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: He is making a meme about *his* experience that happens to involve me, which is why this post is fine. Your post was just directly about me.
That makes absolutely zero sense. So basically I can make a post saying "I google searched racists" and then post a meme about how laughing fish was the top result, and it's somehow better than if I just made a post saying "laughing fish is racist"? What shared experience is it making up a meme about what you searched for on Google? It seems to me that if a post is promoting you its ok, and if it's not, it's not.
: As stated in the [Memes and Games Rules and Guidelines]( > Community-centric posts: - Posts made that are directly addressing a specific member of the community are prohibited. - i.e. @Laughing Fish Is this how you feel when you play Garen? - Posts that reference a specific member are allowed, so long as the post is still complete and capable of standing on its own without the reference. - Generally speaking, this means that posts about a shared experience with that user are allowed, posts directly to or about a user are not allowed. The difference is your thread was directly about me and to me. Whereas this thread is actually about the poster, and his experience searching for something on google, and it happens to reference me.
So if I just make up that I did a Google search beforehand, it's cool? Search "Yasuo isn't op" on Google, you're not there. You're mentioned in the first line of this thread, I don't see how this is different.
If I may ask, why is this post calling you out OK, yet you closed a post I made calling you out? "I'm afraid this post doesn't really belong on Memes and Games, so I went ahead and locked it. While some community posts are allowed, ultimately the focus must remain on a meme or joke rather than a specific person. More information about what belongs on M&G can be found on the Memes and Games Rules and Guidelines."
Poske (EUNE)
: Tilt proof honor is a bit missleading. The whole "GG Wp" under it baits people...
It's the dumbest thing to honor someone for, not to mention it implies that the community tends towards toxicity.
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: Stop blaming your Mid-laner when they call MIA and you still die!
Solution : follow your lane, die, and blame the loss on others. If you can't beat em, join em.
: Is Zac really that strong or is it that the rest of the junglers are kind of lousy right now? They finally hit Graves. Sejuani and Maokai don't really feel like they are cutting it. Amumu, Volibear, Hecarim, Vi, Shyvana, Udyr and Rammus, Kindred, and Reksai are all struggling a bit. Ivern has gotten quite a few nerfs. I agree Zac is too strong but in general it is a weak time to be a jungler for most champs.
Zac really is that strong. In a meta where ganks are extremely important, his E is ridiculously strong. Since you can engage from so far away, it's easy to avoid wards until it's too late for them. His Q when used properly is both a slow and displace, giving extra CC. And his ult is just nasty when used well. If you have a decent laner on your team who knows how to take advantage of ganks, you can get a huge advantage early and never look back. Plus Zac's W does %max health damage, which seems to always become problematic since he can do decent damage with literally 0 damage items.
: When you want to flame but want to get honored
: Or just pick Fiora.
Fiora is over 50% ban rate, good luck with that. Vlad is at 8%.
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abdul569 (EUW)
: Now I can be both broke in game and in real life with this rune
You all laughed when {{champion:163}} said you were going to pay for the wall. Now look at what you did.
: Well because that basically means you get like over a kill's worth of gold just because the enemy didn't pay attention for 30 seconds or they're like bronze or something, too good against bad players and against anyone good you're not likely to find any camps alive for long enough to steal them anyway. When you have an item like poachers, I think they're incredibly careful about the idea of super snowballing with a kill's worth of gold just because the enemy is bad rather than you being good.
So justify a 20 second cooldown.
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elduris (NA)
: Do you have a question about your thread being deleted or do you want to make a comment about the state of the Instant Feedback System? If you're questioning the deletion, you should post this in [Boards Feedback]( instead. If you'd like to make a comment, feel free, but I do wanna let you know that Riot has actually come out lately saying they're not satisfied with how intentional feeders are detected currently and will be making some changes in the near future to detect these players better.
There ya go, in the last paragraph. While Riot has said this, they obviously haven't made this known to the majority of their player base, especially considering how often the topic comes up in moderation. And I don't care if my post is deleted, I just wanted to highlight that Riot obviously knows people "game the system" yet don't address it.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Slimegoon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uPJpkJ5c,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-06-21T23:23:07.438+0000) > > Tryn's biggest counter-play is to not 1v1 him as another melee. Funny how people always says the same thing about Fiora, and everyone agrees that it's bullshit and not real counterplay. But for some reason Trynd gets off the hook because...........?
Those people are dumb. It's a team game for a reason. There's a reason you don't see Fiora or Tryn often in pro play. Once you get some teamwork, they're shut down much easier.
: I love how much counterplay Tryndamere has
You either picked or blind picked Xin into Tryn and expected to win? How? Tryn's biggest counter-play is to not 1v1 him as another melee.
Kjarik (EUNE)
: This is the best event Riot made and here is why
Was about to downvote because this event sucks ass, clicked the link and noticed it was in M&G. I got rolled. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Take your stupid upvote.
: More like if you type "ez" at the end of the match you need to grow up.
Obviously Riot doesn't agree with you, since saying "ez" at the end of a game doesn't get you banned. I guess the mods have thicker skin than the children posting in this thread. Easy.
Raoul (EUW)
: Why are people suprised when they get reported for saying "Easy" after a game?
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will apparently decimate your soul. Seriously, if you can't handle "easy" you need to grow up.
: Right, so you messed up, and attacked someone else based off hearsay and false pretenses. Clearly you're the victim here.
Don't even argue, Janna is easily the biggest turd-nugget on these boards. You're wasting your breath.
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: Buying Missions is a Step in the Wrong Direction
This is one of dumbest cash grabs ever. I'm supposed to fork over money, in order to unlock something that I then need to complete in order to get tokens to unlock something else to get a random piece of loot. I would never in 1000 years spend money on this. I don't know why Riot insists on trying to make money off RNG over and over(cough hextech crafting cough) but it's a terrible way to do business.
: Can we revert refillable potion's icon?
This was one of the biggest stealth nerfs of the patch. If Graves can have his cigar, why can't we have the old refillable???????
: "I'm diamond on my main account"
I actually say this most games. I find I can get the other team to waste time talking about how I'm not, looking up my stats, etc. It's a head game. My main is actually Silver 4.
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V1C7OR123 (EUNE)
: [Gameplay] Loud Sounds
It's really pathetic that Riot hasn't responded to any of these posts yet.
: Loud Noises
Bumping for justice. I play with the volume completely muted besides pings and can hear many effects after this mornings mini-update.
Azwel (EUW)
: Riot needs to give back some of that old sustain they used to have.
Or at least some jungle-based sustain. Healing on monsters only.
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> [{quoted}](name=The Ender Cobra,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=qVeQEs10,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2017-06-10T00:01:01.882+0000) > > > FTFY ????
: This is the correct response when the jungler takes a whole wave:
abdul569 (EUW)
: When you get a post to hot
To be fair it's in his name he can't help it.
: Remember when mana conservation used to be a thing?
The mana problems is one of my least favorite aspects of the game right now. It doesn't feel rewarding to avoid skillshots when it doesn't force your enemy out of lane to get mana.
: "PSA: So am I the only one who can stop pretending that these titles aren't annoying?"
If in gameplay, mention Lee Sin in title. If in M&G, mention Yasuo/how shitty gameplay boards are.
Fàtèd (NA)
: Guess that Ultimate!
Some of you really need to step your game up:
: Yasuo players in 1:32 min
I want to upvote because it mocks Yasuo players, but the lack of mastery flashing disallows me to.
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: Dawnbringer Riven is not, how you say, overly "thicc"
On a side note, this stupid "thicc" bull, which is one of the dumbest memes I've seen, is slowing leaving people unable to spell "thick" properly. My little cousin might know memes but he's dumb as a stump.
: Are we going to stop pretending Pantheon isn't a problem right now?
He just needs power shifted around to match current gameplay standards. His Spear shouldn't be a point and click spell with how easily it is to spam it and how much damage it does. Increase the damage a bit and change it to a skill shot and he becomes much healthier to play against.
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