: I love this game. But.
As someone who has been playing off and on again since beta, I can safely say that this game wont be worth coming back to if you plan to stop now. Every time I peek back in to see whats going on all I see is the same ol' shit community playing their dash champs in ranked and tossing around reports at people who call them retarded in game. Shits a total loss.
: The amount of stupid things people do and say seems to be higher than ever.
Grow a thicker skin, Riot wont save you. Adapt or move onto another game.
: We need to be nicer
Maybe grow a thicker skin and realize its just a god damned game. This is a competitive game, shit talking will be had no matter how hard you wish otherwise, adapt or move on to other forms of entertainment.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Reason why you should always report toxic ennemy players.
Riot doesn't actually tell you if they ban someone. You really shouldn't even believe them when they say action has been taken, given how fucked up this game's community is.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: I Still Do Not Understand Why Banning Trolls Is So Dificult For Riot.
Riot doesn't care, buy more skins or they'll ban you over calling someone retarded.
: 14 day suspension
be grateful that they didn't just ban you permanently for dubious reasons like they do with half of their players.
: League of Legends community ain't that bad...
League has probably one of the worst communities in video-games that I have ever seen, Riot is probably one of the worst companies that I've had the mispleasure of dealing with, both in reguards to said community and their support staff.
Rio Risotto (EUNE)
: To all the people saying that being toxic should not be bannable/punishable.
Valve treats their customers a lot better than Riot does when it comes to account matters, they also understand that COMPETITIVE online games get pretty heated between players. Riot wants their game to be a positive echo chamber when in reality it will never happen. Weak people should stick to single player games if words hurt them so much.
Prandine (NA)
: Care to elaborate on the kind of issues you're experiencing? It doesn't matter how much money you spend on the account. If you constantly abuse and harass others then you don't deserve to be playing, especially if you were given a warning or two to change or else. Riot has decent Customer Service, and people can change, but they have to be willing to put in the time and effort that it takes to change.
No, what matters is if you can get your audience to call Riot out on their bullshit. It doesn't help if they don't list options to improve within the reform ticket, and give you conflicting information when contacting support. Riot has the worst Customer Service I've experienced for any game I've EVER played, but It wasn't always like that, when they got big they stopped caring. All the evidence you could ever need is on this board right now, just look at all the posts with people saying how Riots support team is ineffective.
: They do their job. With support tickets. If people aren't happy with the result there is unlikely to be anything left for them to do. Aggressively responding with what? We've checked your ticked? Or we will get to your ticket? Or they could trawl through the posts for the ones they can help with in an inefficient way? Much of the time they are limited to saying that without giving away details that should be kept confidential. Those are all worse solutions. If you expect them to be able to make everybody happy and do whatever the player wants I don't know what to tell you other than that's not feasible.
90% of this board is people complaining that the support staff did not do their job properly. I don't get why people like you defend Riot for their non existence on this board. I don't expect them to make everyone happy, but to make an effort to keep at least SOME of this board happy with some responses that have value instead of posting in praise echo chambers. Here's a tip for you, they don't respond to threads calling them out because they know people like you will defend them rabidly until the person who made it gives up, and its whats hurting this community and Riot in general.
: If you were recently banned and find out it's because someone else was on your account...
More often than not, Riot will ban your account without any option to unban it. Even when your account shows no signs of being compromised, they wont even use a tool they have to track IP's connecting to your account. In short, this is another way for Riot to make money by banning people claiming that their account was caught abusing a 3rd party program. If your account has been banned this way you should make multiple threads and call them out on it, as it's probably the only way to unban your account and get them to stop doing this to other people.
: I just linked you to a different guy who has posted within the day. You're kind of right, people do tend to come to boards if they feel support is doing what they want. Support isn't going to be able to resolve everything though and that does make these forums a bit of a echo chamber of complaints. Often hands are tied at that point and it's better to leave it to die than fan the flames.
How about they actually do their jobs and start aggressively responding/helping people instead of posting in a thread where someone is praising them for doing the wrong thing. At this point they're helping spread the fire instead of "leaving it to die". there will always be people with problems that need solving, and Riots often the only people who can help. Its horrible that they're nowhere to be found anywhere on this board except the echo chamber thread.
: "Subpar support" = Taking matters quickly, helping the affected person, and making sure they're happy and safe for the issue to never happen again. I don't understand. Sleepy, maybe this is why Riot employees don't tend to people much as they are currently. Because for starters there will ALWAYS be unhappy people. And one of those is you for seeing the OP back on their account. Like come on, the problem was solved, calm down. And the thing is Riot has NO WAY of telling if it's actually you or someone else on your account. So obviously it was a shock for the OP to see their account in such situation. All in all, Riot did a mighty fine job of solving a problem. Will they do it for everyone? No, cause they check player reports, etc. Now if you got banned cause you're just toxic and can't keep to yourself, well, that's out of their control ;)
Subpar support = Many MANY other people having the same issues and Riot outright REFUSING to address it or the threads in any capacity. When theres unhappy people that means that theres a problem with what you're doing and you should start looking into things, but Riot doesnt do that. As for determining who was on the account, they have tools to see what IP connects to the account. Theres a thread up RIGHT NOW with someone proving proof that they were hacked and support told them they couldn't do anything about it, basically brushing them and their evidence off and telling them to make a new account.
: Only Riot post? Check the red tracker. There's a bit of cross-over with 'player behaviour' and 'help and support' because some times people will ask for help with support tickets. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/NA/Riot%20Tantram That dude posts every couple of days at least. There is one from him in 'player behaviour and moderation' from 7 hours ago. That doesn't seem like sticking their heads in the sand, especially when one recalls the boards are not support tickets.
People come to these boards when they feel that support didn't do their job properly. One guy out of an entire company, and hes the sound guy, really puts things into perspective.
: I have dealt with Riot's support team multiple times in the past and as a customer service representative in real life as well I can 100% vouch for Riot's support team. On countless occasions they have gone out of their way to help me when I was having client troubles, issues with bugs, even going out of their way to add some RP to my account when I was a bit short of something I wanted to buy. Generally if you were banned it was for a good reason. If there was an error in their tool they would be more than happy to help. Call me a Riot ass sucker all you want but from a customer service standpoint they go above and beyond.
As someone who's been playing this game since it was directly competing with DotA (the mod), there has been a hugely negative change in the way they run their support and their boards. Also, as someone who's been dealing with their support staff for over a year on a single subject I can safely say that they have failed in providing any meaningful help to me or the issues that I've brought up with them. Everywhere I look on this board I see people with the same problems trying to get an answer, ANY answer from a Red with no luck. But, meanwhile, in another thread you see a Red replying to a post praising support for closing down an account that should be open for play. They don't address anything that directly puts them in the wrong and they'll ban people aggressively for bringing it up. You're no longer sucking their ass, you're giving them a colon cleansing.
Bubonica (NA)
: How can you be disappointed with this, SleepySlayer! He personally addressed you! Side note, now I have those fuzzies :D Just saw that you were in audio.. I always get jealous when I hear the audio guys at my work test out the weapon sounds and my chair shakes.. Haha.
In all and complete honesty I'm surprised there's a red post anywhere near this board. But seeing it in a thread where someone is openly praising them for closing an account down for reasons beyond their control is infuriating. Stick up for yourself, there's no reason why you can't have your account back if your security is back up to par.
: > [{quoted}](name=SleepySlayer,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=lxTFtXUI,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-11-04T21:52:16.643+0000) > > Good to know Riot employees only respond to positive feedback, instead of the mountain of problems and flaws people find and post here in forums. Really shows you where the priorities are. Hi SleepySlayer, Just wanted to let the OP know that he/she gave me the warm fuzzies, but you're right that we could all do a better job of hitting these boards harder and closing the feedback loops with awesome players like yourselves. I do certainly try to address the critical feedback as well, especially in subjects that I feel qualified to speak on *cough* audio *cough*, but there's always room for more thorough engagement :)
I see many of the same problems people bring up on the board, and none of them have been addressed by a Rioter. Yet the ONLY Red post I see is in a discussion where the person cheated out of an account is openly praising Riot for having subpar support regarding something completely out of their control. Absolutely abhorrent of a company and their employees to stick their head in the sand when there is SO much wrong with your support staff and your board moderation.
Rioter Comments
: Isn't it simple human nature to AVOID negativity? Besides, if a Rioter were to come in to a thread delibrately attacking the company, and try to defend Riot from whatever the thread is about, they'll just be bombarded by people like you, either signing them off, calling them out, or just down right insulting them. So, yes, their priorities ARE in the right place by gravitating towards the very rare positive posts that actually compliment them for the work they do.
First off, its their job to address the concerns of the community, and this board is FULL of people offering advice and asking for help as to why accounts are banned/suspended. Rioters ONLY replying to a post giving them praise is disgusting when so much garbage is happening on this board and they refuse to address any concern brought up. Sticking your head in the sand isn't going to make the problems people have go away, and they should know this by now. Again, they should be doing their job instead of sticking to their echo chamber threads only praising them.
Bubonica (NA)
: Impressed with the support I received
Working as intended. Riot will do nothing for you account wise in the hopes that you'll fork over money to start another account from ground zero.
selby (EUW)
: Hacked and banned with proof it wasn't me on my account.
Working as intended for Riot, ban without any hope of unbanning, unless you're a streamer or pro that will call them out on their bullshit in front of an audience. They dont care about you or their community, only how much money they can squeeze out of you before you finally give up.
Hercher (NA)
: lossong hope for the ranked and norm community
The community you know and love is dead, and Riot killed it trying to make everything PC.
: i got reported for being bad ;(
Better watch out, Riot will actually ban you if theres anything that could be misconstrued as "toxic" to their community, better have your wallet ready to open up another account.
YokoNomi (NA)
: Muting Players
According to Riot and the support team member I've been dealing with, muting people is toxic to the community so you should just sit there and be verbally abused all game. Really makes you wonder why they removed "refusal to communicate" from the report form if they feel that way. It's fine though, they'll still ban your account and help you make another one to spend money on after you take unending abuse and finally start to type back at them.
: @TheCurator So today I learned someone was banned for calling someone else a pancake
Riot doesn't care, they view it as another person who will spend money on another account they open up.
: Agreed! We always try our best to help and we appreciate that nice feedback from you :)
Good to know Riot employees only respond to positive feedback, instead of the mountain of problems and flaws people find and post here in forums. Really shows you where the priorities are.
: Riot Games is DEAD
Here comes the Drones defending their failing game. Heres a tip for people who think they know who they are defending, I've been playing this game for a very VERY long time and have seen the changes Tencent has placed upon Riot over the years. Back in the day if you were perma-banned and you contacted support about it they would actually listen to what you had to say and help you understand why you were banned and what rules you violated. Nu-Riot gives you a reform card and tells you to fuck off, even after you tell them that some rules are vague and not all options for improvement are on the reform cards. Let me give you an example of how Bro-Tier old Riot was in comparison to Nu-Riot, I've had friends that used to play that would send in drawn pictures of their favorite champ in MS Paint with text saying that they're sorry and old Riot would respond with their support staff grading the picture and unbanning the account. Nu-Riot only cares enough if you make another account and spend money on it, no matter how toxic you are to the community you're golden if you're dumb enough to keep spending money on their game. They are AGGRESSIVELY targeting their playerbase and people who play often to ban them without any hope of getting unbanned because they know people will come back to play and spend money, if this isn't hostile towards the community, nothing is.
Rioter Comments
: Toxic Players
Riot bans you for vague reasons and then claim you're Toxic because you called someone an asshole 40 games ago. They dont give a shit about their players, only how much they can squeeze out of the addicted making new accounts.
: Stop complaining about being punished
I'll scream my head off if i feel i've been cheated by Riot, which is what im doing now on all fronts. Riot is a company that can't admit when its wrong and wont go back on decisions EVER, and thats a horrible business practice. Players are leaving in droves over how they treat their community and how the ban people/punish them. Their Reform card/suspension system is completely flawed and does nothing to actually improve the player its been issued to. Riots a company that only cares about money and squeezing as much as they can out of the addicted people that play. Ban an account because a rule is too vague or the reform card doesnt state what you can do to improve your experience? well thats you're fault and now you're banned, but they'll help you set up a new account for you to spend money on. Pro players and Streamers get an entirely different set of rules to follow and they get unbanned because they make Riot money, but the average player like you or me? Screwed. And im going to keep screaming about it until they change their ways.
: I'm Becoming a Toxic Player. Why? Please help.
Games shit mate, everyone who loved the game is gone and all you have are the daycare kids and the nazis running the center. Drop the game and find a different addiction, they wont bat an eyelash if they perma ban you and wont unban you for any reason.
Beowoulf (EUW)
: Summoners Code
Bad idea, considering Riot doesn't even follow their own rules and constantly changes them to impact the most players they can negatively. Riots in the business of closing down accounts with vague reasons for people who play the game often in hopes of squeezing more money out of them.
: Account was hacked, managed to recover it only to be hit with a permanent suspension
Knowing Riot, they'll keep you banned and tell you to make another account to respend all your money on. Good luck getting the nazis to do anything productive for their community that isnt a super cringe retarded youtube video.
: "The common factor in every single one of your losses is you."
Pretty sure matchmaking stacks games against you by giving you shit team mates. Dont let Riot know or they'll perma ban you and unban a super toxic streamer to spite you.
Kei143 (NA)
: Whatever behavioral punishment you had on your account was wiped when they launched the new system. If you are punished now, it just means that you were considered toxic since Aug-2015.
Have a source to confirm this?
Kei143 (NA)
: You do realize they removed the reporting option of "not communicating" for a reason right? Same with "unskilled". FYI, neither of those options resulted in any bans back in the days. People bringing in their old thoughts without being updated just doesn't cut it.
You're missing the point entirely, I was under the assumption that it would result in action taken against me back then, which is why I never muted everyone in game and ultimately accumulated towards my account being perma'd. If the option was never really intended to punish people then why have it? Why not inform your playerbase that muting everyone is ok?
Rioter Comments
: Good job! Hopefully these users reform, I'd hate to see a fellow League player quit playing because they got punished.
more likely they will go through the process of contacting support and waiting for 4 months to have the entirety of the player behavior team spam them with "this ticket has already been addressed"
: These names will not be given to you, nor anyone else. For this is the start of a lynch mob.... Its not happening go through the proper channels to address your problems without demanding names. goodluck.
I've TRIED the proper channels for 4+ months, asking for names to contact is the only option I have at this point. Your willingness to defend this kind of business practice leads me to believe you've never really had to deal with these people before, and I pray that you're half as patient as me when they treat you as they have me.
: You quite literally are trying to start one.
I'm asking for names to contact, not demanding they show up and be put on a public trial.
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Yeah man, so face-palmy because I refuse to start witch hunts in a community known for being one of the most toxic in gaming.
: This is like asking for a list of who is going to be fired next. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Toxic community = miserable failure at their job. This is why they shit canned Lyte, cuz the toxicity has only gotten worse during his reign so I'm sure their sales have dropped. The sole purpose of this team is to keep the playerbase happy so they come back and spend money. But some how they got it in their head to focus on reports and punishments turning the entire game into a giant witch hunt, with the losing teams all pointing the finger at each other. Then they hand out bans like candy on Halloween. It would be funny if such a list got published though.
I'm not calling for people to be fired, I just want to talk to someone who can speak to me about the problem I'm having without reservation, and without closing my ticket because they don't know how/refuse to respond in a matter that would resolve my issue.
: Perhaps you need to re-examine the issues you're trying to bring to their attention. Something about your tickets is being deemed counter-productive, it seems.
Its me bringing up a point that they refuse to address and them giving me the runaround for two responses and then closing my ticket.
: It is their job to address issues that might effect their player base in a negative way and help those where problems arise where the player can not deal with it. That being said... The company cannot do so because for the most part it violates company policy and/or employee rights and privacies as well. If you want to can try and seek help from the boards but expect the problem and solution to become public.
Seems like a horrible way to run a company. You make yourself a target to the community in order to get any kind of real help, and even then there is no guarantee you'll get a response. They should at least give us the handles of supervisors so we can contact them if we need to. I've been in contact with their support staff for about 4 months, most of which they give me the runaround and shut down my ticket with an automated response. I could list names here of the people who have done that to me, but I wont because I feel its wrong to paint targets on them, just like i feel its wrong that people are forced to make their issues public because their support system is so broken you don't even know who who has the actual power to resolve them.
: Employee information will not be shared.
Why? Its their job to answer concerns the community has, and my concern is that I am being given the runaround, perpetually, by a support team that refuses to address my issues. The only way I can see my issue being resolved is by having someone with actual power intervene, that's why I'm asking for names.
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