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: Gems being truly outrageous is a reference to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMYG7AsL4N8 Both league and WoW are referencing the same thing.
> [{quoted}](name=Akaash,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=gc4MQAdP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-27T01:54:33.715+0000) > > Gems being truly outrageous is a reference to this: > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMYG7AsL4N8 > > Both league and WoW are referencing the same thing. awesome.... thank you. I remember trying to find out what taric was referencing a long time ago and did not come up with this.
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FuIIm00n (NA)
: in reality there was no need to EVER get rid of honoring the enemy team in the first place. you could of kept that in and then kept on with your patches.
well if a person was only honored by the enemy team to get their honor tag while possibly being a crappy person to play with on the same team, maybe they did it to weed out the bad apples for sure, initially.
I7A6X2v2 (NA)
: "In an ideal world, we’d like to retire normal draft in all regions."... Please no, i dont want to "fight" for my best role... that calling system in blind pick is the worst thing in League We could remove both normal queue and re-introduce team builder as only normal queue.
I'm in California and met two friends in Washington damn near EIGHT years ago playing LoL. We also played many other games too now and I am very thankful for having the random chance to get to know these guys via internet. I'm open to playing any game mode but one of them really likes to play ranked, but as we all 3 cant, we were at least able to play in a "stress" free game mode that was as close to ranked as possible. We do indulge in URF, Doom Bots, and maybe one or two other game modes on occasion but it has been our routine for the better part of a decade. Please do not take out draft normals. if you must, please replace it with a practice ranked match worth no real points other than ip. The amount of everything that I loathe about this game at all is amplified by 10x in an officially ranked match. (salt/whining/trolling/grief/hate/etc etc etc) ...then you have blind pick....
: Are these just gifts, or is there a chance that we will receive these in Shard form? I play a ton of ARAM, and I don't want Kayle. Im sure there are plenty of people who appreciate the gift, but do not want the champion. I actively do not enjoy playing her, and play a game mode where I may have to. Like Gift everyone a chest with the champion shard, skin shard, and dust to craft them. Getting shards for the skin as a gift also makes less work for Riot. I'm sure there will be plenty of people opening support tickets to have it removed from their account. If we gets shards, we just dont have to use them, leaving support to get to more important tickets faster.
lol i love the hate this guy is getting because he doesnt want a champ that he doesnt want to play in the game mode that might force him to play it... Riot put a bunch of contingency plans for people who have the skin and those who cant get that have backups... but him wanting a shard instead is out of line without even going so far as to berate riot, like so many of you have done to him? I'd like to wrap this up by pointing out that this video somewhat depressed me; Here they are saying thank you and showing pictures of the supposedly awesome community, and you need only scroll down to see this crap and realize you can take a handful of any of those people and not help get a bunch of trolls because the community is so damn thick with them.


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