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Mordius (NA)
: after a 14-day ban you are on thin ice, and any sort of negative behavior will instantly result in a permaban. If you took a 4 month haitus, chances are it was due to this game setting you off. You very clearly stated you knew you should have muted them, but you didn't. Riot does not lift permabans ever under any circumstance. If you report toxic players, they will be banned. You are proof of this. You are now permabanned. The system works, so there is no excuse for your own behavior. If you are still interested in playing League, take advantage of the snowdown event, using tokens to purchase champion shards is a good way to fill up on blue essence.
No Mordius I don't think he is an example of toxic players being banned. I think the entire banning system at riot needs a rework. I have repeatedly reported players for being incredibly toxic (far worse than saying anything this guy did) and they weren't banned for days until I opened live chat with a Rioter every single time. How do I know they weren't banned? I would write their names and open their accounts on OP.GG every day and see that they had games played. The system they have only works in favor of those that play in groups of 3 or 4. I can get a person banned by just getting 4 people together with a random and report him or her after the game. It is so easy. Riot should either fix their reporting system or don't have one at all for chat.
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: This must be some sort of joke. If anything, they should give it a mana cost.
Sure if Tryndameres spells cost part of his rage bar as well and you have to have 0 rage to activate his ult. I can agree to that.
: Im not saying she isnt a great champ, i enjoy playing her. Unfortunately she is hell to play against, especially someone who knows Kayle well. If there's anything id change, it would be her W because overall its a lackluster ability that could be so much more.
She is hard to play against in some top lane matchups, sure i will agree to that. However, in this day in age so many top laners now also have long range spells and gap closers. So many champions counter her now that its insane. Even Kayn's ultimate lasts longer than her shield so he can just stay in you until its over. I think if anything the cd needs to be increased a little while the length of the effect lasts at least as long as a Tryndamere ult does.
: I dont wanna live in a world where Kayle becomes pick/ban worthy again. That's suffering
kayle is a great champion and has a decent kit just like many other champions. Yet i believe that Riot needs to take a look at her again with all of these new champions out and reworks for old champions as well. Her ult is so easily countered by any CC.
: Because it is an incredibly powerful ult, and 2 seconds is already absurd when you use it on an ADC or bruiser at the right time. Black shield is anti CC, it does nothing to stop physical damage and only blocks minor magic damage.. And that is when i realized this is a troll post.
Morgana's shield stops 350 damage at base with no added AP and scales at 70%. It also Nullifies many ults like Amumu's for an example. Also that 2 seconds is nothing for a Kayle ult because you can still be CC during the Bubble. If you couldn't be CC during this time i could see an argument for your case but there is not one. Kayle's ult needs a buff.
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