: Can Riot unban all Perma Banned accounts in the wake of their own employs violating their own ToS?
: You dumb fucks at Riotgames
Riot games should uninstall their company, honestly. This travesty, some self righteous idiot wanting to get attention pissed off men and women both. guy is a tool as are the rioters that support him. He probably is one of those "nice guys" that expect a bj for being nice. Also, balance team is shit... but we already knew that.
: Blood Moon Zoe - skin concept
blood moon *cancer* sounds more like it
Rioter Comments
: Incorrect username/pw my ass
: Incorrect username/pw my ass
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: @AnyRiotBalanceMember, You Guys Need to Make US You're Priority Not LCS/Devs Corner
The balance team would rather not grace our peasantry with such service, rather they service the dignitaries, glasses wearing beanpoles that is high elo/pro. I propose we the peasantry gather our forces post-haste upon the highest mountain peak before decending upon them at 1st light to storm the castle. The sudden downpour of the godless peasantry, resembling a dam suddenly bursting will send them into a state of panic, our win conditions will be vulnerable for the taking should we strike quickly.
: It is 2018 Runeterra can be shape neutral
> [{quoted}](name=Slam H2017,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EMxxE9Ex,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2018-07-30T00:44:30.254+0000) > > It is 2018 Runeterra can be shape neutral To piggyback on what Slam said, in 2018 Runeterra can be 38 different shapes. Don't assume its shape.
W4terboy (NA)
: Mandatory Email Verification
The word "mandatory" really chaps my thighs. Who are you to rule over me?
: What's karma even supposed to do?
Karma is still very relevant... should anyone of ya be thinking she isn't. Just won with her. Been playing her as support since like S3... with success. The key is knowing when to mantra your q vs your e... mostly never used for w. Like... if enemy team is clumped (w/o a pog yasuo windwall to stop it) i'ma try and hit that mantra q... but if not, then i'm holding it for e instead. HUGE decision maker that leverages teamfights.
: Opponent picked Yas
My man. Never change!
Mig89 (NA)
: I’ve argued with a ton of people on here that league isn’t dying and that they just need to adjust to the meta. That being said, I’m down to playing Arams now and it’s a combination of damage creep and ping issues. I was playing on 20-30 ping and a couple weeks ago mine changed to 80-150 and the game is just too hard to play and keep up with fights with that little difference. I feel like I’m a step behind on everything and it just kills my play style. I was on my way to plat but I just had to give it up because Beijing half a second behind just gets you killed so quickly. I do believe if my ping was lower I’d be able to deal but it’s just not worth tanking my rank to find out lol
Hard to ever adjust or even get remotely comfortable with the meta though with how often they keep changing everything. All these whole class updates all the while releasing overtuned mobile creep champions out the wahzooo
Gall (NA)
: I don't want flashy champion reveals. I don't want ultimate game-changing content that will alter how we all player entirely. I don't want to have to relearn my favorite champs every other day and have my favorite champs become incredibly strong or incredibly weak with every item update. I just want simple updates.
> [{quoted}](name=Decredulous,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=d7nfyA6E,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-03T16:20:08.446+0000) > > I don't want flashy champion reveals. I don't want ultimate game-changing content that will alter how we all player entirely. I don't want to have to relearn my favorite champs every other day and have my favorite champs become incredibly strong or incredibly weak with every item update. I just want simple updates. I agree! Balance team can't balance anything. They just shift the meta. They can fling poop at eachother from very very VERY vast distances though. Gotta give that to them. They're great at that.
: FIx your game riot ! ! !
They're too busy flinging poop at eachother.
: 3 Days in and Galio still needs an HotFix buff btw if you havent noticed 47 to 43% win rate is trash
Balance team busy flinging poop at eachother and letting ka'sai be the most braindead, build anything, faceroll adc to ever play. Riot also released Zoe. What more do you expect out of them?
Aimléss (NA)
: Riot: Pushes crit ADC's back to 30-35 minutes, but does everything to make games end before 25...
Ka'sai released forever ago, yet broken af, best adc hands down that you can just faceroll your keyboard on. "incompetent" doesn't even begin to describe the balance team. They'll be flinging poop at eachother for the rest of their days. You can bet on that.
: Flaming Players because you dont like the fact PYKE IS A SUPPORT.
10 games and I still haven't gotten a chance to play him soooo what can I say. game can go to hell.
Vanjie (NA)
: Sad To See Almost No One Enjoying LoL
For the longest time, the vast majority of reworked and new champions have been loaded with mobility, cc, and disengage. Our team faced this yesterday {{champion:78}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:497}} ( w/ kha and trist being exceptions because they're old) Can you ever imagine locking anyone down in team fights against that? Was full blown stage 4 cancer. 4 champions leaping all over the place, going invis, knocking people away or ramming them into walls, and getting blasted a quarter of the map away by poppy, rakan running around in a brainless circle cc'ing everyone. Clearly, I just need to get gud, but wtf.
Rioter Comments
: I HATE this idea that attractiveness has to be there for a purpose
Let Kasai be Kasai. Let people be happy and have nice things. Make your own videogame and your own characters if you want them to look a certain way or what you think makes sense. To trash someone else' creation is just petty. Fantasy characters ARE fantasy. Brad Pit wasn't fully decked out in armor in Troy. Greek Gods and Goddess are revealing for a reason. They are FANTASY. FANTASY and MAKING SENSE are not a linear relationship. Same shit with Janna, wind goddess, Fantasy character. She could care less about what mortals think of her appearance. She could care less for armor as you wont ever catch her or lock her down. Wonder Woman the demigod follows this as well in her MMORPG armor yet many find her empowering (which I think they should, I do too).
Terozu (NA)
: Statistically speaking out of about 150 games, Kat wins lane, but Diana wins games. Though it's really close so yeah I'd consider it a skill matchup.
> [{quoted}](name=Terozu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZkgO9oAE,comment-id=00080002000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-08T09:25:49.042+0000) > > Statistically speaking out of about 150 games, Kat wins lane, but Diana wins games. > Though it's really close so yeah I'd consider it a skill matchup. I feel like it is ALMOST a skill matchup. As someone who plays Diana quite heavily when mid, I've had Kat's just lane swap straight from the get go to avoid the matchup. I've also had some Kat's beat me too though I'm not the greatest Diana, but I do know the matchup quite well. I feel like a Diana and Kat of equal skill favors the Diana a little more though.
: Kat is a pain to play against
Sometimes I might think it's a pain that her knife is zoning me in lane phase but then you have to think that there are many champs that can push her wave into tower quite well, rendering her roaming strength almost powerless. Her zoning helps shore that up a little bit. You could argue that some of those champions pushing her have mana pool's but then again so long as you're using your abilities sensibly, mana shouldn't be too much of a problem for them.
Juhachi (NA)
: Why did riot apologize about making Kai'sa? "overly sexualized"
It is pretty sad that A FANTASY CHARACTER such as Wonder Woman can be seen as super empowering and badass with her mmorpg armor ( Rightfully so, I think she is awesome too), yet a character like Kaisa can't be perceived the same way, "Like nah she's not cool she's oversexualized derpy derp derrr." I'm going to sound like an old man by saying this, but all this oversexualized white knight witch-hunt stuff is just their insecurities projecting themselves. I can see part of where they are coming from, I considered myself quite a nerd when I was young and still do ( in a proud and happy kind of way). Came from a circle of nerd friends in school in which we all played MMO's together at each-others houses, fully dressed out in hot topic, skinny jeans, wristbands, nothing impressive about ourselves physical wise and the full works. At our lows a whole lot of us pushed others away sometimes just because of their outside appearances, what was on the cover. Man, it was a bad kind of nerd-group at times with 1 or 2 ringleaders primarily encouraging this same type of elitist white knight bs and the rest (including myself) following through like a goonsquad with a herd mentality. You really see this bs for what it is though once you're brave enough to step outside and build your own self-esteem. I finally did it by going to the gym and joining some sports teams which yielded some very positive benefits, lessons, and friends. Now i'm not saying there are not some bad apples in that kind of group, but I saw for myself that there were far less than my old self assumed. I fear that I might be straying from the point so I'll just conclude this... In conclusion these toxic SJW's tend to share a common trait of low self-esteem. Rather than putting in effort to build themselves up, it's just easier for them to tear down someone else' creation in an attempt to not feel so small. They will take any chance they get to try and point out a negative out of a positive. Examples: Kaisa(LoL) - She is a badass champion, contending with all the rest of them hunting down kills on summoners rift. SJW says "Wah her boob size is distracting me, oversexualized." Some women have big boobs, even with a slim frame, It's really not that out of the norm. Mystique(X-Men) - She cleverly uses her charm, appearance, and abilities to her advantage for espionage and infiltration. SJW says "Wah, naked blue lady, oversexualized." Ok, now i'll finally stop beating the puddle of blood that used to be a dead horse. To you SJW's, go out and obtain the body you want if other peoples/characters bodies offend you so much.
: > Draven is an early game bully who has the best level 1 in the entire game That is not true. Olaf has a better level 1. Fiora has a better level 1. Braum has a better level 1. Even if you just meant for ADCs, that may be true, but so what? He could be the best level 1 adc, but it might not matter too much depending on the lane matchup. Botlane is not a solo lane, it is a 2v2. > Unless you're referring to spells, in which case Jhin's q is still very short range, his W does virtually no damage and is one of the easiest spells to miss, Jhin is a MUCH HIGHER RANGED champion than Draven for all botlane purposes. You clearly have NEVER played Draven based on EVERYTHING in your post. Everything your saying is so uninformed that if I had to guess, I would say your entire experience with Draven is from reading his wiki article. Jhin's Q BOUNCES and is a GOOD poke ability in lane. His W is a GREAT setup ability, most ADCs do not have such a strong CC ability in their kit. It allows Jhin's support to do whatever the hell he wants, it gives Jhin his movement speed bonus so he can attack without retaliation if he's not an idiot, allows him to hit the rest of his kit. To say that it doesn't do much damage is so naive. Pre 6, Draven's entire damage comes from his auto attacks, which he has a low range for. He is still a very strong laning champion, with his reset on his W, his E, and his passive which puts a lot of pressure on the enemy to not die to him. I can't discredit these facts. But for YOU to discredit Jhin's kit by saying all this horseshit out of context, like "Jhin's W is one of the easiest spells to miss" (ENTIRELY HORSESHIT!) is actually kind of sickening. Easiest spells to miss? Did you forget that we're talking about botlane, a lane where there are 2 CHAMPIONS!? Have you EVER played a game in this lane? Do you know how this works? You have a support champion, a champion that protects, or CCs, or engages. It is almost INVALUABLE to have an ADC with the power to root an enemy off of your spells. Jhin's W is almost IMPOSSIBLE to miss if your support has any sort of root, stun, disable. It's free. In fact, through your entire post you consider these two champions as though they're in a fucking void, just 1 on 1. Rarely the case. > Draven has consistent late game damage Draven is, by design, easily **THE WORST LATE GAME ADC**. Easily. His mobility is entirely movement speed based (and compared to Jhin's movement speed at that point, it is pathetic), his only peel is his E. He can't sit back in teamfights like Jhin can. He does not > actually get attack speed A full build has 1 or 2 attack speed items at most. Usually 1. He relies entirely on his attack damage bonus from his Q, and builds mostly AD to synergize with the fact that his Q scales off AD. This makes him SHIT late game, as without attack speed and only having mortal reminder or lord dom's, he cannot shred tanks as effectively or quickly as any other adc. Jhin, on the other hand **ACTUALLY GETS ATTACK SPEED**. A meta full build for Jhin would include both rapid fire AND Guinsoos. Sure, it's converted to AD instead of actually being attack speed. But guess what, dude? It's done so at an INSANE RATIO, giving him an INSANE amount of bonus attack damage, which guess what? Is converted INTO even MORE AD on hit with Guinsoos! Oh wait, what's this? Guinsoo's also has a unique passive? What does it say, you might ask? Here: "Basic attacks grant 8% attack speed, 4% bonus AD, and 4% AP for 5 seconds, stacking up to 6 times, granting a maximum of 48% attack speed, 24% bonus AD, and 24% AP". Insane. So this means that Jhin is speeding across the map every auto attack, as well as getting an **UNGODLY** amount of amplified attack damage every hit. At 6 stacks, I'm certain that he can do over 1k damage autos to tanky boys (late game). > Again that's just wrong. Jhin doesn't have an on demand movespeed buff, he'd need to stop to auto to deal that. This quote is in response to the FACT that Jhin is safer to play than Draven. I'm sure anyone who has played both champions and has a brain will tell you that Draven is by far less safe to play than Jhin. If you've read any of this post, you'll probably concede that. Does Draven get to stay 2 screens away helping his team root an enemy, and then hit them with all his ult shots? Hmm... Yeah. If you want to play safe on Jhin, you can still cs decently with your W, and Q. Draven just has to sit back and cry. Or use his ult. I haven't even mentioned Draven's passive. If you die with Draven's passive up, you lose most of your stacks. **FACT: Draven needs to be significantly ahead to function EFFECTIVELY. If he is even with the enemy ADC, he is BY DESIGN: BEHIND.** If Jhin is stepping up, he is even more defeneless than Draven. Draven has his E, his W. Sure. But why step up if you know you're in danger? There really isn't a good answer. For Draven, there might be. > Jhin just has his traps and W, both of which have a long cast animation and are things you can much more easily avoid (compared to Draven's E) Incorrect. His W, used as it should be used, is undodgeable. > Jhin is the least mobile AD in the game, Draven atleast has his w. As I've already mentioned, this is untrue once we get to late game. Ashe, Draven, Varus, they're all less mobile than Jhin late. Ashe is less mobile at all points in the game. > A Draven who gets ahead stays ahead Incorrect. Draven is an easy target to CC and focus (unlike Jhin, for all intents and purposes) in teamfights. And like I've said, if Draven is only slightly ahead or equal, he is BEHIND. More untrue points in the rest of your post, but I've already addressed them, so I see no point in writing more to respond. **The intent of this post was not to try and say that Draven is shit. He isn't. My point is that Jhin is an inherently imbalanced champion due to his passive, and when an item like Guinsoos is changed in the way that it was, it creates the perfect storm. It's not fun to have to take the L simply because the game was stalled long enough for Jhin to become God. Also, it made me very sad to see an uninformed idiot say these uninformed and idiotic things without any consequences or rebuttal.** Thanks
Thank you for putting it more eloquently than I did. And I agree that Draven isn't shit. I merely see rageblade as the problem, but I guess I didn't make that clear and now every Jhin main is just circle jirk downvoting our message over here. Thanks again.
: Thats cool but that isn't what this thread is about.
I feel like it kinda touches upon this thread as it addresses how hard Jhin is able to abuse current rageblade??? which is touched upon in this thread??? Via how hard he hits with it? Should I make this anymore clear or throw in anymore "?" ????
pistoria (NA)
: if you were to remove any ability from any champion what would it be?
Frickin windwall causing my {{champion:119}} to drop spinning axes since I'm a goon who can't cancel my auto's.
: Why does Lissandra have 325 base movement speed?
What I want to know is why when I play Lissandra, my jg doesn't often abuse the fact that at lv 6 I have a point and click stun and that I'm being pushed into tower because spamming q for waveclear is quite costly? Like, it would be any easy lane to gank and profit from pls jungler. lmao... I don't know if this offers any insight, but yeah.
: Riot Maple, what's wrong with Jhin? Analysis inside
I ban Jhin every game for the time being unless my adc wants him. I remember the good old days, years ago when {{champion:119}} felt like the hardest hitting ADC ( his highest crit in postgame stats would always be the highest). Yet why play {{champion:119}} now when you can play a much higher range with some utility {{champion:202}} ? Last game I played against him, I saw a 3.8k crit as his highest crit in the post game stats... that feels bonkers. In my opinion, he's much safer to play, doesn't rely on snowball anywhere near as hard as draven, and still pumps out that kind of damage?
: Ninja Tabi LUL
Like... I don't know if riot has taken into account how good tabi is for jg camps and that maybe that's part of the reason why they are picked up quite often. As a tank jungler I often find myself picking them up even against more heavy AP and CC comps just because tabi helps me stay healthier with early jg clear. I feel like {{item:3111}} doesn't need to be bought because even against heavy AP and CC one big MR item and some health is plenty... not to mention tenacity doesn't feel like a good stat to me with all the knockups and stasis in the game.
: Ninja Tabi LUL
I hate having to build anything other than ninja tabi when i'm in the jg because of camps. It helps tremendously early on to stay healthy for a longer period of time I think... So when I see a comp more heavy on AP and CC, I kinda cringe just because I might have to forego my ninja tabi. I don't know how much this comment helps or if I just need to get gud/better at jungle routes and kiting camps, but still XD
: You seem to not understand what averages mean. ***On average*** Brand deals more damage as support than 95% of every champ in the game regardless of role or position. That means if you take a look at*** all his good games AND bad games COMBINED***, he deals more damage than actual carries with 20 times as much farm and more XP. Completely unexcusable and unacceptable. "Well this one time he had a bad game" is ***completely irrelevant*** because the average encompasses all the data.
You seem to not understand that support Brand doesn't build actual support items outside of {{item:3092}} . It's no wonder he does more damage than most supports if you just look at that alone. And good luck compiling that data when it comes to other "midlane supports" such as vel or annie because they're not played in the botlane even half as often as Brand.
: It's not even a problem if you've played Brand support yourself a few times. Being on the receiving end as an adc we can easily avoid his cheese during lane phase, knowing what he's all about. Seriously, a had a brand against me, played smart, and when my {{champion:12}} support engaged and locked down his squishy self, I murdered him. Wasn't even playing a kill lane adc, was playing {{champion:15}} . Easiest game of my life. During the late game just don't all clump together.
I'm receiving downvotes for informing how to play against him, typical. Maybe yall should consider that a brand support does booka damage because he doesn't even build support items like a typical support? He only needs this{{item:3092}} and then builds as a mid brand would... or at least I do. You have to realize that he's not building helpful items for his ADC and so it's kinda a no brainer that brand sup does damage. It's a different playstyle from a barrier/healing/amplifying sup or tank/engage/peel sup. All you need to do is adjust to it. A brand support typically leaves their adc naked and vulnerable to assassins for one.
: Brand support does way too much damage
It's not even a problem if you've played Brand support yourself a few times. Being on the receiving end as an adc we can easily avoid his cheese during lane phase, knowing what he's all about. Seriously, a had a brand against me, played smart, and when my {{champion:12}} support engaged and locked down his squishy self, I murdered him. Wasn't even playing a kill lane adc, was playing {{champion:15}} . Easiest game of my life. During the late game just don't all clump together.
: when you try to convince your team to group together
OR "Hey guys we should just hold them at bay and not engage or disengage if they 5v4 us while trynd splits." *team starts swinging from ropes and throwing feces at eachother*
: If I'm not the one of the 150 LCS players I feel like Riot doesn't give a damn about me
It's unfortunate that they observe given champs far more often than others, I know what you mean. Other than that, there is always normals if your fav champ is currently in the gutter. We simply cannot afford to rely on an emotion such as "caring" when climbing the ranked ladder.
: Tristana Rising in Popularity Again...
I like this post because it shows how scared we are of how riot goes about balancing. Half the buff/nerfs they dish out I sometimes think to myself "did they even test this?"
Moonato (EUW)
: Battle Boss Brand unfair advantage
As someone who dabbles in Brand support I agree 100%. This also reminds me that Diana has a somewhat similar problem with her skins. Try playing lunar goddess Diana vs playing infernal Diana. As lunar goddess or with her original it's quite easy to see when you've reached your passive rather than having to count to 3. When playing infernal Diana it's much harder to tell visually. So although it's not a big problem as you don't need to even buy a skin for her, it still sucks that even though I own infernal Diana I don't ever play it for the above reasons.
: Gets stomped by a Nasus, proceeds to post on the board "champion stupidly OP". Maybe you should chose your duo partners better.
But you see, I looked further into it than what you are implying. As games unfold I analyze them and when I see a nasus that is walking through every barrage of spells and aa's against at least 3 people by himself then something aint right. Sure enough, older nasus with 800+ stacks was capable of this and that was fine as it took him stacking all till late game while ignoring his team to do so. Now you harldy need half as much stacks and what was once a late game champ is now extremely relevant at the start of mid game.
: https://pics.onsizzle.com/late-game-nasus-what-type-of-minionisthis-1000-typical-susan-2587934.png
1st Tower down nasus would be more accurate nowadays
: Guys, it really isn’t worth it
Guys, guys cmon let's put it into another perspective to clearly shine light on why the balance team gets so much hate. Picture in your mind that the balance of league of legends is a teeter totter or seesaw. Let's say that one end has a paperback book on it while the other end has a hardcover of the same book. Obviously the hardcover book is going to make the teeter totter lean a bit... what does riot typically do? They drop an anvil on the end with the paperback book and that is why people get all worked up.
: Yeah but, you would get more this way.
I mean, for the sake of accuracy I just put it in gameplay. It does regard gameplay right? Also, the title deceives any would be nasus abusers from instantly going in and downvoting XD
Eggbread (NA)
: I don't get all these complaint threads about Nasus. Haven't had an issue with the guy yet.
He kinda fits into the post you made on boards. Regarding damage, he's a hypercarry melee adc with infinite health regen/lifesteal that you'd need to build {{item:3742}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3047}} and more armor than that... just so he doesn't insta you. Nevermind his 4 buddies that are ap.
: Ok.Put it in memes and games and then make it friendly and add a nice meme and you will get attention over hate.
You're proof that i'm getting attention Mr. Whiteknight
Rioter Comments
: It’s math. If bot lane gets fed, then that’s 2 members ahead on fed team, two members behind on the other. Compared to every other lane, with only a 1:1 conversion. And as others have said, when you have a lane that’s constantly pushing and not being warded, it’s an easy gank. And then you add in a guaranteed damage source and more lockdown, it becomes even easier.
However, there is more math to be added to this equation. That being a duo lane splits exp. Add in other factors to this equation such as team fight composition, ward coverage, and playing the map. With every number or factor put into the equation, repeatedly ganking bot lane is not always going to be the answer. It can even put you behind if you keep repeatedly striking the same lane while the enemy adapts to it... resulting in wasted time or death. War and battles are won through deception thus in order to win, you can't just keep predictably going bot.
Pinkaj (NA)
: Game needs to just not be so focused on bot lane in general. A double kill on bot lane = snowball/ff@15
Not at all the case. That's not how it always turns out. Also, bot lane has to split exp. Your bot lane could be popping off while your solo laners are getting crushed and your jungler is getting crushed. This thought process that bot lane is the most important is a complete and utter fallacy. Not to mention team compositions and map play outside of the bot lane also exist.
: 2018 Ranked Placements Venting post!
I'm over here stuck with flaming porcelain VI players while i'm playing my heart out trying to reach challenjour. I'm so mad I could just go spit on children and throw bricks at churches! D:<
Pale Pirate (EUNE)
: I'm just gonna leave this here and check back on it later
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