: Ahri always tries to Q champions out of range
Similar bad AI for most of the mages ult honestly. Kennen will ult and stay out of range to hit anyone with it. Veigar seems to pick a unit at random with his ult. Usually ending in taking 30% hp off a random carry in the back instead of finishing off any of the lower hp targets in front. Varus and Asol pick random targets for there line shot instead of trying to hit as many as possible. Liss ults herself sometimes, assassins targeting her sometimes, and other times the enemy backline. No idea what decides it. Brand usually will ult the 1 target alone by themself. Lulu polys the targets with the lowest total hp instead of lowest % hp. the list goes on and on, they really need to update the AI
: Teamfight Tactics-- /Dev Update: Your Feedback and the Road Ahead
{{item:3161}} {{item:3124}} {{champion:10}} = draw round usually as her immunity shield remains up for 95% of the fight
: If Renekton is to get a shield breaker, it should go on his Empowered E and not Empowered W. Empowered W is for damage, while Empowered E already has another way of stripping defenses. Putting the shield breaker there would make Empowered E better at its purpose of stripping defenses.
I agree with the empowered E thought, but empowered W isnt used for damage. Its empowered affect does barely more damage then q and less then E plus w is maxed last. The only reason to ever pick empowered w right now is if u want a 1.5 sec stun instead of a .75 sec stun. The extra on hit affect is normally pointless. So really the w does need something to make its empowered affect justifiable to use instead of just being a noob trap mistake since emp q or e is better in 95% of situations.
wolvius (EUW)
: Those changes look pretty good _except the renekton shield-break that is too overloaded of an abilty and very strong against tanks who he already destroys in-lane._ Finally tahm top is nerfed in a way that makes him less frustrating. Not sure how the swain changes effect him though.
no not at all really. The renekton buff only works with the empowered 50 fury. Renekton never really wanted to use empowered stun because the other 2 where just better. When fighting tanks renekton still wont use empowered w as the armor pen from dash or the healing from q will still be more useful. The buff is really just adding skill expression and outplay potential against targets renekton used to beat but struggles to win against these days like riven.
All these people talking about win rates as if thats the issue here. Its not and never is a good statistic for these arguments. Jayce is also a BS op lane bully. His win rate seems normal. Its the fact that the lane phase for these champions is whats OP. Tahm can be dealt with alot easier in a 5v5. But till then his laneing and roaming is incredibly strong.
: TFT - What do y'all think?
I love the idea of leage auto chess! I however have never played it before because i was not interested in anything dota. So will i like it? idk hopefully! However announcing this game as a "game mode" really hurts riots image. There have been issues with every previous game mode. Aram is loved and popular but the loss of bans, while explained, was a negative. Nexus Blitz was well received and popular, but it was taken away. Other game modes have also been very popular, but since they rarely ever come back, it creates a sour experience. And lets not forget how terrible the tournament mode has been so far, not working correctly once. All in all the track record with "modes" has been very poor lately, not usually because of quality or fun, but because of how they where handled. This seems like it is going to be handled the same way. If you announced it as its own stand alone game, which is kind of what your hoping for, then it would be more positively received. I look forward to playing it none the less. But again the problem probably wont be the mode, but how it is handled.
: You already hard nerfed Zyra, it's Lux's turn now
So the thing is how to you nerf her? You could nerf her shield but not even support lux maxes it early. Nerf base damage could help but thats not really the issue is it? You could nerf her cooldowns but she already has some of the longest base cooldowns in the game on her normal abilities. Sure her ult is short but no1 complains about support lux ults and thats what strong right now. You could nerf her damage but she has serious issues mid lane with wave clear and her damage really isnt very high for a mage. You could nerf her base numbers but lets be honest, riot would then buff scaling and this would only make more problems. So the only thing left is her safety. This is the reason she is picked support primarily. Nerf aftershock and lux is probably balanced again. Im a lux mid main that hates lux support players. Im all for nerfing her support however you want. But as a mid laner she doesnt have any room for a weaker lane phase.
: 49% winrate, 30% winrate in pro, why are you hard nerfing jayce instead of fixing the issues?
Transforming champions have always been balance nightmares. Cant balance a character with 6 abilities, both melee and ranged forms and 2 passives when everyone else has 3 abilities, 1-2 passives and an ult.
: As long as the DC is less than 5 minutes total over the course of an entire game you won't be punished. It sucks that it was out of your control, but there is no way to change the fact that it was a lergely negative experience for everybody else & the system can't possibly know whether it was intentional or not.
Really? The system can easily tell. We are not asking for full rewards, only partial. So if a player afks but comes back and participates, they should get partial credit if they win, even if it was intentional. The** partial credit** part is the reward for coming back and the punishment for leaving. Overall though im glad League doesnt have the trashcan system that overwatch has. Afk for 1 sec at start? get kicked out and even if you rejoin instantly, the game gets canceled and you lose 50 sr which equals 3-4 wins.
: RITO, shouldn't Tryndamere be part of the rework vote?
Here is the thing, people like playing and dont mind fighting fiddle, noc, shyv, and voli. But no1 wants to play mundo and no1 wants to fight an ugly stat stick. Plus we know riot wont make a successful vgu that old mains will love, so pick the champ even old mains dont like.
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: zed vs rammus full build.
The fact AD assasins like zed can build** all the armor pen items** in the game because they only need 2 lethality items to kill their intended squishy targets is just stupid. Ad items are so good with armor so bad that the full armor pen build is his standard build. If tank items where worth anything then zed would be building 2-3 damage items and 2 tank items. Damage in this game is way too high. Riot has no idea what they are doing
: Kayle's win rate for 35 min games is 60%
taric sona bot lane is at 60% win rate with no game length requirements.
: Annual Reminder: There is STILL no old-ass grandma champion
dont really have an old granpa anymore either right? I mean we had swain but they reworked him into a 30 year younger version of himself. He doesnt even limp now and he looks menacing now when b4 the transformation was a surprise. The only champion who is relatively old compared to there life span is camile
Yorukaze (NA)
: Support Pyke form Platinum+ deals half the damage of Brand support. [Pyke](https://champion.gg/champion/pyke/Support?) [Brand](https://champion.gg/champion/Brand/Support?)
did you really just compare pyke to brand? Brand the "support" that usually has the highest or one of the highest damages every game he is in. Compare pykes damage to other assassins or any actual support in post game stats.
: Ori buffs reverted
Thank goodness. She is already really safe with good poke and excellent wave clear. Also has the best wombo kit out of all the mages. She doesnt need buffs, she only needs a slight meta shift
: I've started dodging.
I did the same thing dodging bad champ selections and began climbing alot faster. My criteria is simple though, if we have lux support i dodge. If enemy has lux support its auto win.
: As a Jungle, the biggest meme for me is force-feeding someone kills and having them then say I was..
For every game that a jungler does well doing his job but gets complained about by his team, there are at least 2 games where the jungler legitimately has no influence on the game or the team would be better off with him afk.
: Or when they complain about no jungler ganks when they have their opponent pushed to their turret whenever the jg is pathing close to them, so it's impossible to do successful ganks and they say you are MIA.
tower dive, counter jungle, counter gank. Nothing worse then junglers who blame laners when they themselves dont do anything but sit in jungle 0-0-0 complaining about their teammates. Or junglers who only know how to gank when its completely obvious and easy.
: > Rioters should not willfully lie to the playerbase and should be held accountable. Agree. > lie on Twitter that it is a "western phenomenon" I said that her frustration is a western phenomenon. She is banned 60% more often in NA than her global average. Ban rate is a readily available statistic that we believe can be correlated to frustration. I also said on Twitter that Riven is a strong champion right now. Somehow that didn't make this post. There are good justifications to be made for nerfing Riven. I personally think some are pretty compelling. Good arguments can be constructed to nerf many things, however, and we want to be sure we're applying consistent measures in our approach to balance. I think we've not been great at this over the years, really. Some champion will always be the strongest one that does not get nerfed in a patch. This patch Riven's pretty darn close to that. If she picks up any more, she's probably due, but we don't think she's crossing that line right now. For those that are actually seeking a discussion, what is the criteria we should be using to justify a nerf to Riven this patch that we'd be 100% happy with applying to champions in the future (NOT the past, as I've already stated we haven't been consistent)?
> [{quoted}](name=RiotRepertoir,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bEraBg5K,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-03-12T19:15:25.451+0000) > > For those that are actually seeking a discussion, what is the criteria we should be using to justify a nerf to Riven this patch that we'd be 100% happy with applying to champions in the future (NOT the past, as I've already stated we haven't been consistent)? **Criteria you should use to _justify_ a nerf to any champion** Play rate of a champion doubles or more over a short period of time (3 patches) for no obv reason (rework/vgu) and remains higher then normal. Win rate of a champion hovers at or above 50% on any champion with a play rate above a certain % (like 8%). Ban rate of a champion increases drastically over a short period of time (1 month) or reaches a threshold ( 25%?) Ban rate = frustration which stems from lack of counter play, primarily lack of exploitable weaknesses. But another one that your balance team seems to always skip is: Any scaling champion who regularly has a gold lead during the lane phase should be severely looked at. It doesnt matter if win rate is fine because win rate involves all 10 champions. But if riven can now beat most of her historically big counters then the win rate and play rate of those counters drops down and are replaced. You then buff them which adds power creep when the real issue is they are no longer playable verse the most common picks anymore.
: > [{quoted}](name=AngusBoomPants,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QHHT6cgu,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2019-02-27T04:22:29.963+0000) > > Because if she didn't she'd only have Q for damage so... Q barely does damage. Same with w. A q does less then an auto and a w does a tiny bit more. Rivens autos are the vast majority of her damage. Her 1shot combos rely on landing a q/w/auto and her ulti at the same time. Most of them use at least two autos and two q's.
She gets 3 Q's, each doing damage, granting mobilty, and that 3rd an aoe knock up. Yes most of her damage is from autos (passive) and Q procs it 3 times. She still gets the passive proc from her other abilities. So why does she need even her utility abilities to have ad ratios? She gets massive AD from her ult. For a champ centered around her Q and passive, she doesnt need free scaling on her shield and stun damage.
: > [{quoted}](name=Skeletons Grave,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QHHT6cgu,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-26T23:24:20.451+0000) > > why does riven have AD ratios on her utility skills (stun and shield) while all other ad melee champs have AP ratios on theirs? Because if she didn't she'd only have Q for damage so...
And that q is 3 spells that also proc her passive 3 times. Not to mention the cc and mobility that q also brings.
: Nerf Riven
why does riven have AD ratios on her utility skills (stun and shield) while all other ad melee champs have AP ratios on theirs?
Ralanr (NA)
: Why can’t a tank get a kill top? Why play a team oriented champion in a solo lane at all? If you prevent tanks from being able to win a fight, they don’t trade. They’ll just Stonewall the lane.
Winning a fight and solo killing your lane opponent in the 1v1 b4 they have any chance to escape are 2 different things entirely. Most of the time a tank that is ahead right now will cc and kill you solo, tower diving if needed with little to no counterplay besides "dont be there". > Why play a team oriented champion in a solo lane at all? thats a troll question. Obv because they are a team oreiented champion and their strength is in stronger team fighting and utility. If you want to crush your lane then shouldnt be picking a tank.
Paquay (NA)
: Wait, so if a champion is ahead then they aren’t allowed to have lane dominance? That seems dumb. They 100% should be allowed to kill the enemy top laner. They just shouldn’t be allowed to one-shot or burst them. They should be required to do it through extended trading instead of blowing them up.
Lane dominance isnt murdering your opponent. If a tank gets ahead they should be able to basically ignore then enemy laner and would win the 1v1. They could zone hard or wave clear to tower and roam freely. But they shouldnt be able to kill then enemy laner 1v1 because they can see they are not gonna win and run away. What actually happens right now though when a tank gets ahead, is they chain cc and slow you giving you no hope of doing anything in lane again. Then later tower diving you 100-0 easily, barely getting scratched. Im talking going for 1 cs on your side of the lane and being burst and cc'd so hard that you cant make it back to turret b4 your dead in the 1v1.
: How Would You Propose to Make Any Percieved Unfair Champion More Fair
Make rivens stun and shield scale off ap like all other melee champs. You dont see jax counterstrike, irelia stun and ult, garen ult, gp heal and ult, panth stun and ult, ect scale with AD.
Ralanr (NA)
: Just seems like a forceful bandaid. Plus it doesn’t help tanks trade, which means they’re forced to just farm under tower and not interact.
which is what they do right now when they get behind. The problem is when ahead or even they out trade most melee champs because they are also durable and have defensive steroids. If you raise tanks defense and nerf their damage then tanks become the safe choice. A tank should never be solo killing someone top lane. Tank > poke > bruisers > scaling duelists > tanks Thats balance.
Wolfeur (EUW)
: The nostalgia goggles are strong. The game is not less fun than before, you just get tired of it. Toxicity hasn't risen, in fact it's getting better every year, but you've become fed up with it. The problem is not the game, it's your relationship with and view on the game.
people blame nostalgia way too much. Nostalgia very rarely is rose colored. You might have found better but that doesnt mean what you enjoyed isnt exactly how u remembered it.
Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
Your going about this all wrong. The Main reason why teemo is less effective in high elo is because of how unreliable mushrooms are. They can easily hit 5 people and completely stall a push or be taken out by 1 red trinket. If you want teemo to be a better champion then his ult needs more counterplay and more skill expression. An invisible bomb doing 70%+ a squishies hp bar isnt fun or fair for anyone but teemo and thats why it has been "balanced" around true sight. Taking 100 base damage off shroom and .1 ratio is a less then 200 damage nerf on full ap build teemo. 200 seems like alot till you remember that the only counterplay to getting hit by shrooms is banshee's and red trinket and a huge amount of shroom damage comes from liandries. There will also be lots of shrooms placed, its not a normal 1 charge ult. Dont forget the shrooms slow you like crazy, are aoe, give some vision, and are very difficult for melee champs to take out due to hitboxes. As much as i hate teemo's invisibility, Its kind of his trade mark and skill expression. Teemos passive with those numbers is absurd. +34 damage per auto at lv 1??? Are you insane? And it gets +50% if he starts with blind level 1. Thats an auto win for teemo in lane verse any opponent he can reach for at least the first 3 levels. No early game champion can come close to matching that. Teemo will hard counter all melee champs 10x harder and will become even more of a toxic laner. Ok so if u dont believe me then here is the math. 10 extra base damage plus 1 tick (24/4=6) so 16 extra damage on hit. On live version teemo has to level an ability to get his poison damage. Now teemo would start with it meaning he becomes as powerful (with these changes more powerful) as a lv 2 teemo at level 1. And this only gets better for him because he doesnt need to spend points to raise his poison damage. He can instead put them in his new E for attack speed (free stats) or just chase you down with a high upgraded W (more mobility then normal). Overall your kit changes dont make him less irritating to verse, have more skill expression, make him a high elo pick (reliability), or give him counter play. The literal only differance is he wont afk in spot then appear and 1 shot your back line. Instead he will just stealth flank your back line which just means he is now an assassin with even more mines.
: Kayle's visual design missed the mark
she isnt even sexy IMO Every rework besides WW seems to have something majorly wrong with it that the mains of those champions dont like.
Alzon (NA)
: It’s almost like sustain is meant to counter poke, and the reason only mages don’t have early access to heal cut is because they can typically apply it from much further range (and therefore safety). If you really want to stop healing mid fight, just take {{summoner:14}}. It only has a 180 second cooldown. But you won’t be igniting for poke.
AD ranged champs have more reliable, undodgeble, poke that doesnt cost resources. Giving mages a way to apply grievous wounds early makes more sense since they have costs to their abilities to apply it and are not guaranteed to hit. This would also help make mages spend the full item cost on morello to get the pen which is the reason mages buy the item anyway. I play alot of vlad and its kind of dumb that versing other mages is way easier then versing an adc or ranged auto attack reliant champ. And those champs have access to greivous wounds for only 800g.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Kayle is left handed, did you forget Riot?
remember when nintendo made Link right handed in breath of the wild? ya some people still getting over that.
: Gotta say: Not a fan of Kayle's new look.
You guys keep saying they gave her a sexier look but honestly.... she isnt sexy either. She just looks weird with a poor mismash of random armor thrown on. Like she spent all her money on her sword and stole pantheons helm and noob adventurer gear and spray painted them.
: Wtf? Support items? Just wow.
good maybe we will stop getting full ap carry builds on mages in the support role. Actual support items are cheaper and WAY more useful for your team. Cant tell you how tilting it is seeing all these mages "supporting" while building full ap which makes the adc have to fend for himself all game cause he has no peel. Screw those selfish supports who pick champs incapable of doing the job the role is for. Or even worse picking champs who "technically" can like lux but go full ap and maxing shield last.
: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
So while Yasuo is getting alot of attention, im thinking about {{champion:92}} Heres the list again for you to read thinking about riven. Powerful reactive defenses (big shields, invulnerability, untargetability) Very short windows of downtime (short cooldowns, spells you can hold for reactive plays while still being highly effective, ammo) Many abilities with low or no cast times Very strong waveclear or wave control Fallbacks cover weaknesses too well - for example a “weak laning phase” champion that has tools to farm perfectly from afar Mobility tools that don't have cast or target restrictions Wall crossing abilities Very high dash speeds Range advantages No early game counter matchups Flex pick ability to avoid counters (matters particularly in pro play) You can add this this list 1- defensive abilities that scale with offense 2-little or no cost to abilities 3-Having bad combinations of abilities such as: burst + mobility. cc+ burst. low cd's +burst. So a short cooldown, manaless champion, with high mobility, burst, cc, and a ranged execute, plus ad empowered shield= definition of overloaded. She also gets better the higher elo you go which is something riot usually scrutinizes highly
: Curious if you can share your thoughts on the following as they relate to this. Note that I've selected these without concern for their current balance, but more for how many of the above they match up to. * **Vladimir **-- Wave control, sustain, harass, powerful defensive cooldowns, low cooldowns, minor mid flex. * **Jayce** -- Low cooldowns, decent clear, mana retention, harass, range advantage, some flex potential, knock-back and speed as an escape. * **Lee Sin** -- Fast cast times, low cooldowns, soft CC, shielding, healing, multiple dashes through walls with rather soft targeting restrictions. * **Maokai** -- Healing, CC, low Q cooldown, ranged harass, untargetability (albeit highly limited) * **Kha'Zix** -- Low cast times, untargeted mobility, healing, stealth, strong early game. I'm basically curious because I see a lot of kits surpassing the 1-2 mark and coming closer to the 3-4 mark, and I wonder what your thoughts on that are.
> Vladimir -- Wave control, sustain, harass, powerful defensive cooldowns, low cooldowns, minor mid flex. He has terrible wave control til he gets items. Even so his wave control requires being especially close to the minions. Like inside the wave if he wants to hit melee and ranged minions. This isnt the type of wave clear listed, Sustain is very limited to damage dealt to champions as using q on minions b4 multiple items does less then mundos hp regen. So yes he has sustain but its long cooldown and low numbers on minions which means its very conditional and thus has its own counters built in. Vlad's harass is very very low compared to most mages and battle mages. His short range and long cast time on e also make his harass not really qualify. His all in damage is pretty good though. Yes vlad has a very powerful defensive cooldown. Low cooldowns only after each skill gets max rank and 20% cdr. b4 that his cooldowns are rather high. So just like his sustain and wave control, vlad scales really really well but pre lv 9 doesnt really have most of these strengths. This helps him feel fair.
: She doesn't HAVE to switch targets. By three shots mid game you're either dead or running. She can walk around, or through, your tanks and pop up infront of your squishies. At which point she turns on the tanks because they get kited to oblivion. She is already exceedingly mobile.
considering vaynes build {{item:3124}} early on still. Its litterally every other hit is silver bolts so an average of 7% true damage per auto.
Terozu (NA)
: Tonberry champ concept, for every kill you have his ultimate does 100 true damage to u.
Basically veigar. Every minion and enemy he kills grants him bonus power. At some point being able to one shot anyone.
: 100% agree, the game is so shit atm, tanks and adcs are unplayable
adc's are not unplayable. They just FEEL unplayable because of the lack of front line tanks and peel. You solve the issue with tanks feeling useless because of how squishy they are and adc's will get the protection then need to feel playable. For example i love playing veig. But without a front line its way too hard to carry no matter how big i get. As soon as i que with a top laner friend and ask him to play a tank and peel for me, then we stomp every game. The best carries right now are the ones with the most mobility and self peel because there is no front line.
rawiazam1 (EUNE)
: for all those "casual" ranked players in preseason:
plat, gold, diamond. Doesnt matter cause gonna get placed in silver anyway like i do every year. Seriously plat 5 years in a row and gold this season on main account yet silver....ever....single... year
: Meatball Xerath
i think ur just hungry
Zapzya (OCE)
: Except it resets on kills. This means even though it has a 45 second cooldown, you can proc it multiple times in a team fight, which leads to a higher impact rune than electrocute. Dark harvest is very easy to proc most of the time as well, considering any damage at all will proc it, from autos to abilities to dots, including ignite. It feels cheap (at least to me) that just being slightly under 50% hp will lead to a single auto chunking me for 100-200 damage. This ease of proc is why I don't think it is exactly comparable to old electrocute. Moreover, just because it isn't as broken as old electrocute doesn't mean it isn't broken and being abused by certain champions (though I think you imply this).
dont forget you can proc is multiple times if you hit multiple targets at the same time. For example Karthus can get up to 5 stacks per ult cast, 1 for each target hit below 50% hp. Plus DH does everything you want electrocute to do but better. You dont wanna waste your electrocute proc on a small trade. DH wont proc till ur ready to go in for the kill. DH always only requires 1 hit so WAY more people have easy access to it. I only need to land 1 ability as a mage to proc DH.
: Leblanc ridiculous survivability with 5 escapes be like
When chasing LB 1 Will she dash away? 2 Will she dash away then after i chase dash back? 3 Will she dash away and if i chase dash again? 4 Will she dash away and if i chase dash again then dash back to point 1 5 Will she dash away and if i chase dash again then dash back to point 2 6 Will she chain me and walk away? 7 Will i somehow provide enough gap closers and pressure to get her to flash? 8 If i somehow due catch her, will i be able to finish her off after she gets free stealth and a clone? 9 Will she just turn and 1 combo me in .25 secs? 10 Dammit why didnt i just ban this trash?
: Season 8 was the worst jungling year for anybody that didn't play Graves
Being ganked by a lv 2 junglers b4 first wave dies is BS. Being ganked by a lv 3 jungler with double buffs while ur lv 2 is BS. But after that exp does indeed get worse for junglers. The real issue is that you cant get ahead if you power farm the jungle ( low exp). And you get bonus exp if your behind so spam ganking is the best strat usually. Why full clear the jungle when i can sit top lane and make the enemy top laner rage quit and actually gain more exp then jungling? Nerfing jungle is a terrible exp and farm heavy junglers have been nothing but a hindrance to there team since devourer was taken out
Squad5 (NA)
: Ornn changes on PBE
stop increasing tank's damage pls. Have we not learned from Zac, Sion and Poppy that increasing damage is exactly what player doesnt want? Most tanks already win trades verse other melee champs while also out scaling them. Now Ornn will heavily outscale and will provide 5k+ gold in stats to teammates if the game goes long enough. He doesnt also need to win the 1v1. Look at champs like Malphite, Chogath, Naut, Sej, Nunu, and Shen. In most situations they dont out trade opponents but instead sustain or survive them. They are about team play, sturdiness, reliability, and "plays". Thats what a tank is, thats how a tank should play. We have enough issues dealing with Grasp, we dont want tanks to become the best bruisers as well.
Manxxom (NA)
: Mid laners
Remember when ap alistar mid was meta?
: this only happens if you dont know how to control the minion wave and dont have a ward even if the jungler comes to gank you at half health they cant kill you unless they are a marksmen and position right or a rengar and you decided to run back through bushes when he comes behind you. you should push the wave out in that situation and if the jungler decides to waste their time on you you have multiple options Exicute, run back to your tower, flash (assuming you have it which is a 90% case in this game) push out the wave and die to the jungler you may have gave the jungler a kill but you arent laning vs the jungler your enemy laner losing out is what is important. your problem isnt a tp problem its a knowledge and decision making problem.
lol not at all. If the jungler comes, he probobly is higher lv and has red buff making escaping very difficult. But lets assume he doesnt come. Lets also assume that somehow im able to full push the wave to turret with the 0 wave clear most champs have in the early lvs. Then STILL the enemy tp's back to lane, gets full exp, most of the cs, and then gets the entire next wave or 2 to themselves if i didnt also get tp. This creates a exp advantage for him, a cs advantage for him, a big wave pushing my direction when i return as well. Because of this big wave i cant fight him or zone him away, but instead i have to concede aggression till the wave crashes at my turret and gets cleared. But there is a decent chance i could get dove here since its obvious im gonna be stuck at my turret using abilities to wave clear. Even if i dont get dove there are (3) likely outcomes. (1) is the enemy takes this oppurtinity to recall or (2) they stay and poke or (3) they roam/ deep ward. So despite that early kill, you are unable to be aggressive again for the next few minutes and you cant get a gank cause of the threat of the massive wave. You still have less exp, less gold spent if they recalled, and unless you counter them or they suck you wont be pressuring them till you back once again. Also chances are they hit 6 b4 you. If they didnt have tp then they lose 2-3 waves and that early kill puts you an entire lv up as well as a cs advantage. Plus the wave will be reset in the middle when u get back for easier zoning.
: Damage is too high, we need to nerf teleport
ignite needs a nerf for sure. But tp is bullshit too. You can kill your enemy early on in lane phase cause they misplayed badly, but since ur half health or less you have to back otherwise jungler will kill u. Then enemy tp's back to lane, and catches all the cs and freezes wave. Now you get to arrive back in lane 300g richer but down in cs, down in exp, and you have to over extend to gain control of the wave. Or maybe your split pushing and the enemy team is in no position to stop you but then they tp there. In short TP negates your screw ups and actually gives you advantages over people playing better then u.
: New item: Woodsman's boots. A new option for smite with champs who don't want those jg items
If you dont like the jungle item then do what everyone else does, dont buy it. Stop building it at{{item:3715}} and go into ur normal build. Then sell it later when ur ready for a real item. Or be one of those junglers that can get away with only buying {{item:1041}} then going normal build. Also ruinic is great on fiddle now since its gives his fav 2 stats, ap and cdr. The problem with fiddle is he is terrible right now. Its not an itemization issue.
Eyesack (NA)
: Is there a reason why leblancs ethereal chains range is 865 with a tether of 925?
Ok so LB chain is bullshit just like the rest of her kit. But im pretty sure Kled can use his over minions while lb chain cant. Yes its doesnt really add counterplay to lb chain because of her dashes and wave clear. Also that kled remounting mechanic is right up there is the bull shit department
: I feel like Boards is very supportive of "new playstyles"....until one actually appears.
Viktor is a massive problem right now though. I have to ban him if im gonna play top lane otherwise i might as well afk. Viktor Q deals same damage as pantheon q. Same range as pantheon q. Costs little mana like pantheon q. His Q also grants viktor lots of MS, klepto procs, and a decent size shield. Then he can buff his damage and become really tanky with an iceborn gauntlet rush. People complain about pantheon all the time. Viktor lane phase is way harsher then pantheon and he gets to scale into mid game. So basically any champion that has trouble with pantheon is gonna get wrecked by viktor, out scaled, and lose tower. Its a very similar issue to GP who was for most of this year, the highest win rate top laner in pro play. A top laner that has tons of harass as well as increased gold income and extreme scaling.
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