ZER0 2 (NA)
: Riot has lowered the standards for Legendary Skins.
Remember when the problem was that the standard had so risen that older iterations of skin grades had fallen from grace and needed recovery to match modern standards of the time? Fuzziridge farms remembers. Shady is not the word you'd like. Dismissive is more to the point: shady implies they dealt with you at all, and their silence suggests they had no such plans.
: And your evidence for Riot specifically suggesting the use of gender discrimination practices, and not just your knee-jerking and being reactionary towards something that triggers you just because? This is what I don't get, since when people take PR pillow talks so literal and personal, and needing to warrant this gigantic pile of reactionary nonsense on the Boards atm? Or is it just because it mentions and includes the term "gender", "diversity", and whatnot, and the mere inclusion of the terms is the reason behind the """outrage"""? And if that's the case, shouldn't the mere fact you're triggered by PR piece just because it includes certain words, drawing implications when there may simply be none stated, clearly indicates the kind of agenda you're holding? Take this reddit nonsense tush somewhere else where it belongs, really. Thanks.
> [{quoted}](name=SEKAI,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=xmaZmRGo,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-09-01T13:14:30.532+0000) > > And your evidence for Riot specifically suggesting the use of gender discrimination practices, and not just your knee-jerking and being reactionary towards something that triggers you just because? > > This is what I don't get, since when people take PR pillow talks so literal and personal, and needing to warrant this gigantic pile of reactionary nonsense on the Boards atm? > > Or is it just because it mentions and includes the term "gender", "diversity", and whatnot, and the mere inclusion of the terms is the reason behind the """outrage"""? And if that's the case, shouldn't the mere fact you're triggered by PR piece just because it includes certain words, drawing implications when there may simply be none stated, clearly indicates the kind of agenda you're holding? > > Take this reddit nonsense tush somewhere else where it belongs, really. Thanks. I forgot, only certain demographics can be offended by exclusion. Thanks for the reminder! Men are mad because League has probably got a vastly larger male playerbase. The problem isn't "we're being excluded," the problem is that they're being treated like offal who haven't done Riot a single justice since Leeg dropped. Despite the money they make and the playerbase they have, Riot thinks exclusion is the answer to this. The good news is, at this pace, Leeg will be dropping the hell off the face of the Earth, and good riddance. More sexism, we do not need. If you wanted to be equal, you could just open it to people. If you think men are going to ruin the section then just say it like that. Putting up this big, virtue-signalled air of honor just makes it look like they're trying to dig at people. I get it-- lots of dudes are toxic. I mean, most people who quit League do so over its atrociously confrontational playerbase. I posted on Twitter and I'll post here: what kind of adult thinks that two wrongs make a right? At best, this will be an embarrassment. At worst, a total shitshow that costs Riot time, energy and possibly money, makes them look like hostile, sexist morons who think "oh, they get to show up after so it's fine," and are unwilling in their entirety to step back and say, "Maybe this ISN'T the answer to our problem." No, especially not from a game whose body standards, putting it lightly, make the tabloids blush in embarrassment. The amount of south this could go is staggering and yet people are happy to egg on problems because they don't physically involve them. Anonymity of the internet is a hell of a drug for people. But in this volatile age, what the actual Hell are they thinking?? Maybe a better way to reach out to other gaming demographics would be to market something besides Ahri's (admittedly nice) bust, and to make a game that isn't rooted in competition, violence and to perhaps enforce chat to not be venomous garbage. It's a formula that kind of only attracts toxic men. But no, you guys are right. I think telling men they're not worth Riot's equal treatment oughtta go over super well and absolutely nothing can possibly go wrong from this. Will there ever be enough conflict and hostility to sate you people? Will you ever stop justifying exclusion, injustice and hate as responses to the very same??
: Please allow me to mute myself or unbind my enter key, I am emotional and act toxic
: "Oh they're gutting zoe"
Nerfs do not make un-fun concepts any more fun to face. When they can correct mistakes easier than you can cause them for your opponent, it becomes a problem of "do I want to play this matchup? In HotS we just got Hanzo and Genji, of Overwatch fame. They're far from the most dangerous opponents-- Genji is more likely to feed than most of his competition. But people ban at least one of them (2 bans per team, mind) because they're ass to face-- for no mana and a relatively safe cooldown, Genji has three escape buttons which makes him almost impossible to catch out. Hanzo also has an escape on a fair cooldown without cost. It's not that their powerful or that their escapes enable busted plays. Nobody wants to face them because it's unrewarding and difficult. They're just asinine patterns; by all accounts the kill should be yours, but both characters will escape 9/10 times unless they've initiated or gone really ham on you-- and even then, most times it won't be enough. Rather than deal with the frustration of watching an opponent who can escape you under virtually any circumstances, they just get banned. Not because it's broken or they're gamechangers. Just because in almost any matchup, they're more frustration than it's ever worth.
: Is lol worth it?
TLDR, I quit because the game wants to go faster and faster and that shoves more and more options out of the gameplay pool and forces content creep. Pedantic aside I started in S3 and quit in S7 because games became spikefests-- the first champ to hit power peak usually carries their team with them to victory. The snowbally direction of the game spoke about its future, and I knew for sure I wasn't going to keep enjoying a game where fights weren't planned as much as three people pressed R at the right time. I think a lot of people can list three man wombos that turn games and teams inside out. I think I ultimately left because it seemed and even now seems like Riot, League's creators, are even _proud_ of this direction the game is going. In the end, I think what I wanted out of them was to make teamfights a thought process. But they were assuredly not making them so, and even after I've all but uninstalled, they've gone and released Zoe. The game is not headed for a healthy direction in this guy's opinion. But I'd suggest you play it, see how you like it after they release a new champ, or rework someone. Get a feel for their balance direction. It's one of the many many MOBAs, and it's free. A month or two to give it a solid trial shouldn't be too much. What do you want out of a MOBA? For me, it's teamfights and HotS is teamfight-centric. DotA has an intense lane-phase, and SMITE is a hit with everyone I know who doesn't like any other MOBA on the market. That's about the extent of my knowledge on the genre but I'd say LoL holds a place with the most sheer content thanks to 139? individual champs.
GigglesO (NA)
: But Bruh "Tanks OP" Not because the damage they do... no, thats fine. IT is the defenses that they have. Gotta nerf all that shit to 0.
Were tanks OP, or did nobody take the time to adapt to changes? Fella on the boards threw down a great post and one of the points I feel applies to League a lot right now, that players beg for difficulty to be nerfed or buffed. This is the result of that: when your fight is two seconds long, it's pretty impossible to have a fuckin' opinion 'cuz the damn event is elapsed by the time you're mentally present. So it polarizes pretty quickly. Winner says it's cool, loser is a bit sour about the whole affair. Or I'm a slow-ass. One or the other.
: I'm dodging for a good reason. the example I gave is one of the numerous cases that casually happen.
There is never a good reason to dodge. A good reason to dodge is just pretense for a good reason to outright quit. If you're tilted out of trying to perform before the game starts, oh well. Their troll picks do not justify you kicking nine other people back to lobby. Do your due diligence, report them and move on-- or else quit, and do something else with your life... If the game has you to the point where playing it is no longer appeal enough to keep you in, then maybe it's time to admit that the game has come to a toxic head where it's producing more negative than positive. At this point, dodging isn't just a metaphor for your, ahem, "enjoyment" of the game... It's almost escapism, an unwillingness to admit that Ranked no longer possesses an appeal to you. What you likely enjoy is winning, what you figured you'd do is net some sweet rewards while you did that. Fair call, but don't go to dodging when you discover it's not all it's cracked up to be. If you aren't willing to play a game, why bother picking it up? I've seen stranger shit win, and Proxy Singed was a thing, and all sorts of builds are potentially workable builds. If they're being petulant in the lobby, report them in-game, and tell them "bitch or play, don't try to do both because you can't." If nothing else, don't justify behavior Riot has outright condemned with a punishment. It's just a really poor position to take in any case at all.
: The forgotten cycle
But where, into all this, do items fit? I feel like part of this game's problem is items have begun to compensate for so much. The amount of CDR proliferation compared to, say, S5 and back-- yowza. I think items are a big part of the problem.
: Kayn is what duo champs should be (Kayn and Kindred talk)
Problem with huge departures for Leeg is that they don't always work out well. Kayn is not always matching into the damage type he wants. Sometimes, he turns into Rhaast and wants to be Kayn. Sometimes the other way around (most times as I recall). Leeg has a cookie cutter problem. Going outside the meta's structure will exacerbate this like nothing else.
: Dodging a ranked game should not make you wait 5 minutes afterwards
You are not ready for Ranked if you think dodging is ever acceptable. No, I do not care if a high level player, or some Twitch streamer does it. It is not okay. You deserve a timeout and it will make you think-- is this worth playing at all, if you're dodging to begin with? EDIT: Yes, your teammates were wrong. No, joining the poo-flinging does not come with free validation nor does it get excused if other people are flinging poo. Flinging poo is not acceptable. The equivalent of leaving the room would be quitting the game entirely; your dodging scenario is leaving the room and praying, five minutes elapsing, that everyone else has magically sobered up despite flinging poo. Alternatively, you keep entering rooms blindfolded but get mad when they turn out to be poo-flinging. Remember, don't piss into an ocean of piss. It might not be damaging much, but you're still the guy who's answer to piss is more piss. Sell yourselves higher, guys. You're better.
GigglesO (NA)
I mean really, this has been the case since a few seasons back. They've just been keeping their pace, this needed solving like, two full seasons ago.
Hibeki (NA)
: They were purchased december 2015.
I honestly feel like that's around the time they started with the feature creep. When was Yasuo added?
Yenn (NA)
: It hit 20 minutes and nobody can 1v1 the 0-5-1 Nasus, guess we'll just send 3 people to stop him
: why is brand supp allowed to do some much dmg without any items?
I mean, it may just be that the damage is so much more reliable and supps all got their offensive prowess completely gutted around S4, when they traded it in for support scaling. The problem is damage is such a hot commodity, moreso than anything else. Because the potential to burst them down on about a 3 second timer exists, the potential must be met or you risk your enemies meeting it first. I think Brand bot will just be replaced by the next best damage support-- Malzahar again, perhaps, since 6 is insta-kills with a carry behind his R. The problem is in the game, not the champions. Attacking Brand support will probably either replace him, or just teach Brand supps how to work around their problems. Then you're back to square one, really. Next we'll have Cassiopeia boy or something. Perhaps it would be more prudent to address the overbearing effect that more damage has when compared to any other effect or option. The fact that a hard mid sell is coming bot lane to **support** should say something. I have a theory about supports but it tends to be too long-winded.
: For the ARAM peeps
Thanks to shite picks, I can play Alistair, I learned how to improvise a tanky build and I managed to get to a point where I can almost carry ARAM with Udyr. But let's be real, as of Ornn I only had about seven or eight unowned champs. Like, seriously screw J4. Holy hell, what a boring mofo. I will not own him until they do something big with his kit, because right now he just feels so damn basic bro it hurts. Thing about a full roster is it opens trades. I don't think this will make the supposed problem any better.
: Duskblade is a dumb item, but it doesn't turn the game on its head. You don't go from a feeding assassin to being able to kill an ADC or even the other mid laner.
Not to naysayers but yeh, you can. Unless you're pulling fights where you deal like 20% health, Duskblade heaps on about an extra 200 just on its own merits with a basic and a smack from your rotation. That can, and will make or break fights for slippery contenders like Zed. You may have a point on someone like Garen. Zed, however-- and his ilk-- will love that buy.
: > [{quoted}](name=Iffy Jarl,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bnrnlLr4,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-02-19T05:56:40.263+0000) > > got a clip? Why the hell would you need a clip? Are people on the boards really that paranoid?
Because if we see the circumstance we can tell you what happened. My guess is you backed with minis yet to come and left a 2v1 with ADC in your lane who, without you Teleporting in, could take the minis out, shove into your tower and Draaaaaven it out. Dude's W is an AS stim, only Trist can raw dog a tower like that. I would also suggest their carry backed before you and had an extra buy in there. But without any proof showing what the game was, we can only speculate-- and that usually turns into ad hominem and a bunch of bald-faced lying. With the game in front of us, we could possibly see what happened. It's not paranoia, dude. We'd like to know the truth because we'd like to not get pushed at 7 like you and your teammate's asses got.
NemeBro (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=sarii fox,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xR6eJvig,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-02-19T03:19:08.799+0000) > > He has a point, though. No he doesn't. He has his emotions and feelings. Show me some statistics that prove that interest in League is dying. Show me that its active playerbase is significantly lower. If you can't, all you have is your own biased feelings on the game.
He has a pretty solid point about League punishing weak links far more than they reward strong links. On the other hand, I'm not sure you're entirely interested in any discussion coming off of this. Besides which, dying is seldom a quick process. The transition is momentary, but the buildup is momentous, and I would say the OP raises good points. There isn't a lot of apparent foresight. I did not know Riot was acquired. This is another fair point to raise in that goals may have changed or be changing.
: It needs to just be every single Champion as a possibility. What possible reason is there for keeping it as owned and free-week Champs only? There isn't one, Rioters are just a lazy excuse for game designers completely apathetic towards anything that isn't their "main" game mode. **_And they don't even take care of that one well~_**
What they need is a separate rotation for ARAM, one wherein free picks comprise low playrates (or winrates for padding)... Every champion will backfire because now everyone can trade everything to anyone. I think by unlocking the full roster you just enable strategic rerolling. Realistically, the problem is high performers being picked constantly into teams that don't have them, or other high performers. I think parity in the other direction-- giving both teams a flat likelihood of 'low impact' picks-- makes it feel a little less like Lux vs some clowns without ranged cc. Or Sona vs a team with bad aoe. But we had best take care to remember it's not really meant to be balanced...
: Can't save replay of a bot game :(
...what kinda arbitrary limitation BS... Maybe some telling "before and after"?
PowerWolf (EUNE)
: Why are people complaining about zoe when veigar has been 1 shotting champions for ever?
**Why are you engaging Veigar, whose ultimate is a plain as day execute, with low health %?** Yes, 80% is a problem around Veigar. To answer your question, because Veigar otherwise has to pray he has an opportunity for his cage. Other than that R he's all delayed, dodgeable shots. Perhaps don't get caught by the stun and eat a QW then say you got "one shot"? Veigar is all about that full frontal burst.
soopcan (NA)
: Why
Kinda looks like a premade? Do they still have a pat-down excuse over this kind of thing happening so one-sidedly?
: This whole ADC Hypercarry meta would go away pretty damn quick if Lucian was actually playable.
Maybe they should stop affording everyone all these resources in items. ADC would not feel as bad if they couldn't net 40% CDR and 100% Crit in the same build as lifesteal and movespeed. Items should be a bit less covering. Since S3, they've come a long way from itemization then, an item like Death's Dance would have been lunacy back then. I think they need to look at the benefits of that item meta.
: Advice before playing ranked.
Mute your team if they're being negative. Communicate with pings. There is no bad or good player; just plays made and broken. Decide which side you prefer, work towards it and bring your team with you as you do.
: A Deeper Dive into Critical Hits: Input/Discussion/Alternatives Appreciated.
Critical strikes are usually offset by cooldowns, roughly a foil for the AP side as far as Crit. League has a _nasty_ tendency to outrun itself. Critical now has lots of options for CDR, which leaves normal users of CDR in an awkward position. I would dare to say problems in League usually surround the issue at hand. It might be more constructive to look at other stats, and see if Crit looks less imposing with certain things (CDR) dialled back a bit. Has outright removal of Essence Reaver been fielded?
: How to counter mid veigar as a support?
One shot or full rotation into a kill?
Rexxiee (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=420 grams,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YXiOA6aJ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-02-18T19:28:49.089+0000) > > Supports actually feel impactful now and more fun to play. > > I think the real problem against solo laners is how safe marksman are. If you're playing a melee champion against Vayne/trist/varus you have absolutely no way to win without them misplaying since they have mobility AND cc AND range on you. adcs are not safe by themselfes. A jax can tower dive a vayne thats ahead as soon as he completes 1 item. What makes adc too safe is how broken the supports are atm.
I feel as though this should be the case. Carries should feel exposed alone, especially to someone as vehemently anti carry as Jax. He has a basic attack block that stuns, for Pete's sake.
: Could you explain why you think this qualifies as a shit post?
Not him obviously, but there's three big detractors for me, 1) no details. Nerf stats? Itemization? Is "across the board" all champs, or all support items? All their scaling? Their bases? Everything? 2) no reasons. Despite anti-interaction defining none of the supports I can think of save maybe, Janna, it's used here as if self-explanatory. Furthermore, we're not at all sure why we've come to a nerf over a change, or a nerf to carries that they support, or anything. 3) hyperbole. Are supports 'this broken' and the game 'in a bad state' over it, or did the OP just lose a game to a gnarly support and feel the loss? All-in-all it ain't exactly a bang-up argument; it's kind of a blanket statement that doesn't seem to reflect much besides a very one-sided opinion. But on the other hand, we're now open to the OP's replies.
Ratpie (NA)
: There are some imbalances in champs that are making the game really obnoxious. Dusk comes to mind, but really I think part of it is the new runes. There are so many imbalances, that you have a few GOD level champs, and then the rest are just picking through the crumbs.
League has literally not ever been any different since competitive scenes popped up. They determine the meta (IE highest performers) and they apply it rigorously. By doing so they define the game wholly for other players. As long as a competitive scene exists, so will the meta and such problems as you've mentioned.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Fuzzi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qg5iJYvU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-18T02:57:09.654+0000) > > Riot hasn't had the resources to care about early player experience for a while. Their currency update was basically a hosefest. Which is obviously blatantly wrong, considering all the work they put into free stuff. The problem cannot easily be fixed. What would _you_ do to fix it?
For starters, hands on work. I'd have a team looking into it. Part of the problem there is Riot is indie levels with mainstream popularity. They've not had practice with this like Blizzard. Anything, at this point, is good-- if they never respond but in the same way, what can they expect to learn or develop?? They've been relying on the same solution to the same problem that isn't solved. So what vindicates their method over any other? But I think the real problem is that League is sustained by its competitive scene. Because of that, it's got a ton of attention at the lower levels; but these lower levels are not welcomed in as much as simply invited. The difference is, of course, in the notion that these problems exist in spades while they keep their attention on the front end. All the hands-on work is in the form of micronerfs and microbuffs that most players won't be interacting with. No problem-- except Riot has a history with tunnel vision. They do waves of bans as a means of countermeasure but that doesn't save the games ruined by them. Perhaps discouraging the notions for which these Botting programs are useful would help. The problem is that they ruin a game they're in and there's no recourse, really. This is unfortunate for new players who will be getting (somewhat accurately) an idea of the responsiveness they can expect from Riot over these matters. No other game that I've played has quite the issue this game does. Their lower echelons are crammed full of spam. I don't know why it is-- I do know I surely wouldn't shy away from responses over not being certain they'll work. As long as it persists, it is a problem that should be addressed. Simply trying to invalidate our arguments by saying we've not pitched a perfect idea is just goofy; I appreciate defending Riot but please don't rely on fallacies. Me not being able to singlehandedly fix it does not mean discussion is not to be had; and if they had the resources they would be dedicated. I never said they were incapable or incompetent, just that the newer players are seen as easily cloyed (such as giving them free stuff to shut them up about bot problems?) and have less 'sway' for not being well-versed in the game. I think addressing that before it becomes more notorious is a healthy direction for this game. The real kicker here is what gain is in all this. Once we figure out THEIR endgame, Riot can work towards snuffing it out. Until then, we're all treading water.
: tip for climbing ranked, don't play on weekends
Try healing them when there isn't an enemy to blame. These kids turn into vitriol when you're all on the same team. If you want to succeed at climbing, mute your team and use pings.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Can I ask how you do Baron fast with Nunu and Ivern ?
Nunu has inbuilt smite dawg, this is the only reason he's been valid this long. He otherwise has one direct damage button and one of the most uncertain ults you can put on such a lacking kit. Ivern has a summon and a shield, I think he's got more going for him than types like Soraka.
paisy (NA)
: That's not the point. I'm saying that weak waveclear is a weakness for Vayne but it gets negated by an item.
But anything Kennen can use to clear, can't others? Do we really want accessible waveclear for AP? Items whitewashing weaknesses is how we got to the ADC situation...
: It's really fun how shit early game is for new players, the amount of bots and dodges is disgusting
Riot hasn't had the resources to care about early player experience for a while. Their currency update was basically a hosefest.
: Brand support does way too much damage
So why the fuck is support SO superfluous that a legit midlane hard burst can just walk into the role? Can't we look at the problem for what it is? Why is support such a shit-upon role?
: If People on the Boards Actually Told the Truth
Could be there's well over a hundred of us all with different lives, experiences and outlooks, that turns them 'truth' into an individual concept for each of us. But I wouldn't dare suggest that Boards aren't comprised of a hivemind.
: I think he means in general. ADCs have the best cost to power ratios from their items. It goes way beyond any other class and has extremely harmful effects on the game.
They have the least error, an ADC built clicks and forgets, a mage still has to land their skillshots. The problem is levels of play. It really is a team game, as much as the players of the game would have you believe otherwise.
Saibbo (EUW)
: I mean if you're correct why don't you post the links for the old balance team? so people can actually not be "mislead"?
I believe people are expected to be adults and realize there probably isn't an inherent bias in-team. A lot to ask, I know. Right?
: What's a hyper carry?
Usually a poor or lopsided early game is offset by an immensely powerful late game-- this is usually defined by percentile scaling that makes a champion powerful in the late periods of a game, like Vayne or Kog who scale to enemy health. It's a bit awkward right now. Riot is still figuring out their S7 changes, so pardon them while they determine what year they're in and why 'protect the ADC' is an awkward direction for every game to take.
: If I'm not the one of the 150 LCS players I feel like Riot doesn't give a damn about me
I mean, with this many Champions, the contrast becomes apparent. New concepts like Zoe would be impossible in a League of the past. Nowadays, it's impossible to think of a champ coming out at release and not having something new and amazing in their kit. Between content creep and their marketing to teenagers, they have a lot of damage control to wrestle. If they're stumbling, I'd say that's to be expected of a mess like this. Maybe it's time to admit League got ahead of itself finally??
: The removal of deathfire touch hurt ap bard
The problem is that AP Bard is just watered-down AP-anything-else. Even AP other supports, really. There are more fit mages who they clearly intend to stay there (LUUUUULUUUUUUUUUU) and others they would rather see dial back into more supportive roles-- with everything Bard can do that isn't meeps, it's no shocker that Riot wants to bring out the better in his latent role than in his damage potential. I'd suggest revising the way you play to involve other players a little more, and you may find his lack of dueling strength has been replaced by other strengths.
: Riot August is designing champions again
Ekko aside, those are all in my top 35 except maybe Gnar. Ekko's just an overloaded sommabitch, while the Gnar to Mega Gnar transformation is pretty lackluster as mechanics go (it's very unrewarding to play or face, a lot of the time I find Gnars will just turn Mega by my designs and blow it before it's useful). Vi, Jinx, and Jhin are all solid characters with low balance issues. (compared to some, anyway)
: To be fair Chain ccing kinda needed a nerf
'Nerfing' mechanics by creating rifts between players who can swat the 1.75 sec in their head, like the loser I am, versus players who have a life and don't want to do nanocalculations in the middle of League of Legends is not really a nerf-- it's punishing people who don't have the time to memorize crap. I'm all for chain CC being nerfed, and all for casuals being punished for bad play. But between all the subtle nudges to tenacity, the chaos of teamfights, the sheer amount of particle effects that can go on, and then to have to count out CC manually in battle on top of all that? I feel like we're now adding artificial difficulty to the game. I know not every player will be equal, but intentional discrepancies (or discrepancies that arise as a result of intentional action) are just going to make things worse. Chain CC can get nerfed in a lot of ways, this is not one of them. This doesn't nerf it as much as it just makes it harder for certain people and not for others. I generally don't have issues counting out on CC (I've been playing video games a _long_ time though), but I'm not about to support that being how we do it. The bars were fantastic, and non-lingual communication between teammates is damn near essential. Above all else in League we need to realize that there's not always time or space to talk about it. Simple indicators, like being able to ping our health and mana like they added so long ago, are great steps forward for this. Removing indicators such as for CC is a step backwards.
: Overwatch is REMOVING performance-based "SR" gains from their ladder
I feel like League isn't ready to stop rewarding players for flagrant ignorance of the rest of the team, just yet. I mean, we're still on the old tried-and-true Valve loot boxes. I understand not liking your players as much as you like money, but holy damn, they're just gonna work every corner. I'd feel better about loot boxes if Ward skins weren't a punch in the jaw. Woo, something they'll see for two seconds-- if they see it!
: > [{quoted}](name=youshouldrespect,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RAdXW63x,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-02T21:31:20.592+0000) > > PBE all adc early 10 AD late - 25 ad > with new all buff tank and bruiser = they are 4 K HP late little armor bonus but 75 % > just with {{item:3143}} (40 armor) {{item:3065}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3812}} > for RM this just 80 % so riot game more UP BIG armor base > > {{item:3814}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3006}} > this more power vs {{item:3036}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3072}} > > now they just hidden for no tilted community KR and chinese :( I must apologize to you, because I really have no idea what this post is trying to portray. And I tried really hard to comprehend it. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
I think... that they're implying between those first three items, and then any average combo of defense/offense mix items as he lists, any champion becomes a bursty tank. The AP build is... yeah, I dunno, just the AP build? Does any AP really want not that?
: I could be an idiot but I find thornmail...
Thornmail gets too much momentum and it ends up on Bruisers now that it has HP. Used to be gated by that but now, it's a little less narrow in use. Plus the Grievous, a Bruiser can now use it in a duel vs LS-focused champs like Darius and Fiora. As it is it isn't enough tank to justify an independent buy for the Grievous and it's not enough utility to justify seeing itself on frequent damagers. You have to basically need both stats to justify any of the money for the combine. It's also kind of inefficient with Randuin's. That sort of hurts it, too, as it doesn't really need Cold Steel to define itself so clearly.
: New players should be able to get a free champion
Levels 10 and 20 should offer 50% IP off 1 6300 champ. yw
: Can Lux's Ultimate Also Get Reset on Assists
_supports want to have a reset on assist, lane-clearing ult that is already under a minute's cooldown_ Luxsport would feel less punishing if she weren't a midlaner not designed for a strong support role. If they want Lux support to be better... they should be getting support boosts. Lux should not be defined by how many times she can spam a nearly lane-clearing laser. Chop a touch of damage out of her passive to give her shield some sort of boost.
: Aram bots are getting out of control.
This seems to be largely a new player problem (sort-of-thankfully). They've never really properly addressed it and never will. As long as the game remains free, it will have bots. I always imagine some sweaty guy five-boxing League to level five accounts and just sort of half-assing it on them all and ignoring chat. Anyway, you basically report and move on. A lot of things make League hard for new players, including new players, players, and League of Legends. Unfortunately, bots are one of those many things but the one they have the least agency over arguably. I mean, I'm not sure how to continue on that other than to tell you to keep at it. I've got more games of ARAM than I care to calculate (near the 4k mark) and I dunno if I see bots; I keep all chat off (cuz all chat warriors are just fucking everywhere, damn) but I'd wager everyone I've faced in the past two years is a player. More common than bots (if I'm to be believed) are AFKers/leavers/griefers. So yeah... stick with it, and eventually it gets bett... ...well, different. And that's something. I mean, it's not something. But it's more than nothing. Even if it's less than something.
: $kin$, world$, LC$ more important
> $kin$ yo you misspelled 'more Ahri in slutty costumes for make $$$' but I gotchu, friend
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