: Is the client really laggy for anyone else?
Extremely. I'm not sure what's the cause or the trigger. But randomly after a game the client becomes unbearably laggy. Chat comes in slow, and elements of the UI respond several seconds after being interacted with. Restarting the client fixes it, but it happens again eventually.
: The Riven Chroma is gone from the pass!
I have the same problem. Had a friend check his shop too, same thing. Was a little sad cuz I wanted to buy it right away.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 22
Hey meddler, What kind of direction are you looking at for the omnistone buff? And what is the real intended audience for it? It seems kind of awkward since most people will rather just pick their best stone for a particular match up than randomly be issued one. If it gave a stronger stone than normal at a high cooldown and random then I'd get the appeal, but for now it feels off.
Yenn (NA)
: Can whoever designed Omnistone explain who is intended to use it, and why they would choose it?
The design seems awful because there is no positive trade offs. With klepto, you lost an offensive and consistent runes to get RNG items. The benefit was the items was something you can use to augment your playstyle, or dust to get gold. So at the very least, for champs without a real keystone, or even champs with a good stone, it provided an option with a clear benefit. Extra gold. The problem is theres no benefit for anyone. If your champ has a clear cut rune to use, this rune would just handicap them. I wouldn't want to get,bfor example, fleet on my support or something. For the champs that have no dedicated rune or a versatile rune, it looks like it would have potential but it still boils down to, "why would I take a random rune every x seconds when i can just take the one that's strongest for this match up?" I think it should give the rune a high, high and a low low. It needs some kinda incentive to be used. I'd personally see it as appealing if it gave stronger versions of normal runes but on a long CD. For example: Omnistone harvest: will deal 40-120 bonus damage opposed to the 20-60 but then a cooldown kicks in and the player is without any stone for a min or 2. Then they get say, phase rush that will give a larger ms speed boost but then again they'll be runeless for a while. It would be a lot more interesting to play around those unique power windows imo.
CurS1VE (NA)
: I swapped from Supo to ADC this is what i've learned
I like you and respect your willingness to try the other shoe. I play adc and support so it's always frustrating when you get a support that has no idea what you're doing or what your lanes strength and weakness are. It gets worse when their actions can cost you the lane. Can't count how many time's I've frozen a lane and a support decided it's time to take all the cs and push while we have no vision and our jungler is on top side, causing us to either die or lose exp. I think it can go to other roles too. Trying them out to understand their strengths and limitations helps a lot understanding why someone can or can't help in a given situation
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 18
Hi meddler! This may be a bit of a preemptive discussion, but are you concerned that level disparity between solo and duo lanes may be too great with this change? 2% sounds like a small number but small numbers can have big changes. What of supports in this circumstance, as they are always much lower? Also the 10th annie stream was great. I did not sleep that night due to all the excitement and anxiety. Happy 10th!
Speeedy (NA)
: Preseason: ADC Questions
Iirc, the cloud drake is reducing ult cds on ability casts. That's the opposite of spear of shojin. And its not something you can control every game. Support item changes for me is great and all but my concern is the removal of the gold passive after the item is completed portion. The only real change that concerns me in regards to adc is the exp hit. I don't like how that sounds at all. If they just buffed solo lane exp, ok, but they want to buff solo lane exp and nerf duo lane just feels like a recipe for disaster. Imagine if we end up 3 to 4 levels down the solo laners. No matter how many items you have, you become chow. Especially will suck for supports who are generally always down.
: Stuff?
I don't have any sort of creative talent, but I'd love to share an absent minded thought to ~~corrupt~~ entice another morg lovers mind. Ever since her VU, I always sing that chip skylark song (my shiny teeth) when I think of the infamous morgana teeth. If there's anyone talented out there, I would adore you if you drew morg singing the shiny teeth song {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} and who ever added the grimace @ riot, ily.
Kazekiba (NA)
: Thats the first time in 2 years ive read the phrase, "I was hoping for Kai'sa". Kogmaw btw
Ikr. Thought I never had to say that. Kog works but he has the same problem as cass. If they went lulu kog, I'd say ok, but passing up kaisa with naut i think is a big waste. She has wave clear, ap damage, insane scaling, literally everything they needed. All around disappointed in how it played out
: > [{quoted}](name=SammyDayspring,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0ttAUE5c,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-15T01:51:27.723+0000) > > Don't follow the suggested items. ROA and Tear DO NOT belong on every mage. Play smart and make your spells count instead of spamming them hoping to hit something. > > If you want to build off-meta, then play off-meta. Don't build AD Thresh and then play like a tank by diving in. > > People who don't feed the poros are bad. Out of curiosity, which champs shouldn't build Rod (or tear if anyone else is interested I guess)? Tear is understandable for some of them of them but usually I build Rod on any mage that I pick up such as Karma or Malphite.
It highly depends on your play style, enemy team comp, and your team comp. The reason its recommended on most mages is cuz it's never a bad choice to get a tear, but it's not always an optimal. On lux for example, I tend to build tear first because our team has good wave clear and it helps prevent me from getting bursted by an enemy alongside zhonya. Karthus especially loves both tear and roa. Zoe on the other hand, i always go ludens first as I don't need the shield from tear or the late game power as much. I favor the mid game spike and wave clear of ludens more, and since i like running DH, i can proc it with ludens. The rule of thumb i follow is, ROA- if I'm trying to more bruiser and ease into my power spike. (Use on diana, mao, malph, galio) Tear- if i need shields to avoid a burst, want mana sustain or deep mana pools, or looking for the late game power. (Use on karthus, lux and poke mages) Ludens- if i want the early and mid game power, strong poke and wave clear (good and most mages, i typically build on lux, zoe, and xerath) And abyssal mask i usually build on tankier folk when my team has more than one AP user
: G2 vs C9's game (rant)
Blabber subbing got sven wasn't the worst decision, and him and licorice did put in major work early on. Nisqy on the other hand didn't accomplish much and I felt like they over stayed and gave too much away early on. Every time they got a victory, sneaky and nisqy gave something back in return. As for the cass lock in, that also had me cringe. I didn't like the choice at all. It sounds good on paper but doesn't look good off paper. She provided an ap threat and added some scaling to their team. But she's too susceptible early on even with the miasma to try to dissuade rakan. With syndra veigar banned, I was hoping for kai'sa who brings mixed damage, fantastic scaling and synergy with naut. Other than vlad, the rest of g2 is still squishy. It's pretty heart breaking to see such a crazy early game then to have them stagnate towards the mid and late. It's only 1 loss so I hope they pick up in the rest of their groups.
My favorite concept so far has been the chinese new year poppy by kezi. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/eHwKWvNv-fanskin-chinese-new-year-lulu-poppy If not this I would love something like lancer or warring kingdom.
Leufaya (OCE)
: PURIFIED Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan [Ctrl+5 Suggestion]
I'm actually in love with the skins, but I definitely think they should have chromas or a cntrl 5 for the uncorrupted forms. It'd be a HUGE missed opportunity. I feel like adding that would easily increase sales by a substantial amount, especially when there's people like me, who like changing their looks often based on mood.
: Is Camille a good choice for your team?
Camille is underrated but I find her good. She seems to have a high base starting mana, combined with just about any tear item you get your ult almost instantly and probably a few times over the course of a round. She shines best if you pair her with blade masters or hextech tho. If you want to use her in other comps, it's really only worth if you at least take 2 hextech.
Minarde (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ETaj6LKK,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-11T03:33:13.619+0000) > > They already have two fixes for items coming out next patch from what I've seen on various sites. The number and rolls of items that drop are to be standardized more than they are now. That's nice for TFT, but it does bring up another question. If TFT's randomness can be (more) standardized, why can't ARAM's? Going back to the champ tier thing, what if a hypothetical ranked ARAM followed TFT's example and only used a seasonal subset of champs? That could cut down on outliers excessively affecting matches. Alternately, having a regular Draft champ select, but each player can only choose from a handful of random offerings of similar power. Another option would be to just throw a bunch of champs onto a shared bench, and each team drafts from there.
> [{quoted}](name=Minarde,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ETaj6LKK,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-11T03:52:52.882+0000) > > That's nice for TFT, but it does bring up another question. If TFT's randomness can be (more) standardized, why can't ARAM's? Going back to the champ tier thing, what if a hypothetical ranked ARAM followed TFT's example and only used a seasonal subset of champs? That could cut down on outliers excessively affecting matches. Alternately, having a regular Draft champ select, but each player can only choose from a handful of random offerings of similar power. Another option would be to just throw a bunch of champs onto a shared bench, and each team drafts from there. This is what I've wanted for a long time. (The bench). I used to stay neutral on the idea of ranked ARAMs since its always split between people thinking the RNG is too decisive and others acknowledging that there's a different skill set needex for it. After seeing Riot push for ranked TFT I was salty. They can EASILY make a ranked aram if they wanted too. When I spoke to my friend a few weeks back we had a similar idea to the bench. What I proposed was, for rank only, they can shuffle half the roster each game, and out of that roster each team bans a few champions or no champions right before the game dishes out champs to each. After that its a normal aram character select and you reroll out of the free (70) champ pool and your own pool to make a team. The normal bench for picking up tossef champs would still be there ofc. This would basically make normal aram like blind SR is to ranked SR. Keeping it mostly the same with small differences to make it more controlled. Idk how finely riot goes through these kinds of posts but itd be cool if they accepted trying ranked aram at least once. Voting on a community idea for what we want in ranked aram and then give us a beta
im small (EUW)
: Star Guardian 2019 predictions!
For me I'm thinking Xayah and Rakan have good chances. I think Neeko might be a definite. Zoe i also see as very likely. My personal hope would be 1. Xayah-red (if not kalista or sivir) 2. Rakan - green (if not nami) 3. Neeko- blue 4. nidalee purple (if not leblanc) 5. Zoe pink
: New Mord ult is buggy
Clone not attacking if you issue it commands would be a bug, but when mordes ult ends, anything that was spawn in the shadow realm stays there. Check out vandrils vid for some of rge interactions.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24
Hey meddler, Any thoughts on Shyvana (AD) ?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 17
Hey Meddler, any thoughts on how {{champion:92}} is doing after the changes, or does she need more time to cook before evaluation. Also thanks for the ARAM info. Has Mort got any more insight on cc changes there? Happy Friday btw {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
Hey Meddler, What are your thoughts on Shyvana {{champion:102}} ? More specifically non ap.
: Riot recently made the best addition ARAM ever got just to remove it mere days later...
I personally disagree with this post. I for one, didn't like the bans, but I also didn't hate them either. To preface, this is of course my own opinion and I'm just throwing it out there, so it may sound rambly and confusing as I piece it together. I'm not sure why you would discredit people based off how often they did or didn't play aram,it's like discrediting people based off rank in discussions that affect everyone. (I for one have over 4k aram games if you want to check. I think roughly 2.5k on just this account alone and I know those are baby numbers to some). But aram being my primary game mode and having friends that hate its guts, I'm used to seeing both sides and seeing what people like and don't like about it. In any case, I'd like to start with the pros of bans, we all know them. It got rid of those pesky mages that dominated ARAM for so long. The joy I felt never having to the likes of xerath and lux again is immeasurable, however that was basically it. That was the only real positive of the bans. Unlike SR it adds no depth to aram. In SR, i know what pick I want and I can see my allies intent and can ban accordingly, but in aram, I can ban a champ and the game will never even roll that champ. It's not on the same level as SR where we know whats meta and what people want to pick. It didn't really do anything other than keep the most over powered champs off the bridge, which is still ok to me. How ever the belief that it stopped aram only accounts i think is over blown. Most people would probably agree on what the top 5 most frustrating champs in aram is, but then when you drop to the top 10, or the top 20 then what? There's a lot more problems in aram than just lux. When you ban the top 10 champs (assuming each team has all unique bans, rarely happens), you also tighten the chances of the aram account locking in any one of their other champs. I've even had a game where our ban phase looked great, axing xerath lux ziggs veigar and brand. But the enemy still ended up with fiddle and malzahar, a tank, jinx etc, while our team was all melee. It wasn't a fun game (for my friends, I took it as a chance to overcome the odds). For newer accounts it's even more lack luster. On my alt I have a few champs (waiting on more shards) and they aren't ones that get banned (i play poppy there). Because it's new though, I mostly play a mix of the free rotation and what I own, but then when someone banned champs off the free rotation, I'm left with very few options. When a friend of mines who actually owns most champs joined the new butcher's bridge, he felt the wrath of the aram gods as his ban on lux meant nothing, when the enemy team ended up with a lot of poke and cc to his melee team. Which brings me to what I (personally) think is the crux of arams system. While some players like you and I may revel in the joy of random (apologies if you don't), most people do not like it and want some degree of control. This is why 2 random rerolls was great. It kept things random but gave a degree of control back to the player. If you got a champ you truly disliked playing, you took a random chance to get another champ. Mating human control with rng. I know there's a lot of people who say just unlock all champions, and that may fix things but I also feel it's just as much as a band aid as bans. It will definitely make the pools more diverse and truly stop aram accounts, but it also feels just as bad if you constantly get champs you don't know. (I've seen that a lot in my newer accounts). It also takes out the incentive of grinding and buying new champs. I love buying new champs to have them available in aram for me and so I can trade for them when people don't want it. If I have everything unlocked, then I'd grind less hard. That being said, I wouldn't mind if bans came back but I also don't feel them being gone as bad. I do like a lot if the balance changes and the poke reduction system in place and glad those are staying, but i personally think they can balance in aram on a fundamental level more. [You can feel free to ignore this part] My personal idea for what they can change to aram is to not open up the entire roster at all times, but to open up a large portion of it every game. As in, when you queue up and hit accept, the game dishes out a random pool of say 60 champs with a minimum of each particular roll available (8 tanks, 8 mm, 8 supps, etc.). In 15s you can grab ban any champ you want in that pool and the game would then distribute the remaining 50 (if all 10 unique bans) randomly among the teams with the excess in the bench. So each team now has a random team and they can pick out of the bench to form an actual team comp instead of having all 1 type with no tank or no adc, etc. They can still reroll **1** time to get another champ to be pulled from the weekly free rotation or **their** own champs to add into the bench. This is just my personal idea, to keep things random with some degree of control given back to the player. If you made it this far have a cookie on me, and sorry for the long boring opinion. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Neeko's Butt
The questions in this thread blew my mind. I wonder if one might featured on next Q n A
: Watching BodBox Riven smashing Riste's Garen.
That's not really how that works. I couldn't find the match you were talking in his history, so it might of happened some time ago or I'm missing it, but regardless. Just because a champion counters a champion, doesn't mean that you win 100% of the time. Take two matches box box played last night for example. In one game he absolutely got smashed by the enemy darius. He fed, really hard. The next game he fought a Darius and then absolutely destroyed him. You see similar things happen when he fights other Riven counters like Poppy or Renekton, but the general trend is he struggles to lane against them. https://na.op.gg/champion/garen/statistics/top Statistically Garen still counters Riven, but his lane dominance doesn't mean game dominance.
GigglesO (NA)
: sent
> [{quoted}](name=GigglesO,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LwlhJlLA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-31T18:13:16.160+0000) > > sent Alright got it! gimme a sec, im in a game and ill accept in in a min
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: Laughing Fish’s Birthday Spectacular: Come and get your free skins!
Happy bday! I don't comment much but like to let you know, your ~~A~~ S* class memery usually brightens my dull work day. Here's a gif for you to enjoy! Hope it counts. (Laughings *gasp* baby photos) https://media0.giphy.com/media/26DNjbTQVIUHyjkDm/giphy.gif
: so your saying that external factors like his team has more gold total than mine keeps like gold bounty normal? btw i literally he tries to farm lane but dies pretty much as soon as i meet him yet still worth the same. granted though he did attack bot lane couple of times where he had 2 kills. but thats verrry much later after top tower fell.
To an extent yea. Since they introduced cs bounties, you'll sometimes see a person who's died once or twice still amass some value. I've had games where I've been 0/2 and had a bounty because my team was ahead and I managed to farm up a lot. I had more gold than the enemy adc so I was worth as much to kill regardless of being down in deaths. But that guy likely got his bounty reset off bot lane
UniSect (NA)
: When you know the loss was genuinely your fault...
Always a Feelsbad moment. It feels worse when they honor you or when you're winning but then lose on your mistake. I had a game once where my friend fed the enemy rengo and it looked like a loss straight out. I managed to bring it back and we hit late game. We almost won, but I made a mistake on the last team fight that let them win that fight and the game. I got 4 tilt proofs and it made me feel like crap cuz I knew it was on me lol.
: you mean its to prevent proxy styled players also? where every death means something.
Min bounty is 100 iirc. The bounty for killing a player is adjusted depending on their kill streaks and death streaks. It gets reset if the player gains a kill (if on a death streak) or dies (your basic shut down goal). If kled dies 9 times in a row he would be worth 100 g. If he gets a kill then he's worth 300 g again. Other things that will affect his worth is CS bounties, which can keep his value up if his team is ahead and he cs like crazy.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 20
A little of a random topic @meddler or any of the designers, but I always wonder how you guys define and design around counter play, counter pick, and counter building. Balance is always a hot topic on the forums and people often mention things like, counter picking isnt a form of counter play, or dodging isn't counter play etc. So I wondered how does the team define these terms and design around them, or do they blanket it together as just "counters" and take into consideration all 3. Sorry if I'm a little unclear.
I really hope sugar rush wins. I want more candy skins. And I want to keep saying Bubble Gum Gun!
: Gameplay/Client Feedback Megathread: One +, One -
Positive Champion and item diversity. I love how many champions there are in the game and how many items you can buy, especially actives like {{item:3077}} . The more impactful choices I have, the better I feel about the ones I make. So I love the current selection of champions and items (mostly), and even the runes. Negative I dislike the bot lane dynamics and snowball in the game. Botlane is a 2v2 ordeal that requires both parties to understand each others strength and weaknesses as well as the opponents. The synergy and experience required to perform their often isn't there immediately and can cause a game to snowball out of control and for people to give up without understanding the strength of their comp. I wish the game did more to help people learn these things and understand the game not just on a micro level but a macro level as well; or to just decouple the duo lane and give more agency to the solo player. Extra I wish the honor flairs showed immediately. Not sure why they changed it to you having to click it. The honor system already feels underwhelming in terms of how it rewards players, and now it just feels invisible.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 22
Hey meddler Any background on the shift of conqueror to triggering on abilities vs simply staying in combat? I assume to open it to a wider audience but i feel it definitely causes issues when some champs can easily stack it. Have you guys tried a version where it just builds over time while staying in combar with champs instead? (Similar to old but without minions and without the sudden burst of stats)
: Morgana's Teeth
When I first saw it I actually thought it was funny and kinda cute. Reminds me of the faces you make when you're playing with a kid.
Pyrosan (NA)
: Wouldn't it make more sense for the professional players to play on an individual patch?
Part of the problem with that, is the standard community emulates the pros. If you see your favorite player do this or that, or if you see how they handle a match up you copy it. If they play with completely different balances, then this won't apply. Additionally, watching their games start to make little sense, because it would essentially be an entirely different game. Imagine watching a game where camille E didnt stun but on live it did. Or akali shrounds under tower and still has true stealth but didn't on live, or vice versa. It'd make no sense, and you would have to track pro play completely individual of normal play. Where as now they're just always one patch behind.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 20
Is there a way to make the bounties more visible in real time rather than constantly checking tab etc? Such as the way a game announces a new leader in fps. What I mean is how a game gives an audible and visual notice as something happens. For example, your team amasses a huge lead and a bounty goes on your head, it would be nice to have the game announcer tell me "you've amassed a bounty" and put a small red notice near my buff bar with the amount. Then notify me that the bounty has been levied when it drops off. Would this be possible or worth doing to add some clarity to the system? Provided the visual and audio notification can be turned off of course.
: Garen, in need of a rework?
I don't think he needs any major rework or anything, but I've never been a fan of how his villain passive is. I don't know how everyone else feels about it, but generally people I talk to dislike it. Feels horrible when you're doing well and he can just come in and punish you for that. Or the flip side, where the person you most want to be the villain, isn't. I rather this ability be tweaked but any change would be polarizing. Like if you get hit with 3 attacks or abilities, including each tick of his spin, you get a villain mark on your head. He would be able to choose the villain and there would be ways to avoid becoming one. Even Spicier, you may have multiple villains if you stick to people with his spin. Would be interesting but definitely cause friction.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 15
Hey meddler,... I know this is a strange question but what are your thoughts on {{item:3158}} (not sure the last time i seen this much)? And thoughts on cdr in general? Does the game feel too saturated with cdr and are there enough meaningful trade offs when going max cdr vs damage or other utility effects?
: Rule #17 Don't Be a Hero
Aw man, i thought with the title you meant saving people. Cuz I'm guilty of doing that often and then wishing I hadn't {{sticker:sg-janna}} But yea, I have a friend who does that often and I keep trying to get them to stop pulling the trigger abd learning to think about when to first.
Aionius (NA)
: Riven or Fiora?
If you're focusing more towards damage and the bruiser fighter play style, go for fiora. She's more reliable in that regard but she has less team fight presence. Riven is a lot more versatile and stronger in the current meta, so if you're willing to invest the time, she would be better in the long term. You can always buy the other later. I bought riven before fiora but i love them both.
: Has anyone ever had those nights where your stomach/gut just gives you the middle finger?
I've had DAYS like that. Man it sucks. At least when its night, I know I'm screwed and can't go to work, but sometimes I wake up completely ok. Then when I'm going to work I start feeling a little meh, to full blown "I might need a bathroom."
Jamaree (NA)
: Make sure to notice the difference between and actual troll and someone who is having a bad game.
The amazing part is that people think they are immune to bad games and that they see everything. People have bad games where they shit the bed completely. Gotta acknowledge it and accept it so you can start making fixing things. Doesn't help to flame people for it. I've had experiences before, where things would just go horribly wrong. I'd end up like 0/3 or something in lane, and got flamed for it. Then everyone would be quick to have a comment on it, but none of them knows whats going on. One distinct time it happened was when I had an auto filled support. They locked leona, but never engaged once and instead hugged the tower and stayed behind me ALL game. Never warded, never did anything. After all the flaming, then people finally realized mid way through the game that I wasn't inting. I had an auto filled support and was stuck in a 1v2. Once we helped him out we were able to make a come back. Similarly, a friend of mines used to rage when anyone does bad (still does sometimes). He had a bad game once where jg camped his lane, and he got bodied. He tilted and wasn't able to chill till I just straight told him "everyone shits the bed at some point. Get over it and get your head in the game." And we told him what to do to stop the bleed. Someone is gonna lose lane, its either gonna be on your side or the enemy side. If we tilt and flame each other, it just makes the game more miserable. If we help each other, we all improve and possibly learn something.
: Rito, what happened to the other January 28 - March 4 "Fortune" quests?
Ditto, no other quests have appeared for me. I was wondering if I missed something lol. or if they issue a new one each day. Dunno.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kr1sys,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=L4O1Ab2n,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-28T18:33:35.799+0000) > > what I posted? Small portion of it, almost every game is decided at champ select, and ff is at 8 minutes You posted literally nothing of value. Elaborate a bit, ffs. Because from what i saw, it's almost the same thing as with previous iterations of it.
Basically he had a bad dice roll, thinks urf is cancer, and wants to appeal to forums. I honestly don't understand why people do this, even in ARAMs lol. "I hate the unbalanced randomness of this for fun game mode but I'm gonna queue for it anyway and tilt rawr." Yea, some champs for urf makes it one sided, that's always been a thing tho.
: New VS event hate
I don't think its simply a matter of cute, at least for me. Dynamic events are definitely more appealing due to the epic scales. Light vs dark, good vs evil, teemo vs the world all have a dramatic feeling that makes you want to pick a side of the clash. However, just making things less edgy won't deter people from wanting to pick a style. Like if they did lulu vs veigar, or kda pentakill (a battle of the bands), I'm sure a lot of people would be stoked to express themselves. But cats vs dogs is like the most cliche thing I've seen in so many games. Its stale and uncreative. It feels cheap for a vs event. So for me, it feels like an underwhelming announcement, and I hope they add a good twist to it at least so I can feel curious.
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
I might attract some hate for this, but I feel quite conflicted with some of these. The pd one is a bit strange, losing that damage reduction for the shield, but it might be one of those things that feel better under the hood so I'm willing to try it. Zeal items are ok as well as the mortal reminder and doms regards. The rest is where it gets funky. I loved old IE, but that's also all we had. While I loved it, I do understand it had problems. Taking down the crit damage to 225 is definitely a positive step, but then we go back to a rng crit that can result in a big swing in damage. I like the idea of storm razor but I hated the execution. It was an early game item for late game carries, that stayed in the early game, taking up a slot you really needed mid to late. I've always wanted to test a version of storm razor that evolved into IE as you built crit, but didn't provide its burst up front, but rather after trading a few hits. I know there was a big discussion a while back with ideas how to improve it that was interesting. Essence reaver, missed ya buddy. Spear of shojin, I really dislike this change. Does nothing for crit users, especially since most of them have long range ults. This just works for those bruisers that build ER now, but takes away that appetizing option they had in actual spear. I was actually really fond of this item in nexus blitz, so would be disappointed in it basically dying off to be what is ER now.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 11
Hey Meddler, Just wanted to hear some quick thoughts on {{champion:102}} ? Have you guys considered any other passives for her and would you be ok with discussing some past ideas? The most recent buffs to her passive, I've seen has garnered poor reception (maybe you guys have seen different feedback). I also personally find her passive a bit lack luster but this is in part due to me playing a more ARAM than anything. Thoughts on pushing a more bruiser passive? (Similar to {{champion:92}} )
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
Hey @Meddler, I think the idea of exceeding the level cap in some cases is a really cool one but to be a devils advocate, it probably would feel unfair for someone to be better than you just by existing. Have you guys considered making an item that does the same thing? For example an item that offers some stats that scale with the games time or one that you can funnel gold into to make it stronger. That way late game champs have an item they can look at and say "its time bois" and funnel their excess gold they *earned* for better damage or tankiness from their great ratios. Just an idea to test internally of course. Also I wanted to ask what are your thoughts on cc stacking? Is it too excessive? Unfun to play against? Are the current items and runes in game sufficient to handle them? There was an interesting thread going about damage and cc in the game. So wondered what your 2 cents would be.
: While I agree that CC chaining is frustrating to play with, that actually takes skill. The number of people who can't hit a stun on a GA'd or Zhonya'd target baffle me when they are literally standing in the same spot for 2 seconds giving ample time to prepare. Damage being so high though is the reason that CC chaining is frustrating though IMO. Getting CC'd for 5 seconds sucks, but generally you don't even notice it because they kill you in 3 seconds. Eat a Lux bind from Fog and if you don't die from her someone else will show up to throw their combo at you. Worse part is you can't do anything about 90% of the CC in this game. At least with the Lux bind you can buy Merc's / QSS, but that Yasuo Tornado isn't reduced, neither is that Kayn W or Alistar combo.
I actually have to disagree some what. Timing a CC on a zhonya or a ga does take some skill (at least learning the initial timing). No arguments there. Cc chaining on the other hand is about after the first cc has landed. I used to consider it as skill full since, if you layer them correctly, you can leave someone out of a fight indefinitely. But now-a-days, there's so many sources, that you can do the same thing even with sloppy layering. The above example was something that legit happened to me in a game and does happen often. I play a lot of tanks so I actually do feel it and its very unpleasant. In the above example I was playing a poppy and I was extremely tanky. A teammate got caught out and I peeled for them instantly. The result was a morg bind, which in turn gave her team enough time for the GO lights to go offin their heads.i then got hit by a charm, which lead into a varus ult etc. Normally I'd be ok with that since I'm essentially tanking up all the cc. But that also in turn dissuades people from helping because no one wants to get cc chained. It spells death. People want no part of that. Even when you buy mercs scim, its often debatable if you want to or not at the current time. Like, again a morg bind. If you don't cleanse it as an adc, you likely die immediately, and you still get cced after the cleanse often. This part I definitely agree with. The damage being high makes it more frustrating but cc chains itself are unfun. Its a long time that you have no control of your character.
Bultz (NA)
: Either these damage levels have to go or Crowd Control does
I find both to be a problem. Damage is too high, leaving very little room to counter or making 1 mistake seem exponentially worse. CC on the other hand doesn't seem like an issue at face, so it usually goes under the radar. If you get cced, you often end up being chain cced for much longer, as mid laners and supports already offer a lot of cc. Then a large number of top laners, junglers, and even some adcs offer lesser forms. The easiest place to see this happen is in ARAM. I've been CCed for like 5s and more even with tenacity there, just cuz the layers of cc. (Ahri charm + morg bind / ult + varus ult). It is the most unfun thing to play against. In SR its probably not as bad since team fights start later into the game.
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