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: Ayyy fellow Ahri patch player! Yeah looking back it's amazing how far we've come. The game was cozier, the community was friendlier, and the competition wasn't as fierce back in the good ol' days, but man oh man I used to have only 1 skin period (from the 400 RP) because I never spent money. We have just about double the content since that time, and it's amazing that Riot has been able to keep up somewhat with the balance. Some things I don't agree with, but at least it's not a cash grab game, at least it's not Blizzard, and at least we have a chance to talk with other Rioters in a "casual" setting (I'm sure the Rioters' buttholes quiver in fear after each post because of the toxicity over here).
> [{quoted}](name=Well I Say I Win,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LE5cB8Ri,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-06T09:40:55.334+0000) > > Ayyy fellow Ahri patch player! Yeah looking back it's amazing how far we've come. The game was cozier, the community was friendlier, and the competition wasn't as fierce back in the good ol' days, but man oh man I used to have only 1 skin period (from the 400 RP) because I never spent money. We have just about double the content since that time, and it's amazing that Riot has been able to keep up somewhat with the balance. Some things I don't agree with, but at least it's not a cash grab game, at least it's not Blizzard, and at least we have a chance to talk with other Rioters in a "casual" setting (I'm sure the Rioters' buttholes quiver in fear after each post because of the toxicity over here). I bet this place is like the Waiting Lobby of PUBG to them.
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yeulx (NA)
: Riot skips poolparty
I believe they did it as to make the SKT skins for the season. The skin team was occupied, and admittedly, it was an interesting series of e-sports skin as the actual players who played the champion to design the recall animation. They might not skip it if they don't have any large projects going on.
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: Do low ranks not know MR exists?
I agree. I have seen many ADCs who did not, say, build Mercurial Scimitar, or at the very least, a QSS early when faced with champions who have the ability to CC-chain. Being caught out is a thing, but with it, at the very least you can remove a debuff and flash (if you time it proper.) And at the very least, the MR on it would help reduce SOME of the damage (very small amount, but it might make a difference) Not to mention. Getting a goddamned Quicksilver Sash will remove the fish.
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: I have finally quit LoL - here's why
Dear people who have so far flamed about attention-grabbing and 'oh my god it's a game. everyone flames you. that's natural.' Please. The reason why videogame exists is to entertain ourselves. Every horror game we play as we anticipate the next jumpscare, every CoD or Halo games where some kid yells at the headset while someone decides to spawncamp or something... All of it are for fun. Designed for fun. And though yes, there is a bit of stress, in the end there is a bit of fun when it's over. (Although followed by frustration if it doesn't go well.) There are a lot of games while you play League where it generally doesn't go well. But it's not their fault fully. They could have been counter-jungled, CSing being denied through harassment, and generally having a bad day. Adding that to constant flaming that occurs for one simple mistake, that gives you bad memories. I know that mute button is there, but I generally have more fun conversing with my teammates, making jokes. Maybe some puns. Dance party at baron pit right before a teamfight. (And yes, I suggested that on some occasions during very close games and that happened twice in the 2 years I played League.) Regardless, that is destroyed when you are forced to use the mute button. Someone purposefully trolling in the intent to lose the game and make everyone miserable is not OK, but that is no reason to flame at someone who is trying their best and made decisions to make sure they do not die to the enemy team. And that takes away the fun completely, and there is no motivation to win when there is no fun in winning. And sorry for your bad experience, Ultimate Snipe. Hope you find better games to play with better community to play with.
: Tired of Players asking for nerfs..
I had this instance when there was someone who challenged me to 1v1. He picked Malzahar. I picked Vel'koz. After he took every single skillshot in the face (and yes, he just stood on my W for the second proc) he said "wtf is this damage" and "picking op champ"
ks916 (NA)
: What were some of your misconceptions as a new player?
When I was a new player, I always just bought Thornmail because... tutorial.
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: honestly im just fucking sick of the new "marking" passives
How are you just sick of it? This is kind of new. The only thing that is similar to this is "Judgement" Garen has, but it doesn't deal bonus damage to the target. Rather, it's more like a stack.
: Dude ya know Skt lost to EDG in the msi
It's said to be the ultimate match because will SKT prevail against EDG, taking vengence? Or will EDG manage to win SKT once again?
: You didn't cancel it by recalling did you? I remember there was a bug some several patches back that it wouldn't refund if you did that, but I also remember that a Rioter addressed it and said it would be fixed.
No. I simply moved through the essence of right clicks. I didn't recall during E.
: Full team with same skin
I second this. Also, Pool Party skins give Pool Party minions. I actually want this to be permanent addition if possible.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Ariel the Cruel,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=iAkU1zIm,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-09-03T19:31:15.244+0000) > > Actually, it is genuinely possible to accidentally KS with Pix. > Pix damage is credited to Lulu, not the champion it's attached to. So if Pix get the last hit while attached to the ADC, Lulu gets kill credit. > The same things happens with Nami's W. > > It's funny when it happens, because the ADC can't even blame you when you're aren't attackin or using abilities. XD No if pix is on the adc or the person hitting with pix then they get the credit for the last hits or kills, the only way to take the kill with lulu pix on someone else is if you q from your pix killing the person then you get the credit.
Actually, it is entirely possible, though rare, for Lulu to steal it with Pix. Pix's passive is tied to the one attached to it. So while the projectile of Pix goes to the enemy, and Pix happens to expire and return to Lulu, those projectiles will count as Lulu's, and if that happens, Lulu gets the credit for the kill.
: The question is, were there any tanks/bruisers on your team to act as a frontline? If not then the idea isn't all that stupid, unless of course you don't believe in changing up a champion's build path up to help your team...
But the problem is, Yi being a tank cannot serve as a front-line. Though he has his damage reduction, it's kind of useless when they decide to ignore you completely when you start up healing with W. THere is absolutely no CC whatsoever, and even if I did get something like Frozen Mallet or an Iceborn Gauntlet, it would have done very little. Thereby, building him tank would only boost his survivability while denying him whatever damage he had to the team. Also I didn't want to sell my Sated.
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woobeee (NA)
: How did Gangplank die?
I think he just dropped his cannonballs in places where it was unpleasant.
OmniMoto (NA)
: What is your LoL Pet Peeve?
When people complains about not following the enemy top laner when he ganks bot... When I don't even have teleport.
Fritterz (NA)
: If Chuck Norris told Riot to do away with promos, would they listen?
When {{champion:103}} tried to charm Chuck Norris, she walked towards him instead.
: When is the Brawlers mode being released?
Tomorrow, most likely. Act 3 of Bilgewater Event would most likely be that.
: Supports are not just for Adc...
As a person who mains support, I assure you that keeping your ADC alive and well-fed is the first few minutes of your job description. But fortunately, your ADC is not your superior. You are literally babysitting and if the guy decides to go ham on the enemy and dies because you 'did not follow up', then he is a jackass and you ward, go away so he can farm under his tower, and help the jungler and midlaner more, put more ward coverage, and come back with a bustling assists. And for the hundredth time. {{champion:18}} and {{champion:67}}: STOP JUMPING FORWARD OR ROLL TOWARDS THE ENEMY AS AN INITIATE WHEN THERE IS A LEONA ON THE ENEMY TEAM. Edit: Also, to people who I lane with complaining about me taking CS when I'm poking the enemy, @#!$ you. >: I To those who also complain about there being two CS nearly dead and I take one because I needed 20 more gold for sightstone and I need to back soon because OOM, hell to you too.
Budupops (NA)
: you think the gameplay team reads champion titles? think again m8
{{champion:223}} : Champion whose lore focuses on hunger, devouring on people's miseries and taking people with them onto a journey in exchange for sating his own hunger. {{champion:245}} : The boy who turns back time. Has mechanic that teleports him back to the position he was in 4 seconds earlier. {{champion:421}} : A flipping landshark Void monster. Gameplay matches brutality. I think the gameplay team needs to update champions into more... fitting descriptions. I mean look at this guy. {{champion:14}} You know what this guy used to be before? A derpy, 90% AP ratio, Lifesteal monster who either had to build full crit or full AP to do something. They read it. It's just that on outdated champions, they need to work on complete rework, which they decided not to do on MF yet.
: Why Tryndamere is so... frustrating to play against?
If there is one champion who can stand up to Tryndamere, it is none other than Teemo. Seriouly. Level up the blind first and he misses for quite a lot when he charges at you.
: How it feels to play as Teemo
"Aren't you afraid the enemy will gank you a lot?" "When I play Teemo, it is the enemy that is scared."
Cicote (EUW)
: My brother got killed in a dark alley
{{champion:56}} _Oblivion manifests._ {{champion:223}} : Excuse me. Did someone order a Mejai stack?
Draigen (NA)
: When an 800 stack nasus puts his slow on you..
{{champion:33}} : OK. {{item:3110}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3143}}
Nebuul (NA)
: Tahm Kench: Shroom Spitter
That's like saying Teemo admitted being horrible at cooking mushrooms.
Raw (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=gaby1best,realm=EUNE,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=iwNiMRAE,comment-id=00070000000100000000,timestamp=2015-07-28T20:02:09.676+0000) > > Sincerely, stop using that. The boards don't have a signature 'system' for a reason. Na. I'm not a sheep, I'm gonna do whatever I like.
Do whatever you like, Lucky. Uniqueness is the birth of an individual. (And occasionally mad scientists, but they are cool too)
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: > [{quoted}](name=Sinneli,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AAoyyBOA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-07-24T08:09:47.217+0000) > Pre-11, he'll be the same Teemo. So no worries there. Shroom-wise. But his passive also got a major AS buff. From 40% flat to scaling 15%-100%. At 11, he's already 65% AS increase just for stopping in a bush for .75 secs ;)
Those are ridiculously short and you can stay away from the bushes. That passive is only used during ambushes that Teemo is so good for, so it really is an unnoticeable buff.
: > [{quoted}](name=0MGW4LRU5,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=BUbfzbzh,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-07-23T16:47:54.418+0000) > > there was an akali on my team once > and this is what she said: > "is akali still super op?" > "the hell you can buy 4 pots with boots now?" > teammate: akali you forgot your trinket > "the fuck is a trinket?" My friend stop playing the game and when he came back, he asked me what did they change, and then look at alot of the patch notes to catch people games change so stick with the changes.
You know. There is this one youtuber who does the whole tl;dr called blakinola. Seriously. He helps if you are too lazy to read. So I think the next time someone hops on League awaking from the ancient times, they should totes go to his videos.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jubbinaut,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=47jq3hZx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-07-23T15:45:41.551+0000) > > Honestly, my favorite thing about the new announcer is that the comments are emotive and visceral. Instead of some bland voice saying "An ally has been slain," with a tone that could just as easily be saying "The sky is blue," we get a fantastically evocative comment. He sounds *invested* in the fight - even if he doesn't care about who wins, he cares about the action. And I love that. Exaclty and each kill/objective/whatever has emotion! and he even tells you when the enemy grabs the dragon! He is so much better than the old "an ally has been slain" voice
Yeah! Not to mention the actual pirate quotes. "Your ally is swimming with the fishes."
Katslayer (EUW)
: Let us buy Announcers
I definitely want to see a couple of announcer packs coming out. Why? Possibilities. Pirate was a theme. So imagine Piltover. Put... Jayce, let's say it, because he's the poster boy. For Battlecast thing going, maybe Viktor being one. Imagine Ahri announcing in the Rift in a seductive tone. *shudder*. Sorry. I like her voice. But all shall be dwarfed with the greatest voice of all. Draven. No seriously. Imagine Draven announcer pack.
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: Why is Rylai's not built on every AP right now?
I'm building it on Brand and watching more burns and slows. But it's a bit of a trade. Let's say I'm playing Lux. Now i have to ask myself. I have 3000 gold from all the farming. I'm a Lux. So do I want to participate in teamfights and creating large zones that will slow for 1 second if I hit people, thus allow myself to contribute more to team utility? Or do I want to buy Luden's Echo, which offers me more movement speed instead of health, and instead of a slow, increases my overall damage output with 100 + 10% more AP on the ratio? Note that this 100 difference will make a difference for an execute damage sometimes. Unexpected burst can occur. So they have to choose, I suppose. And some people just want damage more than utility. Unless you are playing Brand. In which case, slows for all eternity as they writhe in the flames of LIandry and your passive.
: If Graves gets to destroy landscape, then Naut has to be much bigger and his E has to knock things back. And Darius has to split people in half. Cho has to be REALLY big so he can visibly eat things while ignoring terrain or being able to eat terrain. Rengar when he R's should be able to ignore terrain. Fizz and Nami should get speed boosts when in the river. Nunu's R when used in the river also roots people since at least their feet are wet and are being frozen solid. Brand has to be immune to Annie's damage and ignite while also doing extra damage to Anivia, Trundle, and Lissandra. Braum's E should be permanent and deflect all damage since it's an unbreakable door, literally speaking. Brand should lose health in the river. Mantheon's crit animation should be a Sparta Kick that knocks an enemy back if they were to die from it and have the same affect as Lee Sin's R mixed with Sion's E on minions. Shyvanna's R should look more like the actual dragon on the map. Void beings like Kha'Zix should all get extra bonuses for baron's buff and should take more damage from people who have slain Baron since they know how to kill void beasts better. Kass should do increased damage to all void beings. I can keep going if you want. :3
That's lore-wise mechanics right there, dude. This is more gameplay interactions.
: How to make Graves more badass: Collateral Damage now blows away terrain
This is a great idea. A coding nightmare definitely but it would definitely be interesting. The best part about this is that they could perhaps use Bard codes as examples on Graves. Bard has a lot of interaction with the terrain and if his ult functions as Magical Journey, but only on thin walls like Dragon Pit or Baron, or even the tri-bush walls, I'd love Graves.
: You can't seriously be considering buffing Teemo
Ehem. Allow me to tell you about the stat changes that involves Teemo's shrooms. Well, you know. Passive is 1.5 seconds on flat ground, 0.75 seconds on bushes while being able to move while stealthed so long as he is in the bush. That's a buff on his passive, which initially took 2 seconds. His ultimate, which is the thought of a 'buff' that I'm going to talk about. There is no nerf to his damage. It's going to hurt you regardless, but allow me to state what three changes that is a direct nerf to his shrooms. 1) His slow decay over time rather than 30%/40%/50% the entire goddamned 4 seconds. 2) The arm time became 1.5 seconds instead of 1.0. 3) The shroom expiration date is reduced to 5 minutes instead of 10. So Teemo will have less shrooms placed at the map than he would since after 5 minutes, shrooms will start falling off. Arm time will make it so that you could dodge the goddamned shroom before it finishes bouncing, lands, and arms itself. That's a long time there, but gives him more safety in teamfights post-11. Pre-11, he'll be the same Teemo. So no worries there. Increase in range of his shrooms mean more baron control and dragon control in midst of a fight. Not that unexpected. The hellspawn yordle was always a zone controller. Just expect him to set up a little later instead of not having to need it at all after setting up 10 minutes before the dragon spawns again. I'm sure you know the rest. Bounce on the shrooms. So overall it's a huge nerf to the omnipresent mushroom demigod and a bit of a buff to 'this champion will make your life hurt.'
: To my ARAM Players
I don't play ARAM that much, but I always try in the events. I care about winning the game and helping out as that will ultimately benefit the team, whether I go for kills or assists or towers. Otherwise, it just isn't that fun, is it?
MikePeck (NA)
This is a nerf on the 'global Teemo minefield, where mushrooms will prevent you moving unless you have a sweeping lens' to 'hell in the laning phase, hell in teamfights.' Within teamfights, Teemo will always be out of range. Baiting people in the laning phase into shrooms as he runs has been his style since the beginning. Just when you think you can kill him with two more autos, there is the blind and the ridiculous slow. Now he can toss a grenade, which, unless the enemy team decides to gtfo or concentrate their attacks onto that one shroom to get rid of it, will explode on their face and have a ridiculously annoying slow and a huge DoT going on. Not to mention. Which means that late game, 1400 unit grenade that takes 1.5 seconds to arm, anyone going straight in line for Teemo will explode a previous shroom placed. Baron will be more annoying occasionally. Throw the shroom and you might not even have the chance to notice if you don't see him there. This is an interesting update. A change in his playstyle where he has to be more active throughout the game as hellspawn yordle of death rather than an omnipresent mushroom god.
: "warwick is so overpowered"
Broken in 1v1, but he's preeeeetty useless in a Teamfight with a suppression.
: Sightstone provides decent tankiness. It gives you a lot of health, which is usually better than just full on armor or mr. idk about you but I like taking a sightstone as a jungler just because the only person other than me who wards mid to late game is the support
I just buy a pink ward and ward the river bush and it provides quite a vision of one side of the river so the midlane would know they were ganking from that side or not.
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