: Patch 9.15 notes
Can we get a fix for Yasuo's broken W? This has been an issue for multiple patches
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: > [{quoted}](name=EmoMessiah,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=biEUNpGI,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-02-24T21:42:17.099+0000) > > Thoughts on why i was permabanned for cheating when all i did was leave a game?????????????? They have been permbanning alot of people lately.. I would say just forget about it and go play WoW.. because that game is actually fun and you will probably end up wasting less money on things that actually benifit you in the game rather then skins that make you look blue instead of black.
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: mine would be that whatever i say comes true think about it. if yew say *i can fly* yew can fly or *i can go invisible* then yew can go invisible and yew can have any super power you want!
What about the abulity too spell yew correctly... Kappa
Shonjl (NA)
: I personally feel the outter turrets are fine, but the base ones need buffs. Outter turrets are meant to be barriers but not impossible to breach. The base ones I feel are jokes, when you reach them early they are a threat since everyone isnt max build yet so they actually hurt, but when at max build its like really? If anything, the base towers should level up like the jungle and dragon and baron do. So at late game they are still relevant but not impossible to breach. Just seems silly that 2 LAZOR TURRETS do like 150 a second of damage which is pitiful when super minions have like 5k hp or a tank champ with 4-5k hp walks up and laughs. I mean for crying out loud, a single super minion can tank a single lazor and break the tower by itself.....Let that sink in. Its just sad that I can go in as Garen, not even an actual tank and literally tank both lazors and still walk away with at least half hp since omg that 300 and slowly raising a second is so much when I have 5k hp and regen 100 a second. By level 18, those things should be doing like 500+ each a second. That way your last line of defense isnt a joke and is a serious final hurdle and tanks can still tank it, but not just casually sit there and laugh at it but actually be afraid. There is a difference between a tank being able to sit there for 30 seconds vs like 2-5 seconds. Even at 5 seconds, that would only be 2.5k of damage which is still little when tanks have like 5k hp.
Calling Garen not an Actual Tank, when his W, his W's passive, and actual passive makes him such a super effective tank..
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: I've had it with Kalista
Kalista should have a cap on how many times she can use her passive within a time frame bexause currently once she gets Runaan's or any other high attack speed item and she can have infinite mobility and not allow almost any champ to have some counter play and that just the problem with her passive. Rend also is ridiculously strong with Kalista due to the fact she can build almost pure attack speed and then do high burst damage even though she doesn't have to spend any of the gold that other champs have to use too get that kind of burst. Rend also doesn't allow you too have any opportunities to make plays for objectives as she can solo drag get a few thousand spears in it then do more damage to it then Cho'Gath's Ultimate.
Nirolan (EUNE)
: Missing game
I doubt this is a case of hacking first off, secondly this is a bug that seems to go from server to server as i said to a previous post i seen this bug a while ago on NA and then mysteriously it went away and i have not seen it since then, i assume Riot patched it internally within their servers. It is possible that the server is having a hard time sending information from the server to your client for some reason but that is just a hypothesis nothing is really clear about this bug, all i know is, is that it is usually resolved within some time so sit tight and i am sure Riot will figure out the source ASAP.
: PVP Network Disconnecting constantly
This is a error that happens from time to time i would recommend restarting your League client when it initially happens if problems persist restart your computer and maybe even your internet if none of that seems to work and this problem persist after that get back to me.
This may have been a multiple queue timer which sets a time limit punishment for multiple queue attempts if you AFK, it also may be a bug on Riot's side but i am skeptical that is a fault on their side and not just a misunderstanding on your part but i could be wrong, also please do not use unnecessary cursing if you want people to help you.
: So... High ping?
This is most likely an issue on your side as i get a constant 68 ping, you may want to consult your internet provider on the issue or perhaps browse around the internet to see if people have similar issues as yours and perhaps fixes to these issues you may be experiencing. Also on a personal note if you want more people to assist you don't use inappropriate language when asking for Help & Support, but to all their own this is just my opinion.
RobbWolf (EUW)
: The same here, and I cant play anymore. And I can't find the answer, I've tried disabling IP Helper service or wtvr, Advanced Firewall setting, Turning Off Firewall, Resetting IP, restarting PC, restarting router... nothing helps.
Strange, I and some friends of mine had some similar issues on North America's Servers a few months ago, this lasted for about a week give or take, then it was fixed for some reason I don't know. So if i were you just give Riot a bit of time i am sure they will find a solution especially if it is effecting most of EUW. There is also a bug that sometimes prevents you from reconnecting to the game, I found that waiting a minute or so after failing to reconnect then trying once again seems to let you back into the game, but this may not be the issue you are experiencing.
: Yeah it's a scam website created by pathetic, filthy maggots. Stay away. Riot, DELETE THEIR WEBSITE ASAP plz... It's taking too long
They can not delete their website unless the owner of the website did something that would be infringing their copyright or something similar to that, and that i know of that website has not, but if they do Riot then can take legal action against the owner until then it is left in the communities hands to spread the word of this scam.
Va1N (NA)
: {{champion:34}} : She is not suppose to be good, only to troll. Spam walls in URF mode, dont even think you can get out of fountain. Just have ur ulti on infinitely during teamfights. PENTAKILL. {{champion:3}} : Another troll champion, doesn't need to do anything. Just wait for your team to die and ulti the enemy team. BAM, PENTAKILL. {{champion:30}} : Spam R to win. PENTAKILL. {{champion:161}} : Smash your face against the keyboard. PENTAKILL.
Saying that the concept of Rito literally making "Troll Champions" may be the dumbest thing i ever heard.
acepil0t (NA)
: You think assassins have it bad look at a few mages {{champion:34}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:161}} all pretty weak right now due to the assassin-heavy meta. And mana regen nerfs.
Vel'Koz is actually quite strong, a good combo can really ruin an ADC's day, and his ult is absolutely devastating to people in the way.. I would say Vel'Koz is fine where he is at the moment.
Mathera (EUNE)
: Hi, I'm colorblind and I can't last hit minions like I used to do before SR visual update.
: Updated Summoner’s Rift nears open beta!
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