GigglesO (NA)
: Make an active that makes allied towers immune to damage... just like old fortify.
Or make it this {{item:3634}} ;) Or even this {{item:3636}}
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: > [{quoted}](name=XxDRAGONsAK47xX,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RG62Mgn0,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-10-17T12:11:03.442+0000) > > Win a game building Morello > > Win a game building Infinity Edge > > Win a game building Randuin's Looks op, going to try it out on Garen, Morello will boost his Ultimate damage
You don't have to do all 3 at once... but I totally did. GP did fine lol ARAM though.
: Thanks for the new quest
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Riot Not Going To Give Armor To Ap Mids
Dw AD champs feel clunky af early game now since attack speed is gone. Plus they don't have Lethality runes either anymore. But I do agree not giving armor to mid laners is atrocious. Also makes supporting as a "mid" mage alot less viable.
Poske (EUNE)
: Rant Coming from a Mage/Ap assassin main? CAN WE LIKE OVERHAUL ENTIRE AP ITEMIZATION?
WTF Why is Void Staff being buffed? It's already one of the GOOD items. Buff the weaker ones smh.
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: So? For a while, that was the meta. Insanely tanky junglers, and he was the top tier one.
Recently. Also my buddy does Ahri ADC on a regular basis and usually wins. Meanwhile in the same games my other buddy goes Bard Jungle.
: I've seen TP junglers work far more than a very rare, once in a lifetime thing, like AD Fiddle. I haven't seen it _often_, but I believe I've seen it succeed more than I've seen it fail (about 60% winrate from what I've seen). It works best on champions who don't need flash, such as Shaco, or perhaps Kindred (who covers most of their mobility with their Q). Although I've seen it done on Yi quite a few times and win.
I've seen Nautilus jungle work too.
TopScout (NA)
: Why in the world does this exist? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Ever read the lore and was like, yknow, this would be 10x better if it was being whispered in my ear by an E-girl. No? Same. But well... that's why it exists tho.
: I mean. TP works on all lanes to a degree (Top and Mid use it the best, but support and ADC can both use it as well). And I've seen TP work on junglers.
I've seen AD Fiddlesticks work.
Mimr (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sleeper Cell,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E0x07AuT,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-10-16T12:24:41.940+0000) > > Oh man I love it when they walk backwards, cuz I'm always behind them when I cast it ;) That usually means you're winning already (because being behind them means you're behind enemy lines and to do that safely you need to have killed their towers and are pressuring them) or are hunting a splitpusher, in which case, as I already mentioned, any other assassin can kill them without having to wait 2.5 seconds.
Or they are past one of your turrets. Or you simple took 1 outer turret. Trust me, 99% of the game is not played underneath their turrets lol. Eventually they step outside them to do things like, oh I dunno, take your turrets?
: Kat can get away with that in laning due to her passive, but Ev's gonna need some kind of CDR, probably protobelt.
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: DO NOT BUILD EVELYNN AP (Read before downvoting)
You can do either. The only problem with full tank Eve is that you don't necessarily function as a Bruiser until about 3+ items in. Until then you're just playing like a gimped assassin. It can definitely work though, and once you do make it to late game full tank Eve is quite the monster. But until then your early and mid game is worse than full AP's. If you do do it though, I recommend you follow the build that Tank Kats use. That's {{item:3151}} + {{item:3116}} first into full tank. That way your early isn't abysmal and you already have some health build to stack resistances on top of afterwards.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jbels,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hknP7a8F,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-16T23:46:32.413+0000) > > If I remember correctly, back in the day Trinity Force used to have AP on it, and Skarner would build TForce, so that extra AP gave his shield a little boost Yeah, that could be part of it. Many TF champions had little AP scalings here and there.
Not even many, *every*. TriForce was *the* damage item back then afterall. Nothing came close to it. (Well... maybe {{item:3146}} )
: He needs it more than Morde. Morde still has enough fans that people bother asking for chamges to him. Somebody likes him. Skarner can't even pass that benchmark.
Does he? I like current Skarner. He happens to be one of my best champions in ranked. I feel like I'm the only one who likes the addition of Spires. Even without using them, Skarner is still plenty strong on his own and he sort of scales out of needing them as the game goes on. His jungle sustain is the best I've seen of any champion. He can do literally any camps he wants at level 1 and come out full health every time. Raptors, Krugs, Gromp, everything. And he has tons of map pressure cuz with Spires you zoom zoom around the map. And if your Spire magically turns red then you know exactly where the enemy jungler is at the moment. Then you have the choice between absurd damage Skarner with Bruiser items like Triforce, new Steraks and Titanic or you have damn near unkillable Tank Skarner that still deals a bunch of damage while building full tank and having a *massive* spammable shield and semi-reliable Udyr-esque stunbot applications.
: It is because AP used to literally be ability scaling. That is, all abilities would scale with AP back then. And only auto attacks had AD scalings. That's why we call AP AP (ability power) and AD AD (attack damage). The names are still there, but now we have many AD scaling abilities, so they don't make a lot of sense now.
That's true for like, season 1 champs only. Everything past that continued to have AP on their kits so that they wouldn't feel bad buying hybrid items or other items with AP tacked on such as Trinity Force (which was *the* damage item for everyone back then).
zecastar (NA)
: Skarner W 80% AP Scaling Doesn't Make Sense
It's a relic from when Trinity Force gave AP. Literally the only reason it exists. The shield is meant to be 100% health based and have nothing to do with AD or AP. The AP ratio was just there on all of his abilities so Skarner didn't feel bad about buying Trinity Force with wasted AP stats. That said, I'd rather just have the AP ratios than not have them. Doesn't necessarily mean he'll get buffed if they get removed and they certainly do add a bit of damage and shield to him when you happen to have that tiny bit of AP from masteries.
: That's much better. Still think you can get away with fearing for 1 second on his ultimate to since you nerfed its range.
> [{quoted}](name=Sleeper Cell,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hRiyj6fF,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-15T15:29:20.466+0000) > > #R - Paranoia (Relatively Unchanged) > > Mostly unchanged except the following: > > Range no longer scales with rank and is permanently 2500 (rank 1 range). **Additionally, upon arrival he instantly triggers Unspeakable Horror (passive) on the target (1 second flee/fear).** If Nightmare Fuel is off cooldown, it can be cast during Paranoia's dash to instantly select the target of Paranoia as its target (causing the damage dealt by Paranoia to convert into the shield's health as well). It was there originally.
: what the fuck is STE?
Apparently Spellthief's Edge. Idk why tf you'd call it STE though. SE makes more sense. Even then, just say Spellthief's jeez.
: How to nerf crit while still having it in the game
I agree with the scaling crit but the starting crit is reaaaally low. If it was just 150% with all those item's crit damage bonuses a little less than doubled I'd be on board. (Zeal items at 25%, Brawler's at 10%, Zeal and Cloak at 15%, Essence Reaver at 25% as well) Just leave max crit damage at 250%. In your example even with 4 crit items to include IE it only hits 220%. That's a pretty massive nerf. With the above it'd go 150% +25% +25% = 200% like it is now. With Essence or IE it hits 225% and 250% respectively. Also for Yasuo and Trynd... Yasuo is fine, this'll force him to actually build crit if he wants crit damage (instead of the bruiser yasuo we have now). Trynd should get +1% crit damage for every 1% crit chance from his fury. He only gets max 35% afterall.
: Funny Jayce Auto Attack Glitch (Video)
: 6 of the last 10 champions have knockups/displacements
It's part of their game design to give knockups to champions who need them on unreliable to land skills. The knockup duration goes up according to how hard it is to land (save some ultimates). Knockbacks shouldn't even be considered in the same category. Knockbacks have very little actual CC time expect for some with stuns attached to them ({{champion:64}} oh how much I hate that it does, this one is even classified as a knockup because of it)
Mimr (EUW)
: Simply running away when you see the heart appear above your head works just as well as well... anyone. Unless you're really overextended but at that point any assassin could safely kill you without having to wait 2.5 seconds beforehand. Eve has to meet too many conditions to kill someone (wait 2.5 seconds and then hit Q from outside her frankly huge camouflage reveal zone). If her empowered E gapcloser would cover a bigger distance I guess things would be easier but at the moment I'm really struggling to see how Eve is supposed to kill anyone in a crowded teamfight.
Oh man I love it when they walk backwards, cuz I'm always behind them when I cast it ;)
: i play new or reworked champions in ranked an i usually get the grasp of there kit within the first 5 mins of play if not less then that
Same. Not playing ranked atm but if I was I woulda brought out Eve day one if she wasn't banned.
: 53% winrate while claiming to be a hard champion like riven with her high playrate and vitals with 2 second cooldowns and can reach over 10% of your max hp in true damage per proc more when you ult becuase the ult does more true damage on top of that on top of giving you 4 of them and a janna's ult heal with better healing
: i honestly think her E is fine, the problem is u guys are activating charm from 10000s meters away letting the enemy team know ur gonna gank that potential target, its a player error, not a Riot error.
That charm mark plays entirely in her favor. You can manipulate enemy movements just by casting it from a mile away.
: okay then we will just not let her use her dash that refunds itself for hitting anything on 4 sides of your champions as if you are ranged and have better damage or wave clear than he because she scales right.
"refunds" - Reduces it by 60% FTFY again. At max rank (level 9, 8 seconds) and max CDR (lol) it comes out to 1.92 seconds. 1 mississipi 2 mississipi Q. Not that instant of a refresh. Now let's talk level 6 with her more reasonable 20% CDR she probably has from Black Cleaver. 12 second CD reduced by 20% and another 60% after that on refresh. Comes out to 3.84 seconds. 1 mississipi 2 mississipi 3 mississipi 4 mississipi Q. That can't even be considered a refund at all. That's more in line with what a normal cooldown would be. If she was as broken as these biased over-played claims say she is she wouldn't be at a 53% winrate.
: I have to agree with this sentiment. I very much like what you did with his E and R, but his passive is excessively powerful. You have to remember that this is a free mini-Fiddles fear as an AoE. I get that you're playing to his theme, but this is OP. Possibly tacking a 1 second fear into his ultimate as an AoE around the target would be better.
Changed it. Innate: Dealing 4 instances of damage to an enemy champion or monster causes them to flee for 1 seconds. (8 second per unit CD) QW-AA-AA (or E E).
: The real question is why does sejuanis W do physical damage
I mean, an ice flail can either be interpreted as an elemental magical attack or just as a physical chunk of ice smashing their face. Kinda how Ashe's basic attacks function too. Though her ult arrow is magical. Dunno man.
: He doesn't even have good ratios to abuse. His ulti ratio is good, but his only other scaling ability (Q) isn't phenomenal. What Nocturne abuses are on-hit effects, and the fact that he can consistently apply them. Shiv and especially Duskblade are absolutely broken without Nocturne existing, he's functional as an assassin because he can reliably get onto someone and land that critical auto. Maybe noone knows about the sleeper OP on-hit + Shiv strat yet. You're spot on on Duskblade, but that falls under lethality as well.
: Go away. Nocturne is pretty much perfect as is, and any update they do is going to turn him into a gimpy assassin or a totally different bruiser.
Definitely isn't perfect. Kit is outdated and he currently functions by abusing AD ratios to hopefully one-shot his target. If he can't he's screwed. Usually he can cuz that's just how bonkers his single target burst is when built full lethality. He will get updated, it's just a matter of time. I just wanted to give my 2 cents on prospective ideas for when he does get updated. Also his current niche fits his theme already. I don't think they'll stray too far from it (isolation pseudo-assassination + diving + dueling).
: whats the counterplay to akali
Fight her when her passive is down. The 2nd hit of her passive does far too much damage. People say it's her sustain that makes her oppressive but I strongly disagree. The reason most think her sustain is high is not because it is but rather she is poking them down at the same time with Q2 procs and P2 hits. Shroud isn't too much of an issue cuz it's typically her only way in to harass other than Q spam pre-6. If she uses it like this she's an open target afterward, if she doesn't then she's just taking poke with no answer. As for her sustain, yeah I said it isn't her main issue but it's definitely still an advantage she has. Just don't push the wave in if you're trying to win via wittling her health down, that's a surefire way to see a full health Akali again real soon. Once again though if you just keep harassing her she can't heal safely without shroud, and once shroud is down she can't do anything safely nor can she blink to you to proc Q2 and P2. This is coming from a Yorick Main. I got absolutely destroyed the first time I played against her in lane cuz I didn't fully understand what it was that was allowing her to do so much damage (and I wasn't aware of the Q-W-AA combo, chunked me hard early on; and the fact she can W over my wall). But now I'm totally confident matching up against Akali's as Yorick--and Yorick is definitely far from the best pick into an Akali.
Rioter Comments
: Can we consider not having minion damage trigger the new "guardian" keystone?
I have the solution, 2 words to solve everything: "from champions" Rito plz
: Simple fix should be "Urgot's savage attacks are so savage, they count as a brutal melee" OMG please put that in the patch notes.
His shots are merely extensions of his fists!
sketchy1 (NA)
: id also like to add that eves charm also is a pretty big reveal because it 1) takes a bit for the charm to ready 2)points to where she is. and can anyone confirm if twitch can get spotted out by minions?
What I like about the charm is that it doesn't reveal your position until it's primed. You can use this to your advantage by going behind someone and using it, causing them to instinctively run towards you instead of away.
Narwhaul (NA)
: Stop playing champs that just got reworked or released in ranked.
PBE exists and people bring things into ranked they are comfortable playing. I'm almost 100% positive that Eve did not pick her just to "try her out".
: I forgot about that. Now it all makes sense xD
The real question is did the W still slow? Did her E stun her?
Rioter Comments
: Thats right reference the toxic fiora vitals that pushes any one she lanes against except jayce and some mages out of lane.
That pushes anyone she lanes against *that allows her to proc vitals easily* FTFY
: Decoy Suggestion - Kindred's Mark system needs help - Too easy too counter-bully
Kindred's problem is that when she's behind she stays behind. Maybe make champions that live for a long period of time get marked (mostly happens in a behind situation)
: Duskblade is just a seriously unhealthy item and needs to be removed.
Disagree, this is probably the first ever truly Assassin item. It's much weaker on ADC's, less damage, no slow. If an ADC is building it they are simply gimping their DPS.
: I hope that in season 8 adcs are completely irrelevant
I refuse to believe that she 3-shot someone with just shiv and guardian angel. Agree ADC items are overtuned atm tho. Too cost effective.
: That i do her magic resist penetration should be aimed towards the type of champions she should be going for not shredding tanks when magic resist is already the worst stat tanks get and the hardest to get too. things like this is why ad fighters that use ad are dead.
It's a percentage and not flat for the reasoning that they want her to be consistent at her job and not rely too much on a factor such as magic resist. I know it may seem counter-intuitive to allow a champion to bypass their "counters" but Riot does it frequently on champions with "unreliable" damage so that when they do land it they are rewarded for doing so. Fiora's Vitals are a perfect example of this. Eve's charm is just another one of those things and why I think it should stay just how it is with % pen.
Bârd (NA)
: Yi rework: Untargetable during ult
: I'm still waiting for Riot to reintroduce a single decent defensive item. What were they thinking removing so much damage resistance from the game so long ago? FH was a Bruiser item, and they even nerfed that, at least twice. They eventually completely reworked Sunfire and Thornmail, the two most classic of items, because reasons. No, 5 Sunfire Garen and Evelynn aren't reasons. Why nerf resistance in general? This is a question I've had for 5 years and I still don't know the answer. Riot realizes the answer to dealing with Cho'Gath with better resistance items is to build resistances oneself, right? Well, what if resistance items stay bad? That's the reason why Cho is ridiculous right now - no one ELSE can afford to buy tank items to deal with his damage in any competent fashion.
...what? It's true damage and squishies don't build health, that's why. That being said Cho is far from ridiculous since the Stoneplate change. Sunfire and Thornmail were both reworked because they both suffered from a case where they are overpowered when they were viable items, thus why they sat in the trash for the longest time. I say them both but Sunfire has yet to receive a decent rework unlike Thornmail. Noone *actually* got Sunfire just for the waveclear.
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