GreenLore (EUW)
: I'm actually sure that the problem is more that riot doesn't have a clear image of Bandle and I think part of the problem for this is that Bandles champions kinda clash with the idea that Riot has for that place. I mean Bandle city is basically described as a fairly whimsical place, but then you look at the champs that are counted as bandle city champs and you'll see that a lot of them actually feel fairly militaristic {{champion:18}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:17}} , which really clashes with the whole "whimsical" thing.
This is something I had in mind for a while too. While the fae/whimsical take on the yordles in the recent lore might work for champions like Lulu, it clashes heavily with someone like Rumble who literally built a mech with his bare paws out of anger against the teasing for him being the runt of the litter/the humans from Piltover that visited Bandle City or even Gnar who's a supposed prehistoric yordle. While this is likely to be changed in the new lore, the designs of many yordle champions do not seem very fairy/spirit-like.
: Riot trying to be mysterious about Bandle City is killing support for it by the community.
Hoping for a Bandle City update as well soon. I really want to see the region be fleshed out more as we've gotten a few stories of the yordles outside of Bandle, but nothing about the city itself. Been waiting for lore stories about it for so long, and tbh - {{champion:45}} short story was my favourite of the the most recent. It fit him perfectly! {{champion:85}} doesn't even seem to appear so far in the Zed comic previews/cover (hoping he does make at least an appearance along with Shen/Akali in the comic). {{champion:68}} is nowhere to be found right now and even {{champion:17}} of all champions still barely has any lore despite being such an iconic champion. Kled, Poppy, Corki, Heimer, etc could all use more stories as well. The yordles and their bright designs/personalities were what drew me to the game and it would be wonderful to hear how their society is like and what Bandle City looks like currently.
Riot Pls (NA)
: Future Stories
Something for {{champion:85}}. He's my favourite champion, and would love to see him get some lore details/stories. His bio is still outdated, and is currently barely mentioned in the lore aside from being mentioned as Akali's teacher. Did he still actually run up the Placidium to get the attention of the Kinkou? When did he harness his electric powers? How did he get to Ionia from Bandle City (the latter of which is still a mystery on its own!)? How did Kennen feel after Akali left? There's a lot of questions I'd like to know about the energetic yordle! The new Zed comic also features the Kinkou, but Kennen is nowhere to be found in the previews which really is disheartening (especially when seeing Shen and Akali along with Zed on the cover). Hopefully the little yordle ninja gets some love in the near future along with the other yordles of Bandle City! {{champion:17}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:42}}
: Thank you for giving Kennen some screen time!
So happy to see Kennen in a cinematic at long last! It's disheartening to see him receive little attention over the years; however, hopefully the future is brighter for the little guy! He's been my favourite champ for a very long time. Really love how his outfit in the cinematic matches his current splashart as well!
: Seems like it, I think people were just trying to reason with his odd shaped features and the lore saying hes from a "mysterious civilization". Just wanted to make sure I wasnt denying the possibilities of being a giant dwarf.
There are a few pieces of Gragas concept art that seem to support your point possibly about Gragas being a dwarf at one point. Apologies if this has been posted before or not. As to how long or whether he even was considered a dwarf at these stages, I have no idea of; however, he does seem to resemble one even moreso over here (especially with the size comparison chart to a regular human being with the several concepts of Gragas aligning up).
: What are your favourite skin splasharts?
I still love Karate Kennen's splash - one of my all time favourites! He looks adorable and determined in a simple; yet, pleasant looking dojo.
QMighty (NA)
: I bet Kennen turns into a Yoda-like cgaracter, with a dash of Miles Vorkosigan thrown in. As in, a wise old sage that has been in the Kinkou order for 800 (or so) years, but is also a spastic ball of energy (ha) that can hardly keep himself still.
While the timeless nature of the yordles seems like a given, I personally hope Kennen doesn't become an aged yordle of sorts. I much prefer his young and energetic look - hopefully that's maintained! :0 We do already have Kled, Corki and possibly Heimer appearing more like older yordles so far.
: What About Kennen?
It really is a shame to see Kennen, one of the original Kinkou trio, be left out. I really did look forward to the Akali VGU in hopes Kennen will finally get some more lore, development and a further relationship with Akali. While the latter was given a bit of insight with him being a very close friend of hers since childhood, Kennen was barely touched up upon and didn't feature in her trailers either. :( It's true that Ken is slated for an eventual VGU though I wonder when this might be considering how much of Ionia we've seen so far since Irelia's rework? Could it take another year or two before Ken gets his? I am happy that the Kinkou got development as it was left alone for quite some time now; however, it feels wrong that of the Kinkou Order trio - one of ninjas was left behind in terms of content. Not even a short story either while both Shen and Akali received one along with Zed. It's tough waiting for years to see one's favourite champion get even a mention from Riot. Barely any of the recent League promotion material, trailers, Akali teasers for her VGU, or even merch in general feature Kennen. Even at the time when the Kinkou Order members are given more depth, Kennen barely got much for some reason. We know he's a young, energetic yordle who ran up the Placidium walls and was later taken into the Kinkou, is willing to accept Zed if he seeks redemption, and also is fond of Sona's music. He is considered to be a prankster as well - would have love to seen how much trouble he brings to the Order! But since then, we got a small rewrite bio about him patrolling the Spirit World with Shen...but oddly enough, Shen's new bio makes no mention of Kennen at all. Hopefully the little guy gets some love soon! Kennen did make a small cameo dancing at the end of the Akali champion this does make me hopeful that Akali still maintains a good bond with the little guy ala her bio and that one quote. Kennen is my favourite champion, so I hope Riot knows we Kennen fans exist out there! {{champion:85}} {{item:3070}}
: Well, she did learn alot from the little guy, it's in her bio. She has a soft spot for him. There's a line for that. She likes him. There were more lines, but in fitting with a stealthy assassin, we went with a smaller VO script to align with that. Check her out in game, where the lines are meant to be heard. Akali has reverence for the Kinkou, (how could she not?), but she gotta do her thing. Cheers!
It's very sweet to know this now. From her bio it seemed discreet but I'm very happy to know that she is fond of Kennen - and hopefully we learn more of their bond as the two ninjas with Ken's eventual VGU. We don't know these elements unless being told from a voiceline or bio - so it's good to know Riot still considers the two to being close!
: I also want to remind you that this Akali has left the Kinkou Order and is now on her own, "Rogue" if you will. So while she has the picture with Shen in the Surgeon Shen/Nurse Akali pic, they have parted ways and that skin splash is to keep consistency between splash arts in that line. All previous Akali splashes never feature the Lightning boi either so.... yeah. I know it sucks not to have any Electric Rat stuff but hopefully we get some Kinkou info and some stuff on Shen and you're boi Kennen in the lore and what not.
That would be great hopefully in the near future. :) I remember reading all the new Ionian lore since Jhin's debut - and fantastic tales they were! However, when looking for Kennen in any of them - it was a bit saddening to see hardly any references to him despite Shen making quite a few appearances and even Akali herself too. I'd just love to see my favourite little yordle ninja join the other ninjas in the tales!
: I think you answered your own question: "It's true that Kennen was mentioned to be getting a VGU EVENTUALLY;" Why would they put him in when they don't even know what he will look like yet... I think it may be likely that Shen and Akali will show up in Kennen's doctor skin.... because they all exist at that point lol
That's very true, and you have a point that he wasn't in any of the recent Akali/Shen splashes aside from a possible cameo in Warlord Shen's one. Though it can be tough waiting for years to see new Kennen stuff - and to this day, we know little about him aside from him being born in Bandle, running up a wall and joining the Kinkou, being the member most willing to forgive Zed and possibly enjoying Sona's music according to some Rioters in the past. He did receive a new blurb recently with all the other outdated champs - but still remains rather forgotten compared to the other ninjas. I just hope to see him get some love in the near future. It was just odd especially considering Akali was put into Surgeon Shen's splash after his VGU even when she was slated to be a VGU candidate at the time yet instead Kennen wasn't in it.
: On the other hand, that keeps them from having to update those splashes when Kennen gets his work. That might be a good thing, since it means he might be closer to getting some work done.
That is very true; however, this has become a recurring thing for a while now with almost little mention of Kennen since Jhin's debut in terms of the Kinkou ninjas. Outside of that, even the recent Arctic OPs Gragas splashart includes all Arctic OPs members except for Kennen as cameos... It can just be disheartening to see your favourite champ not be referenced at all in recent art and lore pieces.
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Fasmodey (EUW)
: Region icons in PBE
Hopefully we get a Bandle City icon sometime in the near future with lore. It feels so forgotten, and I hope it hasn't been removed as a major region. :(
: Candidates for: Arcade
Perhaps a hero Arcade {{champion:85}} that can make references to Megaman characters or GameFreak's Pulseman with retro plasma animations. If Pikachu Kennen is difficult to make a reality due to copyrights perhaps sound effects similar to the old electric moves can also be used as a throwback.
Arammus (EUW)
: why is he looking at her eyes?
: Kennen has seen successful play in many different roles (top, mid, adc, supp) even in LCS. He has barely ever been touched and yet he has remained consistently viable. I fail to see how he's suddenly on the tier 1 list over someone like Teemo who has failed in pretty much every role and is considered a joke and troll pick just for hovering. Sure, Kennen looks outdated and his spells look like something drawn in MS paint but those are purely visual aspects. Gameplay-wise his kit stood the test of time better than most champions in the game. There are worse champions out there that are struggling very hard to find a meaningful niche in any role. I fear that Kennen might just get turned into just another boring generic battle mage and/or gets forced and pigeonholed into some bland 'archetype' or 'trope' that defaces the character. There are champions out there that need the treatment far more than him: {{champion:5}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:32}} among others
I too hope that Kennen isn't changed too much gameplay wise and is just given better visuals in a future VGU. His kit while outdated is still very sound and fits well altogether imo. It is saddening to see him rather forgotten at times from narratives and in game content, but I too feel Kennen's kit has aged rather well so far (visuals and VO not so much - that I can agree with). With Akali being confirmed for a VGU, that leaves Kennen as the last Kinkou member to be updated, so I assume that's why his priority has gone up from a lore standpoint.
: I cant get the wukong banana be avatar anymore ?
It was a limited time icon that appeared in the Blue Essence shop late last year upon the change from IP to BE. Perhaps it might return with more new icons when the Blue Essence shop returns. The date of this; however, is unknown for now.
: Yes on Akali. She is important to the story. Kennen is a little up in the air. As an old kit and champ model, this makes reworking his place in this stiry/lore difficult— until he gets a reup slated. He will get a new story and lore revamp from someone— but “I” avoided him because I didn’t want to risk major plot points changing if he changes. (Esp back when workingnon Jhin)
Would love to see what you guys have in store for Kennen. He's my favourite champ in the game though would be neat to see how his electrical powers tie in to the Kinkou. It's been rough as both a Kennen main and lore enthusiast when Kennen has barely had any involvement in the lore since his debut for years aside from a few Rioter posts about him liking Sona's music, that he's the one member more likely to forgive Zed if he ever returned to the Kinkou, and that he's even older than Shen/Akali due to being a yordle. He almost seems forgotten as everyone discusses about the Kinkou, Zed and Jhin - bit sad to see. :( He's a prankster and said to be very energetic, perhaps he can represent the more light-hearted nature of the Kinkou better. Was disappointed to see him so overlooked despite all the new lore Shen received; however, hopefully both Kennen and Akali get their appearances in the near future. They've always been Shen's sidekicks so expanding more on them would be welcoming. The new lore blurb seems to mention Kennen's association with the Spirit realm - curious to see what role Kennen plays here - perhaps interact with the Vastayans as a messenger from the Kinkou? {{champion:85}}
Kozima (NA)
: Can we talk about the Kha'Zix Chromas
Would have been nice if at least the R evolution had glowing neon lights as the stripes/designs on the evolved Mecha Kha representing the most prominent colour of the chroma at the very least. Clarity is definitely important; however, it's a shame that the chroma is completely lost by the evolution.
: A Second Batch of New Bios!
Very happy to see some updated {{champion:85}} lore as there's hardly been mention of him despite the Shen and Akali appearances in Jhin's short story (as well as Shen's new lore in general). Very interested in this direction with Kennen bringing balance within the Spirit Realm and his enthusiasm as a yordle which makes a sharp contrast to Akali and her role in the material world.
: So a while back Kass got a model update because a Rioter did one in his spare time
Dragon Trainer {{champion:117}} 's visual update was also another example of a mini project done by a Rioter in their free time. Definitely a great improvement!
SanKakU (NA)
: Is Noxus Poppy available through Hextech Chests?
You might find it in hextech chests, yes. Though it's one of many legacy skins, so keep that in mind. There was a time where Riot would open up the legacy skin vault around Christmas time in the past...perhaps it might happen again this year. Likely the best time for those seeking legacy skins as most legacy skins would return to the store for a temporary time.
: Why are people complaining that Shen didn't get one of these skins?
It was a combination of both the teaser as well as the fact that Shen hadn't received a new skin in years. The teaser (especially with the dark filter) bears a strong resemblance to Shen's spirit sword.
: Also no of their swords looks likes the the teaser image either, which is kinda dissapointing since I actually like that design.
Believe it is actually Janna's skin that has the sword + sheath akin to the teaser (though the dark colouration of the teaser made it look strikingly similar to Shen's blade). I can see why these 3 champs were chosen for thematic purposes; however, the teaser did indeed raise the hopes of Shen fans.
: {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} nobody ever seems to mention teemo. he is a marksman that cant be played in the adc position. he can't go mid because all mages counter him, so it leaves him to go top lane. he can harass some melee laners up there. but after the nerfs to his ap ratios and ult timer he really doesnt offer much. in a game where everything has burst damage now teemo isnt left with much. his range is 500 which is extremely low. getting him into range to do damage means you are probobly dead 200 range before that. I think sometimes people just think of teemo as a mascot champion or a meme and people forget that he is played as a real champion. Alot of people resort to building him tank which is sad. His ult is now completely countered by a free trinket. I dont think riot wants to buff him because he is annoying to lane against. Which is fine. So maybe instead he needs a complete rework because i'd rather have that than to continue to play him in his current state. None of the other champions on this list i see is in a state where people actually flame you for picking them in ranked. {{item:3070}}
Indeed...Teemo needs quite a bit of work as well as he literally is the definition of a jack of all trades, but master of none. He's an odd marksman/assassin/mage hybrid that can even build tanky....yet, he excels at very little in the game. He's a poor teamfighter unless building somewhat tanky or attempting to throw a few shrooms into minion waves and additionally, his split pushing isn't the best either compared to other duelists of the top lane. Regardless of memes, Teemo needs an identity check to make him have a niche or provide use to his team that other champs cannot (others like Kennen and Gnar are similar to him as a lane bully, but perform much better with stronger teamfights and utility). Teemo has his shrooms...but even those have lost their time duration and damage over the years (in addition to being difficult to balance as invisible high damage traps). Hopefully Riot helps Teemo in getting a better niche in the game. He obviously cannot be buffed in his current state as he'd be even more overwhelming against melee champs in lane, but some modifications to his damage/utility might make him a healthier and more useful champion in the modern day League. He's said to be the "Swift Scout" - perhaps he could provide more map pressure using speed as opposed to his high, early dps. Even Quinn lives up to the scout fantasy better with her roams. I feel the potential is there for Teemo with map control and so on - but just needs to be modernized and less toxic for the game.
: skin for Shen, but Yi Gets Two Skins in One Year?
I feel it was a mistake with that sword teaser as it does look eerily similar to Shen's spirit sword as well. It's no wonder that many would be upset as Shen has yet to receive a new skin for years as well.
Aamano (NA)
: Star Guardians costing extra is OUTRAGEOUS
I feel this is a huge mistake on Riot's part. Originally, the borders were a bit of a novelty factor that indicated that one purchased certain skins when they first came out. It was a simple; yet, nice touch that added a bonus effect to the skin we purchased. However, to charge an additional 400+ rp for the border and icon in addition to the skin is troubling. The border just doesn't feel special at all at this point other than having to shill out more RP for a bonus bundle with the icon + border to your newly obtained skin.
Kelg (NA)
: Could we get an option that allows us to use the Classic ranked champion select theme from S1-4?
I really hope we see the return of this theme sometime soon (as well as having this theme return as an optional ranked draft theme). While the theme was overused in the past - it's definitely a very iconic theme to the game itself and really should be represented somewhere in the game regardless. Like others, I too view this theme to being the theme song of League of Legends as well. Incredibly powerful.
: Hilarious Heartseeker Quinn recall bug
Am I the only one who thinks that this bug is a pretty magnificent recall on its own? Quinn and Valor just swooping back to base...with an eerily empty swing. xD
Rioter Comments
: What's evil about Zed nowadays
Zed's definitely been shaping up to be quite the interesting character since Jhin's lore was released. Though my main gripe is that despite all this...we know very little about the Kinkou Order in general as well. Both Kennen and Akali are both in an odd lore limbo and really have little development outside of being Shen's "two sidekicks". I was disappointed to see that the two were not even referenced in Kayn's reveal or champion interactions. Akali was mentioned a bit in Jhin's story; however, there was no mention of Kennen at all (other than a Rioter mentioning that Kennen was probably the oldest ninja in terms of age of the group). From what I recall from what Rioters mentioned during Zed's reveal was that Akali had no mercy for Zed and was ready to kill him (indicating a possible past with Zed) while Kennen is ready to redeem Zed as he sees some good in him while Shen is neutral on the overall subject. This makes sense as Akali is the ninja said to be tasked with assassinating those who threaten balance while Kennen's kindness is meant to help those who want justice in the world. Shen watches over both sides to make a perfect balance as per the Kinkou Order's actions. After all these years of having these characters in the game, I do hope we learn more about Ken and Akali as well as the conflicts between the Kinkou and the Order of the Shadow. Kayn has been revealed as Zed's fellow member and potential new leader while the two sidekicks to Shen have had little development at all in recent years. Akali is said to be young and brash in Jhin's story while Kennen's original lore indicates that he's a prankster...I really hope we just get more info about these guys too so we can learn about the overall situation about the two ninja clans.
: The dragon trainers – Chapter 5: Rigorous Training
Great story, friend! I was rather curious if you had the story about the dragon trainer yordles around the boards, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it here! Keep up the good work, loving the personalities you gave Teemo, Heimer, Rumble and even Trist. :)
: Funny enough, I thought of a similar concept, but involved a massive clone of dragons to explain how does he have so many stored in his hair and out. Heck, I'm already writing stories about him, Teemo and Rumble as dragon trainers. Do hope those 3 do get the skin themes tough.
Dragon Trainer certainly has a lot of potential and even looking back to this concept, the concept of more yordles having different coloured fur just makes them super appealing imo. Hopefully we see more from this line one day! :D
Darkrown (EUNE)
: Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger
Very cute concept - love how Heimer in general just looks so much younger here as well in the designs! Also the ideas of having dragon-based turrets, dragon eggs and so on are very creative and would work quite well with Heimer! Hopefully we'll see a Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger one day - seen the concept flying around for a while now, but the concept art here just makes me want it even more now! :) Great work! I can just imagine Heimer having field notes about his experience with the dragons and possibly thinking to even advance them with his technology...only to back off due to how innocent the dragons may be (at least as infants). ^^
: Are general Kennen nerfs planned or nerfs aimed specifically at his on-hit build? His AP build has been in an awkward spot for quite some time now.
If AD/on-hit Kennen goes the way of tank Ekko - I too hope AP Kennen gets compensated so he feels better as a mage and midlaner once again. Ever since the nerfs to AP Kennen's ult earlier this year, AP Kennen has completely disappeared as he's no longer considered reliable with his heavily delayed ult ticking damage along with the fact that many other mages have better waveclear and poke via the mid to late game compared to Ken. It's sad to see that such a strong team fighting mage has been reduced to an auto attacking split-pusher instead tbh - would rather see Kennen's identity be shifted more in favour for his mage qualities as that was his traditional build. Very flexible champion, yes - however, it's wrong that it's gone to the point where his AP build is hardly even played or built as the literal electric mage champion.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 8
As a Kennen player, I'm glad to hear nerfs to hit his AD/AS build as indeed he was becoming overbearing and dominant since the buff to BotRK. However, will he receive any help to his traditional AP build? Kennen has completely disappeared as an AP mage since his ult got its damage backloaded to make him unreliable as a mage earlier this year - hence, Ken players running to the AD build the moment Kennen was nerfed. I just want to have Kennen back as a mage as that was the build that really defined Kennen as the literal electric storm champion. He definitely needed the nerfs earlier; as the mage update buffed his ultimate much too well - however the nerfs that followed after the protobelt and rylais changes hurt Kennen to the point AP Kennen is no longer seen reliable.
Erdamon (EUNE)
: A request for a Rumble balance changes chat with @RiotMeddler, @RiotPhRoXzOn, @RiotGameDesignTeam
Thank you for making this thread, friend. I hope that Riot realizes the concerns of these changes for Rumble. These changes are going to be devastating for Rumble in lane, but personally I really fear for Rumble jungle as this will likely be its final nail in the coffin. We already have few mage junglers and having Rumble as a jungler also filled the gap of having a yordle jungler (outside of those counting Amumu as one). Rumble jg never was an unhealthy game issue as a niche pick and was one of my personal favourite picks myself. Rumble is a really fragile champ balance wise and he's settling in a good spot. I fear this will lead to another AP Kennen situation from earlier this year where he's suddenly nerfed when the meta is changing causing his playrate with the AP build to completely disappear. Ken is flexible with builds - but I worry Rumble will fall off much like from season 5-6 where he got the changes in order to do well in lane and as well as be able to jungle. Rumble was stuck with the lowest top winrate for months back then as a result.
Reav3 (NA)
: Probably Tier 2 or Tier 3.
Would Teemo be a candidate for a modernization or a full on VGU as well? It's so odd to see him with the "Swift Scout" title when very little about him is quick or mobile (especially in regards to his lackluster W). Even Teemo's own champion profile page on the client shows his mobility as one of his lowest stats.
Elfezen (NA)
: Which original Splash Arts still need update? (no Skins)
{{champion:42}} needs it a lot imo. He's said to be a yordle; yet, he looks nothing like it. His UFO skin got updated to make him look more like a yordle; however, his base splash suffers the same issue that Heimer had till he was given a VGU. Imo, he could use at least a temporary splash update to match the UFO splash.
Tokenon (NA)
: Yordle Lore
I agree too about not liking the human disguise theme that Riot has been going with recently. Yordles already have such a neat and unique design - just appearing as old human beings take away that originality and throws it out the window instead of interacting with humans as little furry creatures (we've seen this already happen in both Kled and Tristana's stories). They're supposed to be small; yet, intelligent creatures originally that other races saw as almost child-like. I'm worried for Veigar's lore as I quite liked how he was once an innocent Yordle that was punished by human beings and kept in isolation. Also what's happening to Gnar? I thought he was meant to be the evolution link to Yordles...yet, now yordles are almost immortal? Perhaps if the disguise was just temporary it would be nice...however, that just means that yordles always appear as humans till they reveal themselves...which makes for dull interactions with other human champions. I just hope we get the Bandle City lore update soon as I'm quite worried for what direction the yordles are heading for in terms of lore.
Cansema (NA)
: wish they had {{champion:111}} floating also.. but like most things coming out.. half effort.
UFO Corki can apparently be seen on a crater as well; however, it's not as evident as Astronaut Teemo. While it's nice to see Astronaut Teemo being connected in the Dark Star stage, would have been nice to see Astronautilus as well. Was expecting he'd make a cameo as well. D:
: Yordles dont always "embody the ideas and personalities with a region".
This pretty much. I feel we really have to wait for the Bandle City update before jumping to conclusions as we have yordles like Rumble who completely despises humans and would want nothing to do with it while others like Teemo and Tristana defend Bandle City with little interest to the outside world (though Trist's new short story certainly puts her outside of the city for a mission).
: We're looking at {{item:3146}} . Personally, I really don't like that Leblanc and Ahri are building it. However, I know others here think it's a cool choice for them to be able to make in a build (which I also agree with to an extent).
Hopefully it remains fine for those that do appreciate the item from earlier on such as Akali, Morde, Teemo etc. That's my only worries for the changes though can understand the concern for the power the item grants right now.
: Ping muting testing soon
Thank you very much for this Riot! :D Definitely glad this will exist in the very near future!
: Summoner's Rift NEEDS thunderstorms.
{{champion:85}} would love this.
: Less than daily reminder that League is a team game, so some form of communication must be available. There is no realistic system where Pings could be muteable, that wouldn't lead to negative results.
You're right in that this is a team game; however, in solo queue - there's bound to be a game or two (or even more) in which even one specific teammate will go out of their way to spam ping another's mistake and can even go to the point of even harassing the player non-verbally by doing this. /Mute all already exists to filter out the chat from unneeded flame or for those players who would rather focus on their gameplay as opposed to hear banter that more than likely to help less than useful/smart pings. However, as others have mentioned - a way to mute pings from specific players within a game can help deal with those that abuse the system as opposed to using pings correctly to help support the team game. Are ping spams game-breaking? Not necessarily for all; however, it's a quality of life change that can help those affected by such situations.
: Sejuani's skins feel like they went DOWN in quality.
If Poro Rider Sejuani really has to keep that...passive, perhaps making the poro's green scarf glow (magic should be plentiful in Runeterra) might be more likable than in the state it is right now as it really does look like an eye sore at this point.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Bios and Stories for Xayah and Rakan have been released!
The connection with the Kinkou Order was a nice surprise as it's been too long since we've heard of this clan outside of Shen. Could Kennen be the friend from the Kinkou mentioned by the vastayans considering that he as a yordle could understand their reliance on magic for survival over power?
: Quick question about the Cottontail Teemo Chromas
Sadly not the case as this was one of the earlier released chromas. Cottontail Teemo in general has a few different patterns for the eggs he tosses, so that might be what the confusion is about. However, chromas don't affect the egg patterns.
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