: it would need someone to review each instance, like the claim of someone making a racist comment in the game, and getting reported for it; riot cant know if they were actually racist/trolling unless they take a look at the evidence and decide for themselves. its a good idea, but it would be just as difficult for riot as the reporting system is. i cant speak for riot, but if it were my game, i would implement this suggestion ASAP. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
In other words this will never happen because Riot is committed to never paying enough people to do what is necessary. Automatic robot overlords 4evar!
: Lock In: NA Finals Icon Competition
Cool, can't wait to see "TSM NUCK FIGGERS"
: Kled’s Immortal Skaarl
Mix, mix, swirl, mix.{{champion:27}}
: Patch 6.15 notes
Goodbye, my kraken priestess. At least I got her box already, if you know what I mean. {{summoner:3}}
: Adios, Lyte. You took on a job nobody else wanted and came up with results only you could come up with that helped continue to keep the LoL community growing. Maybe you went overboard, maybe you did enough, or maybe you've left a shithole for the next guy to fix. Regardless, thank you and good bye.
"you've left a shithole for the next guy to fix" going to go with that one.
: This is probably the wrong time to post this, but you never publicized the player behavior research you claimed to be doing. The best I could find is http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0747563215301655 but that's pretty weaksauce TBH.
No, no, toxicity no longer exists. His work here is done, he's gone to take his throne above. But don't weep for him because he's probably the worst thing that ever happened to gaming in the history of the transistor.
: Incoming salty kids who got banned. Goodbye, Lyte. Overall good work!
Yeah, that's why they fired him. All the good work.
Lyte (NA)
: Goodbye for now, Riot Games
You were a repugnant little toad of a man that almost irreparably damaged the best game ever created. I wish you nothing but hell, and may you never again show your smarmy face in the whole of gaming.
: This is not public health care. If you're an issue for other customers, you change yourself or get removed.
The issue that we have is that Lyte is a bigger problem than the players ever could be.
: Rotating Game Mode queue update
great, now where's solo queue?
: > [{quoted}](name=Slave15,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=A2iOEPe1,comment-id=004400020000000000000000,timestamp=2016-03-25T20:44:24.529+0000) > > Then you should be the first to not generalize your disabilities with those of others. What about bipolar? Antisocial personality disorder? Histrionic? Borderline? You need to either educate yourself or stop assuming everyone is exactly like you. I can see your point. I didn't really want to go write a long-winded post about various mental disabilities, though, instead opting to just share my own experiences. It's a fairly complex field, a ways beyond my ability to give a real opinion about. Thanks for not completely chewing my head off over it, though. Civil discussion's always nice.
Yes there's an entire spectrum of it and Riot and Lyte account for literally zero of it. The guy is supposed to have a degree? It's such a glaring warning to future employers to not hire unprofessional college students like this with no work or life experience and put them in charge of critical systems.
Elikain (EUNE)
: Toxicity spreads. It's not that specific players are toxic but that every player has the potential to become toxic, if circumstances are right. And the triggers to this are literally everywhere. We are emotional beings and as such, when negative emotions take over, it reflects on your performance and communication in a bad way. And i'm not talking about a bad game or two when you get tilted, i'm talking about specifically venting on your teammates by feeding on purpose, being extremely negative in char or leaving the game. Rules are there to provide a moral guideline and are in no way restrictive to the point of never allowing players to have a bad game and be emotional. The specific systems that take care of toxicity punish players who ignore the rules or are repeating offenses. They are gradually given restrictions and offered a chance to reform, based on the punishment tier. If they do not want to play by the rules, they are removed from the community.
They are not removed from the community, they are punished by banning their account. Those resentful players then create new accounts and go to play with the new people. It's not a system that works.
: Jesus Christ, the second a hint of red shows itself in the thread, poor guy gets nailed with biting negative feedback.
Maybe they should be more concerned about fixing their broke-ass systems instead of circlejerking each other off then.
: > [{quoted}](name=Slave15,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=A2iOEPe1,comment-id=0044000200000000,timestamp=2016-03-25T19:01:51.309+0000) > > -What about mental illness? Ruthlessly punishing people for chemical imbalances that they have no control over, further damaging their psyches. This will not change behavior, and is a clear mark against Riot from the psychology standpoint. > I'm diagnosed autistic, suffer depression, AND have had critically low self-esteem for a long time. I took my punishments, and though it was hard at first, I've since been able to see for myself what it means to reform. I don't feel like giving people like me too much preferential treatment is to their benefit, honestly. I grew up that way, and it can really damage one's ability to cope with the world.
Then you should be the first to not generalize your disabilities with those of others. What about bipolar? Antisocial personality disorder? Histrionic? Borderline? Schizophrenics? You can't assume that everyone with a mental illness is going to be exactly like you. Fully 50% of the US population suffers from some kind of mental disorder. There are just as many of them as there are of the ideal, mature gamer that Riot is building systems for. These people often use gaming as a last refuge from massive real life issues and for Riot to punish them for things they are not capable of changing is cruel and inhumane.
: How so? C;
-Every single one of their paychecks could be replaced by the mute button, which already exists. -Punished players only create new accounts, foisting toxicity off onto new players just starting the game. -There used to be something called The Tribunal that involved the community in judging such cases, and it worked a lot better than this robot overlord system. -What about mental illness? Ruthlessly punishing people for chemical imbalances that they have no control over, further damaging their psyches. This will not change behavior, and is a clear mark against Riot from the psychology standpoint. -Punishment of people who react to trolls verbally rather than the root cause of toxicity in games. Look at the poor bastard a few posts down that got trolled by a silent intentional feeder in his promos and subsequently banned. This seems to be the standard. -Every decision and change made by Lyte has been to the detriment of the game. Nepotism ruining the most popular game in the world for years straight is not reasonable and it's plain to see: Riot has lost control of this aspect of League. -Why do they even need a team? Do you see GMs patrolling live games and making reasonable decisions on player behavior? They need to use some of that billion dollars to enact actually *just* oversight in games. -Create an in-game report system which will alert a GM to toxic behavior; GM enters game and acts according to the situation. Each one is different. Simple, but Riot doesn't want to spend the $$$ to make their game better, they want arbitrary computer programs which gives them superficial moral authority and deniability. -Fire Lyte. Enact progressive, human GM systems. Unjust punishment only fosters resentment in the punished.
: > [{quoted}](name=Vistha Kai,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wlEIEI9x,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-03-23T17:49:17.700+0000) > > Nononono. Riot believes community is too stupid to make correct decisions, that's why everything They say is final and spotless. > > Of course Dynamic Queue will suffer. > Lyte was responsible for it and nothing he ever had anything to do with was _at least_ acceptable. Winner winner chicken dinner. I think Lyte is a "golden child" at Riot. He's made some really poor decisions and Riot just keeps going with it.
He was actually hired out of college as the best friend of a lead developer. And has had seemingly 0 oversight ever since.
: I figured out why your Queue times take so long.
Jo0o (NA)
: Hey Riot, honestly, thanks for the hextech restrictions for non-reformed players. It's a great move.
The Nazis had a system where kids reported people too. The next logical step is that Riot should make every 'toxic' player register in a database.
: Just wanted to share that this thread made it into the PB team's group chat and really made some people's day a little better. Thanks for the kind words. :)
Your entire department could be removed from Riot and it would be nothing but an immense improvement to the game.
: Jhin's Color Text
If you're having problems with your current staff, I will work for 85% of their fee and do a fantastic job compared to the shit you've been oozing out lately.
: Suspended
The young are full of righteous fire, and love justice, while the old, being wicked, love mercy.
: I never understand while they are literally killing champions. They absolutely don't understand the difference between balance with skill. Lulu is weak, and players need a lot of practice to play her. And because of that Lulu performs better than brain dead champs, played by unskilled kids. But that does not mean Lulu is good! The players who invested a lot of time to learn her are good. I was Lulu supp main, but I had to move to TK and Braum. They are killing support TK now. I think Riot simply does not like support role. A few more patches and they will change the game to 4v4.
Tahm Kench was at 49% win rate when they started nerfing him in 6.1 (and 3 big nerfs in a row now) His WR now sits at 44% and he's basically out of the game because he's so weak. It's pretty apparent that the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing now. Riot is just too big anymore.
Deshawn (NA)
: That's because winrate isn't actually a good gauge of balance. _The more you know._
It's the best gauge there is of balance. It is basically a balanceometer. In this case, your opinion is wrong.
: Patch 6.4 notes
Riot: "Let's remove this amazingly designed champion that makes flashy saves and provides strategic counterplay to our sacred meta. BENCH THE KENCH."
: Except that Warwick is in a really good spot... He has a 52% win rate in Plat and higher. He's like perfectly balanced right now.
Warwick 52% winrate = perfectly balanced Tahm Kench 49% winrate = better nerf three times
: Lulu's play rate has been pretty steady at around 5% for a while :/ http://champion.gg/champion/Lulu
apologies, I meant in pro play
Modmar (NA)
: Maybe warlords will see play
they nerfed it for the only champions it mattered for and gave it a gimmicky-to-weak caveat. it won't be used.
KetiaX (NA)
: "viktor's been strong for many patches, so nerf" Lulu? How about Lulu? Are you going to continue nerfing all control mages EXCEPT Lulu? Azir's been dead for a while, and nothing is given for him. Now by taking Viktor's base damage, he won't be able to clear waves properly at early stages of the game, taking away his main power and his way to survive the early game, so Viktor's just gonna die. Meanwhile, Lulu can just stay there untouched for 2 seasons.
I swear to god if I see 99.9% of every game with Lulu and Alistar for yet another season, I'm going to just lose it.
: Who is the strongest champion in the game (ENTIRELY BASED ON LORE)
Mordekaiser rules the Shadow Isles based solely on his absolute power. Nothing else in the game even comes close to him from a lore perspective.
: Patch 6.4 notes
Tahm Kench hasn't had a positive winrate since season 5, he was down to 45% in 6.3, yet the nerfs just keep on comin'. Riot bro, do you even Kench?
: > [{quoted}](name=Lexy Kitten,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Iw3gwoEB,comment-id=000c00000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-02-09T14:46:31.803+0000) > > Well see that's why I do play Draft... I want no part in the instalock scumming. It might be really stupid but there's nothing wrong about the instalocks in blind,draft has pick order...blind has lock order. > I was saying Blind pick is your only option beyond draft where something could get banned but it's arguably worse. Well see even though it's a normals people might not want to deal with it on their team...or to protest the ip price of new champs. I'd say the join in on the instalocking,games might be crap but chances are that so are you on that champ. Or you can wait a week before buying new champs out of solidarity,7800 ip is BS,even if you have 100k of it.
Riot has consistently stated that Call Order is the primary way to determine priority in Blind Pick. Lock Order is more commonly known as "Trolling"
: Patch 6.2 notes
50 champions with higher win rates than Tahm Kench, but he gets the biggest nerf. He's not even pick/ban anymore in Korea, but you see Alistar literally every single game of professional play. Rito pls. The Kench has been benched. His counters are very strong and they are the ones you always see in this meta. Ryze, Gnar, Trundle, Gangplank, Fiora... champions with meta counters need benign neglect, not extremely heavy-handed nerfs. 7s stack duration was fully needed in the longer toplane. His ultimate passive damage was the only thing that gave him power in trades (what other champion's ultimate damage have you ever nerfed by 50%?). He's now unviable in both bot and top, which is really too bad, considering how awesome of a champ design he is. For those of you wondering what Tahm Kench is, he's a demon. Not a frog, not a catfish, a demon. Frogs and catfish do not bargain for the souls of men.
Stexe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DarkRitual,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=Zy9P5o1A,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2016-01-27T20:03:21.744+0000) > > He often enough deals nearly the most danage in a team, with no offensive items. This is not okay on someone who can stick on a target as well as Tahm He won't be able to stick to the target as well now though because of the change to his passive duration. That was a good change, the ultimate change was not.
They actually nerfed his ultimate damage by 50%. That's unconscionable. They basically removed him from the game.
: {{champion:223}} was buffed a little bit after his release because he was too weak all of a sudden he becomes op and everybody is complaining about him??? This community is weird.
His win rate was under 50%. It's incomprehensible.
: > [{quoted}](name=Qurid,realm=EUW,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=28aUeeGd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-01-22T20:17:02.014+0000) > > How about re-enabling Teambuilder while Dynamic ranked is down? This. 100% this. Blind mode is just horrible and draft is frusterating beyond belief. Even if its just normal games, at least people are getting the role they want and not raging/trolling because "i wanted mid!!!"
And honestly once it comes back, all they really need to do is make queuing up for a 2nd position optional in dynamic.
: But they didn't say they are going to remove rewards for Solo Queue. Re-read the post.
The word "shifting" does indeed imply taking the rewards from one queue and bestowing them on another. When you shift from 3rd to 4th gear, you are no longer in 3rd gear. When you use shift on your keyboard, you are using the alternate to that key. When you arcane shift, you move forward into the enemy team and die.
yapla (EUW)
: -"we did this because ranked team population was low" dividing all kinds of ques to match with eah other proves that you lied, and don't realy care about the time players spend in game efficiently, and you don't respect logic and reasoning. -"mix of skills in games with this system, yes we did it!" this means you don't want stable games, and you dont want friends among very large skill difrence to play with each other but at the same time you say "play with your friends", again logic and reasoning. -"we divide solo ranked and dynamic, but we want those two to effect each other and we want to punish who keeps playing the old system" And the brain runs away with haste... Still not caring about the time players spend in game efficiently, and adding apples to oranges, yes you guested it, logic and reason! -"we firmly believe in Dynamic Ranked as the future," cmon man just stop for a second, take a deep breath and hopefuly realise your opinion doesn't matter on optimizing. whatever you belive 2*2 is 4 not 5 or 3 like you belive, your.... nvm, reason and logic... -"Premade 4’s are now matching with other Premade 4’s in 98% of their matches, while Premade 5’s are matching with other Premade 5s in 96% of their matches. These numbers are up from the mid-80’s at launch." don't you get it? oh what am i saying ofcourse you don't. when there are alot of unfairness in game already, adding new ones. When we get troll or afk every 1 game out of 10 (hopefully) how there is also a chence that other team might come prapared also. I am not sure at this point that if games getting more and more unfair is a good thing since Riot keeps adding more and more factors when we realy don't need. It is like getting packs of Graves cigars as gift... from 28937598237958273 people at once... -"But we fix the bugs and you we added know the functionalies that old system already had! Congradulate me!" Wait a minute... With that logic, I should have applauded my teacher everytime he said "2*2 is 4" like wow yea clap clap clap good job! *add here every concern that reddit feedback page had* Thanx for reading. Sorry for my bad English, and i ate all the patatos!
Your Dynamic Queue rank will not affect your Solo Queue rank. That queue will be inviolate and pure, a true and accurate rating of your skill at League of Legends.
Lyte (NA)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
Removing rewards from Solo Queue seems punitive and petty. Look at you, getting off on being withholding. For clarity, I believe that Solo Queue and its corresponding ladder is a greater reward than those which are being removed. But still! C'mawn.
: Linking the MMR would defeat the purpose. If your solo Q MMR was affected by your Dynamic MMR then your solo Q MMR is no longer a representation of your mechanical skill etc., which is the primary reason why solo Q was requested.
Removing rewards for Solo Queue seems punitive and petty. Look at Riot, getting off on being withholding.
Mushtango (EUW)
: People will obviously forget about the Solo Q as Dynamic Q will influence your standings in Soloq, but not the other way around. This is a smart move from Riot to silence the whining, and carry out Dynamic Queue to their best intent.
You have it backwards. Solo Queue will influence your rank in Dynamic, but Dynamic will not influence your rank in Solo Queue. Exactly as it should be.
Lyte (NA)
: Separate ladders and MMRs; however, performance in Solo Queue will influence your initial ratings in Dynamic Queue. Performance in Dynamic Queue will NOT affect your ratings in Solo Queue.
Holy shit, I'm upvoting Lyte. Today is weird.
Lyte (NA)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
Will we ever be able to poop again during champ select? Add a box-checking option where your intended champion can automatically lock in after the countdown and you will see all complaints about the new mode disappear. How about an Intended Ban checkbox as well, that will automatically ban a champ after your counter ticks down? Champion select taking so long wouldn't be as big an issue if we could get up and stretch and grab some food. Bravo on Solo Queue. I am very excited to play it, and I expect games will be far more competitive and interesting.
HugorPT (EUW)
: People aren't realizing a very important aspect, "rank integrity". Mr Jones is a Silver\Gold player, and he goes on and plays with 4 of his (higher rank) buddies, rolls support, gets carried hard by his friends. Ends up at... Plat 2, whatever. Happy as hell. However, when Mr Jones wants to play alone, solo, his actual skill and knowledge does not equate his current rank, so, he will get stomped, be a burden on his team, and eventually slide down the ranking again, not having a good time at all - until his friends can take care of him again. This will be a serious problem in matchmaking, yet people don't care, because 'they can get carried by friends'. This is not a good system.
Lyte was Silver rank for years, and now suddenly with the advent of Dynamic Queue, he's Gold 3. He's happy as hell.
lvngdead (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=aperson1,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=XvqbAgrF,comment-id=001c,timestamp=2016-01-16T06:18:56.444+0000) > > Hey Lyte, can you officially state a rule on Role Chosen vs. Pick Order? I just had a game where our "mid" and "top" (1p and 2p) announced that they were duo and going botlane because "pick order." It completely messed me (3p) and the "support" (5p) up since I had no runes that were good for mid or top laners. I picked up Lucian and the game ended up being a one-sided stomp as they picked Malphite and Lee Sin into our all-AD comp. Afterwards they reported me for being toxic. > > Admittedly, I was really salty, but still, it was one of the worst games of my life and I would really like some official statement or in-game textbox to head off this kind of situation. With the New Champion Select, this is a bannable offense. You do need to play the game and report them afterwards.
You get a ban, and YOU get a ban! Everybody gets a ban!!
Lyte (NA)
: Let’s talk about dynamic queues and ranked play
Does anyone else find it utterly telling that Lyte's rank has shot up into mid-Gold with the advent of Dynamic Queue when he was never able to move past Silver before?
: ***
Lyte lives in a world where biased and leading surveys offer him a mandate for changing a working system into an abortion of gaming. This is the ego that is absolutely decimating the greatest game ever made.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lyte,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=XvqbAgrF,comment-id=006b0001,timestamp=2016-01-17T02:13:08.387+0000) > > One of the biggest issues with a true Solo Queue is playerbase segmentation. Players in NA don't know this, but many LoL servers around the world don't even have all queues; in fact, some servers only have Ranked Solo/Duo Queue for specific times of the day, or specific days of the week, and no Twisted Treeline, Normal Draft or Ranked Teams at all. So for these servers, it would have been a HUGE benefit to players if we could have a single competitive queue instead of forcing players to either play solo, or play with friends in a ranked environment. This is why we wanted to see if Dynamic Queues could work, and we are doing everything we can to see if we can make it a great experience. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, and we have other ideas in mind. > > We know it's hard to believe, but there are more players interested in playing a competitive ranked queue with friends than there are players interested in a solo ranked queue experience. We still don't know what's the best final call and we're working non-stop looking at the data this weekend, but these decisions aren't as easy as some players might think. now you're just lying first its, most of the playerbase YOU SURVEYED, wanted to que with more people.....u didnt ask if they wanted this que to replace old one or any of the details about it... again thats like me saying u guys all wanna que with one more extra person? having them say yes and then be like well now its a 6v6....oh did i leave out that part that queing with an extra person meant adding a player to each team? see where u fucked up yet? and its hard to believe because its not true....look at the forums...what is it? 10-1 against this new system? ohhhh...its bc u surveyed 10 people and 5 wanted it and 2 didnt care....that should speak for everyone to you no? and dont bs us, we know what the final call is....the same one it always is...its here to stay dont belive me? answer me this....what system have u released and then reverted? ill wait......... give up? not a single dam one, regardless of feedback.....and please, use forums as an example....how many people didnt like it? id say a good majority....how many asked for a different color scheme? id say a majority....was anything done? no....... but yes ur going to use the "well nobody is complaining anymore" which is true, bc most realized after 1k upvotes on the subject that you guys didnt give a shit and it was here to stay regardless if we wanted it or not... so dont bs us saying well we can always revert it/ we dunno what the final call will be....bc u do know, but u want to lay it on us slow bc u realized MOST dont like this.... and finally again....it doesnt take a genius to make a new que for this....and it shouldnt take a genius to add the other ques to other servers like normal draft etc.....honestly if i sold cars to people then sold some to say europe...im not going to give europe a car with no engine or wheels... dude take some responsibility for ur actions, everyone makes mistakes....but u...... in your mind all your systems work perfectly and everyone wants them....when in reality...look at the forums dude.....just look....count....how many like this system and how many dont like it..... i find it, not hard, but impossible to believe that more wanted this than not wanting this.....but ur survey is right..... btw did anyone on this forum get this survey? i didnt..... own up to your shit man, you fkd up, now revert it..... or is this going to be another fk it yolo move like ur huge patch b4 worlds when all the pros said that was a dumb move at an even dumber time? dont belive they did? search some vids, here ones from monty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axPGz_Hf_FA 3:26+ what does he say? i mean what does he know.... right? what does scarra know right? what do the pros know right? my fault ur right, everyone else is wrong....... honestly, get rekt irl so we can have a game we like w/o ur bs like automated system that is WORSE than the tribunal, or forum overhaul to horrible colors etc, just do what u always do...show no data about said survey then say well survey says most like it while if u look at the only proof we do have (the forums) you will see a 10-1 average AGAINST said thing..... but again ur always right, we are always wrong.......but u have a phd so no matter what you say is right correct? no, its still just a dumb idea just from a person with a phd...nothing more...please....for the love of god....can you guys start.....learning....from your mistakes? please?
Riot's Player Behavior Team is an entire department that could be removed overnight and not a single damn would be given. In fact, if all Riot did was to revert every single change Lyte ever made to League of Legends, it would probably be the greatest day for gamers in the history of video games.
Rilea (EUW)
: Thank you for your honesty regarding a controversial topic - one of the many reasons I love Riot as a company is their honesty and communication with the community As a player who purely plays alone, I dislike dynamic queues - I like the idea of a ranked queue testing how you adapt from game to game with a new set of teammates - not how well you can synergise with a group of friends over a course of hundreds of games - in my opinion, that is what the Ranked 5v5 queue is for I understand that Riot wants to facilitate the players that want to play ranked with friends, but don't have the a stable amount of friends to form a Ranked 5s team, but in doing so with Dyanmic queues, it feels as if exclusively solo players like myself are being forced to make friends and play with them (even if I don't like it or want to) else I am being severely hindered in game with factors outside of mechanical skill, game knowledge etc. I truly believe the best solution is to have a seperate Ranked Dynamic and Ranked Solo/Duo queue, so both solo players and groups of players can play and enjoy ranked in the way they want to. I'm not sure if this is feasible, but it's just a suggestion
It's not honest nor transparent when Lyte begins his post with "let’s take a moment to talk about what’s going right and wrong behind the scenes" when the distribution is something very close to 99.8% wrong and 0.2% right.
: Dear Riot: I'd like to see a world where picking a Tank leads to you being a beefy front line, not both a front line and a damage dealer. A world where the support is a source of utility, not even more damage. Where building over 3K HP doesn't let you perform still like an assassin, soloing the enemy carries. Make picking a role meaningful, don't blurr the line between what everyone does, where everyone can be everything. Be tank, a damage dealer and a utility source all at the same time.
Maybe you should try playing Dungeons and Dragons.
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