: Would it be possible to show item passive contributions in post match stats when hovering over them?
Nymzo (NA)
: ''X guy is scripting''
If anyone thinks this is scripting they're foolish. You see the ward drop from behind a wall with Lee Sin on their team, you have to assume the ward hop is coming next. It wasn't even a fast ward hop, Xerath had at least a full second between the dropping of the ward and when he cast his stun. I can get a skillshot out that quickly and I'm silver, though I won't hit them 100%. If he has an 81% Xerath winrate, I wouldn't consider that play crazy at all.
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: When you realize that WW3 is going to be started in Korea so that Trump can make sure NA wins worlds
_Because of his great service towards NA teams at worlds, Trump was asked about his ideas on bans during the finals at worlds_ http://i.imgur.com/vJ9slni.gif _When asked if he meant {{champion:107}} , {{champion:76}} , maybe even {{champion:55}} if his drawing is less than perfect, Trump responded_ http://i.imgur.com/E1lGgqS.gif
: Riot's treatment of Malzahar is ruining the game for me
{{champion:421}} has had 18 nerfs and 1 buff since release. It can get much worse sadly.
: The first 1:30 seconds of the game
Speaking for many low silver/high bronze players, we need time to do our drugs.
: Why do we allow multiple duos on one team?
One duo sits bot all game, one duo sits mid as you're left to defend top against however many decide to show up while your duos afk farm. Fun times.
: I might be in the minority here, but I'm actually not a fan of when that happens. I think that it's kind of messed up to lose it when it's not even a full game.
Y'all can detect OP's sarcasm but not mine. You're sarcasm peasants.
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Kiokami (NA)
: don't you just love losing your autofill protection to a remake
I might be in the minority here, but I'm actually not a fan of when that happens. I think that it's kind of messed up to lose it when it's not even a full game.
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: as an adc main I'll tell you why Caitlyn is both total cancer, and should also not be "nerfed" but rather changed to make her less frustrating. Why shes cancer: Oppressive lane phase if played properly, there aren't many champs who can do anything against her if she decides to auto push a lane. her range is oppressive but even against similar ranged adcs (Ashe, is only 50 range less I believe) she can just push in the wave with peace maker. She can place traps UNDER your tower where you CANT SEE THEM. and they do FUCK TONS of damage. this is toxic as fuck as it isn't skill for the enemy cait or you to dodge. its just her pushing you by default and then cheesing you with traps under tower. If you try to aggress on her, her escape can be used OFFENSIVELY to get a head shot for fuck tons of damage. nevermind that it already slows to allow her to kite you with her ginormous range. Why she shouldnt be nerfed. She's balanced around having an obscene early and late game, but where most games matter she is actually and quite literally trash tier. her mid game if not stomping lane is quite bad. and by stomping I mean destroying the game. not just being up. if shes mostly even or only slightly ahead she just doesnt do that much damage in the mid game outside of her lane phase. While very strong, she is relatively immobile. she needs to be relatively strong to make up for that slightly. definitely not akin to an ashe, varus, etc. but she needs to be strong with her autos since thats pretty much how she's going to do be doing her damage. shes not spell casting or weaving in shit. shes just auto based making her limited in what she can do. My suggestion to make her less frustrating is to make traps time out under an enemy tower quickly. i dont mind her using them directly in front when sieging. What i do mind is that she can make it incredibly difficult to farm under tower without getting head shot constantly and you know shes gonna push. she's caitlyn. Don't even need compensation for that. Just dont let her place traps under tower. make her place them anywhere else. Her net should not proc a head shot. there I said it. it gives her burst damage on anyone running at her which is just silly. thats supposed to be an intended weakness. Here you would need to compensate her since thats a BIG blow. I'd say give her an attack speed buff she lands her E so it rewards caitlyns who kite after landing E and not just mindlessly shooting you once for 30% of your health with one auto. overall though while caitlyn is toxic, she doesnt need nerfs per say outside of her traps not working under an enemy tower for very long.
Her ult also loses effectiveness the higher in skill you go up. She's great to finish off bronze level players but as you go up people get much better at blocking or shielding her ult. She reminds me a lot of Tryn, both lose effectiveness very quickly with good teamwork. Hence why neither are picked often outside of solo.
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: I didn't know someone like you could know that feeling fish. https://img.memesuper.com/eddb2e9bbf169ab8f8e4ce04d4bf7a7f_shots-fired-latest-news-images-and-photos-crypticimages-shots-fired-meme_400-400.jpeg
: Petition to change Yasuo's name for 1 day
I've found that if I simply say "trashuo" in all chat after a Yasuo dies the first time, about 75% of the time they tilt hard enough that they spend the rest of the game insulting me in all chat, not playing.
: Is League actually dying, though?
Aren't we all dying from the day we're born? {{champion:32}}
: As an Ekko main, do people really consider glass-cannon AP Ekko ( {{item:3100}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3020}}, not {{item:3152}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3026}} type builds that are sadly meta) cancerous? Yeah he does disgusting damage and has some tricks up his sleeve, but he's still subject to the normal assassin foibles AND has lower-than-average guaranteed damage, too.
I don't find Ekko a problem at all, in fact I think he's a very good example of a rock-paper-scissor champ. Play someone he counters, get wrecked. Play someone that counters him, wreck him. I personally like playing AP Cho'gath vs Ekko, too tanky for him to kill and I can ult him from too high for him to make it worth ulting.
Kiokami (NA)
: people conveniently forget about assists when shit talking people
People also ignore that sometimes, you're just bait. I played a game recently where I had my team collapsing, so I hooked their ADC as Thresh and went right in. I got locked down by everything but the kitchen sink before I could hit anyone besides the ADC, but my team was able to dump their damage without worrying about CC/ults. End result : 4 kills, including a double for our Graves jungle, with no one going below 75% health. I died and only got the assist on the ADC. My team : why'd you go in so early, you didn't do anything. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: I gifted Rakan to a fellow League player and I haven't received the icon yet. Also I played two games as Xayah with Rakan in the game. I still haven't received that icon either but everyone else has received theirs it seems. :C please help me
Haven't gotten my icon yet, upvoting for justice!
OldOnyx (NA)
: > Ping spam reaches the top of boards on a weekly basis. We can get updates to ARAM and poros, but still nothing to address it. Hopefully by the time i make like my 30th thread about this, it will be solved.
{{champion:13}} will be a well-made champion before then
: Post how to play your main when behind.
Three step process: 1) Spam missing ping on player doing the worst 2) Ignore other lanes, farm top till I die, repeat 3) Tell everyone they're trash and spam my level 4 mastery Source : {{champion:157}} main
: I have enough IP to gift one of the new champs. First person to post 1) the champ they want 2) their in-game name (NA) and 3) a meme that makes me chuckle, at the minimum, gets it. Good luck.
Congrats, Seasons wins, that got me. Added you in-game, I'll send it over once you add me.
Keyru (NA)
: Xayah and Rakan Gifting Thread
I have enough IP to gift one of the new champs. First person to post 1) the champ they want 2) their in-game name (NA) and 3) a meme that makes me chuckle, at the minimum, gets it. Good luck.
: > PBW
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: Bring back buying wards?
Lee was introduced before any items to make free wards. He could only ward hop if he spent 75 gold and dropped a purchased ward. Change his ward hoping to only control wards.
: I agree Lee is too strong, but...
This has been discussed many times before. Ward hoping was only available for 75g a ward when Lee was introduced. Bring this back, problems solved.
: 7- If still in doubt, spam laugh.
In the same vayne(I'll leave).... 8- Stand toe-to-toe with carries as they're blind for extra tilt
Meteora (NA)
: Official thread towards banning new champs in Ranked.
I played a ranked game today with someone that literally clicked unlock, then queued for ranked as Xayah. They even told us they had less than 10 games as ADC in general total. Guess where I stand.
Neddoreo (NA)
: I doubt everyone shares this view, but I think the important part is to come at this from a different angle. I dislike this blame game. I don't want to say "you're at fault if someone responds poorly when you say terrible things", but rather "please don't say terrible things". It's a critical difference. Little bit of a tangent here, but I do think it's important to note what I believe to be the subtext of this whole discussion. While I myself am generally a pretty politically-correct person, there is a _major_ problem with shaming people because they aren't the same. It's pretty hypocritical, actually. atm PC culture is just moralism all over again, but from the social left rather than the social right. I still think it's wrong to be a butt about terrible language, but trying to force you with shame to adopt my moral system that decries shaming is self-defeating and generally just not okay imo. I want you to be a nice person with your speech, and I'll tell you I want you to speak more nicely, but I will also defend to the death your legal right to not be a verbally kind person. That doesn't mean I like hanging out with you when you're not verbally nice, and it doesn't mean that I won't defend those you're a butt towards, but I don't think it's my place to forbid you from being what I see as unkind. Does that make sense at all? Not 100% sure I'm communicating this properly.
Your spot on, it's become the new form of bullying. It's not appropriate to mock people, until they disagree with you, then everyone pile on. This whole "kys" debate is the same thing: people that feel weak band together against those they disagree with, hoping to get them silenced and removed from the community, despite their own problems with being detached from community. Their trying to enforce the same detachment they feel from their actions on someone else. Free speech also implies the opposite : free listening. If you don't like what someone is saying, don't listen to it. Change the radio station, browse a different website, click the in-game mute buttons. Report the player if the speech just bothers you and mute them if you're going to log-off and drink bleach.
: To all the “KYS-ERS”
MRW someone says in-game insults might actually cause them to kill themselves: http://i.imgur.com/y8Ea8jB.gif Seriously. I had a friend kill himself shortly after high school, so I have experience. And you know what? If you're in such a bad place that video games will trigger you, STOP PLAYING THE GAMES. Check yourself into a mental hospital right away. If you're so close to the edge that someone saying "kys" in League will make you do it, you need serious mental help and 24/7 monitoring. Period. It's a cop out to ignore your own mental health and force others to live the way you want. News flash, mentally stable male friends in League's target age range (18-34) tell each other to kill themselves ALL THE TIME. The term "f*ck my life" mocks depression but was huge because of Superbad. You're the one with problems, not us, and if you're too stubborn to seek proper treatment, that's on you. And this is coming from someone that has never told someone to kill themselves out of anger (though I did when my friend sh*t his pants while hiking and I had to walk back surrounded by his stink).
: I regularly get feedback that the people I report get punished. I'm not inclined to believe that the system isn't working unless I have proof. The system only works when people actually use the report function. If they aren't doing that, it isn't Riot's fault. That's the only sure-fire way to make sure problem players get punished, and more people need to learn to use it effectively. Don't punish because you don't like someone. And DO punish when they break the summoner's code. You can't punish them for playing the game, and you SHOULD punish them when they are not playing the game. It's pretty simple, yet I think many people, because of the bystander effect, simply don't use the function. I'd love to see stats on it.
I get feedback from obvious flamers/toxic people, but I've never once gotten feedback after reporting an afk/inter. Personally I'd rather deal with hearing about the sexual exploits of my mother then watch someone silently run it down mid. That seems to be the big disconnect, if you're not chatting, you're not getting punished. Riot only seems to care about what people say, not how they act. And I'm not the type of person to report bad games, if you go 0/10 but I see you trying that's fine. But if you're 0/20 and 10 of your deaths have come from you afking in lane, something needs to be done.
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Cowseed (NA)
: Place your bets
Zac won't be a problem in solo queue but I can see him getting nerfed because of LCS. Pros will be able to make great use of his ult due to communication. It's going to be either Yasuo, because it always Yasuo, or the Rift Herald, because it will be impossible to balance.
: Had this happen twice never been so pissed in my life... well eh
Twice? I've had 4 people run from a single Redemption. The adventures of high wood/low silver.
: If you surrender as your nexus is getting destroyed, your nexus explodes twice. It (sadly) happens a lot to me.
Sadly? The double explosion is awesome, if we're about to lose I try to get it every time.
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: Can we make thresh lantern taunt ally towards it?
If a sound clip screaming "CLICK THE F*^%ING LANTERN" played every time it was dropped, my teammates would still run away from it.
: Yasuo Post (Wall of Text Inc)
A couple points: 1) Riot designed a skill in the past that slowed projectiles, discussed around 6:00 at the video below. The balance issues a wall like this would cause would be crazy and give Yasuo a huge amount of hidden power, especially vs projectile teams. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4KbqpJBa1I 2) Blocking all projectiles in general is a problem. It needs to function similar to Braun's shield to be balanced. 3) The way his shield charges is a problem, as it has no drawback or counterplay. The CD/his Flow doesn't reset on damage like Malz/Malphite/Galio, and it doesn't require any risky movement or provide counterplay like Poppy. 4) His ult moves him out of tower range, providing free dives because...? 5) Even 5 seconds for Gathering Storm provides significant zoning power, considering he can stack it so fast The biggest problem with Yasuo is that he's simply not fun to both play against, and play with. Any champion that can dash so many times in a game with so many skillshots is just asking for people to be frustrated. His incredible vulnerability to CC and reliance on knockups makes his teamfight questionable on any decent team comp, so he's always split pushing. Playing against split pushers in solo is annoying because teams don't communicate well, and playing with one can be just as annoying because your team might not take advantage of it. He's not over-powered, he's just cancer, and nothing you proposed would make him more viable against good teams or less cancer in general.
: I regret that I don't understand what this is supposed to mean.
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xSimox (NA)
: @Riot: Here is a good way to fix the situation of Leavers and AFkers during ranked
Or they could, you know, actually punish the leavers. I can't tell you how many rage quitters I see still playing weeks later.
Raoul (EUW)
: 90% of all people who use the mastery emote in game be like:
My favorite is when you're farming top peacefully, your jungle comes in, engages a fellow farmer, dies almost instantly, then flashes mastery 7. {{champion:64}}
: Because these boards are so useless, they don't even have a move thread function. Come on, things like Invisionfree have a move thread function and that's like a billion years old.
That's really sad if that's true. That makes me think that either 1) it was intentional to limit discussion or 2) a whole team of web designers need to be fired.
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: So we complain towers are easy to take enough already...
I seriously doubt this will be a thing and still be useful. It's a poorly thought out idea that will be impossible to balance. Split pushing in solo Q is one thing, but pros will be abusing this left and right, which will put it into Azir/Kalista level trash status.
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