: TFT isn't league of legends though. It's a completely different game. I don't mind tft being around. I just hate that we don't have a gamemode running alongside it. It's just SR, ARAM, or TT all the time. I just miss the rotating game modes
> [{quoted}](name=Red Charge,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bE52F8rJ,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-08-08T08:33:19.362+0000) > > TFT isn't league of legends though. It's a completely different game. I don't mind tft being around. I just hate that we don't have a gamemode running alongside it. It's just SR, ARAM, or TT all the time. I just miss the rotating game modes I miss gamemodes as well, I just think its crazy to expect league to place priority on Nexus Blitz when TFT is so huge
: You can not compare Nexus Blitz to Teamfight Tactics. Auto chess is literally an entirely different genre than mobas. It's like comparing League of Legends to the Sims. There's very little you can compare the two games on.
> [{quoted}](name=Heckin Support,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bE52F8rJ,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-08-01T18:21:49.354+0000) > > You can not compare Nexus Blitz to Teamfight Tactics. Auto chess is literally an entirely different genre than mobas. It's like comparing League of Legends to the Sims. There's very little you can compare the two games on. You can compare them on popularity. One stopped being played after 3 weeks. One is just as popular nearly two months in.
: >You are spending time writing on the boards of a free to play game where all 145 champions are able to be unlocked through playing Tell me an other moba that doesn't have this...just an other "free game" riot loving person
> [{quoted}](name=Luther King Jr V,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bE52F8rJ,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-08-01T18:13:51.557+0000) > > Tell me an other moba that doesn't have this...just an other "free game" riot loving person Dude, I bitch about Riot damn near incessantly. Im just not stupid enough to think its not born out of my love for their absurdly fun, addictive game
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: I'm sorry, but I have to disagree on your "meta-slave" argument (Though the other points are still valid) as I have found more success playing a build I originally did for sh*ts and giggles (specifically TOP AD THRESH{{champion:412}} ) than I have with meta Champs like kench. Top lane simply has more emphasis on wave control in my opinion (which thresh happens to do well at while bullying the enemy laner at the same time).
In norms though. Unless you have another account, all I'm seeing is you doing that in norms. Go ranked and find success with that, and I'll definitely be interested
: Yes i posted many times an easy, and quite simple solution. Give turrets some defensive aura, that let you at least turret farm. Like a strong shield, or since Rene counters that now a strong healing. The point is, that even against hard counter you could at least farm, and turret dive would be nearly impossible without mid, or before higher levels. Or make Turrets stronger against champions with bigger range against them. First: Being countered would no longer end you entirely. Second: Less jungler dependency. Right now these are the primary problems. If you are countered, then you can't do sh*t. Against hard counter you can't even farm anything, but melee minions under turret. At this point all you can hope for is your jungler to come by, and help. And against certain champions even that doesn't help, because he wins 1v2 after some point. If you got 10 farm, and enemy got 80, then you are simply too weak to win 1v2 unless your jungler got fed somewhere.
yeah something like that for even the first 5 minutes of the game would be awesome
Ralanr (NA)
: Ok the jungler problem feels worse in top than other lanes for some reason. It gets to a point where I can’t even trade with people without their jungler coming while my jungler is across the map not ganking bot or mid. I know I can’t rely on my jungler and it’s not their job to win my lane, but I’d like it if they could either counter gank or make use of the enemy jungler killing me to have an effect on other lanes.
Yeah, since I started playing jungler, if I'm botside and the enemy jungler ganks top, I IMMEDIATELY solo drag. Every single time. Make it worth the gank
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: Very true on the freelo thing. I didn’t feel great winning my last promo because she is too strong rn. Told my brother I can’t wait till she is gutted and then balanced out (if at all possible) because I have a general interest in learning her. For now I’m switching back to maining Swain/Aatrox/Camille.
Lol I've just been playing support till Riot figures out toplane. That lane is far more about "who's strong this patch" than actual skill, which is why I've been so frustrated by it. Also, half the time, when i get fed, bot fed their butts off and afked, so it doesn't actually matter. Pushing bot has been really effective for me thus far.
dim2a (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Slade25,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ekL7pU0v,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-04-02T14:00:25.724+0000) > > I'm seeing those stats NOWHERE. Not a single site I've checked ever has her below 50%, at any point in the game. Look at the link I cited. Cite your sources lolalytics, i find it more reliable. Graph on the far right: https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/Kayle/
I'm having trouble seeing a graph like that, can you be more specific on how to find it?
: The problem with statistics in a video game like league is there are way too many variables. Yes stats should be used as a tool to size up a match up, know power spikes, understand where that champion can be a help/problem during the match. But it shouldn’t be the “oh this champ has a 54% winrate? Welp might as well not try”. Because again there are so many factors involved like “is this person on tilt, have they even played this champ before, did their dog just die and they are distraught, etc. If anything we should be looking at our own personal winrates and our opponent/teammate’s because that will give you a closer measure of what to do in a match by match case. My argument is “General stats are a good tool but we shouldn’t get hung up on them”
Now that's an argument I can work with. I think on a small scale, you are correct, but in a game like League, where data is collected from literally MILLIONS of games every day, its definitely significant when a champion has the highest PICK AND WINRATE in the game. And it feels like crap when you have spent hundreds of hours perfecting your champion, just to get wrecked by someone who has put no work into their champ, but is playing them just because they are OP. This is why I almost never complain about Yasuo, because someone who is trash at yasuo isnt gonna beat me (I play top though so midlane mains save your downvotes). If they do, its because the yasuo outplayed me, and they learned that through hundreds of hours on that champion. Right now, people are spamming Kayle because she is freelo and it feels like crap
Slade25 (NA)
: Why is everyone pretending Kayle is weak early??
I love how this is getting downvoted, yet not a single person has yet to A) provide any hard evidence that disagrees with this post, or B) actually prove that she's weak in relation to other toplane champions. Yeah, she's weak compared to her late game, but you can't compare someone to themself, you compare them to other champions at the same time. She's far too safe early for how strong she is late
: I never said Kayle is weak. I said she has a weak early game. I know she’s op. And yeah I’m proud of my silver 2 rank. Last year was my first year in silver and this year I’m getting to gold or higher. ; )
I'm not going to rankshame anyone. Your ranking does not affect your argument in any way, shape, or form; that's ad hominem, and just douchey. Arguments should be evaluated by their correctness, not by the arguer. On a side note, way to keep a good attitude about your rank. Stay strong, friend, you'll climb.
: If you're statistically 10% less likely to win in early game, you're weak in early game. It's irrelevant whether or not the champion is OP enough to push it to a 90% winrate in lane, the champion is still weak in lane because **that's when they're weakest**. That's how the entire damned thing is defined: it's based around **when they're weakest and strongest**. A 40/48/30% winrate champion is still strong in mid-game, it's just their entire scale is so shitty that they're bad overall. Kayle is weak in lane because, statistically, she's weakest in lane.
Okay but compared to the rest of the champions toplane, she is clearly not weak. If she was, she would drop below a 50% winrate at literally ANY point in the game. You are comparing her to herself, which is ridiculous on a hyperscaling champion, or any champion in general. By your logic, if she had a 75% winrate at 20 minutes and a 99% winrate at 30 minutes, she would be weak early. That's an awful argument. The way you tell if someone is weak is by comparing them to the other champions in the game.
: We aren’t talking about facts vs feelings. We are talking about hands on experience vs “oh I looked up some numbers”. Want to know what I learned by actually playing her? I learned she has a weak but safe early game. And she gets a nice power spike at 6. Then she takes off at 11. Stats are supposed to be a tool not the end all be all of how you should play the game.
Statistics = facts. "What I learned" = feelings. Someone else could have learned something completely different. Our experience is subjective, statistics are objective. Use objective facts to argue your points, not subjective experience.
: Because she's designed to be. Even if numerically she's strong in early, she's still a hypercarry, meaning lane is going to be her weakest point in the game.
"weakest point in the game" is not equivalent to weak. If you're broken at all stages of the game, you're still broken, even if you're more broken at different stages.
: "don't need stats" lol you lost the argument right there bud. Guess what, I've also played a few Kaylee games and against her quite a few times and she is quite strong. Sure, in her early game she isn't slaying her opponents and theoretically she is quite weak. The problem is between her kit and the many viable runes and starting items available to her, she is also quite SAFE. A smart Kaylee hardly even let's me touch her in lane and just pokes and slowly farms up. The problem with her is that she doesn't really fall behind like most late game hypers if she misses out on farm or dies a few times because at certain levels, no matter how bad she gets stomped, she gets right back in the game and becomes super Saiyan mode in no time. Also, a common misconception is that games are still almost always super short, however, I'd argue that people just haven't noticed the increase in game times since the start of the season (finally riot did something right to cause this), and even more, games with Kayle actually tend to last a little longer, so all in all, her late game is actually a pretty safe bet, considering it only takes about twenty minutes to come online and most games with her in it last about 25 mins or more.
Exactly. She doesn't need kills to scale. She only needs levels, and its impossible to stay on top of her. Very well written, take my upvote.
: actually jax has difficult catching her 1000 miles an hour W and q slow. only way to stop her is stunning her. killing kayle just needs a assassin Top like wukong or zed (basically any champ with mobility dedicated to killing squishies.)
Trust me, I know. I played the matchup last night as Jax. He can't stay on top of her. I Definitely played poorly, but still cancerous. He's listed as her hardest counter tho. I suspect because he matches her scaling better than almost any toplaner
: Good thing I didn’t say she feels weak. Like I said I’ve played with and against her a lot the past few weeks. Her early game is weak. You can easily jump on her and punish her with champs like riven, Olaf, Camille, Jax. But she spikes up decently and if you play her carefully it covers up her weakness (especially with her E and Klepto). Yeah with your stats and numbers you’ve done some reasearch but with actually playing her I’ve done the hands on work + research.
Again, "playing her" means anecdotal evidence. Facts don't care about your feelings. Facts say she literally doesn't truly have a losing matchup. Jax is a scaling god, (some sites say show his 40+ min winrate being higher than hers). If he truly beats her early, he should have a plus 50%+ winrate against her. He doesn't.
: no one does. everybody just says shes broken.
dim2a (NA)
: Her 0-15% winrate is 41% or so, which is extremely low compared even to other late game champions (likes of vayne and yi who generally hover in 45-48% area). 20 minutes is midgame already. She is too strong overall, but if you want to talk about facts in early game, you'll find they don't back up your position.
I'm seeing those stats NOWHERE. Not a single site I've checked ever has her below 50%, at any point in the game. Look at the link I cited. Cite your sources
: Because she does have a weak early game? Have you played her for like 15 games to see this? She picks up at lvl 6 and then takes off at lvl 11 which is a level you can reach by 20 min. I don’t need stats to tell me this because I actually played her/against her a bit these past couple of weeks. So yeah, her early game is weak and is exploitable by champs who can just jump on her.
Ah yes, "she feels weak" definitely beats statistics proving she's not weak.
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Moody P (NA)
: You are wrong. Juggernauts are skill matchups or at a disadvantage vs the majority of divers and skirmishers.
Most juggs can bully bruisers early but get outscaled early. Until 6, if Darius lands his pulls on a bruiser, Illaoi lands her E, etc; theyre in for a bad time. After 6, things kinda change, and usually by 11, juggs are getting outscaled in 1v1s.
: No, its rageblade.
Can you defend that argument and back it up? If its broken, why don't more champions take it?
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Moody P (NA)
: Nasus has a bit too much sustain now
I think his lifesteal on champions should be higher than his lifesteal against minions. Whenever a Nasus needs health, he just pushes waves with Q's and gets all his health back. It's really frustrating, and grievous wounds does nothing if youre not attacking him or he's not attacking you. But yeah, I am happy to see him back in the toplane rotation
DeusVult (NA)
: They dont just make late game champs unstoppable in the late game. They make their late game power come even earlier. Vayne will consistently go rageblade as a 2nd/3rd item, and once she has it, she is an absolute monster. True damage proc every other attack, which is not balanced in the slightest. Jax might wait till 3rd item to pick up SoJ ({{item:3078}} {{item:3077}} {{item:3161}} ) but once he has it, he can literally 1v5 Look at TSM's victory over TL in week 4 (TL's only loss so far) https://youtu.be/JmXb-VlLh_c?t=2387 Jax is destroying some of the best pro players in NA. IMO, for a late game champ to be a late game champ, they should need 4 items and be nearly 16 before they start becoming the late game monster that they are. But atm, "late game" champs come online at 2 items and dumpster for the rest of the game
Dude. TL first picked Yorick. That was greedy af and a terrible move on their part. Jax is a hard Yorick counter. TSM picked Jax and destroyed him. Don't act like because Jax got picked ONCE so far in proplay, he's broken. Joke of an argument
Eedat (NA)
: counter picks dont exist until high ELO. We fuck up way too much down here to auto win lanes with picks alone if you understand the matchup
bruh. Play teemo into Jax or Tryn. please. It takes two braincells to use your Q when they go in on you, and just poke them every time they farm. Seriously its cancer.
: What am I supposed to do as a top main??
I completely agree. People had a damn aneurysm when Akali got to be under the enemy tower without being automatically targeted. Let those same people come top and deal with getting tower dove by Pantheon without taking damage. Or getting poked constantly by Teemo while trying to farm under tower. Or there being like 10 different champions that have BROKEN laning phases, but are balanced around 50% because they struggle to translate leads into victories ({{champion:420}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:83}}) to name a few. You wanna know why tanks are always picked top in proplay? Wanna know why Toplane is always the last picked in every pro game? Because true counters exist for every toplaner champion type EXCEPT tanks. This isn't an anti-tank rant. I think Tanks are in a poor state right now where they've been rooked out of tankiness for more damage. This rant is more about being anti-rito's toplane balancing philosohpy. Make it about skill again, like damn.
: PSA for people who get camped a lot
Solid post. I will say as a biased toplaner, you can get tower dove by level 3 if you're playing against a jugg or tank, and if the enemy team has a hecarim/warwick/volibear jungle, they run in at mach7 (you could have river perfectly warded and sometimes it doesn't matter with predator champs) and throw you into Darius' big fat pull and you're screwed. Not an excuse to flame your jungler at all, but still feels like garbage. When it comes to "blaming the jungler" there are two scenarios that piss me off at a jungler. 1)When I'm playing a snowball lane (I main Jax and we all know what happens when he gets going), and I set up a freeze outside of my tower for 5+ minutes and my jungle never comes, despite my pings and requests for a gank. 2) When a jungler goes in at a bad time (whether it not there or too low to go in), I ping danger like 7 times, they go in anyways and then die. That crap feels miserable.
: That would be ok, but the biggest issue is no Black Cleaver like AP item since AP Bruisers have practically no options for percentage penetration since Void offers no defensive stats and hinders the build drastically.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 13
Hi Meddler, How do you see the conqueror changes affecting bruisers early? Right now Conqueror doesn't do much early but turns insane late game; will these changes be a bit of a buff early and a nerf to late game?
: I meant the scaling and 0 mana cost ult with a 7 second cd.
7 sec cooldown is hella misleading. Yes, its extremely low, but he's a squishy engage AP burst champ, the chances of him getting more than 1 ult off in team fight is hella low. And that's on top of the fact that certain comps make Sylas irrelevant (Nid, Illaoi, yasuo, taric, and Jhin; a perfectly normal comp, would give him hella crappy ults). His ult is so conditional that it needs to be a low cooldow; though i will agree its probably a little too low
: So when is Sylas getting the nerfs? in 6 or maybe 8 months ? like Akali?
um. He can't steal his teammates ults tho? That can only happen if a Karthus is on the other team, or you're playing blind with two sylas' and a Karthus. It is impossible in a draft or ranked game for a double Karthus ult.
: Kled Seems Useless
Kled's my pocket pick, and I disagree with a lot those. Kled is entirely about knowing how to utilize your second E properly, and understanding how to get back on Skarll without dying. His biggest problem are champions with executes {{champion:6}} {{champion:122}}{{champion:86}} because all they have to do is click R to kill you once you're off Skarll. If anything, his late game needs a buff because he has to be ahead to make a difference in a game. Otherwise ADC's 3 shot him
: We were losing 1 - 15 at minute 13.
I love how this post has 20 downvotes. "comeback aren't possible my team is reported if they don't FF reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" - boards
DaBooosh (NA)
: Nerf marksmen
Buddy, I have some bad news for you about next patch...
: Can someone explain what just happend
Its a case of "Rito's hitboxes are larger than displayed in-game." Annoying, but if you slow down any league game, you'll see a couple abilities that just shouldn't hit, hit.
: We were losing 1 - 15 at minute 13.
This is the kinda post I love to see. Comebacks in League are SO satisfying. GG dude.
Rioter Comments
: His E is on a 12 second CD level 1. You lose trades to anyone without your passive fully stacked up. You lose to all ranged matchups and most bruisers and melees, with the exception of irelia and a few others. You can't all in without your E, which as stated before comes up ever 12 seconds. Meaning if someone baits out your E, you now have to play defensive for 12 seconds. The fact that your items all are extremely expensive to build, the fact that certain champs completely shut you down, like Fiora and Quinn.
It's 16 seconds level 1 wtf
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: "There's maybe two champs in the entire game that beat him in a 1v1 late" {{champion:11}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:114}} Off the top of my head. Has too be very late for fio too win.
Lol Nasus one shots Yi. Tryn is a MAYBE. I still think nasus wins. Only Rhaast wins. I don't believe fiora ever does win that; too squishy.
: If a Champion Scales They Need to Not be Strong/Good Early
{{champion:24}} just got a bunch of nerfs and his favorable matchups are few and far between. Season 8 he was too strong in lane, but it's much harder to play him Top now. {{champion:236}} Is an ADC; he'll always have a strong late game; the justification (though a lame excuse) is that he pales in comparison to other ADC's late. Interested to see how he lands after the Crit rework. {{champion:75}} Has crazy early sustain, and all you can do is kite after 6. The champion is built for 1v1s. There's maybe two champs in the entire game that beat him in a 1v1 late. I do agree he feels terrible to play against. {{champion:63}} Is just a broken champion. Has been broken for an entire season. Overall, I definitely agree with your post concept. There should be justifiable trade-offs if a champion has a strong late game.
: Okay it was a nice joke riot
You guys can complain about him all you want. He has a sub 40% winrate in nearly every elo in every position. Buffs are incoming. I suggest learning how to play against him sooner rather than later.
: The Controller League!
Did you mean {{summoner:11}}
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