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: Urf should be in a modified round map with kills as the objective
Given the fact that blood moon is the same way, I think that this is a really good idea. There is really no way my janna will have map pressure against their Sivir/Ashe
: i just want to play jhin. just give me jhin and i'll be happy. he's not even op in this game mode, just give him to me.
I cried 4 a solid 4 hours when I learned that Jhin wasn't going to be in this mode. I am still 4-lorned. I feel like ARURF was a step down from URF and now this limited pool + ARURF has really 4-gone all sense of 4-mer pleasure I had while playing this mode.
: Dream Teams Assemble: 2017 All-Star Event Update
I literally re-watch the All-star games that are crazy. The assassins mode, marksman mode, one for all. It is extremely disappointing that this will only be normal league. I hope you change your mind Riot.
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: Ah. It's sounds like we're pretty much in agreement then. They balance for SR, not the other maps. I don't think they expect the various champs to balanced (winrate, fair gameplay, etc.) in the other maps. I'm not sure if that's what you meant by sorted out. Good points on the HotS stuff. I agree.
My initial position was not to say the champs all need to be reworked for TT I don't expect that but more bans to counter the imbalanced champs would be very helpful!
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mando980 (EUNE)
: daily mission
VS. Should be over now. The event ended the 29th here in NA
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GeekRekt (NA)
: Versatile 'Hacker' Champ that Steals Abilities
This is a really cool idea but how does the ult determine what ability to steal? The last one used by the hacked champ? I guess you need to purchase attack speed too in order to get stacks if you are solo laning.
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