: Omg I'd mute u first 2 mins in game
Lost R (NA)
: Because even kids love looking at tits and the sex negative puritan roots of this country demonized the natural female body and labelled it as evil and you're a fucking tool for buying into that narrative? I was seven when I first played Duke Nukem 3D, and in that game, there's a strip club where one of the dancers unclasps her top and flashes her tits at you. Even at that time, a part of me thought "son of a bitch, if only it was a higher resolution." **S H A K E I T B A B Y**
Is that really your justification for the hypersexualization of women by a company currently facing multiple sexual harassment lawsuits? You're adorable. People also love drugs but I wouldn't use that as the reasoning for it being a good thing. The female figures in this game are unrealistic and for the most part look like they were drawn by a teenager with fantasy fetishes.
: some might say the real joke is a grown person unable to follow the simple rules of a game made for children
You just explained why the game is so intolerable. People trying to take it seriously and climb ranked are bogged down by children that have 0 actual video game experience. And if it really is meant for children why are there so many oversized boobs?
: > [{quoted}](name=SingedSupport,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=mdKzweaB,comment-id=000300000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-16T06:31:03.239+0000) > > People like you are the reason I enjoyed playing singed support lol Is that how you recover from having your claims destroyed, threatening you'd grief their games? Okay. But still, I don't really give a shit what kind of support you use, so long it's workable (so not something like Yi support) and you're also trying to make it work. So long as Singed supp you don't start spamming Q all over the lane for the explicit purpose of ruining the lane partner's laning or do other stupid shit like that to grief on purpose, I don't give a shit. And when you do, that's no different to any kinds of griefing and not specifically to do with Singed. And if this is the admission that you've been trolling games for a while now by choosing Singed supp and then ruin games on purpose with it, then are you surprised you're permaed? So jokes on you.
You still waste your life on playing this game. that's the real joke lol. being perma'd woke me up to how bad this game is for peoples' physical health. It's programmed to be 1 step forward and 2 steps back.
: > [{quoted}](name=SingedSupport,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=mdKzweaB,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-16T06:24:23.612+0000) > > Because the 1st amendment. boom I win https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/free_speech.png
People like you are the reason I enjoyed playing singed support lol
Prandine (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SingedSupport,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=mdKzweaB,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-09-16T04:48:07.175+0000) > > I typed bird 57 times in a 40+ minute game as a response to anyone that wrote anything to me because I was playing anivia. I'm no math major but 1 .33 birds per minute isn't really spam. All the other chat 'problems' aside why is slightly negative chat treated with more severity than actually ruining the game via trolling? You can always mute toxic chat but you can't mute toxic game play behavior which is more game impacting than someone just talking. When are you going to implement a system that punishes people for deliberately ruining games through game play rather than just chat? The thing is those types of players do get banned with a 14-day ban for the first offense, but it's just not as common to see posts from people who were banned for trolling because: 1) The system has to be sure the act is intentional and deliberate and not just having a bad game or two. Because of this it unfortunately takes longer than we would like to punish them compared to simple chat related offenses (which the mute button does not excuse btw). 2) Those players often already know what they did wrong and thus have no need to complain about it on the forums. As for chat related offenses being treated more harshly, that's not really the case, as outside of egregious instances of poor chat behavior (death threats/wishes, racist comments, etc.) that earn a 2-week ban first offense, people are given at least 4 chances to improve their chat behavior, with the first 2 of those punishments being chat restrictions. The thing is though the IFS is based on consistency X severity, meaning that even mild/tame instances of poor behavior, can eventually earn the same punishment as more severe cases of poor behavior if it's consistent enough. Chat is meant to be used as a tool for communication, and if you're just using it to spam, insult and/or harass others rather than play the actual game itself then I see no reason why you shouldn't be held accountable for that poor behavior, which includes actual game bans if the chat restrictions don't work out to stop it.
: The ability to play on a new account doesn't negate the benefits of permabanning toxic players. If every single one of them did that, then it would at least be a minor punishment, taking away their unlocked skins, icons, champs, and so on. Any who don't do that are removed from the game and the problem is solved in at least those instances. Quite frankly, Riot and 99.994% of the playerbase (people without permabans, according to Riot's figures on this, which I see no reason to doubt) don't give one whit for how permabanned players feel about being ejected from the game for consistently appalling behavior. Most permabanned players stop playing the game. It's extremely rare for a permabanned player to be so oblivious and/or unbalanced that they accumulate multiple permabans on a series of accounts. Riot does not have the wherewithal to prevent that except when a highly-visible player (such as a popular streamer) engages in this behavior, in which case they may issue an ID ban (Riot employees manually ban any account that such a player is seen to use). Riot's punishment system used to hand out stacking chat restrictions, such that consistently toxic players basically had a permanent chat restriction. Unfortunately, it turns out that such players used their few chat opportunities to be toxic, and, when they couldn't be as toxic as they wanted to, they resorted to committing non-chat offenses such as griefing (following someone around and taking their farm, using wall abilities to interfere with their play, etc.) or inting. The purpose of the punishment system is to eliminate rule-breaking, not make it worse. Thus, if a couple chat restrictions don't make any difference in a player's misbehavior, the system ramps up the punishments until the player is permabanned and thus unable to use that account to break any more rules ever again. Riot used to give toxic players a long series of gradually-increasing suspensions. However, they found that players who got more than a few punishments would never stop misbehaving and receiving punishments. As the goal of the punishment system is to eliminate rule-breaking and Riot has absolutely no interest in coddling toxic players, the system was changed to eliminate this long tail of irredeemable players. Compared to the hundreds or even thousands of typical players who are bothered over dozens or hundreds of matches ruined by a toxic player, that one player's ability to annoy people merits no sympathy or concern. The preferred outcome of punishing a misbehaving player is reform: according to Riot's figures, most players who get one punishment never get another. However, when a player refuses to stop breaking the rules after a few warnings (punishments), they are removed from the game with a permaban because Riot no longer believes them capable of reform. The money Riot gains from duplicate purchases on serial permabanned players' accounts pales in comparison to the many typical players driven away by toxic customers. It is not a conspiracy. Riot just doesn't want those toxic players to play the game anymore.
: It eventually drives them away as they get sick of being permabanned over and over. That, and a small, dense barrier of toxicity is less harmful to the game than it just festering everywhere. At least with the dense barrier you can say "Just play a few games and you'll get past it".
honest to god I actually had the most fun playing this game as Singed support and just running around lane to lane ruining the game for my team. People would lose their shit and I could just report them after getting player punished box after player punished box but I would be unscathed because I wouldn't chat and I'd just spam laugh on their dead bodies. Sure my mmr took a hit but I've lost all hope in climbing to plat in solo q which I know I'm capable of.
: Singed support pray your accounts dont last long.
That's toxic bruh you should be perma banned
: What makes you think that spamming chat is acceptable? That's disturbing the game because it interferes with good communication. You certainly didn't get banned just for typing "bird," as there are other problems with your chat.
I typed bird 57 times in a 40+ minute game as a response to anyone that wrote anything to me because I was playing anivia. I'm no math major but 1 .33 birds per minute isn't really spam. All the other chat 'problems' aside why is slightly negative chat treated with more severity than actually ruining the game via trolling? You can always mute toxic chat but you can't mute toxic game play behavior which is more game impacting than someone just talking. When are you going to implement a system that punishes people for deliberately ruining games through game play rather than just chat?
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: "you cant fire me! I quit!" zzzz
I was being dead serious. I've rollercoastered all up and down gold elo wasting whole days and getting 0 progress out of it and it just leaves me frustrated because the ranking system doesn't reward solo q players who are good.
: sadly you don't have to be really toxic to get perma banned in league just be a bit toxic and write enough times in chat and the automated system will ban you
Basically. What's funny is some asshole already downvoted your comment because they disagree or are still indoctrinated
: you were told when you got your 14 day suspension that **ANY NEGATIVITY** would result in a perma ban >This isn't even super toxic so you admit it is toxic ("super" or not is irrellevant), which would fall into the **ANY NEGATIVITY** category, so here we are
This game is unbalanced dogshit anyway. Honestly my life has always been more positive outside of video games when I don't play this troll filled, impossible to climb mess. So +1 for life happiness
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: Just CC, and nuke him. It works on 100% of the champions in lategame. His ult can be negated with QSS. Mobile ranged champs can beat him on lane. With these added he is perfectly balanced.
> [{quoted}](name=The Kombinator,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZFeU8J8M,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-09-05T10:31:25.445+0000) > > Just CC, and nuke him. It works on 100% of the champions in lategame. > With your astounding logic I'm shocked you don't have 100% win rate. The game is so simple when you put it that way. /sarcasm/
: He cant spam pull. Its early cd is so long it can barely be used once a wave and even late game its super punishing to miss a pull
Even if the cd is long you can't fight him at close range and he just has to keep trying until he lands a pull. No AD mid can fight him and win and ap casters die instantly if pulled. The point of a balanced game ins't to give a single champion the ability to counter 75% of the other champs without any sort of consequence. Pyke is a perfect example of a new champ, ad based, "support", that has no penalty for committing to a dive because he has a second mobility ability that gets him out of danger. I'm sick of champs that have no negative consequences for missing their abilities.
: I play Kayle into him. Works pretty nice. If he ukts you I ult myself and use zhonyas after. You can usually duel him easily anyway though after 3 items and level 11 on kayle.
The problem with morde though is he used to be an ap tank without range or cc and now he has both which counters most ap casters because if he misses he just plays back until his pull is up again. Once again like someone else already said, playing away from morde isn't countering him, it's refusing to play.
Bârd (NA)
: Nope. With the exception of Malz, who is my B, all of them can. Morde's R works like so. * He presses R on a target. * He raises his Mace and applies a 75% slow for 0.5 seconds. * Drags Morde and Target to death realm. If the target is untargetable, unstoppable, or invisible at the moment they would be pulled into the death realm, Morde is unable to pull them into the Death Realm so the Banish doesn't happen, but his R is already on CD. As for how all these champions avoid it... I guess I need to break them down one by one. * Akali presses W and goes invisible. * Camille presses R and goes untargetable. * Corki presses W with his package and becomes unstoppable. * Ekko presses R and goes untargetable. * Elise Rappels and becomes untargetable. * Eve presses R and goes untargetable. * Fizz presses R and goes untargetable. * Fiora presses W and becomes unstoppable. * Illaoi presses E and becomes unstoppable. * Hec presses R and becomes unstoppable. * Kalista presses R and her support becomes untargetable. * Kayn presses R and he becomes untargetable. * Kled presses R and becomes unstoppable. * Kha presses R and goes invisible. * Liss self-R's and becomes untargetable. * Malph presses R and becomes unstoppable. * Malz **does not work** because the slow breaks his shield and it's delayed by 0.5 seconds, and since Malz passive only lingers for 0.25 seconds it goes through. * Maokai presses W and goes untargetable. * Yi presses Q and goes untargetable. * Morg presses E and makes the target unstoppable. * Neeko presses W and goes invisible. * Noc spellshields it. * Ornn presses W and goes untargetable. * Pyke presses W and goes untargetable (only works for a max range Morde R) * Rek'sai presses R and goes untargetable. * Shaco presses R and goes untargetable or presses Q and goes invisible. * Shyv presses R and becomes unstoppable. * Sion presses R and becomes unstoppable. * Sivir spellshields it. * Kench makes his ally untargetable. * Kai'sa (who I missed the first time around) presses E and goes invisible. * Vayne presses R+Q and goes invisible. * Vi presses R and becomes unstoppable. * Vlad presses W and is untargetable. * WW presses R or holds Q and becomes unstoppable. * Xayah presses R and becomes untargetable. * Yuumi is just perpetually untargetable. * Zed presses R and goes untargetable. * Hourglass makes you untargetable. Sure, you can argue that a couple of these aren't feasible to repeat reliably in a real game (Vi would have to press R at the same time as Morde, for example) but every last one of these (except Malz) works. Second... yes, yes you can kite him. Just because you can't walk backwards forever doesn't mean you can't kite him. There are two main ways. 1. CC him for a large portion of the ult duration. 2. Kite backwards until you get to the edge of the ring and then use a mobility spell to *get on Morde's other side and do it again*. Whichever way you do it, as long as you dodge his E you're fine. Also, not that you'd ever want to, but you *can* control where you are in the ring. The center of the ring is always going to be a set distance in front of Mordekaiser when he casts it. It's not centered on you. This means that, if you're directly on top of Morde when the banish happens, you will be offset from the center of the arena and thus have plenty of room to kite backwards... but you're going to die because you put yourself on top of him. Third, yeah it is. That's just how positioning works. If Morde gets within 650 units of the carry he'll isolate and kill them, so don't let him get within 650 units. He's not tanky enough to deal with everybody hitting him at once, so have the other four, less important champions beat the shit out of him and force him to ult a suboptimal target. If you don't want to play like that, buy a QSS ya dork.
You're more than correct when you say none of that can be done reliably in a game because you'd have to have the reaction time of someone on methamphetamine, but the underlying problem is he's so tanky that kiting isn't really an option. If you have CC, you lack damage, if you have damage you don't have CC because all other champs are balanced in such a way. Morde is the one champ I've come across that has tankiness, range, ap damage, and a solo assassin ability that takes inhuman reaction time to counter. Sure your answer on paper looks like it works but I'm assuming like Riot, you don't actually play the game, because this isn't feasible in the real world.
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