: 2016 ranked season ends soon
Yes ranked should return sooner! Im all for it. The game is in a pretty good state so please don't make too many changes. Focus the work on your new client.
: Many of us do. We cared about AD bruiser Malph. We cared about AP Sion. We cared about AP GP. We would have liked to have decent AP ratios on Lucian instead of the joke he has. We cared about support Fiddle, jungle Fiddle, Fiddle at all. We cared about how elastic old Karma was, or Lulu. We cared about the time when ADCs could be taken mid as casters. We cared about being able to just have fun and be more balanced than the intended playstyle.
"Many of us do" wtf ? Stop predenting others people like wierd stuff like you. You are the only person who complained about her rework so far.
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y0 cats (NA)
: solid patch
: Patch 5.19 notes
Can't wait to play my lovely {{champion:21}} once again ! Btw #CLGWIN
: Championship Kalista Rises
Cancer champ get a new skin but Graves can't have ....
Totalis (NA)
: Share your picks here!
Group A & C is the same for me. Group B, I put Fnatic 1st and iG 2nd. Group D, I put Origen 3rd and TSM 4th.
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: Good, but a couple small problem, you always worked from the best teams in the region down, when in my mind, and this is a matter of opinion, it is more dramatic to build up from the 3rd seed to the first seed. Also, not enough focus on Taiwan in my mind. Still nice video, well put together.
Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it. I know I didn't put enough focus on some teams but I thought my video would be too long If i did.
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: ZION SPARTAN, HAI (Best SHot Calling NA), Incarnation, Sneaky, Aphromoo = Best team NA. Bjerg has lost his spot as best Mid NA. Step it up Bjerg cause you are no longer the best!
Hai, Incarnation and Sneaky ? c9 fan spotted haha ! Honestly, Rush is better than Hai, Bjergsen is better than Incarnation and DL is better than sneaky
: Who will represent China at Worlds?
If EDG doesnt make it to Worlds its gonna be the biggest upset ever. Im rooting for QG and EDG.
: 2016 Spring Promotion Tournament
I think SK, Gambit and Team 8 will stay in LCS while Enemy Esports will get relegated.
: Who will be the king of the hill in the Korean Regional Qualifiers?
I really wish for CJ ENTUS but I have a feeling it will be KT ROLSTER.
: TSM and CLG battle in the 2015 NA LCS Summer Split Finals
Really hoping for CLG because I prefer their players and their team strategy. Anyway even if TSM lose they are still going to Worlds unlike CLG.
: L.O.L being a sport
The question is: Why do you care so much about it ? If you don't agree with the term then fine but stop qq about it.
Cantrips (NA)
: Flaresz may have had trouble in a lot of ways, but he also contributed heavily. He saved his carries from ignites with clutch Shen ults more than once in the regular season, and he brings a lot to the table. Just because he's not as good as some of the other NA top laners doesn't mean he should be replaced... or did you have a better top laner already picked out? Will this new person work with the team's interpersonal relationships? What do they contribute that's measurably better than Flaresz? Calm down, mate. I don't think you're quite ready to be a manager, yet.
Always someone who can't face the truth.... He didn't bring anything to the team. I never said I wanted to be a manager but its quite obvious that they need to make some roster changes. I bet they will relegated in Challenger series anyway.
: I find this comment to be funny and hypocritical. Annie can 1 shot anyone? what about viktor? what about azir which has a plethora of range and poke, what about orianna which can harass you every time you try to cs? There are a plethora of champs that are worse in lane than annie, just cause you have bad experiences against annie doesn't make her a bs champ, there are worse matchups but you decide to complain
Im not talking about MYSELF. I never mid but whenever there is Annie in enemy team she get fed so easily. You can't compare Viktor and Orianna to her. Annie has a cc stun, she can flash ult stun and nothing you can do about it. Viktor and Ori can't cc you. Go home.
: So you're asking for Otter to move from his main position since the creation of the role just to replace an under-performing teammate? So instead of bringing in a new top laner, you want them to swap Otter over and change the ADC?
Nah Otter stay adc and they look for a new top laner. Thats what i want
: Then i guess you should be in challenger then, too, huh? If it's that easy, then abuse it, but it isn't, so just shut up, because you are ignorant and know very little about what it takes to be a top tier player.
Im not talking about Annie Bot im talking about Annie players in general from any elo. Im not ignorant, im talking about what ive seen. You stfu little fool.
: Hard Main: Annie Bot, Challenger Annie Main
Annie... such a bs champ. She can 1 shot anyone in the mid lane and you can't do anything about it. Once she get 1 kill, she snowball so hard... No skills required.
NA Danny (NA)
: They do have a korean! CLG Huhi!
: maybe he has enough confidence in TL to win the regional qualifiers, I'm pretty confident they would if they go there, anyways I'm rooting for CLG like always
Exactly, Im pretty sure TSM and CLG will have 1st and 2nd seeds and Team Liquid will win Regionnals.
: Doublelift and Counter Logic Gaming step up in the 2015 NA LCS Summer Semifinals
Im rooting for CLG, mainly because they are a funny team with cool members like Zion and Aphro and they are the only NA team without any koreans. Also, im tired of TSM winning the playoffs split after split :P
: Ask the Pros: Enemy Esports' Otter
My question to Otter is: Are you gonna replace Flaresz ? This guy was the worst player of the split by far.
jenmeyer (NA)
: Support Remilia and other female players
The problem is girl gamers don't have the same mindset as guys. They are rarely competitive. They mostly play for fun. Also, I think they would get distracted more easily by social medias, fans, etc.
: says fresh faces, icon is of a team that has a world champion on it -_-
The guy was talking about seeing new teams at Worlds. Its always been c9 and tsm.
OHminus (NA)
: I would like fresh faces from NA competing at Worlds. TSM, please lose.
FeedBoy (NA)
: Tsm will win without a problem! They will probably ban or take away fenix's Azir forcing him onto something not as comfortable. Dyrus will also crush lane if he goes olaf and gets ahead of quas in cs like the other 2 games most likely becoming a huge carry threat again. And sorry TL fans i dont think Piglet is gonna get another blind baron steal to win a game. #TEESM WIN
Good joke right there. Fenix is comfortable on a lot of champs other than Azir. Quas is way better than Dyrus, they won't let him have his Olaf. Piglet, even if he dont steal baron, hes like 10 times better than Turtle.
Vasooooo (EUW)
: Are you saying he made an Impact on the LCS?
: #KeepRemilia I am going to post this as many times and as many places as possible in the hopes she realizes how much she means to Renegades fans. Every single member of that Renegades team put their hearts into everything and played so well as a team... To lose one member would be heartbreaking. This type of synergy is incredibly hard to find and I hope her and RF both choose to stay. Congratulations Renegades!
I wouldn't mind if RF didn't stay. He was underperforming in my opinion.
: 5 big questions going into the LPL Playoffs
My favourite LPL teams are EDG, QG and LGD. EDG will probably end 1st, LGD 2nd and QG 3rd.
: TIP and TSM look ahead to Semifinals slugfests
Really hoping that TL and CLG make it to the Finals
: I don't dislike TSM
I hate TSM fans too. They always chant TSM even where it don't belong...
: I am sure you do not. That is why you waste your time calling stomps over teams that got into play-offs when they were not stomped during regular split. Who from TL lcs team do you say you are, child?
Giants got stomped in the regular season just like in the playoffs. Learn your lcs
: He actually resemble xiaoweixiao as well, the coincidence. Gate is probably xiaoweixiao in disguise
XWX is more chubby and cute tho
: Who will come out on top at the NA LCS Summer Quarterfinals?
I hope TIP and GV win but TSM will probably end up winning because they are good in Bo5.
: Calling it right now. H2K and ROCCAT are winning.
Probably yes but I think they will stand no chances in the Semi Finals against OG and FNC.
lLerc (NA)
: It's funny how when TSM does bad, everyone else comments about their favorite team being Gravity or Liquid... Smells like a trolley of bandwaggoners. Not saying there's never been genuine fan-bases of other teams, it just seems almost convenient to begin your cheer when things go well, for "your" team. Just food for thought, probably going to get flamed, but it's okey, everyone has an opinion. Onto Predictions: TSM TL TIP "THE TRIPLE T" Side note- Yes I'm choosing TSM because they're my favorite, and to do otherwise would bring shame to what it meeans to be a fan. Win or Lose #BayLyfe4Lyfe Night Summoners.
Well, I never been a fan of TSM even when they did good. You have to stop thinking everyone like TSM lol
Vyvox (NA)
: In my opinion: Dig and Gravity have nothing left and won't win any series. TSM has looked weak and is unlikely to improve quickly enough to win the playoffs. TIP, CLG, and TL are the only teams playing at a quality level, but TIP is crippled without a strong mid laner and is unlikely to defeat clg and team liquid. CLG is looking fantastic, yet they always seem to choke when it matters... I believe TL will win the playoffs with CLG 2nd and TIP 3rd
You and me think exactly the same :P I really think TL or CLG will win the finals
: i find it extremely bizarre that hardly anyone is even CONSIDERING tip, like, they've had convincing wins against all the top tier teams, and even though TL won that final game in week 9, i thought that tip overall played a lot better & won the majority of the teamfights... my predictions are 1st tip, 2nd tl, & 3rd clg or gravity(more likely clg, considering gravity's last couple of weeks)
Yeah TIP have a good chance to win too but I think with newcomer Gate and their communication problems it will show in a Bo5 format. I think they would had more chances with XWX. Also, TL vs TIP game ended up close but remember that TL was dominating early :P I don't think they will make the same mistake again of throwing over and over. Well, hopefully!
Cantrips (NA)
: Having the in-game skill and having an eye for constructive criticism are not the same thing. One can rightfully observe that NA has parity ("Mediocrity" feels a bit strong, though, doesn't it?) from any skill tier. Just because one might not be able to reproduce skilled results doesn't mean they can't understand them. Not to mention, I'm only in Silver, but my tournament record includes significant victories over teams populated with Gold through Diamond ranked players, clearly "above my skill level". In other words, lay off, guys. He's right, overall. (I still disagree with that use of the word "mediocrity", though.)
People are overconfident that EU > NA but other than Fnatic none of the EU teams are better than NA. TL,CLG,TIP are all on Origen level in my opinion. Also, they keep saying that because of TSM got rekt by FNC at MSI but TSM is currently not a good team, let FNC play against the best teams of NA and see what happen next.
: salt TL fans ..
: Giants' leap from near-relegation to Playoffs in one Split
Recent success ? They will get stomped in the quarterfinals ...
: Pros predict the 2015 NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs
Pretty sure it's gonna be TL or CLG winning the Playoffs. TSM and DIG will get eliminated first.
: Dyrus is right. TSM will take 1st place. TSM! TSM! TSM!
Kereda (NA)
: Says the video was posted on august 6th. It's the 5th though.
Who care about the date ? It's like you have nothing to say.
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: What 3 teams would you like to see go to worlds from NA or EU.
For NA: -TL -CLG -TIP For EU: -FNC -H2K -OG
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