: Quinn Changes Coming Soon - Strike from the Sky!
1. Would not trade 3 ad early for 7 ad late. Quinn starting ad is already low compared to other ADCs. With the recent -5 damage to minions, that can be hard to last hit. Fact is Quinn is only a bully in lane against brusier, against pure tanks she can't do anything anyways. If you had to reduce her early game power, I rather you lower the passive proc damage very slightly. This way, we can still CS properly. 2. With the nerf to duskblade coming, revert Skystrike damage back to 100% ad. Skystrike damage is so low you can't even last hit minions with it. This change was made because duskblade was too strong on Quinn anyways. 3. Q blind currently has a delay, make it so that the blind applies instantly as soon as Q lands. Some things I want to clarify. With the R changes. If I'm understanding this correctly, Quinn now has 4 passive proc in one rotation? That does seem like a big buff, when dealing with tanks at least. Personally, I like the fact that Quinn is a niche pick. Quality of life changes, bug fixes and revert skystrike damage is good enough for me. I'm an experience Quinn main btw.
: Patch 7.24b notes
Hey Riot, please fix this huge Quinn bug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_nVEVdX-Uc
GarfieId (NA)
: You have a chance man i was banned for excessive toxicity - it was bad- 5 months later i appealed and got it reduced to a secondc14 day ban
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: Patch 7.24 notes
Pls fix this Quinn bug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_nVEVdX-Uc Quinn ult does no damage 50-75% of the time. This is a huge bug and is the reason why her winrate is tanking right now.
: Patch 7.23 notes
Fix this Quinn bug pls, it is making her UNPLAYABLE atm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_nVEVdX-Uc
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: Midseason Durability - Goals and Direction
Pls fix Quinn ult damage. The damage is so low you can't even last it with or wave clear anymore. Just remove the damage all together if you're gonna make it so useless.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 14
Hello, I would like to give my opinion on the Quinn changes. A rioter recently posted on /r/Quinnmains and I sent him a message which I will copy/paste below. Rioter phroxz0n's post: https://www.reddit.com/r/QuinnMains/comments/5yxm2z/quinn_experimental_changelist_thoughts_appreciated/ My summoner profile: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=simply+nora "Before I give you my opinion I'll say a little about who I am. I had over 600 games on Quinn last season and was the highest ranked Quinn one trick in NA. The 7.6 change with W attack speed increase and reduced ult damage is meant to be power neutral change but if it goes through it will be a definite nerf. This is because reducing ult damage hurts Quinn's waveclear power. At live, Quinn can easily clear a wave with Q + Ult dmg. I believe the change was intended to reduce Quinn's burst damage. If this is the case, you guys should just reduce E damage. This will have the same intended effect of reducing Quinn's burst but not hurting Quinn's waveclear. I would also like to remind you guys that Quinn's current power comes from lethality and you should consider this before making changes." TL:DR Quinn heavily relies on her Ult damage to waveclear. The purposed change will have the unintended effect of nerfing her instead of a power neutral change. Reducing Quinn's E damage is the better solution to gating Quinn's assassination power.
: Heartseeker Quinn Feedback Thread
I think her stance needs to be changed. The skin is so feminine yet she is standing weird, it doesn't fit. Her color scheme should be looked at too. Should have some RED in there, similar to Vayne's skin.
Meddler (NA)
: Possibly. Melee only's also on the table though.
What about AD casters? Varus, Jayce, and Quinn all use GB/Dusk. This would completely destroy them.
: Can Quinn Get Her +2 AD Back?
@RiotRepertoir don't forget about Quinn yet, pls.
: Agreed, she's just too outshined by the bruiser meta. I played a game against a Fiora who rushed Ninja Tabi, and with that item alone, my damage to her was laughable.
Ninja is probably one of the biggest problem. Not just for Quinn but all ADCs.
: As a Quinn main while that sounds great I honestly think she is a bit to strong (look at past patch winrates) and the only reason they don't nerf her is the small player base.As soon as she starts getting played everyone will complain and shell probally get nerfed, sense when she is talked about its how cancer Quinn is.
You're Bronze 2 with 10 games play...
: ok? back in season 4 nid had to her AD reduced from 54 to 48 because her top lane was oppressive and she had her attack speed reduced as well. this never got reverted this when they threw her into the jungle and she hasn't been able to lane for 2 seasons. riot doesn't take these things into consideration at all. and besides {{champion:133}} IS strong
Right, now Nidalee is dead as a solo laner. Maybe they should gut Quinn solo lane and put her in the jungle too. G8 idea.
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: The renekton one wasnt a bug any damage you take cancles ur ult and renektons ult dmg got it so you got off valor but nice try other ones are legit
The bug is at the first part where ult got cancelled instantly at tower, not the renekton part.
Saixos (EUW)
: The IBG one is just that our ult gets canceled by CC as well as damage, though only damage is on the tooltip. Frost Queens Claim and Jhin's traps shouldn't cancel our ult either, if we're to believe the tooltip. There's also another one: Usually when Quinn E's a target over a wall, she vaults over the wall and doesn't bounce back, instead knocking the enemy back a further distance and landing on the opposite side of the wall. If the enemy uses a dash to get over the wall I.E. Lee Sin W while we're already vaulting, then we'll bounce back over the wall instead of staying on the correct side. This also applies to stuff like turrets if the enemy champion moves behind the structure as we vault, we get thrown back over the turret at a further distance instead of staying on the same side as our target. You should hopefully be able to find a video of this one fairly easily Nora.
CC shouldn't cancel ult because it is not on tooltip. Yeah, I know what bug you're talking about. I'll try to find a video.
: For the 2nd one IBG aoe does dmg which would break your ult.
It was the slow field. No damage was taken.
: 3 Very Harmful Quinn Bug
The Insta-ult cancel bug is the most prevalent one, so pls at least fix that one first. It happens when you are autoing and trying to Ult.
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: Quinn Passive Bug Please Fix (Video Inside)
Just read patch 6.9, thank you Riot for fixing this bug :)
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