: Elementalist lux is like the second coming of jhin where the hype is destroyed by the wait time
Also if it's actual "hype" it won't go away. I was jacked for Jhin from the teaser till the release. Actually haven't been as excited for a champ release since. So if they really want the new lux skin when it was announced, they will still want it.
Jon1174 (NA)
: Exactly,I Need To Know If Sona,Olaf,and Morde and Karthus Are Using Pentakill Skins So That I May Rev Up The Bass {{champion:83}}
If you get that exact set of champs on your team, without question!
: Am I allowed to say nautilus is a bit powerful with CoC?
I think it actually fits him well. He lost a lot of his threat with the nerf on his e that the shield actually makes his trades decent again.
: Shoutout to Jungle Mains
Keep trying jungle. It's super fun. You have two options really, either pick an early game champ who can gank pre 6 (lee sin, Elise) or pick a champion who needs 6 to gank and power farm while ignoring pings, because wasting time ganking instead of farming, assuming you don't get a kill, then get a few kills easy with ult. (Amumu, Sejuani)
: Just curious, why do people HATE building Sight-Stone on Support?
I think it would be a lot better with more for it to build into, or scale somehow like Rod Of Ages does.
Shadòw (EUW)
: i actually like overly distorted gigantic size lol
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Arakadia (NA)
: Blade-Saw Rek'Sai!
Call it Full Metal Rek'Sai to match ol Rammus.
q fizz p (EUW)
: Upvote if your pc's wallpaper is the champ you main
Constable Trundle wallpaper for the win.
: Hahaha he put Doublelift in a team that's supposed to be worlds best hahahahahahahah I mean Doublelift is fun, I even have a figurine in my room signed by the guy. But he's not THAT good.
It wasn't so much about him not being the best ADC in the world. I think several Koreans are better then Doublelift but I like how he teamfights and he is team fight orientated. Put that with CoreJJ and a good team he would do very well there.
: Top: Smeb Jungle: Score Mid: Faker Adc: PraY Supp: Gorilla it's odd that SKT only has 1 or 2 players considered the very best in their role, shows what good synergy and coaching can accomplish
That is interesting. Besides Faker and maybe Bengi SKT could be replaced with a new face and could probably still win worlds. Koro really knows what he's doing. Other teams (NA) should have a coaches boot camp and learn some things. Although there's probably some trade secrets that can't be divulged. Interesting that you place PraY and Gorilla on there. Besides synergy any other reason?
: Top: Reginald Mid: Reginald Jungle: Reginald Adc: Reginald Support: Reginald Pepperidge farm remembers.
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Breaku (NA)
: Would take some crazy choreography to script
That's what I was thinking.. I just saw some people saying they think it's scripted and I guess with a lot of practice it could be. But I feel like the teams take so much pride in winning that it isn't even possible. Plus NA would pay almost anything if it meant winning worlds lol
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: Don't blame supports for your defeat.
Only time I blame a support when I'm ADC is when he keeps going in and getting killed when it's not needed. In turn the enemy bot lane gets fed and stomps the game.
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: Ashe Arrow Visual/Hitbox is Still Extremely Misleading
It's actually the fletching that is the hitbox. So it seems off but it's exactly how it should be.
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: Embrace it.
But I am not of dark nature, dear friend.
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: Having issues Patching 6.20? Click Here
It updated for me just fine, but my chat services wont work. Keeps logging me out of it, cant access friends list or anything. Please help.
: Write the saddest League story you can in 4 words. [WARNING, CONTAINS SAD CONTENT]
: I'm hoping TSM! If I'm being realistic though... you know what, I'm still going to say TSM. I'm not about that bad juju; speak the positivity into the universe. In the words of a wise Hokage: BELIEVE IT!
I would hope it would be TSM too. But the Tigers just look so good
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: I don't hate it. I'm actually enjoying it, and I haven't really ran into lack of diversity in my matches, nor toxic players. Not just in this account, but my older account as well. My team gets stomped, and we stomp their team, but not all matches were like that. It's fine and dandy and whatnot, but I REALLY just wanna play URF bots. It was here before the rotating game mode, and now it's just gone in it's entirety. I don't mind PvP, but I want my matches to be 100% chill.
I can respect that. I've never tried URF bots to be honest!
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: No mystery skin gift from Riot?
Thanks for the help guys!
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: name 3 champions you would delete from this game
: Yeah hardly at level 6 though, with boots alone she can solo kill most people, and that's basically no items because seriously, boots. You know, looking at all these responses and in turn your response, I have to say it seems like you're fishing for a specific answer. In which case, I have no clue why you even bothered asking this if you already have your answer.
It's called a discussion. There is no right answer or wrong answer. I literally said in the post to back up your choice. I presented a problem that I had seen with Kat. You took it how you took it.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Skeptic Hare,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=55Bc52LR,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-08-31T18:09:42.145+0000) > > His passive only works on minions which is the same as Trundle's. I'm talking you spawn as level 6 and meet in the middle. No time to scale his ultimate. And it's first one dead loses. IM not sure what u are asking then? Who wins 1v1 fight at lvl 6? Who cant be countered by anything or anyone 1v1? That doesnt exist. Every champ is countered by some other.
Just a straight up 1v1 level 6 no items. Using only abilities and auto attacks. Who in your opinion would be the best at it. Think of this. Say Lulu vs Nami. Nami has more sustain with healing so I would say Nami would be able to win that fight. Then say Nami goes against Vlad. Vlad would probably win.
: {{champion:55}}
: Anivia has rather major mana issues and Dr. Mundo is rather weak without items. Personally, I would have to say Trundle. His ability to steal his opponents stats, his innate sustain and his self-buffs are all extremely valuable when neither champion has items.
You could easily kill the opponent before running out of mana. One and done.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Well, again it would be matchup dependant. Sure Trundle might be strong, but what could he do against Vladimir? Aatrox could also outsustain them. For me, most logical choice is Cho'Gath, he has sustain from passive for both mana and hp and scales with ulti.
His passive only works on minions which is the same as Trundle's. I'm talking you spawn as level 6 and meet in the middle. No time to scale his ultimate. And it's first one dead loses.
ItsOrval (NA)
: {{champion:75}} Ezpz question
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: If i didnt play LoL and only watch LCS, i would think game has 30 champs and only 2 junglers.
Hey now Hecarim has been seen a few times. Even Kindred. But LCK be crazy
: people don't listen though, the average player on league would rather put their face in boiling water than ever listen to another league player. I do attempt "hey lets put a good team together" first
This is true. But the feature literally makes it so you don't have to say anything. Just show what you are thinking. It can change obviously when you see the enemy team but it's a way to try and figure things out.
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: Should Riot Consider Adding Nunu to the List of Champs that could use A Rework
I think he needs one. Or at least a tweak. Allow his consume to work on champions for maybe half the heal. That would allow his w to actually be useful since you could build him AD and buff yourself.
: Thanks for your feedback. I'd like to know what you mean by dragon faces, you have an image or something? Also, for the back design, I'm afraid I'll have too agree with you, it seems to contain a little too much elements. Willie
Dragon faces as in the new elemental dragons. infernal drake etc. Just like a headshot of them
: Wanna know why I'm so great at Morde?
: Help me design the playing cards for worlds! (poll added)
Honestly like what you are doing here. My opinion is this. Remove the league symbol from the 4 corners. It will make it look cleaner and more professional. Use the one that is border less. And increase the size of the teams on the side. As for jokers I think using the casters would be okay. But I was thinking you could use the new drag faces.
Volcanuz (OCE)
: Though even in those circumstances she only works in LCS and pro games due to certain meta picks at the moment. If they messed with picks a little more there are tons of champs who would mess up the dynamic of Rek. Sure she isn't weak, i can agree with you there but by god.. she is near pointless to use in soloq. I also heard from a friend who use to main her that the major reason he stopped playing her was her clear felt so slow now. Maybe they can nerf her mobility but give her back a little clear speed. Either way i miss seeing Rek picked in game.
Well that is why in LCS she gets a Tiamat before any other major item.
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