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: Just want to clarify here since there seems to be a lot of worry here, and reasonably so. **ASASSINS WILL STILL BE BURSTY**. By definition, this is why they exist and what they do. We are simply talking about degrees here - the difference between a full damage combo coming out in <0.25 seconds to ~1 second - that's still very fast. Yet the amount of game health we gain here by allowing for SOME interaction to occur at all is invaluable. In a lot of these cases, we don't plan on reducing the raw potential burst damage, rather we're looking to open that time window just a slight bit. In fact in some of these cases, the raw damage done if executed to perfection may actually be able to be ultimately tuned higher than before since it won't be 100% instantly reliable.
I would like to see assassins not have much defense capabilities at all like right now you can build tank fizz tank akali and honestly I don't think fizz should have his backflip make him immune to damage it makes the assassin archetype of fizz less assassin like and the ability is just disgusting to have that kind of flexibility, what I'm trying to say is that assassins should not be able to build tank but do near assassin level damage but have to build squishy to even do any damage.
: Sorry but banning one "toxic" streamer from the game doesn't do anything. Riot spends 99.9% of their time tracking down people who use mean words, while intentional feeders run wild and free. Tyler1 solo carries 1000x games for every one he intentional feeds. Riot fucks up again. Krepedo!
Riot spends their whole time banning toxic but can't figure out their own game.
: you guys indefinitely banning someone who is way less toxic than 50% of bronze players. youre punishing a guy who is telling people they are bad as opposed to people who tell other people to go kill themselves, hang themselves, jump off bridges... etc. Literally just an entertaining guy this is what some people want to see when they watch streams. Riot more salty that tyler1. Everyone who is using the +18 banned accounts is ignorant because he was not trolling once in his new account, not once did he run it down mid or sell all his items. He truly was just trying to climb back to masters where he belongs. If riot wants to stop people from flaming give them a permanent chat restriction so then they can't like that solves all the problems.
Being first blood in a bronze game is the worst thing that can happen in Lol because you will have to mute your team right away to stop them titling you, tyler1 is honestly nothing compared to bronze ranked games.
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