: I'm referring to the similarity between just the ability for these two abilities to shut down a certain type of champion, not the champions themselves.
I mean it's not like wind wall is pushing you back and it doesn't immediately shut down a champ either. If you are ranged you either walk around the wind wall or wait for Yasuo to far enough away from it. Azir on the other hand can make a wall that pushes enemies back (also does damage) and he can even poke beyond his wall. If anything, the bias is going towards azir heavily, not yasuo
: "One of the issues we're looking to address... how hard it shuts down melee, fighters in particular who can't just disengage from the fight for awhile. 5/6/7 seconds is a really long time..." Meanwhile {{champion:157}} with a 1/5th the cooldown and much easier to position than Azir. Biasedness towards melee champions?
You are comparing two completely different champions. Yasuo is a melee assassin that has to get up in your face to do damage and winds all is his only defensive ability. Azir has: a dash that can send him over walls, and a wall that knocks back, does damage, and also gives a movement speed buff of 20%. Did I mention he has all this while also being ranged?
: Everyone likes to bring the past up and say how he fed and flamed. I agree he should've been ban when he actually did that. However, he stopped being so toxic and stopped feeding. He actively avoided Gross Gore and Meteos drama. He was actually doing a lot better. As a viewer, I was able relate to him. He isn't a nerd with dark circles around his eyes and plays video games 24/7. He is an actual person with a life and responsibilities outside of league of legends. Take a look at nearly every other popular streamer and notice how we cannot relate to them. In all honesty, watching him control his anger and not say vulgar things when he would have before was quite an eye opener. It was teaching me that there is hope for people and that they can change and become a better person. I don't agree with him being ban now that he made all of these changes and became a beacon of hope to regular players. If Riot were to give such a huge ban, they should've game that to him before he even reformed. Now it just looks like Riot picking on the new guy knocking on the doors of become an extremely popular Twitch streamer.
> [{quoted}](name=Chucks719,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=BL6ILEpc,comment-id=004c,timestamp=2016-04-30T23:04:17.592+0000) > > Everyone likes to bring the past up and say how he fed and flamed. I agree he should've been ban when he actually did that. However, he stopped being so toxic and stopped feeding. He actively avoided Gross Gore and Meteos drama. He was actually doing a lot better. As a viewer, I was able relate to him. He isn't a nerd with dark circles around his eyes and plays video games 24/7. He is an actual person with a life and responsibilities outside of league of legends. * First he didn't avoid meteos drama as he even tweeted certain things about Meteos * Second are you saying that nerd's with dark circles around their eyes aren't people with lives too? Those "nerds" dedicate themselves daily for this game since it's their job and make money off of it. Seems pretty inconsiderate of you to say * Third there are plenty of streamers one can relate to that isn't as toxic as tyler, and he wasn't reforming that much by the way. I still saw him flame his teammates and troll.
: apparently you've never watch his recent streams. he plays the game until the end even if all of his other teammates are trolling (happens frequently in gold) even in losing games he is auto hitting the last super minion to defend his base. i hope you know how self-righteous you sound and hopefully you see the irony of your own moral-superiority sneering in.
I'm not holding myself up to be some self-righteous God. We all flamed at least one time or another; I know I'm far from perfect. Tyler has consistently shown his negative behavior in game even to people who work at Riot (Riot Phreak for example..) Perhaps you should take another look at what I said or my replies to other comments similar to yours.
Luçifer (NA)
: Riots indefinite ban is a little over the top. Seems like they got a bit salty that he grew in popularity so quickly. I'm sorry but they need to grow some balls and stop coddling all the baby kids with crappy mechanics and shit computers who ruin games for people with actual skill and good general knowledge of the game.
So what I'm getting from your statement you think people should be toxic to others because one of their teammates is"bad" at the game. that's a terrible way to go about thinking. No one is going to be perfect every game; that be like if you had a bad game where you went like 0/ and everyone was flaming you for being "bad" at the game.
: Let me guess you're one of those people that watched 1 Tyler feeding video from over and month ago as your source? If you actually watched Tyler1 this month on stream you would know that he's been good recently and actually mutes his teammates if he gets too mad. The only reason Riot took action now is because he's actually getting popular on Twitch. Since he reformed recently and hasn't been breaking rules they want to completely get rid of him from the community just so he doesn't become the #1 face for LoL on Twitch. It's all politics. If Riot really cared about the community and their game they would have done this like a dozen accounts earlier.
Your guess was wrong my friend. I actually have been watching Tyler for the past few weeks just to see what ll the hype was about. Yes, he was getting popular on Twitch and that's an issue because of his attitude and the way he was acting in game. The dude trolled constantly and he even had a list of who he would troll if he saw them in his lobby. _A list, something dedicated just to make that person's life in game miserable_ .I do agree Riot should have done something with Tyler after his first 5 accounts were banned though and I do partly blame them for how big the problem became.
: read it lmao
It was just so poorly written is all. All you did was name call and call people nerd's and babies lol.
: No, you have to grow and stop listening to everything people are telling you. Just read the post of Socrates. He is banning Tyler1 for his behaviour in game not for his behaviour on stream. He also writes it that way, that the issue is solved by this. And last he justified it with the feedback of the community to get our back. Everything he wrote there is wrong. - Tyler1 has been banned because of streaming the game, not playing the game. Nobody would have known if he wouldn't be streaming. His ban on sight prevents him from streaming not from playing. - Tyler1 can still play the game because the issue is NOT solved. Toxic players in high elo still exist. Tyler1 is just a "exaggerated version" of a high elo player. - The community was not asked about this decision. Riot did not get our back with this. They just want to hide the real problem and try to convince us that they are listening. See. I hope this helps you to understand the people reaction to this post.
* He was banned because he was streaming the game AND showing unsportsmanlike conduct such as trolling or being toxic to players. * Perhaps, but Tyler was one of the Toxic high Elo players getting ton's of views and that shouldn't be a representation of the League community. * He was trolling and being toxic in game. Rioter's don't need to ask what to do when it's evident what was needed which was his account being banned if he's caught streaming it. Also, the community was somewhat vocal and a vast majority of people showed their dislike for Tyler.
: The thing is, while probably all 18 permabanned accounts deserved it, the most recent one was no more toxic than your average solo-que rager. Millions of people say horrible things to each other on a daily basis, worse than a lot of the activity on Tyler's most recent account. Of all the streams I watched, I can't remember seeing him int feed once, and he just muted the entire game lobby. I'm not saying the account didn't deserve the ban, it did. But why take away the streaming capabilities and leave the 12k a day viewers he was getting in the dust? People need to just instantly mute someone as soon as they say something that pisses you off instead of crying about it, usually everyone is trying to win.
I can somewhat agree. I partly blame riot for letting him get this far after having so many accounts banned.
Thünder (NA)
: I'm not a tyler1 fan at all but I know who he is. Maybe I can add some perspective as to why people like me disagree with the ban This sets a bad precedent, in my opinion. Tyler didn't violate the terms of service or rules - no hate speech or verbal abuse, he's just unpleasant. While no one wants to play with negative players, Rodger Gooddell can't just ban an NFL player because he trash talks too much. If he did, there would be a huge outcry because it would be seen as an abuse of power. That's why you're seeing this kind of reaction on boards. I'm of the same opinion - I don't feel the punishment fits the crime and that he was banned by Riot to make an example of him. Tbh, I would've expected better judgment on Riots part, but what really appalled me is that Socrates called him a jerk. Talk about unprofessional, no matter whether it's true
That's because he was a jerk. Once again he did not only talk badly in chat but he trolled a lot too. Intentionally feeding is also another worthy ban. He also had a list of people he would troll if he saw them in game. What more do you need besides the other 10 accounts he had ban to need convincing on how necessary it was for him to get banned.
ßoy (NA)
: > he may have played an pretty good Draven pls fix that grammer
: I find it funny all these soft babies crying saying tyler1 should have been banned a long time ago the only reason the babies are saying that is because Riot is a bunch of babies too and they pushed there beliefs on the beta males in the LOL community. pretty much the owners of riot is a nerd with power and they abuse that power to the fullest i mean look at grossgore made a passing comment about a shout caster witch is probably true they ruined his life becuz they are now the bullies and shit talking comes with video games all the way back to pong just the new gen of beta males cant handle losing and shit talking so they cry and riot does whatever the cry babies want lmao what a joke company
Azharidan (EUW)
: Isn't there a competitive player that had a perma ban, for DDoS etc..., but then riot deleted the permaban for let him join competitive ? Despite his bad behaviour ?
Also he was on watch for a couple of years as well before he was allowed back.
Phank (NA)
: > The fact that he was as popular as he was on Twitch actually took me by surprise. Yeah, he may have played an pretty good Draven, but that is it. Everybody flames and gets angry once in a while, but Tyler did it just about every game. The disconnect is between people who watched a few youtube videos of his toxicity highlights, versus people that watched his stream. Tyler1 has a prison mentality. That's the best way I can describe it. He plays the game doing his thing, and gets annoyed by the same three things we all get annoyed by: 1) People who are not just bad, but truly awful at the game. 2) People who are intentionally being assholes. 3) People who are toxic and trolling. Tyler1 is not himself toxic, but he plays with a prison mentality. The guy cannot back down. He cannot let bullshit slide. He cannot give an inch, if he's been "wronged". [Tyler1 was the Clint Eastwood of League of Legends.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZ_7br_3y54) Just minding his own business until these kids started acting like fools. Then he went straight prison yard on them and that's the origin of the highlights most of the community watched. "Loved by few, hated by many, respected by all." - Papoose Some may call Tyler1 a troll. But he was a Dark Knight. Not the hero this community needed, but the one it deserved. #Reformed.
: I wasn't even that much of a tyler1 fan but i did watch his stream after i saw qtpie and dominate talking about how he was actually not a bad guy. He stopped going afk feeding and trolling and the only problem he had was he couldnt keep his mouth under control. And for that i think its sad that Riot even has to ban people for being toxic in a game because they put a mute feature in to begin with. They are trying to create a perfect game where everyone is nice and in this world that's just not gonna happen. You kids get so butt hurt saying "oh he told me to go kms im gonna report him because that could affect someone." No that's not gonna affect someone and if it truly does then they need to be on suicide watch in a psych ward, not playing league. You guys are insanely immature and cant handle a guy who was trying to change and it just goes to show again Riot didnt make the right decision and will eventually realize that. Its kind of like the Dunkey ban, all he did was talk shit to someone and Riot banned his account, while only for two weeks he brought up great point of saying "the game isnt fun and makes people mad." and its true. They know people have a negative reaction to the game but play it anyway because its addicting. And they use that to their advantage to abuse power as much as they can. They treat people like pre-preschoolers saying "oh dont use curse words or you get a chan ban and if you keep on flaming people we are gonna take away your account that has over 3k hours and $1000" spent on it. It truly is sad to see a company do that because i dont know of another game company that really does the things Riot does. There is a reason the League community is seen as a load of immature kids, not because of the flaming players, but because of they people that don't know how to properly deal with someone being mean to them and therefor they tattle on the players and Riot has to come to the rescue to make sure everyone is happy.
First of, you never know what the person you are talking to is going through and may use league as a gateway to get out of problems as many people do. Having to hear "kill yourself" from your teammates is not something any player should have to see and I think it show's how littler perspective you have on the situation. No people don't need to be In a "pysch ward" the need to be treated with respect. Also, the Dunkey situation was pretty bad as Dunkey told some that he hopes he gets shot in the street like the degenerate he/she is. If you are telling me that comment doesn't go a little far, than I see no point in you and me continuing this discussion after this post because we will agree on nothing.
: > [{quoted}](name=SkiddilyDoo21,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=BL6ILEpc,comment-id=00100000,timestamp=2016-04-30T05:18:02.658+0000) > > Once again he has done much more than just be toxic. He has also intentionally fed and has a list of people that he has saved for when he sees them to troll in chat; he deserved the ban. You should be able to play a video game however you want, unless you cheat. You really think trolling in chat should result in a ban? You should really think about what you are saying here, because these opinions are going to lead to some crazy punishment systems in the future of any big multiplayer game if people accept this power of game companies over the players.
Once again let me state that he was also going down mid INTENTIONALLY feeding ruining games for others who are playing it too. It's not just about him being an asshole to people in chat. You can still be an asshole (though not warrented) and at least still try to win the game. Tyler for the most part would just be a dick and run down mid. So yes to your answer, I think trolling should be banned.
: You guys forgot Trick2G. I swear to God this guy is horrid on his stream. Not only is he a cocky little shit, but the amount of disrespect he has for people, both in and out of games, is just out of this world. I watched as much of his stream as I could handle (which was about 30-35 minutes of utter dogshit) and subsequently left. I watched Tyler1 for all of about 20-30 minutes and thought to myself, 'at least he's not disrespecting others in the text chat.'
Tyler 1 disrespected people all the time in chat, which is kinda how his other 10 accounts. got banned. Yeah Trick2g may disrespect by dancing in front of their turret or something, but he isn't calling his teammates shitters and running down mid purposely feeding.
: This happens with literally every major decision that goes through league. The content majority (Or, well, the larger portion of people) keep quiet and don't say anything because they're content. That or they start boasting and bragging to the other half. The vocal minority fills the boards/reddits with posts about how Riot is in the wrong, how they're not right, etc. You can see it when Riot makes a change to the game too. 300 upvotes means nothing comparative to a 60+ million playerbase and a handful of people saying they dislike dynamic queue doesn't mean it's the entire community rallying against it. Agree or disagree, it's always the most upset that are the most vocal.
: It's crazy how you can't even have the freedom to say what you want in the chat of a freaking video game. What's even more crazy is that so many of you are brainwashed into thinking that it is actually a good thing to punish people for it with a permanent ban. You really need a daddy to protect you on a video game for words being typed? You really want game companies to have the power to silence you permantly? It boggles my mind... kids have gone so soft these days it's pathetic.
Once again he has done much more than just be toxic. He has also intentionally fed and has a list of people that he has saved for when he sees them to troll in chat; he deserved the ban.
: Ban Meteos. Ban Kaceytron. Ban Nicktron. Ban Sneaky. Ban all toxic streamers. If Riot/Ten, care so much about their product, than be balanced when it comes to "Justice." Banning Tyle1 and not banning the other streamers who are extremely toxic is very pathetic on Riot/Ten.{{champion:119}}
I don't believe C9 Sneaky nor C9 Meteos or really toxic streamers. From what I've heard and the times I've viewed their streams they just meme a lot
: Tyler1 got mega-perma banned. Which sent some fans to the forum and reddit to defend him, because that's what fans do. Ty;er1 fans are more than likely to believe he didn't deserve the ban. I mean, they found his horrible attitude funny. It's not really surprising. The internet is a large place, and since League is a huge game, it's going to attract all varieties of moralities in large quantities.
I agree completely, though i would like to think the more approachable variety would like to be shown more than what Tyler was doing.
Nian (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SkiddilyDoo21,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=BL6ILEpc,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-30T03:08:50.614+0000) > > I usually don't comment much on these boards as I usually just come here to browse through in my leisure time, but seeing the Rioter's post on Tyler 1's ban and the reaction has me pretty concerned. The League of Legends board reaction to Tyler 1's ban has got to be one of the most depressing thing's I've seen coming from this community. Tyler1's account should have been permabanned after his first 3 accounts were banned. The fact that he was as popular as he was on Twitch actually took me by surprise. Yeah, he may have played an pretty good Draven, but that is it. Everybody flames and gets angry once in a while, but Tyler did it just about every game. Running down mid and flaming teammates constantly isn't entertaining; it's rude to his teammates and gives off a vibe to potentially new viewers who are interested in the game that it is okay to interact with other players that way. As league continues to become one of the biggest growing games among regular players and in competitive E-sports, people like Tyler 1 can't be around as a main attraction for people interested in League. He got what was eventually coming to him. Doing it once is just as Toxic as Every game. You spread your Toxic from one person to another all it takes is one game. I think they should just keep banning his account IF he is being toxic ON THAT ACCOUNT. But telling a man he can't play the game at all? What happen to the Riot we loved? Tyler1 I will miss you buddy!!!! R.I.P.
Oh he can still play I believe, he just can't stream or they will figure out his account and immediately ban him.
Drehirth (NA)
: to continue the part you quote me..."Strongly in favor of [his lifetime ban] will cite his past, and will have been ignorant to how he was actually playing now. Not only that, but they will bypass logic and flat out insult anybody defending him." you misquoted me, but I would like to point out that the statement is no longer true anyway, because the people on this thread have not dismissed me with ad hominems which I thank you for :)
I'm sorry if you were sent offensive messages I wasn't trying to get people to mock you or anything. I just honestly could not see how people could support him. I mean, the guy had a list, a LIST on people who he would troll if he saw them in his pre-game lobby and people were laughing and agreeing with him. Hell, he did to to a person that works at Riot (what was his name Riot Freak or something?). I mean, you're practically asking to get banned with that behavior.
: All of you are babies. Should only get banned if you cheat or obstruct a game not for talking shit. Its a video game on the internet people are going to talk shit its part of the game. The only game where you get banned for what you say and not for what you do lmfao. Maybe riot should encourage people to use the mute button thats a part of the game or hell even bring back chat bans. No need for all the constant perma bans at all.
It wasn't just shit talking though. He also was intentionally feeding in games too.
Kenni (NA)
: People arent mad about the tyler1 ban their mad at the fact that riot showed specific special attention to tyler1 and not any of the other big streamers aka Nicktron/Kaceytron lol...
I wasn't around during the Kaceytron/nicktron era but how popular were they in relation to Tyler 1. Also, how many of their accounts were banned and when was this in League exactly? Is this when they had the bad tribunal or when they were making the one we have currently?
Drehirth (NA)
: He basically got banned for being popular, the timing was retarded. Every other donation was pretty much " wow, people said you were toxic, but you actually aren't. Keep it up man" Every. Single. Person. Strongly in favor of it will cite his past, and will have been ignorant to how he was actually playing now. Not only that, but they will bypass logic and flat out insult anybody defending him. The timing of his ban is pretty much added to the scary big brother feeling that riot has been giving off because if he wasn't popular it wouldn't have been so severe ( just like with gross gore) The sad part is that people can be toxic as fuck and start witch hunts for somebody, and get no disciplinary action against them because of who they are. I've become pretty concerned too about the people on the internet, and am saddened how people will just give the same toxic reply to this and just call me a toxic fan boy. What I'm upset about is the hypocrisy and ridiculous favoritism that is in play here
No disrespect to you but I highly doubt that. I've seen his streams and donations and it was definitely not "Every.Single.Person"
: LOL It is only because he is popular. MILLIONS of people display WORSE Behavior than his and do the same thing and Riot doesn't witch-hunt them. But I think it is dumb to openly be so toxic and not expect anything.
That's right he is popular and that the big issue. Yeah a lot of other players may be toxic as well but they aren't _steaming it live for possibly thousands of others to see_ .It's not a representation the league community should want for itself and for as big as he was getting it's pretty disturbing. Also, Riot probs didn't have to witch hunt him it was very evident how popular he was getting and pretty easy to point out toxicity just from his stream alone.
Leorite (NA)
: Alright Alright you got me there. *hands up*. I'm not saying his intentional feeding habits are something to be excused, but I don't see why his last account deserved to get banned, obviously though, all of his accounts as a whole and how he has behaved throughout deserves the perma-ban - but his last account didn't really have a reason to get banned more than any other league player. He was reforming in his own way, anyone who has recently watched his streams would agree, either fan or non-fan.
From what I've seen on his stream he didn't seem to be reforming too much, but maybe I just tuned in at the wrong times are something. Despite everything though, I don't completely blame Tyler even if he is a bit of an ass. Riot should have never let him get as far as he did with his accounts. After his 2nd or 3rd account was banned that should have been it; not like the 10th won they finally permabanned now.
Leorite (NA)
: Lol. The fact that people are making threads based off what other pro-streamers are saying is even worse (*cough* meteos fanboys).
I'm no Meteos fan boy, and quite frankly I didn't know or care much about him until this whole situation came up. I don't care about what Meteos has to say; I'm voicing my own opinion on the matter nice assumption though.
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yeah i reccomend removing lol replay if you can. It fixed my problem. Still, the issue needs to be fixed soon
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