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: HP bars disappeared in game
I had the same issue. Had to restart my game.
: my essence ward is missing
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Raoul (EUW)
: Since Warwick is getting a rework, I though about a new way for his Blood Scent:
: @Riot: I feel like we're building up to some amazing Void content.
It feels like Targon is set up to oppose the Void while Biglewater is set up to oppose the Shadow Isles.
Shacrow (EUNE)
: Strongest champion lore wise?
This has been done to death.
: There is no crusade without religion and there is no religion in Runeterra.
... Um. Nah. {{champion:420}} would like a fcking word.
: Brand is from Shurima?? I did mention it actually
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: How is saying "that was dumb" considered to be non-toxic behavior?
I mean even if it is, I'd rather you say it than use some shady "..."
: Hi! We've gotten a few sporadic reports of this issue occurring, and are currently investigating. Thanks for the additional data, it will definitely help our research! FYI it is intended for rentals to be usable in ranked games; we want players to be able to try out these champs in a variety of game modes/environments!
What does accessing him in Ranked provide? Seems like letting someone use a free champ in Ranked... I don't see the point.
: The current plan is to see the impact of the change and adjust on a champion by champion basis as necessary. It's not out of the question for that to change between now and the patch lock, however, as these things are in flux until that point. One thing we are currently looking at is an adjustment to GA to give players a bit more options against Zed. Likely more on that soon.
So you really think shoehorning a DIFFERENT item in place of the one you were using to gate his balance is a good idea? Isn't that just going in circles?!?
: Yep that is what it means but in a way that isn't toxic you put the toxicness in there. "..." = "That was dumb, why did you do that?" neither the ... or that sentence is toxic. But it was dumb and you needed to know it was dumb so you don't do it again.
: When riot bans you I am sure they will say "..."
What does my behavior have to do with anything?
: So..what you're saying Is you think SILENCE is toxic? Holy fuck...
Silence would be typing nothing. Typing ellipsis is toxic.
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: What exactly is there to look forward to in League's narrative, lore, or story?
We need consistent lore releases. I can't stay engaged for months at a time waiting for the minor amounts of lore you give me.
: It's actually pretty hard not to kill someone with Nami by accident with your W at least once per game. That's probably why its in the formula. Just like Annie and Brand supp.
I'm not saying kills should count against you, far from it, I kill secure often as Nami, but I AM saying **NOT** getting kills should not count against you.
Lost R (NA)
: Kills aren't counted against you as a support. That's a community reaction, not a formula reaction. In fact, the people who DO get S ranks? They have kills.
Then there is something inherently wrong with the system, me getting Kills as Nami is bad for in game yet to get rewarded out of game I'm expected to do something detrimental to my adc's income? Sounds like Assists should be weighed more.
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darkdill (NA)
: I can have pretty cynical views of things. Genies are no exception; I just think that League's iteration of a Genie doesn't need to be all evil and such. We already have enough evil guys from Noxus, Shadow Isles, etc. As for Sivir freeing said Genie, that's possible, but I think it should be Ezreal so we can actually have some story for him, and to allow him to have a distinct connection to the Shurima scene. That and you'd be able to draw more Aladdin parallels more easily with Ezreal than with Sivir.
Not sure if it makes sense for Ezreal, then again I don't know much about his morality.
: Riot is just telling you to stop worrying about those silly wards and get better at landing the killing blow on champions. Also, if a team fight starts to go south make sure you get out of there ASAP. No use trying to save someone else if you want that S.
I'm just so confused. What do they want from me. Should I not be sacrificing myself for my Carry if I'm forced to make that choice? Should I be stealing kills from my ADC and gimping my teams gold? Should I try to CS better as NAMI or freaking SORAKA? It's ludicrous. I had strong ward presence the whole game too before anyone gives me that BS.
darkdill (NA)
: Well, in the sequels to Disney's Aladdin, the Genie is freed and thus helps the cast out of friendship, not servitude. Something like that could be used.
I suppose. I think your perception of genies is much more positive than mine. I view them as backstabbing and generally evil by nature. You take the more Disney approach which is fine. What about if Sivir freed a genie? She's an explorer, who finds a lamp and when she rubs it the Jhin expects her to make him her slave. Sivir, already frustrated with Azir offering her whatever she pleases instead frees the creature out of annoyance. The genie freed becomes loyal as he thought people were just selfish and lazy and of course is grateful to her Etc. etc.
darkdill (NA)
: Maybe one who CHOOSES to serve a certain master (i.e. Azir) out of loyalty rather than being forced into servitude.
Hm. While that idea may have merit, genies are usually much the opposite of that. They don't like actually helping and are very rarely benevolent creatures. Then again Riot can take whatever liberties they want with genies in their world but I'm going off of what I perceive of genie Mythos. Even if you took the "serving only to screw you over later approach" we have Trundle for that. And we have plenty left of diehard loyalists tied to masters of have earned their respect. Sorry for sounding pessimistic but with Ao Shin being a very similar concept I'm a little hesitant to be open to this type of champion right now. As far as a kit is concerned, a support genie does sound awesome indeed.
darkdill (NA)
: Would Genies work in the context of LoL's story?
What unique position would a genie bring from a story perspective? We have Xerath who was freed from imprisonment who has power of an incredible level who desires to seek revenge on those that imprisoned him (a common genie backstory) and we have Aurelion Sol who is technically imprisoned who also possesses amazing power (more Aladdin type genie story but still a pretty common genie situation. These two characters cover the two most likely genie archetypes that Riot could use. Of course a genie COULD work and I'm definitely a fan of Shurima, but I don't know what unique perspective or arc a genie could take that the two characters I just listed could take. Tbh I wish Riot would stop releasing new champs for a while and just focus on world building with what we have but lets be real they need new champs to make money so that isn't happening.
: I love playing support....but i'm done.
I just had two phenomenal support games and only got A+. How is 2/3/22 anything less than an S? I feel riot is****n't**** weighing this stuff fairly.
: We have all-purpose shields and magic damage shields....
An auto attack shield maybe? That's basically dodge or shen's shield but it's not like other champs don't have magic barriers built into their kits.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Malzahar Direction
Hmm... Well I'm certainly no Malz main but I certainly would be more intrigued by the champion and maybe even motivated to try him if the voidlings were a more dynamic part of his kit. Aside from Azir (if you want to count that) we don't really have any champions with the potential to control mobile units like Malz can. I hate his ult but considering how close and vulnerable he has to be I guess it makes sense it's so damn good, still not a fan of it tho.
: Can someone explain to me why these Icons werent used already? Im curious as to why, they seem adequate.
Well if I had to guess, at a glance I can't really differentiate between each spell. Every spell is a very similar color (or the same color for Anivia). That's not a great reason but...
: Oooh. I like that idea!
Maybe like the Terminator from Terminator 2? And his q could be a spike in stead of the usual animation.
: I might still throw some colour on it if I get the right pencil hues.
More like pencil huehuehuehue
: Mage Update : Zyra's current state & possible improvements
Yo, what if they removed her current W, but every time you cast a spell, a seed spawns in its location. These seeds have less of a duration than her current ones but can't be crushed. That opens up room for a new spell, and condenses her burst/ zone control. i.e. You cast your q, then immediately cast your e and it spawns a lasher somewhere inside your q.
: I'm getting a lot of AFKers lately too. Pretty sad. Riot needs to bring in the Ban Hammer. Ban people from ranked games for 3 months. See how many ranked games they AFK from then.
I like the way you think, unfortunately, that isn't a necessarily fair system either, sometimes there are irl situations or connection problems that you just can't control that force you to AFK. Still, I agree that the punishment for AFK (especially in ranked!!!) should be heightened. Even if your connection dies you should still come back in like 5-10 minutes at most, and if you know you have a crummy connection then don't play and don't ruin the experiences of others...
: Mentioning DOTA usually has and adverse effect. Even if they were going to implement it, they wouldn't somply because it's associated with DOTA.
oh well then they better not ever improve their game cause heaven forbid they learn from other games in the same genre. You know who would care? Nobody. It's not like this feature is copyrighted. If the only thing preventing this Riot's "pride" then they need to get their priorities straight. It would be a shame if such a petty thing got in the way of Riots ability to be fair to their players.
: Dota and leavue are different they share the moba name... so if u dont like league then you should go to dota
So because I think one feature out of the entire game is bad I should switch to a totally different game?? That doesn't make any sense. I prefer like 90% of league to Dota, but I'm using DOTA as an example because clearly he feature that I want is doable.
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: Is there any ADC that keep rengar fucking off you?
An assassin is doing their job and killing the ADC quickly?!?? Color me surprised!!!
: I think you forgot {{champion:8}}. He's a noxian champ too.
> [{quoted}](name=Ultraboomer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8cTw9xNU,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-12-02T19:14:49.433+0000) > > I think you forgot {{champion:8}}. He's a noxian champ too. And he's especially fond of blood :P
Sharjo (EUW)
: Illaoi's Long Lore Has Been Released!
Just wanted to pop in and say I love it. All of it, especially the lead up to Illaoi as a champion. I respect how Riot introduced her to as before debuted her on the rift.
: > [{quoted}](name=Craft Zeppelin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BUqzEzBl,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-11-23T03:00:07.326+0000) > > get velkoz support and do the channel of glory bot duo. Vel'Koz support is my current favorite "support" (heavy emphasis on the air quotes, because I go full damage).
Obligatory: "I'm the captain now" gif request.
: It's not much, but can any Rioter help me congratulate the Champion Skin Art's team?
: {{champion:17}} Demonspawn.
: Hey SylvanasWrunner, Where are you referring to it not being available? In the Champion Details Page the login screen animations rotate through all three - Concussive, Kinetic and Ethereal. If you're referring to champion select - swapping genre splashes isn't something we plan to add to DJ Sona at this time. We chose Kinetic since that's the genre you'd load into the game with, and from there, you're able to toggle into the genre you'd like to use.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot KateyKhaos,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=JawJvQ2E,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-11-18T19:40:39.264+0000) > > Hey SylvanasWrunner, > > Where are you referring to it not being available? > > In the Champion Details Page the login screen animations rotate through all three - Concussive, Kinetic and Ethereal. > > If you're referring to champion select - swapping genre splashes isn't something we plan to add to DJ Sona at this time. We chose Kinetic since that's the genre you'd load into the game with, and from there, you're able to toggle into the genre you'd like to use. He's referring to champion select and the loading screen. That's very disappointing Riot, it seems like this would be quite easy to implement.
Reaveb (EUNE)
: Give Other Champions A Place in Trailers
A piltover versus void themed trailer would be pretty badass imo
: I just got done listening to Illaoi's VA, she's very...forceful. She doesn't seem to care much about good or evil so long as people live their lives in the way they desire. She's constantly talking about being "in motion" versus "stagnant things", so she likely would have very much liked Gangplank while he was slaughtering his way to the top, so they may have had a relationship. But she has one line: "Gangplank was drowning. You helped him swim again.", which I assume is directed towards Miss Fortune. Gangplank may have gotten "stagnant" or comfortable in his control of Bilgewater, and stopped being ambitious and taking action once he reached the top. Illaoi would hate that. In her eyes, Gangplank's "death" and loss of power has probably made him better, because now he's actively fighting again. She even has a line: "You want your revenge? Take it!" It sounds like she just wants to keep Bilgewater, if not all of Runeterra, in constant motion and flux.
Nice analysis, take my upvote.
antropy (NA)
: Original post is hidden when looking at a topic
This has been happening on both my Safari using iPhone and windows 10. Everything but the first reply in the topic cant be seen. Also upvotes and downvotes aren't visible.
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