: There is a real life poro, and his name is Gimo
Once upon a time there was something so cute that everybody died... The end.
iLuma (NA)
: iLuma's "Are You Afraid of the Dark" Contest! (Win a FREE Skin/Champion!)
The Tale of The CDR Fizz He was real... He was running around the streets and had 40% CDR. The cops were trying to shoot him BUT THEY COULDN'T HE JUST KEPT TROLLPOLING I was so scared I didn't know what to do. I ran inside and hid after a while I heard "PENTAKILL". He had killed the swat team that was sent to stop him and eventually found his way into my house up to my room just to slowly impale me with his weapon..... as I was dying he whispered in my ear, "outplayed..." {{champion:105}}
: What is the most horrible theme-to-gameplay execution?
UPfreely (NA)
: Give your favorite champion another champions' quote.
{{champion:105}} my right arm is a lot stronger than my left - tryndamere
: Mysery Champ Day! (or skin otherwise)
uuugggghhhh i got singed :\
: New Stat tracking website that is plain jaw dropping !!!!
This is great, I always knew i was atleast a gold mid laner :D
Rioter Comments
: As a (former) Fizz main, I absolutely *hate* tank fizz. I will refuse to ever play it because that is now how he should be played
Yea I main fizz and I hate the idea of going tanky with him
ponkzy (NA)
: there was never %damage on his e, and it's still on his w just as a passive instead of active
> [{quoted}](name=ponkzy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5fT4Uet4,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2015-06-21T14:32:09.379+0000) > > there was never %damage on his e, and it's still on his w just as a passive instead of active oh yea my bad i meant w
Slippery (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BeatinWarDrumz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5fT4Uet4,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-21T03:51:32.880+0000) TANKINESS?? nope
> Straight up, i dare u to name one of fizz's weaknesses A couple I could think off * Mana cost is super high on his E so he can only cast it a couple times before he's oom * Most pathetic laning phase ever unless he kills you * No you aren't able to 1v5 penta kill in the enemy fountain with just a sheen like alot of people think
: How are people complaing about lb, kalista, and ekko when this guy exists...
> [{quoted}](name=BeatinWarDrumz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5fT4Uet4,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-21T03:51:32.880+0000) TANKINESS?? nope
ponkzy (NA)
: i believe tank fizz top with challengers smite is more broken than assassin fizz. tank fizz can dive the backline and blow up the adc and still have at least half his health to blow up the next person
They reverted the %damage on his E so tank fizz isnt super op anymore
: yeah, well, he nearly has the dps of an adc with nashors and his ult will usually hit at least 2 and his e is aoe too... Hes not vuln to cc, he just trollpoles + zhonyas and then his q, and w are back up EDIT: I do not play Fizz, sorry about the inclusion of nashors (just seemed like a good idea)
djjomon (NA)
: Mystery Champion Unlock?
It says we get it when patch 5.12 comes out
: When you unleash your champion's whole kit on an enemy and they survive with less than 30 HP.
: ++The Gifting Fairy++ (NEW THREAD)
IGN: Slippery I would be super happy if I got heartseeker vayne :D
: Hello I'm white and I grew up poor as fuck and had to work hard to get into college on a scholarship
Besteau (NA)
: Hey. My boyfriend loved it.
Karlyr (NA)
: Way to take Jummy's line :P https://youtu.be/hHnmr837hSg?t=3m39s
: What are your best League of Legends pickup lines??
Are you a minion because I can cs together... _sorry_
: High Koalaty Gaming ARAM Tournament
Do I need to have ts or is it fine without it?
: Killing Someone From Beyond The Grave
Jynx (NA)
: Fan Artist Feature - Lazuli
What do you use to make the drawings?
: Nasus skins and what they tell about their players
Do vayne or fizz please! These are amazing <3
: You wake up with your favorite champion's passive
{{champion:105}} I take less damage from punches and can move through people :D
: Why play anywhere else? Daily Tournaments - all game modes! Riot Points + Steam Code Prizing
Rioter Comments
: It has 60% Ap and its meant to wave clear. while costing 130 mana. But wait lets buff Fizz. #RITO
All they did was make his W the way it was before.
GIJose65 (NA)
: pet peeves in league
"Fizz is the easiest champ"
: ITT: You share little known tips and trick about your main champ
you jump over the blue buff wall 2 times as {{champion:105}} so thats really good to make them burn flash
: If you que up and dont accept
Having to wait an extra 5 seconds is unacceptable
: Why I Became Toxic
i have gotten a feeder maybe once in my days of playing league
: > > Define "hard to use," because many people feel she's not all that hard. > > Well, let me put it this way: there's a reason that she had one of the lowest win rates in the game yet was extremely powerful in pro hands. She was also "powerful" in Ranked games. Hence why people playing Ranked games called her "overpowered".
> Olaf, Tryndamere, Maphite, Wukong, Lee Sin, Kha'Zix must I go on? All of these are good lanes for Poppy. kha is an easy lane for any top laner
: 1vs1 Fizz vs Fizz Tournament For RP cards!
Ima join! I've been looking for something like this for ages!
: Try to find the illuminati in this commercial
Cryoid (NA)
: Got 6300 IP, what champion should I buy?
{{champion:157}} is pretty garbage unless you are a challenger
RhoIo (NA)
: Theres a reason I hate normals.
I think normals are a lot more peaceful than ranked, silver is a living hell
: Rate your skill at each role by tier level
Mid: gold 5 Adc: silver 5 Supp: silver 4 Jungle: Silver 4 Top: I don't remember, I haven't gotten top in ages
Reinfox (NA)
: Buff fizz please
Anybody kill can someone with their q... If you constantly let them auto you
: Guess which champ i hate the most? i'll give you a hint.
I feel like at firsT I felt like this was targeted at me but then I realized you were level 30 @Tundra fizz senpai http://imgur.com/1tJAAwr
: I'm a mid laner on a top 3 challenger team about to get demoted to Diamond 2 in soloQ
Cryoid (NA)
: Just faced someone with 400+ PVP wins
: Level 21 gets matched up against Plat 5
: DEN15 512: Pls die less But +points for being good with Ezreal 15/512
> DEN15 512: > > Pls die less > > But +points for being good with Ezreal > > 15/512 9.5/10 keep using zed
DarkPandaz (EUNE)
: Why are u so obsessed with {{champion:61}} lel , pick {{champion:103}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} and own her .
> Why are u so obsessed with {{champion:61}} lel, pick {{champion:105}} and own her . She wrecks fizz...
: why does hourglass still exist?
It's the only thing keeping fizz strong. If it's nerfed people might finally stop crying
: Champion and skin sale: 08.08. - 08.11.
Lol they put waterloo MF on sale xD
: Debonair Vi and Ezreal have arrived
Debonaire vi is such an ugly skin. Sorry riot
: Watch the Summoner’s Rift preview
Holy tits talon has alot of gold


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