: Need a mid laner for clash
What tier? My main plat 4 so forced tier 3, or can add this account for tier 4
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: Match Making is even worse than normal this season
Yea it's official I am done. 4 games... 4 stomps.. Not sure how it can be called ranked. {{champion:38}} seems super op right now I definitely fucked up but w/e. Nami d/cs at like 2:30 or 3 and they get kill... then AT LITERALLY 5 MINS THEY KILL BOT TURRET FOR FB TURETT LMFAO. Still no idea why this is "healthy" gameplay but w/e. Fuck you in the fact riot you bunch of useless cuck bois.. O btw {{champion:84}} super cool champ..... She is so fun to play against. Thank god you gave her wekanesses.... O WAIT YOU DIDN'T LMFAO. Opps... gues design team forgot champs are supposed to have weaknesses. Also, {{champion:39}} redone is fucking cancer. I hate her more than probably any champ now. She is in any game... spammed by noobs.. who still do well because once again you made a champ retardely broken as fuck because you can't design champs worth shit. Get fucked boys I am out.
: Season 8 is one of the best Seasons ever... Even though {{champion:42}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:115}} are auto-losses right now.
> [{quoted}](name=Colton147,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ko0A5kKs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-04T01:50:54.753+0000) > > Season 8 is one of the best Seasons ever... Even though {{champion:42}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:115}} are auto-losses right now. only people who think that are trolls.... never played another season... or just dumb. Which one are you?
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: that is the mindset you should have. is do your best to win instead of the grade. i get it you were ranting cuz you thought you played well and deserve the higher grade. well you did do well that is why you got the A but you werent perfect , s= perfect no the grading system isnt ideal or perfect ill agree to this. but its not just cs, its objectives, netural monsters, cs score, warding, damage , kda etc and it depends on how long the game went and so on... cuz what is an S at a 18 min game isnt the same for an S in a 30 min game its a constant changing average based on the averages of all players of x champ in y role. so take it as a way to look at your game objectively and ask was there things you could of done better? or more you could of done? and of course there is always mistakes we all can fix and learn not to repeat best of luck
Sorry for old comment just saw this. I think the reason I was so salty is so I went on this huge hot streak on this account with {{champion:59}}. Good k/d/a, good objective control, winning lots, etc. But never could get higher than S-. But then last night I play a game mid of {{champion:90}}. I die going even in lane with lane opponent like 3 teams so start 3-3. End the game 10-3-10 with only like 161 cs as a mid lane {{champion:90}}. Now. Not only does the game give me an S... but a fucking S+. And that right there made me saltier than it made me happy. I bust my ass in my main role or in games and hardly ever get S- solo carrying games. But then in a game where enemy team ends up trolling and we all do well I all of a sudden get a "miraculous" S+. And this is why I just really dislike Riot's mastery system. Yes, I was tilted and my post was never going to be taken seriously. But the fact remains, the mastery system in its current form is a joke. I get a S almost every time I play support because its just that easy to get an S as support compared to other roles. The shit is just so lopsided. I would guess I got an S+ because malz cs numbers low due to him sometimes being played as support. So literally any champ that is played in more than one role especially when support is involved instantly makes it that much easier to get S and token on than champs only used in one role.
: yet its comparing your cs with X champ in Y role vs other players cs with X champ in Y role so if you play j4 jungle it compares your stats from the game with the stats of other j4 jungler players and if you dont score in the top 5% you dont get an S
> [{quoted}](name=jwebb0113,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=h2GxKFvO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-08T00:04:58.260+0000) > > yet its comparing your cs with X champ in Y role vs other players cs with X champ in Y role > > so if you play j4 jungle it compares your stats from the game with the stats of other j4 jungler players > > and if you dont score in the top 5% you dont get an S Yea makes sense it just all other J4 players. Idk why for a second I thought it also took into account elo. After posting kind of figured I was wrong. Ah well it's just annoying is all end of the day it can help make you better sorta I know my farming not really up to par this year for jungle but I stopped concentrating on mastery and more just trying to win games regardless of what stats say.
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: Even as jungler you can get unlucky and get teams that always die to ganks when you are on the opposite side of the map and push on your side so you can't gank at all. Just saying... your role only matters to a certain extend and everyone can influence the game.
Yea that happens a lot actually. Super annoying.
awdaf (NA)
: How a supports mind interprets each role
I feel like that playing jungle to be honest....... at least when in silver elo. Actually that's why I started playing jungle. I just see the role as a support who can carry.
: Part of the game is just to accept that sometimes people, who are not seasoned professionals but simply hobbyists of the game, have bad games. Sometimes they're just facing a match up they struggle with, sometimes you just wiff a combo and puts you behind and in a death spiral for the rest of the game. Shit happens, which this is part of the climb. If you so choose to climb, you have to accept that you're going to have remained composed and play well and find ways to get your team to play better too in a match. https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Pippen%20The%20Short If you go to ranked Solo on my profile, the second game down as {{champion:32}} where I had a {{champion:29}} adc and a {{champion:163}} mid. That Twitch was the key to us winning the game, and I knew that so, but he was struggling super hard with the Malphite support who would just ult him every fight. But I didn't rage at him, like the Taliyah, I just tried to guide him and encourage him and get him back into the game. Now, you're not going to be able to do that all the time, sometimes games are just gonna go south and the hill is going to be too steep. But it's to say, that once Twitch got his {{item:3026}} he could survive teamfights and we were able to turn the game around and win.
I get what your saying I am just bored of it. At this point I feel like I shouldn't need to explain the basics of the game almost every game. I don't expect people to play close to perfect since I know I don't but it really gets old. Its almost every game there's one or two people just under performing so much more than everyone else that the game could have been competitive if not for those players. And it happens so damn often its more than just "sometimes". I am happy my scrub ass in back in gold I am so sick of the climb. It gets old so fast. So many people quit after a couple seasons since it just the same shit over & over. Same low quality games then after you spam 100 or 200 games you get into your actual elo where games are more competitive but at that point you don't care about the game anymore so you stop playing. Maybe it just me but I have found season 7 dull as shit. All my accounts dropped more than ever in rank and climbing back up as been boring as shit. Stats wise my last {{champion:79}} game was one of my better jungle gragas games I have had in awhile. But we still lose because mid & top don't even know the basics to the game even though they in the 50% player percentile for ranks. Yawn. Have 70% win rate with {{champion:79}} but can't play him on this account because if I don't play a champion that can hard carry without team the chance of winning is significantly reduced. Seems crazy but that's how my season been. Around silver 1 mmr teamwork actually starts to somewhat matter.
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: gold elo
My gold account usually has gold or silver 1-2 players in it. It depends on your mmr. Mine on that account is only gold 5 so It makes sense I see players from gold 3-silver 2 players generally. But usually those silver players have higher than average mmr for their rank and the gold 3-4 players mmr is a little lower than it should be. At least in ranked. If you talking norms it's completely different mmr. My normal mmr on my main account is really low so I normally only play with silver or bronze players, but I never play normal games anymore. This account I am sure my normal mmr is higher since I have way less games played and probably would play mostly plat & gold players. But it's only silver 4 account with roughly silver 3 mmr so most people I play ranked with are mid silver. All depends on your accounts mmr.
Sandixcx (NA)
: Get all around better at the game and you can win with anything in silver.
True. It just seems so weird that I have played so many {{champion:236}} games over the years and struggle so hard playing him even in low silver. But can play other champs a lot which I have less experience on and easily win consistently.
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Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: You know, I think most of us at some point have called Riot out for ''favoritism''
Is it already world's patch though? Worlds not for another 3??? months. Not sure why people keep saying its final patch before worlds. It might be.... I would just be extremely surprised if that's true.
: key fragments wont drop
There's no point in even wasting time worrying about chests and key fragments in this game. Just a shit system designed to get you to spend money to unlock chests/keys. If you really want a skin so badly save up and buy it. I get no key fragments either and have 14 chests to unlock. Only reason I bring it up is to point out how shit the system actually is. People just going to shit on your post though because they got 1 free "xxx" skin in 6 months with this system so it's obviously "the best thing ever". Sorry kids..... but this system just an hoax to get your money.
: I've gotten 5 key fragments from honors so far.
I am at 14 chests still no key frags. Yawn. I love that people defend this system as if it makes sense. I guess it's possible to get a few free skins a season. But holy hell lt's such a big F you to players who have played this game for a couple years. And now new honors system. LMFAO. Great...... make our shit tied to some new system you just implemented even though some of us have played from release. That's just fucking great.... so happy my good standing accounts have the exact same starting honor as the most toxic shitters in all of League. And has someone who honored people for years and got nothing in return you think I am super excited to honor people now? Fuck no. People just need to play the game at not be dicks. It easiest enough. Don't see why rewards need to be tied to such a simple concept.
: Start getting some honour and play with your team. You will get key fragments soon enough.
> [{quoted}](name=BlueBilberry,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=z1YGtGpU,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-07-11T22:33:12.207+0000) > > Start getting some honour and play with your team. You will get key fragments soon enough. That's is the next level of dumb Riot has added. "well if you have a nice honor score than blah blah blah". Ok... cool story bro. Maybe if they didn't just write any past years and seasons off as meaningless it would mean something. But since they did Riot and their system can piss right off. I guess if it makes some kids not rage in game as much so they have a chance to get a joke chest and key then it's a positive but to any adults who have played this game for awhile its just another joke of a system added to the game.
: ok?? and i have TWENTY FIVE COMPLETED KEYS and ZERO chests. (and 1 key fragment) totally an equivalence to 76 KEY FRAGMENTS. maybe spend more time actually learning how to PLAY the champions you own, and less time queing with people on a champ you have no idea how to play while they get and S and get u a box... then you might not HAVE this issue
> [{quoted}](name=SwiftKitten88,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=z1YGtGpU,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-07-11T22:38:47.818+0000) > > ok?? and i have TWENTY FIVE COMPLETED KEYS and ZERO chests. (and 1 key fragment) > > totally an equivalence to 76 KEY FRAGMENTS. > > maybe spend more time actually learning how to PLAY the champions you own, and less time queing with people on a champ you have no idea how to play while they get and S and get u a box... > > then you might not HAVE this issue LMFAO. You realize how mental that sounds right? Just assuming I am getting my chest from queueing with others. Sorry bro... I am not a OTP nor do I need others to get me joke S ranking in this game. Nice try though. You know what would help you get more chests? Not suck at the game. :)
Eedat (NA)
: Yeah Riot is so greedy offering free content. Get over yourself.
> [{quoted}](name=Eedat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=z1YGtGpU,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-07-11T22:01:12.092+0000) > > Yeah Riot is so greedy offering free content. Get over yourself. Damn the idiots really came out today. I am actually impressed. I know a good chunk of this community is clueless not sure why I was expecting much else. If you want to actually see a "free system" look at other games like Heroes of the Storm. That's a free system. This system is just a joke.
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: make-yourself-out-of-bronze guide ? good idea or not ?
I am sure some players would find it useful. Most would just probably ignore the advice though or not really understand it. But it may be better for the common player in bronze to see a guide for silver rather than diamond as that shit gets really overwhelming. Need to learn the game in steps lol. Usually people say ignore guides unless high diamond + but some of the shit they do is so immaterial in low elo. That and watching pro streams can help but they playing other high elo players. Then you go into silver/bronze game and enemy jungler does a shit jungle path or just never steals your shit or idk lol. The play levels just so different so sometimes it best just to try and improve and seeing how high you can ran before hitting a skill wall. Then focusing on some more things that you currently getting punished in.
: make-yourself-out-of-bronze guide ? good idea or not ?
bronze just inexperience. People just play and keep doing the same thing so they don't climb out. The one's who really want to will put in the time to learn. Others just spam games then complain. That being said... YES I do have a thread bitching about mming and silver elo. Not because I can't rank up just because this match making system makes for such a terrible ranked experience. I don't care if it takes awhile to rank up if I am playing some fair games. But when games more often than not are 1 sided stomps I get really damn bored.
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: *ban lee sin/yasuo or pick Malzahar into Zed* *dodge* *get support* This is why I hate autofill so god damned much.
> [{quoted}](name=LadyRenly,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zqII2bqg,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-06-14T14:52:13.987+0000) > > *ban lee sin/yasuo or pick Malzahar into Zed* > > *dodge* > > *get support* > > This is why I hate autofill so god damned much. ^
: I don't care. Why? I can play all roles good enough to not feed and have decent farm, which is enough to climb out of my elo.
I just think it sucks that you don't dodge but end up in w/e queue they call it and are basically forced to auto fill. I almost always get my roles unless someone dodges and I stay in queue then I won't. But if I just queue reset I will get my roles again. I personally don't think those 30 secs to 1 min are worth being stuck playing 20-50 min game in a role I don't want to play. Don't see why they mess with your role priority just because someone dodges. I am sure it's to lesson your queue time to get you into another game asap but..... honestly f that. Hell I wish there was an option to opt out of 1 role. I would play fill minus support any day. But I am sure most people would opt out of support so that's why they can't do it. Not my fault support boring as shit (In my opinion). Especially if you playing in a lower elo. Auto fill is needed but it really gets rid of the point of ranked queues. Ranked I guess still has the same meaning but with the choice of role select it really has enforced the idea of being able to rank up as high as possible playing 1 to 2 roles. That's why high elo players hate auto fill because its so hard to play at such a high level in all roles. With the old system you still had these problems but people had to be prepared for not always getting their role. But now through lower elos it's almost always guaranteed (unless a dodge) until you get to high elo where roles are their most important and then you get auto filled people all the time. As far as ranks and meaning auto fill really hurts it. But for queue times it's needed. In the end though a shining example of why ranks in this game really don't mean all that much. Plus I have played this game for so long that I really don't even care to play it much anymore. If I am it's because I want to play 1-2 champs in a certain role. When I go from having that (especially on an alt account) to getting auto filled support because I stayed in a queue that someone else dodged it makes me not want to even play.
: Play some mage support and take the kills. Works well if you are way better than actual elo.
> [{quoted}](name=Starcraft243ver,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zqII2bqg,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-06-14T14:44:38.770+0000) > > Play some mage support and take the kills. Works well if you are way better than actual elo. I just find it boring. I used to be a support main I have had my fill of support. I also used to just go mages in games like that and carry but am sick of that too.
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: I am Plat 2 and was duoing with a Plat 5 friend last night and although we won both of the games, they were some of the hardest games I have played in a while. Both games we were down early and had to fight our way back, play the game near perfectly to get the win after the weak early game. Duoing is just way harder for absolutely no reason and unless you know how to carry from your two roles I suggest you don't duo if you want to climb.
Huh interesting. Yea I don't usually duo to try and climb at least anymore. Used to try it in the past but most my friends who same rank as me don't play anymore. Once in awhile I play on this account to either f around or play with my cousin but even then a lot of the times it seems really hard to win. I guess I am ok with it if it's supposed to be prevent boosting just thought it was strange/funny at how hard it's been to win as duo even when I am playing in at a tier lower rank game.
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MysterQ (NA)
: I will never understand the amount of people on these boards who post it is fine, acept it, not a problem, doesnt need a fix. They see a problem and just say gt over it. What the heck. And some legitmately think complainees are dumb. But if there is a problem it should be addressed.
Thanks honestly it's great hearing I am not the only one. I am not saying "wow I am stuck I can't rank up" just that there are some problems I have seen for years while spamming many ranked games and I wish someone would eventually address them. I don't expect perfection but I also don't want the problems to just be ignored.
Eedat (NA)
: Well you have a practically dead even 50% win rate playing against primarily Bronze2-Silver5 opponents and op.gg currently says your MMR is Silver 5. I'm not sure whats confusing. Op.gg's MMR tool is just a guess. You're trying to use that guess as factual data for your argument.
I type shit in one game says bronze 2 next says silver 4. I just did it earlier it said silver 4 now you say it says silver 5. So obviously it doesn't know. But there is more to it than just that. All I am saying is if you stop accepting the bullshit and just use common sense for a second people would realize this rank system actually makes no sense and that unless someone plays hundreds of ranked games their rank is meaningless. EVERY SEASON. You don't have to talk win rates and mmr with me. I know... I have played this game for forever. I just wish people would admit that this shit is really stupid instead of just accepting it for what it is.
MysterQ (NA)
: the dumb part is. Next season, you have to play 10 provisionals. And you are guaranteed to be Bronze5 (maybe 4 is lucky). But when you start playing, you will still have to beat Silvers to get out of Bronze5. MMR!!!
> [{quoted}](name=MysterQ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PpHiut2x,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-22T19:19:39.849+0000) > > the dumb part is. > > Next season, you have to play 10 provisionals. And you are guaranteed to be Bronze5 (maybe 4 is lucky). > But when you start playing, you will still have to beat Silvers to get out of Bronze5. > > MMR!!! Best part is I was gold 3 and dropped to bronze 1 after placements. Then I played placement right after that on a silver 5 acct and also got placed bronze 1. Which is honestly fuckng retarded to me. Mainly because on my main I was mostly playing mid gold to plat playrs but then on this other account it was all silver 3-bronze so I trashed them and went 9-1 and got placed in the same spot even tough I had over a TIER higher starting mmr and played opponents a tier higher in most of my games. Yet the end result nets same rank. Like..... wtf Riot lol.
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: Self-Serving Bias and how it effects your League experience
I just wish I feel like wins were earned, either way. But fuck man silver/bronze hell probably all elos it feels like a lot of wins or losses can be drawn back to 1-2 people. And not saying the other players couldn't play better but just that.... the games would be more competitive if everyone was of equal skill. But for whatever reason.. in almost every single ranked game 1-2 people just don't have what it takes to compete at same level as everyone else. Now you can chalk it up to bad games, which is true sometimes. But in low elo... a lot of this is just a lot more experienced players playing with less experienced players. And since its low elo there not a wide gap in where people can go so you get matched with them. This leads to = snowball wins, snowball loss. Plus... this games placement system is laughable at best. I have already had so many shit experiences in games in the last 2-3 weeks I have been back because some first time ranked player is on my team or on the other. And it just = super stomp. Both teams know if that one player wasn't in game the game would have been much closer and could have been a lot more fun. But because Riot says new account auto = w/e mmr like silver 3 then anyone new to game is going to get stomped over & over first 7-8 placement games also ruining game for their teammates and the enemies who are looking for a competitive game. Hell... a couple games ago on this account I had a teemo jungle go 0-10 26 cs in 20 mins. If you say "bro man you just suck should have carried" its like ok..... yes compared to the pros yes..... but wouldn't that game been a lot more competitive if teemo wasn't in that game? Wouldn't that have made it a better test of skill? Hell game before that we had a jax go 4-18 because he would just jump into middle of enemy team over & over. If my jungler doing that why can't the enemy get a similar (poorly skilled) player who does that so at least we both have insane feeders that even the game out? And btw... this is why I quit this game earlier in the year. YES I know I am not bronze 1... but this is the shit I hate dealing with. I know I can do it but... but I have to spend so many damn hours wasted with shit quality games its just not worth it anymore. Say what you want.... but I have played this game long enough to know that it can't be this hard to match players if Riot actually cared about fair matches. Instead they just want quicker game times so they can keep both solo/flex queue.
: Looking at your match history, you feed in half of your games. I don't think you should be talking about punishing people for feeding when you do it yourself. That 9/15 Viktor game though...
You would actually have to play the game to know what I am talking about. Nice job trying to troll though.
: So you don't understand how an Elo system works or the fact that each player is the only constant in their game. If people play badly, they lose, they drop rank. It's entirely unnecessary to arbitrarily punish them further for unintentionally feeding.
........... LMFAO no shit. And have you actually played this game before? I don't think you have. You know how long it takes to trash your mmr? A long time. That's a lot of games a player gets to ruin because they are either ranked too high or being a dick. Since we talking about players at their wrong mmr I am saying when someone clearly sucks balls way harder than they should vs. w/e mmr people their playing they should lose like double the mmr so they ruin 1/2 as many games... or at least start playing vs their actual mmr players much sooner. Half the problem is just placements in this game. They assume everyone the same to start so some first time new player gets to ruin 9 or 10 games before actually playing vs. B5 players. Its retarded the system doesn't start your placements vs bronze players and then have you work your way up instead of mid silver and work your way down.
: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=virgogoddesszmh This is the history of the jax player, my opinion is he is just totaly bad in jungle for his level while being quite good in adc. unfortunately you can't bind the rank and MMR to roles. So, there's nothing to do :)
This is what I hate. I get ranked is all about like... playing 1 to 2 champs in one role or w/e. But I just hate that. I get it for like Plat+ which is why I no longer care about those ranks because I think its funny that some players can be "top 10%" but then cant even play other roles in silver. So now you take that mentally and it to low elo and you get a shit show. Its the worst part about being the game being so old these days. Now you have same ranks as before but people like me who have played forever and can play ALL roles around the same level playing with players that are new.... who are barley ok at one role but then are completely and utterly useless like this jax at another role even in super low elo. It just makes matches a complete and utter nightmare. I am so bored this season because games are always so uneven. I get messing around or trying a new role but when you are playing a role at like a tier lower level than your rank it gets kind of ridiculous. I mean... look at the players prior jungle scores. That's.... insane. They would have a hard time competing in bronze 4-5 as a jungler. If someone is so dependent on playing 1 or 2 roles then they should take a massive mmr hit if they change it up and feed so hard. I guess if someone autofilled then there would have to be an exception. Meh.... nothing they can do I suppose. Back to w/e feed and frenzy famon bs that is ranked league.
: So you're going to punish people for being bad at the game...in a competitive game where being bad means you lose and then you drop rank. You're an idiot.
...... lmfao. You just answered your own question. Its supposed to be competitive right? So why the hell should people be able to play like complete and utter garbage and not lose rank? How does that make any sense at all? And then you try and insult my intelligence. Look in the mirror.
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: Not placing wards as support should be reportable
It's pretty dumb when your mid laner has 3 times more wards placed than your support and when said support refuses to buy a sight stone. All I am saying. Its essentially straight up trolling. Pretty sure the scrub got reported anyways since he was toxic and after I sent report got message thanking me or w/e for the report.
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Korillo (NA)
: If you have silver 4 mmr but are in gold then you are going to drop pretty quick. You drop based on your MMR not the number of losses you get. That's also why you get such a low amount of LP when you win.
Yea I get that. Just feels bad when it happens haha. I am not too stressed about it since it an alt account and I got season rewards. Just have no incentive to play on the account since winning is with and vs lower mmr players - (less competitive games) and winning = hardly any lp. I just think it dumb that my account still says "gold 5" when really it should be in silver. Just makes me wonder how many "boosted" players are in higher ranks and get to stay there since they don't play enough and get a few random wins to not be demoted. If I see plat 5 0 lp player in my gold 4 or lower mmr games I just assume they really a silver or lower player and have yet to be surprised. They usually just feed their asses off. Just seems dumb they get a plat border when the player can't even compete in roughly silver level games.
: The thing about dropping tiers that I don't like is the fact that I won every single game up until my d5 promos, lost them, then got back in and won it instantly. But now I am stuck in d5 for like 150 games maybe? I'm not sure, but I feel like the lowest part of a division being 5 is always the hardest to get out of, so I just have to wait til' season 7 to realistically start climbing again.
Yea. I could be wrong but think it might help make the ladder a little more competitive if there is not such a large handicap on division 5 of tiers. I get that it feels great achieving a goal rank and if there is no demotion handicap then players will be too afraid to play and just quit once they hit their goal rank. But right now just seems to easy to troll/or not take games seriously once you hit your goal rank since being demoted out of division 5 takes losing a lot (generally).
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: We are about to hit 2017
^ This. I have never really felt outplayed by {{champion:11}} in playing this game for 6 years. Its either he is underfed and goes in at wrong time to be cc'd and die or he is fed and instant kills everyone. Just a really overall unhealthy kit. Even though I have hated the champ since I started playing I don't think he OP. I just think his kit is stupid and don't see why Riot has not reworked it forever ago. Alpha strike is a cool concept but the rest of his kit is super simplex and boring. I can't use the worlds skill to describe playing the champion (even though I know at high elo it takes skill to play him) and his floor is slow low you get so many new players playing him with hardly any understanding of the game but if they get a couple items can still easily win a fight for their team.
: You don't know tilt until you go on a 10-game lose streak which takes you from high D4 to D5 0 LP xD Help me.
Fuck man that's brutal. Although I heard Diamond 5 is pretty fun so now you can look forward to that :). /s. But seriously that sucks man I would give you my energy but have none to spare.
: Some people say Normal games don't affect your MMR and I would tell them " BS" I rarely play with my Bronze friends but a month or so ago I played with them for about 15 total "normal games" I then go into ranked and before I played with them for 15 games I would only face Silver 2 or higher up players as I was Silver 1 at the time and was getting ready to play my final promo game to get to GOld 5 but once I played those 15 games with them I got into ranked and had Bronze players left and right on my team and also faced some too each game, with some silver players(rarely) I lost around 15 of my last 22 games where before I would win 13 out of 20 with every player being Silver or higher. So being I lost 15 games to "bronze" players my MMR thought I was garbage and lowered the shitt out of my MMR. I would lose my promo game for Gold and got triggered and would go on a massive losing streak because of it and now I'm Silver 5 with 20+.... pretty much 0 LP because I'm still recovering from the massive "Bronzies in each of my games and seeing them get 0-10 baked within 5 mins" If you have a Gold or higher friend, I would play with them because the MMR( MY OPINION) will think your in the same elo as them and will match you with players right in the middle of you and your friend's MMR. Riot tries to balance MMR even in normal games, I mean I don't recall ever facing a Challenger player in a Normal game so it works in normals as it would in ranked. I think don't quote me but it's a thought and an opinion.
Eh based on what I have heard I think normal & rank mmr are separate. I do agree that Riot does try to average and match mmrs in games and therefore if you play ranked or normal with a higher or lower mmr friend(s) your mmr will be affected. I see it on my main account in ranked actually. According to my op.na.gg my accounts mmr is higher than average. I duo with my buddy a lot who is a similar rank but been on a winning streak so his mmr is even higher. So when I play with him most people in our games are plat. I think winning with him does keep my mmr higher than average, which is a nice benefit. I do notice duoing with friends on this account that the players we play are averaged out with our mmr. Being the highest rank player on my team I feel a duty of trying to hard carry, which I am apparently bad at. Like if I get a lead early I will carry the game, but I have been having trouble getting a lead. Whether it adc or jungle I try to force fights or ganks to try and get kills so I can snowball the game but since I am not that great I usually end up failing and getting behind. Then with my other teammates behind winning is extremely hard. But yea pretty sure normal & ranked mmr is separate. My main account has tons of normal games played on it with a 50% win rate and I play mostly silver - bronze players. But in ranked its almost always mid plat to low gold.
: Yea, this happened to me on my second account. My main is Diamond and my second account is Plat 4 right now. I could have easily gotten that account to Diamond with an insane W/L ratio, but I decided to just play dynamic queue with my friends on that account. Now it's mmr has gone from D5 to P4/P3. Sad life we have to live in sometimes.
hehe. Well from someone not in plat I am still jealous lol but I hear what you saying. I think my problem personally is I feel the need to carry and end up making too many risky plays instead of just staying calm and focusing like I did in the past. That and since I know the account is going no where I don't really feel connected to the game so its easy for me to zone out and just afk farm while fights go down. Just seems like with the mmr dropping to the point where I am lucky if there is another gold player in the game I feel winning should be fairly easy but it has been the opposite lately.
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