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: Why dont we get rewards for queing as fill or supp? like heals/tank in WoW
: 7 minute que time?!
Lol that's nothing, Sneaky had a 30 min queue once.
: Am I the only one who almost dozed off while watching every LCS matches?
If you weren't entertained by that FOX -DIG game Saturday then there is no hope for you.
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: Why does Riot think you're toxic & deserved to be punished?
> [{quoted}](name=BeatzBoyFTW,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=G2fmKZWq,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-07T13:20:29.542+0000) > > #2) gg ez > > I don't care what you think it is, about being only 4 simple letters & all, this is still, and will always, be considered toxic as well. This is basically the short version of "Good game man, btw, you sucked hard". > > "GG" is acceptable since this is like a text version of two sportsman handshaking. > "GG WP" is showing respect to your opponents when both sides tried their very best. > "GG EZ" is nothing more than spitting on your opponent's face just for the fun of it. > > But what if the person was playing {{champion:81}} and legitimately had a good game? Kappa
: Learn to swallow your pride and abide to the team's needs.
You didn't lost because of Cho'Gath, you lost because of you. What could YOU have done better to help your team more, what mistakes did YOU make that you could have avoided. Think of it this way, if you were Bjerg, would you have lost that game? Once you focus on self-improvement and not blaming your teammates for the elo you're in, you will begin to climb.
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: Dynamic Queue fill role
I don't think you quite understand what a queue is or how it works. Riot can't do anything about it, it's just the player base. Support is the least popular role and the system tries to get you into a game as quick as possible. When you are in a queue, you are in a "line" There are far more lobbies waiting for a support then an adc/mid position so the system needs to fill those. If you don't want to play support, just don't fill.
: Who is leaving TSM roster first?
Bjerg will be the first to go. He's too talented to stay and his team is obviously holding him down.
: Ranked Champ Select suggestion
Off meta picks can actually be some of the best. I had a Vayne jungle once who absolutely steamrolled the enemy team. Doing this would just hinder the game and restrict innovation.
: Why Am I Losing Games?
Because you still think that the reason you're losing is your teammates and not you. Work on self-improvement.
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: what champ do you see and you think o god don't be a troll
I saw a {{champion:67}} jungle once and he dominated.
: Least played
Macilento (EUW)
: You should NOT be allowed to use a champion for the first times in ranked
Sorry, but if I pay real money for a champ I shouldn't be restricted to where/when I can use it. I only have time for 1-2 games a day so I maximize my efficiency by only playing ranked. I haven't touched normals since Season 4
: @Riot, I would pay money to be able to use different in-game announcers
If they could get Morgan Freeman to do it I would be sold.
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JoroA (EUW)
: Ban Rates?
: I thought LoL was mega popular, why are my ques 20 min+ ???
: Everyone complains about Janna, Yet. . .
I always ban {{champion:157}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:23}} because they will 1 v 4 the rest of my team if I don't. I love low elo.
: Why Can't We Just Choose 1 Role And Get It Guaranteed In Dynamic Queue?
Cloud273 (NA)
: Daily reminder that Orianna is garbage
That's why she sees so much LCS play right?
: Why talking about toxic behavior is like pulling teeth
> [{quoted}](name=FadedYordle,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mBzXLvPE,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-01T14:13:11.722+0000) > > or the enemy team typing "gg ez" is not a good experience in my book. But what if the opponent is playing as {{champion:81}} and legitimatley had a good game?
: How is your role decided once you queue up? I NEED TO VENT
If your secondary is support, expect to get support every time. I queue up as Primary: Bot Secondary: Mid and get Bot probably 80% of the time so it works for me.
Oranges (NA)
: Smurfing in bronze
: Ok, serious question. How hasn't lux gotten nerfed yet??
Literally all of her abilities are skill shots. The balance part is getting rewarded for hitting them.
Glowdust (NA)
Bye Felicia.
: Looking for a Coach
Look up imls on twitch. He's probably the best you can get. His YouTube is lastshadow9 and he has some vids of his coaching sessions there that you can view as well.
Ifatunde (NA)
: CS mini game
It's called a custom game.
: Does this avoid verbal bans?
> [{quoted}](name=selvatica,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=Av2qBEum,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-25T17:19:49.392+0000) > > So I have been chat restricted before. At this point who hasn't. People who follow the rules maybe? I've been playing since Season 3 and have never recieved 1 warning.
Durfain (NA)
: Season 6 is garbage
Please, anything is better than the season 5 tank meta. Now THAT was boring as shit.
Psyrion (NA)
: What about a system allowing players to join the existing game as that champ, same role, with their own masteries and runes? Possibly even with items refunded so they can rebuild quickly to adapt to their playstyle? Kind of like a rescue queue, where games with a player out for a specific period of time (or with a definitive player-induced disconnection) are able to continue with a 5th man. Even allow for a team to vote to request a rescue, the same way surrenders are voted for. Maybe not a great system for team queues, but in normals, solo ranked, and ARAM, it would help significantly.
But what if the original person comes back? Not a good idea imo.
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: Could This Be The Year For NA? (2016) (NA LCS)
Most NA teams are pretty bad compared to the rest of the world. You just don't realize it because when you put a bad team against a bad team no one gets punished for their mistakes as hard as they should be. Immortals might have a chance, but even they have been making some pretty bad mistakes.
: Africa Megaserver
Africa LCS coming soon?
Raoul (EUW)
: Yoricks Winrate... Dafuq?
: Notifications for champs in LCS
Naut being played right now. Better start watching.
: I Think The Current State of the Meta In LCS Proves Riot Doesn't 100% Balance Around Pro Play
Did you watch the C9 IMT game this past Sunday or are you just blind?
Evinith (NA)
: Role Priority in New Que
I put adc/mid and literally get adc(my primary role) every time. My guess is because mid is the most popular so you might have better luck if you put jung/mid if you want to play jung so bad. Just a suggestion.
: Canadians getting left out of the Esports scene?
You realize they are part of NA, right?
: league of legends is a stressful game, especially for those who take gaming serious or i don't know, literally rely on a game as their career and financial dependency. retard troll thanks for the response!
Lol sorry, but you're Silver, don't think you should try to make a living off this game anytime soon. I will agree though, if someones job depends on them staying on a team in the LCS then it could be stressful. But for the level we're at, we should just be having fun with it and not worry about it too much because we don't have a prayer of making it anywhere close to challenger.
: Weekly featured game modes
If you get stressed over a video game then you have serious issues.
: If you could use one ability IRL what would it be
: I just played a game where 3 people heavily harassed me for their mistakes.
If you're getting stressed over a video game then you have major issues.
Level 2 Powerspike is real.
: Question about QSS
It's called Zhonya's.
: Why LCK does better and perform better
Well they have small wieners, so they have to get something in return.
: People seem to be giving TSM a lot of shit
Ok, except Immortals are also a brand new team that has never played together before and are 8-0 lol.
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