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Mute (NA)
: looking for players in gold+ flex que and be in plat + solo q
was plat+ solo last season and grinding back up right now, gold+ flex, added you
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: Looking for Gold And Higher Mid Laner For Team
: add me, dont kite me bro
> [{quoted}](name=Dont Kite Me Bro,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=esXPnUv2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-26T02:54:30.720+0000) > > add me, dont kite me bro lol, in a game right now, we'll play right after if ur on
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Pedis (NA)
: LF Plat ADC for team for LCS Style tourney
added, was plat 4 last season, grinding back up atm
Xaÿàh (NA)
: Looking for one more for flex
: need gold + ADC for duo must have discord and good win rate
: Looking for Gold or Plat players. Tournament team
added EDIT: ADC/Mid main, peaked plat 4 last season, have experience with previous (competitive) teams. have the ability to shotcall if necessary
: LF SUPPORT FLEX GOLD+ now need 1
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: Need a support asap for temp-perm position
SirManwich Plat 5 Any tanks or juggernauts or fighters I can play, also can play Lissandra, Ryze, Rumble for mages
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amen brotha. add me Sir Manwich lets get to plat
Oasi (NA)
: Plat Anivia 1 Trick. Bored. Will answer questions if you've got em
What are some of the difficult matchups for you as anivia?
: Need adc goldish range for 5s team
: LF Players For Ranked Dynamic Queue 5 Man (Gold-Plat)
IGN: SirManwich Rank: g3 Discord: Main Role: Mid Secondary Roles: ADC Strengths: Shotcalling, late game teamfighting ohow long can u play tongiht?: until i get tired
: LF a Gold-Plat Support for Team Ranked 5's
Age: 21 Rank: Gold 3 Role: Mid/ADC Availability: Free all the time Preferred Communication: Discord Strengths: Shotcalling, laning, late game teamfighting Weaknesses: Getting caught out (getting that LAST wave of cs) Why should I bring you on? Have tons of previous experience on teams, but never found one that lasts long/is serious enough EDIT: Mister Coach your friend's list is maxed out, added Rudeboy42zero
: AG Vengeance Looking For Top and Support
hey i tried out yesterday, still haven't heard back. When can I expect to hear back? edit: tried out for top
: abandon gaming looking for a top laner and support in gold to low plat rank
pretty sure i added u a few days ago, but u had other tryouts lined up, so I'll try again IGN SirManwich Rank: Gold IV (getting back up to G1 pretty fast) Champs: Pretty deep champion pool, I can play all of them (except Illaoi and Kled). Preferred champs: Darius, Renekton, Fiora, Renekton, Irelia, Sion, Mundo Discord: Yup! Availability: always available
Tj97 (EUW)
: Ranked wardskin
ya posted this on NA forums m8. You'll have better luck posting on EUW
leglump (NA)
Kikito (NA)
: LF 1 more for rank 5s Ward Skin
: AG No forfeit looking for a top lane adc and support ranks gold 4 to low plat
IGN: Sir Manwich Rank: currently G4 (but ranked around G1-2 usually) Champs: Top: Irelia, Darius, Yorick, Fiora, Maokai, Gragas, Gangplank, Vladimir, Gnar, Rumble, Nasus (These are top notch, I'm decent on other as well) ADC: Caityln, Lucian, Sivir, Ashe, Jhin, Ezreal, Twitch, Jinx Discord: Yup
SirTime (NA)
: G5 LF 2 people to rank with
: Serious Ranked 5s Looking For Mid Lane
Rank: Currently Gold 4 (due to inactivity, but usual rank is around Gold 1, grinding back up pretty fast) Role: Mid What are your reasons for applying? Used to be on a few serious teams a while back. Took a break from the game and now am back. Been looking for a serious team ever since i got back How is your passion for LCS? I love it! I keep up with it every weekend, and rewatch the VODs to keep up if I miss any games. How many times and days of the week are you available? Free anytime What are champions that you feel comfortable playing ranked? (The more the better): My champion pool is very deep just look at champions played this season. Preferred champions: Taliyah, Syndra, Orianna, Lux, LeBlanc, Azir, Twisted Fate, Katarina, Lissandra, Gangplank, Karthus, Xerath, Cassiopiea, Vladimir. Strengths: Laning phase, teamfighting (additional BONUS: Macro-shotcaller) Weaknesses: Tend to go too ham in solo q (leads to the lower KDA), but usually am more reserved in 5s
: lf cool people to play with
: LF top laner | Ranked 5's tryouts
: Gold + Team looking for Top and Mid Lane
IGN: Sir Manwich Rank: Gold 4 currently (usual rank around Gold 2- Gold1) Champs: Taliyah, Cassiopiea, Zed, LeBlanc, Orianna, Yasuo, Azir, Syndra, Vlad, Lux, Twisted Fate, Kassadin, Karthus, Gangplank, Anivia Availability: Anytime Mic: Yes Biggest Strength: Laning phase, macro-shotcalling (especially late game) Weakest Strength: (not sure what you mean by weakest strength?) weaknesses: roaming efficiently i.e. not losing cs to tower when roaming, putting too much time into a roam etc.
: P2 Support Main looking for duo ^.^
D8J (NA)
: AG Chrome Academy is looking for Gold 5 - Gold 1 Top and ADC
IGN: SirManwich Age: 20 Rank: (currently) Gold 4, (normally) G1-G2 Role: ADC Top Champions in Role [Up to 4]: Jinx, Caityln, Lucian, Ashe (Highly skilled on EVERY single "Marksman" for the adc role except Urgot and Teemo) Timezone: Eastern Availability: Any
: added
> [{quoted}](name=Sir Manwich,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=YTtmAeOR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-12T02:24:26.532+0000) > > added yo, you there? i added you, waiting on u to add me back
: LF a gold or plat adc for ranked 5s quick that has curse
Diªna (NA)
: Gold 3 Adc Main LF people to chill and grind with
Sephyxia (NA)
: Looking for top and mid gold + for dynamic
D8J (NA)
: GSI is looking for Junglers and Mid laners
Age: 20 Time Zone and Avalability: EST, very flexible IGN: SirManwich Rank: Gold 5 How long have you been playing?: Preseason 4 What role are you trying out for?: Mid What are your most played champions in that role?: Orianna, Syndra, Azir What do you enjoy about league of legends?: The challenge of being able to outplay people and work with 4 other strangers towards one goal What do you think are your strengths?: Macro play, Aggressive play and pushing for kills in laning phase and snowballing what do you think are your weaknesses?: "Playing safe" and playing reserved (I'm WORKING ON IT THO) Anything else to say go ahead and say here!: I'm really good at shotcalling and have good game sense late game. EDIT: added you too early lol forgot to hit "Post" when I added you
: Tourney team needs gold+ top
Kadranos (NA)
: Academy E-Sports A-Team: Looking for a new support!
Any chance a gold 5 (peaked gold2) could get a tryout?
D8J (NA)
: GSI is looking for players! [Second team will be made!]
Age: 20 IGN: SirManwich Rank: Gold 4 How long have you been playing?: Preseason 4 What role are you trying out for?: Mid What are your most played champions in that role?: Syndra, Orianna, What do you enjoy about league of legends?: The challenge and the uniqueness of each game What do you think are your strengths?: Supportive play/enabling my team to carry what do you think are your weaknesses?: Laning dominance, don't expect me to hard win lane, I will go even most of the time, and perhaps even ahead, but I'm typically not the pubstomp midlaner Anything else to say go ahead and say here!: I have tons of experience shotcalling and can definitely work with the team to improve our macro play
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