iDarkWind (EUW)
: Everysingle patch notes out there had many examples of champions getting buffed while there were others in a bigger need of a buff, but for some god danm reason you're crying for a +1% Damage increase when he does 100 autos and +0.5 sec on his W, so that he can cast double E (NOT DOUBLE Q like some said in the comments) like he could before the Assasin rework in the laning phase. There were many others champions getting buffed for no reason, but you're crying just because it's Zed, is that?
> [{quoted}](name=iDarkWind,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LWRPVuFB,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2017-08-23T21:57:00.501+0000) > > Everysingle patch notes out there had many examples of champions getting buffed while there were others in a bigger need of a buff, ~~but for some god danm reason you're crying for a +1% Damage increase when he does 100 autos and +0.5 sec on his W, so that he can cast double E (NOT DOUBLE Q like some said in the comments) like he could before the Assasin rework in the laning phase.~~ > ~~There were many others champions getting buffed for no reason, but you're crying just because it's Zed, is that?~~ That. Please refrain from childish comments such as "'re crying just because it's Zed...". Thank you.
: illaoi E shouldnt get roasted by dots
Should just change it to only proc on basic attacks and spell casts and only once per spell.
: Reducing both the attack speed buff and on-hit health drain at level 18 by ~30% is "hardly a nerf"? By the time you actually complete the item, it's still about a 10% nerf to those. I know Ardent is strong right now, but, come on Rubick. No need to dumpster the item.
UrZedM8 (NA)
: They nerfed the cd during the assassin rework so u have to have cdr to cast it twice. But on the flip side you can e like 3 times later.
Ranked strat: If you are losing cast his ult for a free remake.
: As much as I hate Zed, I don't think this'll make him that much stronger. I understand the sentiment though.
Yeah this isn't in any way meant to say he doesn't need a buff. He is definitely underperforming. But among underperforming champions he is the least underperforming if that makes sense.
: He fares pretty well so they added extra half secon for potentional another E so he can fare even better.{{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:245}}
But Ekko and Fizz are good at what they do, so they gave them more opportunities to do so. That's almost a direct quote lol absolutely hideous.
: Well, as a Zed player, i would think the extra 0.5 seconds on W is to let you get out a last second E, if they happen to wander near your shadow after you threw and E'd. I've honestly seen so many people (myself included) use E right after the shadow dies out. The attack speed tho, idk why they added that
You could already do that. From my very little experience playing Zed I remember if you cast E right away on W then you could E again at the end.
: Story time. I played an urf game on an alt account the other day. Our team was. {{champion:117}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:81}} Vs {{champion:103}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:11}} My team took one look at yi and it was over before it began. Not a single item on our team was bought. We knew the game was unwinnable so we decided not to buy a single item and just stand the fountain and let them push. We told the enemy team we did not want to deal with urf yi and they understood and were nice enough to push as fast as they could. In the meantime all 10 of us talked about movies and anime. When they got to the nexus Yi fountain dove us with Q and got a penta with it lol. No one was reported and the game was over quickly. The moral of the story: yi is so broken on urf he makes the game mode a joke to the point where some enemy teams wont even try to play the match if hes in it.
1. Lulu Polymorph dicks on him. 2. Ashe stun coulda led into a team followup instakill. 3. Maokai W and R roots keep him from being able to cast Alpha. 4. AP Ezreal can oneshot Yi and anyone else for that matter. Camille is SoL. But that's 4/5 members that can deal with Yi when played right. Moral of the story: they didn't play right.
: All champs are broken in URF, that's not the complaint. With all those champs you refer to, at least there is a way to outplay them. With Yi, when the ult is up, he just runs at you until in range of alpha strike and just mashes Q. There is such a small margin of time from when he's actually targettable, unlike the other champs in your list.
That "small margin of time" is beyond enough to take him down during. There is beyond room for outplay. He gets outright dicked on half the time when people know what they're doing. And the condition for outplaying *ANYONE* in URF is *completely* subjective based on the champ you are playing. As it stands, Yi is on the lower end of having the most favorable matchups and especially teamfight situations. {{champion:58}} destroys him during that alpha window. As does {{champion:24}}. And {{champion:5}}. And {{champion:80}}. And {{champion:114}}. And {{champion:79}}. And {{champion:105}}. And {{champion:141}}. And {{champion:75}}. And {{champion:117}}. And {{champion:62}}. And anyone else who can CC him right away for an ally to oneshot.
Rioter Comments
: What a shame the shit%%%% lead designer is also a support main, and will continue to make support/tanks incredibly strong until he gets fired.
y do people always censore the word before or after "shit"? I never understood the point of saying %%%%shit or shit%%%%. Like, you already said shit. Lol
Raoul (EUW)
: As a support main, i would actually like to see Ardent Censer removed or reworked from scratch.
Just a little FYI, Trundle was proccing it with Bond of Stone via his Q and E when his ally hit the enemy.
: Shield 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 (+ 30% AP). passive 15% reduced magic damage. So basicly flat MR+15% reduced magic damage + a good shield. even if you reduce his healthbar he has base hp regen as any champ. if you cast multiple abilities which assumes you ll hit em he can fight back with E then. there is really no viable strategy in bullying kassadin unless you know how to play lucian (Which I do) I already mentioned why basic attacks arent really viable strategy. Maybe season 2 annie could poke him from a mile. But nowdays if you try to aa him entire minion wave ll go towards you not to mention he ll throw q at you anyway because his q has 650 range (cait aa range) and that wont be a worth trade His q shield is instant. it doesnt matter if you strike first as soon as he sees you casting anything towards him he ll riposte it taking 0 damage while you are getting chunked for 150 damage At which point I try to play around his cooldown His q has 9 second cooldown. if lets say avg poke mage ability has 7 second cooldown do you think he even minds waiting a bit he becomes unpokable again very next second?
If you really think he is that unbeatable then play him and experience how difficult it actually is.
: Tryndamere, Or when laning feels like playing Hearthstone
Been saying for awhile, his fury should only give crit when full and 100% crit at that (with reduced damage that's increased by crit chance and crit damage). Dunno why we're still using his archaic RNG passive.
: Kassadin hard counters every mage/ap assassins
"Can't even touch him" He has a small magic shield. It doesn't completely negate all damage and it doesn't magically grant him the answer to his pre-6 mobility weakness. Also, basic attacks aren't magic. You can do those too. He's easy to bully out pre-6 if you know what you're doing. But shoving the wave and only using a single spell to harass him within his Q range won't get you anywhere.
: Do you know even what are you talking about? zed have been on the tier 3 list for several months hes early game is So bad compared to other assassins and all mages shit on zed pre 6 even if he land a good e w q combo he will do like 150 damage and get out of energie and get punished for landing skillshots for the next 22 sec and get outraded and vulnerable to ganks its really bad how they gutted hes early game this badly and let him have 22 sec on his w!!! the only source of escape and trade and everything... and for high cooldown skillshot its must be rewardable to land it right ? but they berfed his q base damage and removed +20 ad when activating w so that doesnt make sense (skillshot=reward) its like high cd + slow skillshot = 75% hp trade and play safe for the next 22 sec that just doesnt makesense i really dont feel rewarded for landing skillshots on lane. my q do 30 damage to champions my w e q combo is not worth to trade with before 6 because its basically do nothing. ( not montioning zed the assassin that have the most counterplay in this game) ( fizz do litereally double zed damage after 6 ) ( are you happy that hight elo zed players start getting teleport instead of ignite as an assassin because how bad his lane is ?) i laugh everytime i see a zed ban instead of talon kha... .they do their job better then zed and snowball like no tomorow. they said they want zed to be a late game champion and look at his winrate in the late game winrate.... its worst then his earlygame im sick of low elo players complaining about zed getting buffed zed because they dont know how to deal with him. and look at zed nerf list and see how amazing champion he was and compare him to his current state :D ( sorry for bad english)
> [{quoted}](name=Zed Brother,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LWRPVuFB,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-08-23T08:54:44.996+0000) > > im sick of low elo players complaining about zed getting buffed... ?
Crewx (NA)
: Probably wouldn't be enough to make the champions much better. Yorick got a little buff recently, and it didn't really change much.
Every single Yorick buff has been a major improvement in my opinion. I play him alot and they are very noticeable. Especially the one that removed the leash range on Ghouls so he could send em off to auto split.
Crewx (NA)
: Little buffs to champions underperforming a little are significantly easier to implement than large buffs to champions underperforming a lot.
How about little buffs to champions underperforming alot?
: Keep in mind this patch is targeted for worlds and pros. Riot hates seeing only mages being played mid so they keep randomly buffing assassins and nerfing mages. First they randomly buffed Ekko, then Akali, then Fizz, and now Zed. Zed actually needs buffs to his laning more than any of them though. Like his W should've gotten a few seconds shaved off of it like what happened with fizz and trickster.
I don't disagree that they definitely need to be able to compete with the mages, so the Zed buff is warranted. I'm just saying there are so many more champs that need it *more*.
: Makes the Game Not Fun: Yi in URF
There are several champions far more broken than Yi. In fact, tons of them BEAT Yi. And even more of them that beat Yi do it even harder with a support. Supports are the truly most broken thing in URF when paired with a broken URF champ. {{champion:44}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:24}} etc. And those 3 dumpster Yi on their own. There are several others, Fiora, Evelynn, SA Kayn, Pantheon. The list goes on.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Jannas kit, by design, is not broken. Shes just overpowered at this moment.
> [{quoted}](name=Bubbaman73,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2lqJaTAQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-22T03:44:05.910+0000) > > By design, her kit does have obvious weaknesses. I agree that I don't think Janna is broken, but what are these supposed "obvious weaknesses"?
Rioter Comments
Kritty (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Erockandroll,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=O1T7gcAQ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-08-21T16:21:35.272+0000) > > Historically speaking, the reason you put your duo lane on the bot side was to put pressure on the dragon. That was back when Dragon's killed gave gold, instead of a scaling buff. But as it currently is, Dragon isn't as important to contest early on. (And it varies depending on what element you get.) > > As an alternate to what Riot did, I once proposed that the first blood gold should be put on the dragon instead. That probably wouldn't have removed pressure off of bot lane though, and it may have influenced Jungle choices. (Personally though, I didn't especially care, this was just theory crafting.) > > I'm not sure how much attention that attracts to bot side in particular. Since Fortification only lasts 5 minutes, the only way to take advantage of the fact that bot lane doesn't have fortification, is to start sieging before the 5 minutes marker. (That's only especially likely in the Lane swap meta that Riot is suppressing.) > > If the bot lane did have that much more focus, I think it would the nature of the duo lane itself. (ADC is better at turret taking, ADC and support as squishy and easier to gank, etc) The only thing that putting that first-blood gold on the dragon would do is encourage the few level 2 dragon champs to become heavily meta, as that gold is extremely important. You would see Warwick, Nunu, or Shyvana in basically every game, because otherwise you lose the dragon gold. Not exactly the best for promoting jungle diversity.
Yep, that's exactly what happened in the past and it would happen again.
: I don't get how do people enjoy playing top lane anymore...
Cuz we don't play Wukong. Wukong aside though there have always been tanks top that you just can't interact with (Mundo has always existed and noone has ever liked laning against him, boooriiing). It's always been either a skirmish lane or a farm lane. You can look back to the olden days where we had like Naut top and Malphite top just having a staring contest, among other offenders.
: its one bar that fills for the transformation. red and blue orbs both advance the bar, but it decides which transformation you get off which orbs you collected the most of. you can have 40 points red, 60 points blue when the bar hits 100 points total, and then it decides you get shadow assassin. or you can just have straight 100 points red and get rhaast.
No actually it's 2 separate bars. 140 for Red and 140 for Blue. It will always show whichever has the higher total. If you have 60 Blue and 40 Red, your white bar will be 60 full. If you collect 10 more Red, the bar will *still* only be 60 full cuz you have 60 Blue. The problem here is this: 1. You don't know if it's Red or Blue that the bar is showing. 2. You don't know how much of the other orb type you have. And most people, like yourself, don't even know that this is how it works. That's how big of a clarity issue it is.
: Incorrect. I just literally just explained it. Fill blue to 99. Hit melee once. Get red form.
You seriously need to read the op or look at the wiki. You're making a fool of yourself. The progress meter above Kayn's portrait tracks the highest number of orbs collected between Red and Blue, not the total. Basically it displays the bar with the most orbs in it currently. Yes the bar is white no matter which is showing, and that's the clarity problem.
: i didnt say i don't enjoy playing him, but new galio is a complete mess of a kit and I would not be sad in the least if he stayed in the trash bin. playing against galio when he's good is fuckin stupid because he's a poke-mage bruiser anti-mage tank who can bust your shit up and CC lock you at the same time i despise gragas for most of the same reason
Except he never does any of those at the same time. It goes more like this: Early game: Poke Mage/Skirmisher (Q does tons and his all-in does considerable damage) Mid game: AP Bruiser/CC Tank (Q still does damage, not alot though, but both his Q and passive contribute alot to teamfight AoE here) Late game: CC Tank (Q and passive no longer deal damage, but he is leagues tankier and can focus on CC lockdown) You will never see a late game Galio messing anyone up with his measly damage. He can however survive for centuries at that point.
: I look at his wiki every now and then It says his q does the single most damage then i play a Nautilus and im like {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} WHERE?
It's cuz it's single target and 1-hit as opposed to E's AoE and multi-hit
: How about no,they nerfed his mana because he was broken and picked every single game pretty much,they are trying to bring him back but not bring him back to his old self where he was the end all be all champion
Reasons Nautilus was nerfed: {{item:1413}} {{item:1056}} Things that are no longer broken: {{item:1413}} {{item:1056}}
: I don't see how this is balanced
To be fair Twitch *was* 15/5 prior to this. If you are that far ahead you deserve to be a monster, especially alongside a fed support.
: "It's just a Janna with no boots, catch her!" {{item:3069}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3800}} {{champion:40}}: "zoom zoom mofo's"
How does Hunter's Talisman and Righteous Glory help her escape? lol
Dr Mercy (NA)
: I will never forget the day I first started playing League again, with a computer that could run it. Get into game, PvP, and I get a Bot that all it does is follow you around. Does nothing else. Just follows. Was a good day.
That's called a bad Support, not a bot.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sleeper Cell,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TwyRjMok,comment-id=00150000,timestamp=2017-08-20T10:48:07.231+0000) > > You wait and rely on your team to take advantage of it. Even in bronze 1, teammates will have some bit of brain cells to take advantage of the 4vs3 elsewhere. The thing is, the owner of the thread is only a lv25, and the 4vs3 is extremely RNG-like, unlike our elo. So my point is that those teammates cannot be relied on if the owner of the thread wants to raise his MMR.
Even still it's not as if challenging the 1v2 is gonna work out any differently at a pre-30 level. He literally has no choice but to rely on them.
: I'd be ok with Nasus' changes if his W didn't keep me locked down for a year. "Lets let him have a Q on a 2-second cooldown and keep his target extremely slowed for 5 seconds, so they can get hit with Q 3 times before being able to get away (maybe) and die." That's not fun to play against ever.
That's his version of his best case scenario. Vs a no mobility enemy 1v1. Every has their window of power or best case scenarios, that's his. Nasus is fine as is because he is extremely countered by the coupling of CC and DPS (peel and ADC) more than anyone. As such, it makes sense for him to be powerful in other scenarios.
Ralanr (NA)
: He wasn't much of a tank honestly. He was more of a poke mage who needed to be in the middle of the enemy every once and a while.
Basically a tankier Annie but with the stun only on ult and better waveclear/poke to compensate. Both rely on Flash engages. But yeah building tank Galio was asking to be useless.
VanaQuish (EUNE)
: Why pick amumu over galio? To amplify the magic dmg of your ap carry. To disarm the enemy adc. On the reverse, why pick galio over amumu? For spammable aoe taunt, and a semiglobal ~~shen~~ ulti. Also galio is naturally stronger against ap champs. Why pick sej over zac? Because sej works better with melees. And she can catch better than zac enemy champions out of position. Why pick zac over sej? Because zac offers better ways to gank lanes, isnt restricted to melee, and he also sets up wombo combos.
> [{quoted}](name=VanaQuish,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QcpbTEF9,comment-id=000400000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-20T13:26:29.448+0000) > > Also galio is naturally stronger against ap champs. Honestly I do far better against AD than AP with Galio. He's surprisingly better as a full armor tank, probably cuz his MR scalings are pretty trash and armor itemization just offers so much more utility + special effects. But to respond to your actual point, honestly I pick tanks dependent on how reliable they are. Galio and Zac are by far more reliable than Sej and Amumu. So then between Zac and Galio you choose what you need more, defensive CC or offensive CC. Ofcourse this decision never happens cuz ones a jg and ones a top laner, but you get what I mean. This is why Maokai is a top winrate atm. He is the definition of reliable since he is still a point click champ and his point click skill ties into the rest of his kit to include his ult.
: Outside his ult, hasn't Maokai almost always been able to do that? I don't want tanks more like amumu because we run into similar overlap. A lot of people wanted tanks to have unreliablilty in CC and damage like Sion, and that's effectively what we got in the update. The overall heavier slows i see as an issue, as are displacements since they can't be reduced. My problem with being like Amumu or current Malphite is that it doesn't feel like you do much after that ult, and sucks even more if your ult goes wrong because you don't have anything else. Beyond that, Amumu is poor without ally mages, and Malphite has to mostly W-auto and E. Last time I used Malphite, his attack speed slow felt like it didn't do much to the enemy adcs past laning phase, although that could be due to an abundance of burst. I wouldn't mind less displacements for more meaninging debuffs overall..or pulling Cc from other classes so it's mainly tanks and supports that can have a lot, maybe mages with one. But right now, Mages have CC, Tanks have it, certain Juggs (but theirs is super limited, no complaints there), adcs have it, pretty much every class has some form of CC. Pull some of the CC from classes that don't need it (do Fizz, Talon, or Kha really need slows?) so a tank's CC doesn't feel overwhelming since they might be the only one on the enemy team with it, and also be willing to give tanks meaningful debuffs if extra CC doesn't quite fit. And make tenacity feel worthwhile (even if Irelia's passive needs to change to allow that).
Maokai's CC is fine cuz it's mostly single target (Q is multi but hardly ever). His passive lategame is still bonkers when he's at near full build. Nigh unkillable.
: people won't believe me when i say that as Darius or Nasus, it's not even possible to move against champions like {{champion:201}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:427}} just LET ME FCKING MOVE ALREADY i signed to play League, not to be forced to AFK braum alone makes you unable to move, now think about braum+ a mage mid+ an adc with one cc+potentially cc by the enemy diver in the jungle/toplane and now ornn is being released welp
Dw Riot is gonna fix that issue soon. When Orn is released you won't even be able to pick Nasus because he'll CC him out of champ select.
: There's still too many OP stuff to ban
What's still OP though? I only care about Mao and Janna, the rest are preference. > ADC: Draven and Kog aren't much of a problem. Neither is Tristana, though I opt to ban her when I can. > > Support: Blitz is strong right now idk why, worth banning but not OP. Lulu is always strong but w.e. > > Top: Cho Gath and Nasus are strong, but not banworthy imo. Riven is a preference ban if you aren't up to the task. > > Jungle: Every jungler is a preference ban. > > Mid: You have LB sorta, don't see many good ones at all. Taliyah is also strong as all hell but still not pick or ban imo.
: How on earth do ten people equate to twenty bans?
> [{quoted}](name=jwebb0113,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mgx5vNGL,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-19T14:07:32.003+0000) > > ok so lets say they change the ban system so the same champ cant be banned by the same team... and every one gets to ban >>>to<<< champs so a total of 20 different bans He just spelled two wrong cuz he's illiterate. lol
: Mercury Treads could be buffed to 40% and not be overpowered
You mean they could be buffed to include KNOCKUPS AND KNOCKBACKS and not be overpowered. Lol.
: _**TL; DR: Give up on ur current champions and play other champions that can farm relatively easily 1vs2 until ur lv30, and you should expect to see 1vs1 top laning from that point on.**_ the current meta is shaped according to the 1 top, 1 jungle, 1 mid, 2 bot team comp, and it is not true for your case. There are 3 ways to deal with 1vs2 laning phase: 1. just farm up on gold and/**OR EXP** until you are stronger than your opposing laners without dying. 2. Have your jungler cover for you 3. dont play melee champions I am guessing that you probably cant even farm properly in 1vs2 situation, in which case it would be up to your jungler to do something about it. But then your jungler is probably retarded, so... you just simply avoid melee champions to farm up in 1vs2 situation, as you would be very dependent on ally jungler's or midlaner's help. If you are just lv25, ur teammates are probably retards without a brain and you will not receive any help from them early game. Oh wait, you see those youtube videos where a Riven {{champion:92}} goes 1vs5 and gets a pentakill? That guy is lv30 and has access to all runes and masteries unlike a lv25 like you. Plus, that was not a clip from laning phase either, which is when you would have no items, unlike the Riven who had 4 core items in the clip. And the 4 core items are not going to happen for you if u are laning 1vs2. Annie {{champion:1}} is a good example of non-standard champion to use at top lane in your case: 1. Her ranged Q helps with safe early game farming a lot at 0 mana cost. 2. She does both CC(crowd control) and damage, so she is not as dependent on teammates to get things done; at lv25, ur teammates are retards ~~as u can probably telll by now~~ and playing team-dependent champions is NOT A GOOD IDEA. 3. Her ratios make her scale very heavily with items, which is something that you'd want if you are going to only farm during laning phase Other champions like Gangplank {{champion:41}}, Syndra {{champion:134}}, Orianna {{champion:61}}, and maybe Galio {{champion:3}} that can farm without going in melee range are also good for 1vs2 laning ~~i cant say about galio being useful after farming however, when his abilities are generally team-dependent and you have retards on ur team~~
Eh, you can pick anything into a 1v2 lane. The point is that they either don't have a jungler or they have a 1v2 lane bot. In which case all you have to do is literally nothing. You wait and rely on your team to take advantage of it. They can't take top tower as fast as bot can take bot tower and if they have no jungler then every dragon is yours and your jg has free reign over the map. So it doesn't matter if you pick Garen or Volibear into a 1v2 top, you don't need gold at all you just gotta sit there and chillax until you win. Literally. Though picking someone that can get extra gold while tower hugging is a good idea, it's not at all necessary.
: This item is just straight up broken, no idea how Rito haven't fixed it. An item that gives a full attackspeed item worth of attackspeed+onhit heal(super strong early btw)+onhit dmg to an adc at 1 item, the point where they should be weak without zeal item, is just plain stupid.
gumbas100 (EUW)
: Urf is unfun and overrated.
What can *Yorick* do?! AHAHAHAHAHA
Phélas (EUW)
: Have a nice day.
You too my dude.
: go to bed kid post wasn't for u son
so this is wt i thnk of ur rply 2 my comment on this post like what i rly think is that i dnt need a bedtime b/c i have gone past the age where i req a bedtime but if i were to type an actual thread like this then i would need 2 reconsider bcuz my typing reflects the txtng style used by those who need bedtimes so if i really think abt it i dnt want 2 go 2 bed b/c i dun think i actlly type like this because i know how 2 press the enter key nd know the basics of how 2 appeal to an audience in a txt format by using spacing and "highlighting" of subsections to properly convey individual grouped thoughts nd messages in a better format 4 ezier readability n i really think u shud try 2 do the same so others will actlly read ur posts n not just skim thru like i did bcuz this was as unreadable as this rply is nd tht's y i thnk u shud practice more nd on a side note i think u shudnt reply with comments like tht bcuz its prtty rood n nt nice 2 do tht 2 someone else if u dnt wnt them 2 do tht 2 u as ppl say treat othrs like u wud like 2 b trtd bt hav a nice day hope u get bettr at it o w8 bt i also 4got 2 mntion tht u shud stop callng other ppl kid bcuz u do it alot n its prtty rood 2 do tht now hve a nice day frnd
Roktan (NA)
: League has become BAD FOR YOU.
Haha you were not around for Season 1 and 2 huh? Feed an AP Yi/Kat/Jax/Mordekaiser and there's no coming back ;)
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