm screwed lol.
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