: > [{quoted}](name=Tidal Tyrant,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6YjBrjMF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-30T18:47:52.859+0000) > > Idk about a {{item:1043}} ... > If Trinity Force needs to get nerfed though... > I'd rather see it lose it's CDR than the other options... > > -a Gangplank player Also, remember, Recurve Bow has On Hit physical damage as a passive. -Another Gangplank player
I would really like to see a new Spellblade item with Crit. I'm not really a big fan of GP's build path right now. Crit or Pen builds just dont feel that good anymore IMO. -another Gangplank player
: > [{quoted}](name=Tidal Tyrant,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6YjBrjMF,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-08-30T19:59:13.158+0000) > > It would need to have Recurve Bow's onhit passive :V I wouldn't mind that tbh
maybe it could build from Recurve but instead of Recurve passive it increases base Atk Dam by 10%. That would help it synergize with steraks gauge. They could even decrease the Spellblade damage to compensate.
: why do you think someone would consider adc bot leblanc? im curious.
Because I've seen it before..... Here is an example, https://youtu.be/5xwGNnk4lDc
DaVaidr (NA)
: Hey, Thresh ADC is viable.
Really, vs who? Nami ADC? Get real, he is outclassed by most all other ADC's! Sometimes the game isn't who can work etc. It is about who is better at the job. Barring mechanical nonsense Jinx, Ashe, and Cait etc., are all way better options. Viable? Maybe, but why put yourself at a disadvantage. I could potentially win a marathon with only 1 leg. Does that mean I should cut off one of my legs because it is "viable"? If you are forced somehow to play Thresh ADC or you just want to "mix it up", then w/e. People need to keep that nonsense out of Ranked though. That is my only issue!
: I feel a better thing to do would be to have a vote similar to what you said but instead of banning have it just be a group dodge where no dodge penalty is there.So for players who are not okay playing with non-meta things,they don't have to and players that are ok can accept it. Just make em dodge with no penalty to it.
I can get on board with that. Just needs to be some sort of option vs what we have now.
: If Shen is nerfed for World
The nerfs are fine on Shen. He is still very strong in the right hands. (strength does not equal kill potential) Remember he is not a Carry and doesn't have much kill potential alone unless you forgo a proper Tank build. He is very good when your team has competent Carries and they make the "right" plays. It is the right move to nerf his Carry power because he would be oppressive if he could easily have Tank and Carry power. If you want that kind of champ then you should be playing Garen or Darius, perhaps even Fiora or Irelia, but not Shen. He is the perfect team player and a bad solo player. Unless you build some crazy assassin build, but then you should just be playing one of the many assassins who do that so much better.
Bumdee (NA)
: They should allow 1 dodge per day/week, therefore players will not hesitate and lose games.
Something like this, yes, but without LP loss of course. Perhaps you could earn these "dodges" based on number of ranked games played. Like every 3rd ranked game played to a Win or Loss/ff you earn 1 free "dodge". They can then be saved for when you need them.
: You can't live in fear of trolls, just play a lot of ranked and you won;t be scared anymore.
I don't fear trolls. I try to play as much ranked as possible and hate trolls. Which is why I want to destroy them! Bye bye {{champion:48}}s XD
: everyone talks about "comps" in ranked but even the pros say that when it comes to solo queue ranked, comps dont matter and that they rarely ever lose because of a flawed comp or no real comp at all. They will literally tell you just pick what you are good at and roll with it no matter what.
Yeah sure roll with it, but you do need to have certain things in your team comp vs theirs or you will basically lose unless they suck (but they should be of comparable skill). You don't need to have a perfect "wombo-combo" comp or grand unified strategy but you do need certain things. Or are you telling me that a {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} team comp has the same chance of winning as any other? "comps don't matter" is a fallacy. They do matter, a lot! Comp determines advantages, and advantages decide games.
: Ruby Sightstone got several buffs and is now actually pretty good, as long as you went for a tier 3 gold item, want to keep the Sightstone at full build, and have (imo) at least 2 active items to benefit from its CDR. I suggest instead of buffing it even further (which would likely result in them removing something from it for balance), simply adding an alternate tier 2 Sightstone that does this.
It also makes so that for 30 secs you can have 2 Zz'rot portals out for your one Zz'rot item. Pretty sweet!
: Can Ruby Sightstone get a passive where it allows you two place two pinks?
It needs to have a buff that reduces your trinket CD added to it. Or having Ruby Sightstone {{item:2045}} allows you to pick up a new Pink Trinket. Which works kind of like the blue one except they are basically Pink Wards. It would definitely make it worth buying as a Support or even Jungler. Return of the Vision 2016! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Mughees (NA)
: in b4 a 4 man queue all votes u as troll
Perhaps another reason to bring Solo Queue back
: That's why you should dodge, at the cost of 3 LP, it's worth it.
yeah but the LP cost goes up after that. Basically I have to stop playing ranked for the day because I cant chance another troll pick. If I'm very unlucky I keep bleeding LP cuz of troll/crap comps and get demoted. Yay for ranked!
Soulwake (NA)
: Great idea! Let's discourage any creative play by reporting them if we don't agree with how they choose to play their champion! But seriously though, this is why NA gets crushed by Asian countries because they don't follow the stereotypical ways NA players think a champion must be played. Why do we like to limit things so much that there is only one correct way to play a champion? If the guy is clearing trolling and admits it that's one thing but having a vote like that will eventually turn into, "I don't understand why he would play a champion there so he MUST be trolling." It's the same if I want to try a different build than what's acceptable. I tend to get flamed like crazy because I didn't build the way I SHOULD have built. Many times it has nothing to do with how well I am doing. I could be leading the team in kills but the second we start losing it MUST have been my atypical build that caused the loss. Sometimes I want to try to push the boundaries and see what's possible and this kind of change would tell people it's not ok.
I understand what you are saying, but there is a difference between ADC/Bot LeBlanc VS Miss Fortune Mid. I am not against creative builds and roles when it works with the comp. A lot of the time though off-picks are putting you at a disadvantage unless the other team is also just as messed up. I would even be fine with a Kalista Mid who bonds with the Tank Jungler. There is a big difference between "potential win" and "likely a loss".
: I mean seeing as they already weight reports by number of reports in a single game (if all 9 people in a game report someone it hits the top of the stack), and the system already knows who is queuing together, it wouldnt take much to tweak the weighting to avoid premades abusing people. Also it doesnt necessarily have to end in a ban, it could be just be a disband of the lobby. This way it could be up to the team whether they want to play with that off meta pick or not with no repercussions. You can be the best heimerdinger jg in the world, but if I'm in my promos, especially a last game, I definitely dont want to see something that volatile show up on my team, and I'd like some control over it other than eating the dodge.
The real issue for me is the trolling that happens in champ select, not reporting after (that would be too late). I hate dodging and losing LP when I am trying to climb. Dodging and being punished by losing LP is currently the only way to mitigate the larger LP loss when ppl decide it's time to experiment in ranked. I mean seriously, if someone locks in LeBlanc{{champion:7}} Bot/ADC last pick when you have no other AD carry there needs to be a way to dodge without being punished. Sure this could be abused, but what is the alternative? The smart player will usually dodge in these circumstances while the "troll" goes unpunished. I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with this.
Yosheë (NA)
: While not entirely a bad idea in the least bit, it's likely too easily abused to simply get players banned for not either banning or picking the most meta champ at the time. Like last year when GP and Morde were pick or ban 80% of the time haha
Yeah that is an issue. Not sure how it could be fixed. There really needs to be a way to hold these people accountable who are ruining ranked for the others.
: Ranked updates now live
I am so pissed! Can you guys add in a "troll vote" dodge system in champ select? I just had a ranked game I had to dodge because of an ADC/Bot Thresh{{champion:412}} pick. The player legit even said they were trolling, locked in and everything. Please address this issue for the future! Make so that if you get voted as "Troll Picking" too many times in ranked that you are banned from ranked for a period of time. I play 4-5 ranked games a day and see this happen way too often!
Zerenza (NA)
: It's because if you use it, you can take rift herald alone at level 6, which is a really powerful objective. She makes taking objective laughably easy and actually give yorick this whole "Split Push, Objective Control" champion niche.
I hadn't thought of that, but still... not what she was designed for. Probably just have to take the good with the bad. I imagine they might weaken her vs Neutral Monsters if she is that good. I am positive they did not redesign him for Jungling.
: it doesn't make sense that when yorick walks by a lane it just rushes down the lane attacking whatever on its way and doesn't give shit about where yorick goes tho. there is literally no control that allows you to stop it from killing itself unless you never walk into a lane.
Why are you using the Maiden outside of lane anyways? She is meant to be a pusher kind of like a Banner'ZZ'rot hybrid.
Davarril (NA)
: Then you're just restricting the way that people can play, which is not a good solution based on a SINGLE champion.
Riot does this all the time in other situations, this isn't Minecraft, there are tons of restrictions on how people can play. imo Sheen items should not be used by any non-mana users etc. They already do this with Melee only items etc. In fact I believe all mana items should be inaccessible to non-mana users. This should make balancing items and champs easier overall in the future.
Avienal (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Killstrado,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EqJ8G6sc,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2016-08-16T14:41:45.958+0000) > > Ummm lol they both uhh....only have uhh....4 abilities and a passive......which is the same for like all but five other champs.....so uhhh I don't get why you say they both have enough for 2 champs rofl Its namely multiple effects on several abilities: Yasuo's abilities have: Passive: Double crit chance AND a constantly regenerating shield via moving around with level scaling and a 1 second duration when proc'd. Q: On hit, Critical allowable Short AoE stabs that have low cooldown, gets lower with attack speed AND it has a knock up tornado instead on stab 3. W: Serves as a omnipotent few second duration directional projectile damage negation for only 'ENEMY' projectiles. E: Constant dash capability long as a enemy champion or minion is around and he hasn't recently dashed thru it. R: Supresses knock up targets for 1 second(which can make it extend the knock up to be longer too), Does a butt load of damage and lets Yasuo bypass half the bonus armor on the affected 'enemy champion group' (Not a single surpress and damage nuke, its a AoE affecter so it can hit all 5 enemy champions if done right), plus that bonus armor penetration if i recall would proc at the ability start and it lasts for 15 seconds, if i'm wrong and it procs at the end that still lets yasuo have 15 whole seconds to brutally maim the affected enemy champions, if i'm right then his already big damage ultimate which has a 150% bonus AD scaling is likely ripped apart armored targets up heavily thanks to it during the 'free damage moment on the enemy champions.' Can you name 1 other champion who has that many effects which include defensive, mobile, offensive and CC abilities, even if you include 'mana and energy champions'? Because likely no other resource or special resource champion has a kit that overloaded. Some champions might have 1 or 2 abilities with extra effects or extra 'passive effects', but not to the point where it spans to such ridiculous flexibility, that the 'Tank Yasuo' build spawned out because his kit is so overloaded, he can even ignore one of the more ridiculous abilities he has: Double critical hit chance. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
What about Yorick{{champion:83}} .... He has three different colored ghouls!!!!!
: It's pretty much because of that bonus armor penetration he gets from his ultimate, and because Sheen items are a little ridiculous. Someone suggested before to change the bonus armor pen on Last Breath to apply only to critical strikes (heavily encouraging a critical strike build). Either that OR make his bonus armor penetration duration scale with how many champions get caught in his ultimate (in a sort of similar way Fiora's Grand Challenge works, scaling with how many vital's were hit). That way, he could stand to lose a lot of damage in 1v1/1v2 situations, and only deal good consistent damage if he lands a really good ultimate.
Another trick would be to make so only Mana users can buy Mana items. Would eliminate all Sheen items from his repertoire.
I Q (NA)
: Denies tanks? You can build thornmail and make it so you can 1v1 a ADC who hasn't built lifesteal without even using abilities on them! That item makes {{champion:96}} {{champion:29}} 's life a living hell! Tanks have a item that REWARDS you for standing still and allowing them to auto you.
are you serious? {{item:3075}} Thornmail is useless against an experienced {{champion:96}} Kog player. Half of his "damage" is on hit magic damage with a sprinklin of abilities that bypasses {{item:3075}} Thornmail altogether. Especially with {{item:3091}} as first or second item.
: Sum ergo cogito. I'm, thus I think. \#internetlatinrulez
Bârd (NA)
: @RiotRepertior Since the Urgot rework is coming (as you have teased), can you confirm something?
He should be a melee champ that has a Q toggle ability that changes his AA to Ranged with different scaling and effects. Or his R could make him Tp a short distance similar to what it does now but instead of suppressing an enemy first he has an AOE stun when he arrives and it puts him into a Seige Tank mode like on Starcraft with increased range and visual range as well has his AA haveing splash damage similar to jinx rockets. He should be built AD bruiser and he shouldnt need mana. Maybe a resource bar like shyvana for his Ult. Just some quick ideas that would make him pretty cool and fit his theme a lot better.
: You know tanks are underpowered when
Why do I get the feeling most of you are playing a different game than me. This is a forum about League of Legends right? I've seen an ADC kill an Alistar in 3 seconds before... Oh wait it was an AP Alistar, that's why! Games snowball like that because people don't play their role or feed cuz they don't understand positioning and timing which are crucial for the laning phase. If you can't stay even during laning then you might need to rethink your strats. It's a big chess game, it's not about being better than the other team, it's about punishing them for their mistakes. Best way to get better is make less mistakes.
: Wouldn't that snowball the game even harder? If you're low level you can't even kite enemies.
I think it would actually slow down the early game a bit because everyone would be more keen on staying alive till 7 and absorbing all the Xp they can from the lane etc. If you're low level you already can't kite enemies cause they prob already bought boots etc. This would make it all even and put more emphasis on not dying early which everyone should already be trying to do. If played properly no one should die before 10 mins at least.
Voyse (NA)
: **TL;DR: ** * Realistically, about **300 Project cores = One gemstone**. and that is being very generous towards the project cores... * Augment chests are basically two hextech chests but 95 RP cheaper!! **Full Message:** 10 project cores = 1 Gemstone? pfffft ha ha ha ha. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} I mean if we used the new box sets to judge the gemstone value (which by the way is an absolute steal for a gemstone compared to dealing with RNG). That bundle gives you: * 10 Augment Chests (Each one giving you One skin shard, one random Hextech loot, 2 project cores, and a chance to drop a Augment Chest Blueprint) * 1 Gemstone Being that the bundle costs you at least **2950 RP** and the lowest RP package you can purchase that gives you enough RP is the $35 one, I'll use that exchange rate. That is about: ** 142 RP per $1** Which means : **2950 RP is about $20.65** Considering each chest gives a minimum value of 2 hextech chests (Hextech chests + the key to open them are 195 RP btw) that means your getting close to 390 RP worth of items per chest, not even including the project cores or Augment chest blueprints that occasionally drop. And guess what? The Augment chests alone are actually 295 RP, all ready to be opened as if you bought a key already with it. So the Augment chest is already 95 RP Cheaper than buying 2 hextech chests with keys and your trying to say 10 project cores = 1 gemstone...? Project cores are worth **at most** 250 RP for 7 of them. And that's only using a very loose comparison to buying a summoner Icon, because you actually have to still buy Another item from the market just to combine said item with the 7 project cores to get one of the 3 summoner icons (That item is about 75 RP or 750 IP). Now, I want you to realize that people have easily spent over 15000 RP or $100 on Hextech chests, just to pull only 1 or 2 gemstones. That's about 85 Hextech chests, for only 2 gemstones. You need 10 to make anything useful. So if we use that figure, that's about $500 for 10 gemstones. That's not even guaranteed gemstones by the way, but that's what chance tells us we'd have to buy to land 10 of them so far. Anyway, thats about $50 per one Gemstone or 7500 RP. Compared to the project cores that were basically free in the augment chests but were worth about 25 RP each. (250 -75 = **175 RP value of 7 Project cores**) In other words... A project core isn't worth anything. Realistically, 300 Project cores = One gemstone. and that is being very generous to the project cores...
Yeah, I see what you mean.... However i wish i could do something else with them other than just get Essence. It would be awesome if i could exchange them for RP cuz then they wouldn't be so useless.
: Boot Enchantments
I believe Boots should be removed entirely. Base move speed should go up each level: +3 @lvl 2 +3 @lvl 3 +4 @lvl 4 +4 @lvl 5 +5 @lvl 6 +6 @lvl 7 Which would bring it to standard Boots +25 Then add the upgraded boot stats into some of the core items for each target buyer and make so that they can only purchase one of those items. IE: merge {{item:3031}} and {{item:3006}} so that IE gets the bonus 35% atk spd and +20 move speed as well as its other stats. Probably would change the recipe to include some sort of talisman or something. Extra item could be: Berserker's Talisman +10% atk spd and +10 Move speed @400 gold - which would then combine with {{item:1051}} @400 gold to be a new cloak (Berserker's Cloak which would replace the Cloak of Agility in the IE recipe) @ 1000 gold (combine cost of 200 gold) which would have +20% Crit, +20% Atk Spd and +15 move speed. IE overall cost would go up to 3800 from 3600 but you save money in the long run cuz you no longer buy berzerker greaves. And then you throw "Limited to 1" on the IE as well. Just an example of how it might look. I hope they do something like this in Pre-Season 7
Neclord (EUW)
: Mastery 7 Taric here. You need a K/D/A similar to that at about 20 minutes as opposed to 34. Your total kill participation needs to be higher too. Orianna was part of 29/45 of your team's kills. You were part of 23/25. 64% participation compared to 51% participation is the clincher here. You'll rarely get S- and above with a kill participation below 60%.
Yeah you're probably right. I prob need higher KP.
Jo0o (NA)
: This probably isn't the case due to your Ruby Sightstone, but were you slacking with warding?
I am pretty sure I was warding plenty, but w/e meh....
  Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Support does have a large community. It's just not as large as other positions. We have to be careful not to completely change what Support means, because then we're just potentially abandoning one community in the hopes of growing another, larger one. So in that respect we aren't trying to redesign Support. From my point of view, the biggest problems playing Support is that it's hard to see your influence on the game, and likewise hard for the rest of the dudes in the game to tell if you really had an impact by playing a stellar Support game. The KDA doesn't really show that. Gold probably doesn't really show that. Planting the most wards isn't a super exciting score. That's the kind of thing we want to address. Some of it we can move (hopefully) just by changing numbers, because more experience means more individual power to shape outcomes and so on.
All Sightstone items should regenerate wards and give an XP and possibly gold boost, not just the hybrid vision items. Ruby sightstone needs a buff. Support role could also have "smite" type spell and exclusive items like jungle role. Like a vision ward spell etc.
: When the hyper-aggressive enemy laner goes passive after you kill them a few times
{{champion:62}} Oh, so you want some Wuju style? Here yah go! https://media.giphy.com/media/KPgOYtIRnFOOk/giphy.gif
: He has a {{item:2043}} as ADC , you don't have one :^)
There is a Rengar on the enemy team. Probably holding it in case he gets the Rengar "!"
: Whenever i play a Juggernaut
Played vs a Volibear with over 6k HP yesterday. He didn't give a f@CK bout nottin. Then we lost.. :(
shyv (NA)
: what is the point of pick intent
Supposed to be so your pick doesn't get banned by your team. Also I have never seen intended picks banned by my team. How often does this happen to you?
: Good, I really like the passive. It's fitting and balanced. but Riot would try to pay a bit of homage to the original Yorick. These are close to the normal Yorick I guess, Q is Q, W is E and E is W. But R is too different, what it Yorick sacrificed one of the ghouls to make the reverent of an ally. Maybe make it so a ghoul can only be enhanced with one buff, adding another buff should over write the first. This is for balance sake. I also think that Qv should be counted as an empowerment as well for consistency sake, it makes sense. If they leave the range of Q, that should take the agro off until Yorick hits Q on them again.
Yeah, those are good suggestions. I think that his new kit should look something like this *crosses fingers* As far as R being different... Poppy's rework comes to mind. As much as this is a suggestion it is also a rough prediction based on how the reworks have been going. The way the kit is supposed to work is have him be a CC champ who kind of controls an area and peels for/ protects the ADC. I imagine the scaling on his abilities will not be very high. Enough to make him a nuisance if you try to get close to him but also not as overbearing as say Heim can be.
Rioter Comments
: You mean Sion's Unstoppable ultimate isn't as Unstoppable as Malphite's Unstoppable ultimate? This feels like a mistake. Either Unstoppable should be removed from the name of Sion's ultimate, or it should go through Azir's ultimate.
Yeah, he should just break right through the wall! Maybe he slows down a little bit though ;)
Mecca (NA)
: New champion portraits are hard to recognize.
They take some getting used to and could maybe be re-zoomed appropriately. Overall I don't think they would be confused with any other champ. In conclusion... familiarity makes the heart grow fonder!? ;) Peace out!
: Dev Blog: Updating Summoner’s Rift
Did I see a new camp possibly below Teemo SW of wolves on blue side?

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