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: Ya know, instead of whining like a little brat why dont you try playing around it? Skillshots work, AoEs still work, you literally get an echo to know about where she is in the shroud... Why are you bitching about it anyway, when the previous iteration of it got next to no complaints even when akali was meta? Just because "WAAAAAAAAAAH CT WAAAAAAAAAAAH"? Do we need to call the WAAAAAAAAHmbulence for you? You need some cheese with your whine? How about some fava beans and a nice chianti?
lol i think the toughest thing about the old vs new is old she used an ability and was revealed for a lot longer than this new one where she blimps for a fraction of second which is tougher to play against. she can also deploy her shroud with no delay the old one had slight delay. idk though i don't see too many good ones, but when you get a good one you get destroyed haha
: Favoritism reminder
they need to clean up their game with some consistency and go back to a stun being a stun i.e canceling any moves or movement and putting them on cool down, to many champs go right through it and it feels unrewarding when timing a stun. Darius, Camille, kayne, are the most frustrating to me.
: Is it still too soon for Nunu buffs?
lol cause people troll with him and hes new, its to much fun to go all ap for that one shot. People need to stop looking at win rates such a flawed statistic to balance around
: Fun Bot Lane?
{{champion:31}} {{champion:54}} turtle to 6 and watch the adc rage, used to be alot better when targons was busted
: She's not broken, but how the fuck do you actually try to interact with morgana in lane.
alot of one (or more) dash top laners do good into her, so yea she would make you switch up your usual mid game champs
Blyted (NA)
: Remove the attack speed immunity from Yi ult already
comon guys still complaining about YI? Yi is weak right now in comparison. Very vulnerable early jungling stage because his dueling ability early is pathetic with weakish ganks. An Ult that barley does anything at lvl 6 look at what it gives stat wise 35% attack speed and 25% move speed for 6 seconds pretty lackuster from a ult standpoint it seems like everyone outruns Yi now. Of course a fully fed yi can dish out crazy DPS to a still standing target, league is anything but still standing targets so that is uncommon, kill yi with focus damage and cc
Rexxiee (NA)
: Theres 5 adcs > 50% wr
why do you guys look at win rate prob one of the most non controlled multiple variable stats available. That's a terrible way to balance around. having said that a few adc are very strong right now and the rest not so much, since riot insists on creating a designated position for every champ nerf the strong ones see how the position fairs then make adjustments. i'm with you on the item nerfs, i hate when they kill an item because one or 2 champs thrive with it, instead of you know nerfing that champ so the rest of the "normal users" don't suffer, i think assassins use the item better anyways.
: Patch 8.4 notes
why did you remove Celestial body, one of my favorite picks top lane on melee champs who had consistent damage, AAtrox, YI (troll) or a losing match up, need more niche runes anyways not less. Why couldn't you just make 4 runes like you did in resolve?
: Patch 7.24b notes
its great your giving the fighters some love, but you missed some? Master yi, nocturn, skarner, tryndamire, trundle, volibear (maybe? needs buffs anyways) etc... they don't have good keystones, each season they seem to get more and more irrelevant. i am still waiting for a melee only item or something that compliments auto attack oriented melee champs. (crit/attackspeed/lifesteal?) you would have to make it melee only so you could fine tune it to them and not have to worry about adc's abusing it with their range advantage.
: Biggest issues with new runes
agree with you with the locking into tress i have no idea why they thought this was a good idea litterly jus new masteries and restricts your choice way to much but do not agree with the hexflash it can be used to strategically hop wards or walls and is on a low cd so it has value
: why do i have to opt into precision just to get flat attack speed
lol i jus realized that starting jungle item gives 15% if you like whacking off to creeps but on a serious note you could take that weak under scaled legend rune that gives u like 2% extra, oh wait thats precison :D :D
: Justice for Dr. Mundo!
add mord's q to the list, they need to work on making similar mechanics streamlined across champs
AL000 (NA)
: 5% or 10% CDR at level 1 for juggernaut?
if you want a fun garen build get the rune that coverts excess cd to ad and just stack black cleavers it destroys :D
: Can Master Yi get damaged by aoe damage in his Alpha Strike (Q)? Something like Riven R or Kayn Q/W
yes he can for some reason, I've died while in alpha multiple times, with his current state i am not sure why this hasn't been updated to be invulnerable in alpha
: Press the Attack is not a suitable replacement for Fervor for like 90% of the toplane roster.
yea ADC have way to much, and they ruin the items for the top laners that aren't tanks, speaking of tanks good luck up there now that they have crazy amounts of health armor and the over the top 15% attack speed buff, i am assuming as you put it slayers (melee auto attackers) should of gotten the 15% attack speed because without ferver they are complete crap up there, some bruisers can manage but good luck with fighters/slayers (trundle trydimere, aatrox, yi etc) it won't improve until they lower base stats on ADC (and they just buffed them all smh) or start being serious about creating melee only items.
Lea221 (EUNE)
: Runes refund
play a game and you'll get these blue orb things at the end as a refund, go to your loot and open them gives you blue essence (new IP currency)
: I start the game with 22 armor and zed can have a mini hexdrinker
certain classes got really messed up and i am not even talking about the runes, just the champ stat buffs they recently gave are way off the mark
: Old runes gave you more options? AHAHAHAHAHAA Please, tell me how you got more options when there was exactly _one_ good rune page for each champion? If you didn't have that _one_ rune page, you were at an automatic deficit. Period. No questions asked.
yea thats wrong dusk, smite mentioned alot, but some of my favorites was 41% attack speed jungle aatrox (could take dragon in first clear). and surpirsingly 14% crit trundle (it procd way to much) these feel like the new masteries just with huge stat buffs on them, no choice very disappointed that we couldn't pick our primary then 5 of any rune from any tree.
Bubble B (EUNE)
: Rankeds in preseason
from what i heard yes you will drop, but your end of season rewards/boarder won't, but i am too scured to test it :D
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: Ability Update: Xin Zhao
that R circle is way to big kinda seems useless being so big
: Just another thread complaining about the ridiculousness of CC stacking
its true when league started champs had less cc but they had longer effects, so melee autoers had a chance to watch when the cc was dealt out and then react, or buy those mercs. now you got everything dashes shields small cc passives with 8000 secondary effects. fun stuff
: How S Rank gets generated for an adc
it doesn't the system is broken its just a fun way to flame your teammates when you fed all game but still somehow got a b- if you want a real answer though the game sucks up to CS for some reason and doesn't promote aggressive (game winning) plays.
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: Patch 7.9 notes
am i reading Gargoyle Stone plate right??? active gives you double your health heal for 4 seconds in a team fight? 2500 gold for 80 armor 80 magic res. this is League of Burst, have fun when melee assassins pick up that item , burst the squish pop that shit and tank while there in a vulnerable state after 4 seconds cd's back up rengar gonna be fun
: Patch 7.5 - Revisiting Aatrox
i do not like the new direction of this champ, you literally destroyed his earl y game with these changes. his damage output is alot lower. the passive is very hard to manage, and hes just not fun anymore, like i have no desire to play him now, he used to be that fun champ you go to when your bored, but now hes weak. Not having that passive attack speed is huge and his w is alot weaker. All he needed was a few tweaks, one of my main gripes playing him before was how easy it was to disrupt his Q at any stage of the already slow move. my eyes would get big when i'd see a potential knock up kill, only to be awkwardly interrupted while flying over before i hit my target slamming down in the worst position ever, pretty much a sitting duck. making the q uninterruptible should have been the starting change not this. the only upside is the increased healing mid end game, but good luck getting there. its not worth your trouble and even then hes not that great.
: ranked matchmaking is broken?
yes it was a ranked flex but i thought i was looking at the ranking to the bottom right which was there flex rank and i saw the diamond and platinums. if they were really silver in flex then that's ok because the flex ranked should be separate. i can see what your saying with it being new, but really they shouldn't go off MMR they should go off your current division because whats the point of the whole tier thing if they are going off your hidden MMR? if thats the case you could be stuck in a lower tier and never advance because ur playing higher tier people all the time.
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: Cannot see any Jungle Camp Icons [GamePlay]
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Sheerish (NA)
: I was feared instead of taunted by shen?
lol same thing happened to me but the taunt lasted only like .05 seconds and i ran right at the adc and attacked him instead, haha riot doesn't care about unpopular champs
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: S rank broken
its broken, i've noticed it rates CS as godtier for their ranking, the system promotes pussyes
: Viktor's ult doesn't interrupt Lux's channel
for some unknown reason riot intended for lux's and ez's ults to not be interrupt able
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: Patch 4.14 notes
pretty sure the heal tool tip is still wrong
: Patch 4.10 notes
terrible patch rangers were hard enough to kill with the buffs to supports and the movement speed added to heal. the items you should of buffed a long time ago (mercurial scimitar)you buffed and gave to rangers that item was specifcally designed for melle, who needed to auto attack because they take alot more CC and damage. and just what we need another shield for a ranger in bloodthrister
: Update to Summoner’s Rift headed to PBE
i wanna kno one thing is your shitty code still gonna be used....I.E. will i beable to use pantheon's E ability beside a turret or will my cone still turn red, and ill die and rage? its been like 4 yrs when are you going to fix this????


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