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: She already had the 3rd lowest winrate in the game overall? I get that she was pretty strong, and I see why they'd remove her ability to freely dive towers, but the healing on her Q is essential. She is a close range assassin without any poke outside of melee range. She also had one of the lowest winrates in the ENTIRE GAME. What does nerfing her and Irelia mid into the ground do? Make mages stronger. Mages now have their 2 biggest counters, removed from mid. Really don't know what Riot is smoking.
close range assassin's with no poke hmm {{champion:105}} {{champion:62}} maybe even {{champion:91}}. Lets be real here, you rush gun-blade and can take fleet footwork if you really need the sustain. She has an abysmal win rate just like {{champion:429}} and {{champion:421}} and people barley batted an eye when they were nuked from orbit for pro play. It's the same thing here, it just happened to be a popular champion this time. Think {{champion:157}}, {{champion:84}} will still see play, just not be disgustingly good in competent hands. Also I think {{champion:69}} was hit waaaayyyy harder than {{champion:84}} this patch.
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: Why in the world would they nerf the 3 adcs that could somewhat hold their own in today's meta? I get that they are relatively strong compared to other adcs but they still get bursted down. Varus, MF, and Jhin have 0 mobility. They don't have a luc dash or Ez flash. Every tank has hard cc nowadays and every assassin destroys them. Let'snot forget that the only way for these champs to stay relevent is to build them like assassins. There are almost no standard crit ADC builds anymore because they are so terrible. Turning hot garbage into garbage doesn't make it any less garbage!
A lot of the reason is that those in particular make picking most any other adc into them literal hell. Lanning against a competent Varus means one arrow and you lose a pot and same can be said for mf q and jihn w. Also they kinda recognize that there is too much damage in the game atm, so it doesn't matter what any champ that isn't a tank or bruiser does because they will die. Once they tone down the base numbers some more and you can take typical crit builders back in the bot lane, their value will come back. My guess is right before or as a part of the midseason they will fix it.
: ***
I know this is probably a troll but galio has been in the game for some time, and they have never made a teaser or spotlight when the balance team makes changes, that is when full VGU's happen from the champ update team.
: They also mentioned lb if you read.
huh was gltched on my screen my bad
: Do we even need Runes, Masteries, and levelling in general?
I wish I knew the post, but alas it is lost somewhere in the boards because there was one post where multiple big name rioters more or less agreed with you on the point of runes. That said I do think that the mastery system shouldn't be gated by levels, but there still needs to be some leveling system because I know multiple people who are more or less one tricks that have been playing the game since s3 that would be insta locked out or ranked because they have to grind up more champs than the one or two they really enjoy.
: > Gnar no longer instantly kills champions when E - Hopping from one corner of Camille’s R - The Hextech Ultimatum to another what the actual fuck?
Gotta love Riot brand Spaghetti
: So much for having a golfer jhin skin... gonna have to wait a while to hear him shout "FORE" instead of "FOUR"
I can here it now ultie kill on 1st shot : :Hole in one" kill on second shot: "birdie" kill on third shot: "par" fourth shot: "FOOOOREEEE"
: Great so by trying to 'balance' support Malz you dump mid-lane malz even harder. Why don't you guys admit that the 6.23 changes was a mistake and revert it or even better, revert the whole rework. You did it for Kog'maw why not Malzahar?
Honestly I thought the spawn before the animation was a bug and treated it like that and him being able to double tap voidlings was abusive. Imagine if velkoz could do that with his rifts, it would be busted and 600 range is larger than most adc's auto range so it is a fair number if they run out of their ability to fight back they shouldn't be chased to oblivion(hehe) by things faster than them. Doesn't affect mid much to be honest like they didn't touch his damage (you usually only got off 1 voidling before your ult if any)
: Patch 7.2 Notes
Any word on changing control wards vision radius to what pinks were. Honestly makes it hard to know when it should see certain spots or not. Like a little more clarity(I know you guys love that word) would be great. Did I miss a hot fix or something.
: Great job with this event Riot, love how much you are showing how you care about the League players with a PAID and RANDOMIZED event so that we cant even get one of the new skins with a discount unless we pay for the ENTIRE BUNDLE.
You can also wait until the skin goes on sale with their normal monthly sale schedule. Not saying this is a good event, but they don't FORCE you to participate. If you want to spend money do it, if not then don't, but they really aren't helping themselves with this one...
WoopyD (NA)
: they can't do it with the new client....... which really sucks because that was so awesome
Not true, actually, from a tech perspective there is nothing that would stop them from doing it, but they need to make it from scratch more or less. My guess is they actually are working on making it again, but it is a low priority thing for a new client and honestly it is a shame that they didn't think that the majority of the community(at least the vocal ones), myself included, would be really disappointed that it didn't happen and that we were given little knowledge about at least things like legendary snowball or New Years
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: Do you think you could solve some of the queue time issues by making an option that had a true 20% chance for each role? I like playing every role, but I absolutely hate putting fill or support in because both of those options seem to get you support 100% of the time.
Become one with the support mains. But actually though please, we need more people T_T
jpatches (NA)
: New client needs size adjustment feature
Hey there I was in alpha and I actually asked for this too. You need to go to the gear (top right) and under general after the first three check boxes you can click the window size and change it to whatever size works (there are unfortunately only three presets atm. If that doesn't work that means you have a bug and should hit the initiate full repair just below. Hope that helps.
: Alpha client window size is TOO SMALL
Hey there I was in alpha and I actually asked for this too. You need to go to the gear (top right) and under general after the first three check boxes you can click the window size and change it to 1600X900. If that doesn't work that means you have a bug and should hit the initiate full repair just below. Hope that helps.
: Some thoughts on Support
Honestly all of these problems revolve around one thing. Supports are shackled to their lane for reliable xp with little ability to leave because like it or not most classical supports ({{champion:12}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} ) are team fight/utility oriented and have to be the ones on the map to not cs. So this means that you are stuck with so little xp it is hard for utility kits to do what they are meant to because the numbers are so low. Gold is honestly not an issue but xp makes or breaks fights like having rank 1 or 2 ult on soraka (mind you when most people are 12-13) and it can be especially hard to ever catch up because you really never want to go anywhere alone. To fix it you need to add xp gen to the basic must buy support items more or less but this is where EXTREME caution is important. Like the changes to the jungle items to prevent non junglers (aka the adc) to take camps lvl 1 for a large lane advantage giving xp gen to support items makes them almost too good to pass up as ANY role. So there has to be a gate. Catch up xp mechanics, whether flat/time or extra percent from actual xp earned are actually pretty mediocre design but they are effective and make supporting less painful. I like the second better but it makes the math harder but numbers are balance teams deal not mine, they know more anyway. They are also the only thing I can come up with that makes any sense. So we have 2 more or less MUST buys for supports {{item:2049}} and {{item:3301}} or {{item:3302}} or {{item:3303}} and that is not a bad thing. Since early game support xp is more or less the same as the adc i think that making a 2 part passive, one on {{item:2049}} / {{item:2045}} and one on all the tier 2 support items (and their upgrades), that only activates when both are present on a champion. To clarify all of these{{item:2303}} {{item:2302}} {{item:2301}} have both parts of the passive. This makes it gated behind a bit of gold AND time AND you have to be behind in your teams average xp AND you have to build at least somewhat like a support. All this makes it significantly less likely for abuse (see when mid lane built this {{item:3092}} a lot in S5 or S6 I don't remember) while not making supports deviate from their actual build paths and allow for a much easier time actually playing the game. Obviously you rely on your adc to do well, but there are other damage carries on your team to potentially rely on like mid lane, jg, or top lane. Notice I said damage carries because as a support you are typically a utility CARRY. I said it supports are carries and sure in this support main dominant thread plenty here will agree with me but RIOT at large seems to not notice or care about us except when a support is way to strong or que times are really long because people aren't playing the role. Honestly this is the first time in a long time that I feel like Riot is actually giving us some love(the eye stones were a nice blip but just that a blip). The only thing that support players want that shouldn't be too hard to get is more stats such as damage shielded. Seriously please that one is a big one. tl;dr xp is a massive issue that can be addressed by giving a 2 part passive that gives catch up xp if you have a sight stone item and a tier 2 or 3 support item or you have an eyestone. More stats like damage shielded please. Riot is actually caring about supports now for the first time in a long time and feelsgoodman
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: Was the new void video about a new champion or changes to an old one?
New Skins. Thresh and Varus I know have them. Maybe more.
: Anivia perfectly balanced? Look, I fully agree and understand your post, but Anivia is definitely NOT perfectly balanced.
To be honest Anivia has always had a high skill cap which makes her strong, when you know what you are doing. Otherwise she is really bad, like Azir. She actually was fair since to team fight properly is nigh impossible with your 2 activators for e had a 6+ second cool down and were hard to land to begin with. And that wall is still really hard to use in team fights. Raising the costs means that Anivia will have one of the weakest laning phases of all ap casters for a late game that might not even be worth it if she has to give up so much in lane. She is largely irrelevant against people with high mobility and sustain(cue every new and edited adc item) since you can doge her q really easily and simply stay away from her ult. I might not even play Anivia any more with how weak she will be. RIP one of the more fun champs in my pool.


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