: why wont players listen?
It is because you have no credibility with the people you are talking to. If some random guy walked up to you on the street and gave you a stock tip you probably aren't rushing to a broker to buy.
BläckLotus (EUNE)
: thank you,can i get the source of that information?
> [{quoted}](name=Lyte,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=p7scKW1K,comment-id=00050000000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-15T23:31:12.435+0000) > > Neurocat talked about the escalation system when it launched here: > http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/Boqd81O0-upcoming-upgrades-to-chat-restrictions > > Also, just so there isn't any misinformation, it takes 3 months to drop down **one tier** of penalties, not to 0.
BläckLotus (EUNE)
: @RIOT,Punishment Reset.
Every 3 months you will go down 1 tier. So after 3 months your next punishment would be 14 day ban again. after 6 it would be 25 game chat restriction, after 9 it would be back to a 10 game chat restriction again. Leaverbuster also decays, but it decays with games played without leaving. It takes a significant amount though. Think like 100 games for every game you have left.
Ishgar (NA)
: Conflicting Info Regarding Leavebuster
There is no specific answer to that. All leaves aren't equal and we don't really have any information other than ranked leaves count for more. It seems to me the system is looking for people to be under around 1% leave rate. So start thinking like 100 games without leaving for every game you have left. There will be a popup message when your status improves. The truth is there isn't anything you can do with this information anyway. Your goal should be 0 leaves. Nothing should ever change having that goal. If there is any meaningful chance you will have a technical issue or will have to leave you shouldn't be queueing.
: Remove Chat
You can remove chat for yourself anytime you want by muting all and abstaining. No reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater because some people can't handle using chat.
: No active restrictions but "ineligible to earn loot" -- End of Season Rewards?
To be ineligible for rewards you have to be still chat restricted when the season ends or have a ban that ended after august 7th.
: Well I'm sorry if I sound salty or crazy. But that's why I came here. I've never left a single ranked game This season. I can swear that on my life. Been a part of several remakes, but this was the first ranked remake I was responsible for. Last time I was on a leaverbuster was for leaving arams. So that's why I was wondering if they maybe ALL count as one. I just got a notification that s said I just left the low priority queue in my client notifications but there's no way that's correct. But like I said I only came Here because I was confused to the penalty based on me a)technically not showing up isn't leaving b)it was the first time in ranked for me
The different game modes don't have different punishment paths. The leaves from ranked just count more than those from other modes. Seems like a ranked leave is worth roughly twice that of a leave from another queue. The leave was counted because the remake happened and you were the leave that allowed it. If you had come back after 6-7 minutes you would have been flagged as a leave even if they didn't remake.
: Lol wow no one is reading what I'm writing. How do I prove I don't leave other than post a bunch of pictures to all of you lol. You guys just want to bash me, when I came here to figure out why it happened. I have been leaver busted before of course, but I've never been placed right into the 20 min lpq. Sigh this is so frustrating talking here is just making it worse. I'm assuming because it was a ranked game - They must put you in lpq- since no one seems to know and the leaver buster page doesn't specify.
The punishments escalate as you continue to leave. You don't have to be leaving left or right for it to be considered a problem. No one here wants to bash you. We are just explaining to you how the system works. Ranked leaves do count for more than non ranked leaves. So that may have led you to skip the 10 min low priority queue if you only had 1 in the past. You can improve your status with leaverbuster so that next time it won't be another 20 min low priority queue, but you need to play 100s of games without leaving(there is a notificatin that will pop up when this happens).
: That's so ridiculous I can't believe you typed that nonsense. Honestly, a random disconnect from the game, which my match history shows rarely happens, shouldn't be punished of at least 100 minutes of waiting. How is that justified? Lol and to boot, the game I just joined had a remake. So should I get mad and expect a ban for those players to? You're ridiculous
If your issues were rare then you wouldn't be at 20 min low priority queue. That is not having occasional issues. That is chronic leaver status. Your punishment wasn't for that 1 leave. It was for your entire history of leaving. You can improve your status with leaverbuster, but you have to play a significant amount of games without leaving. Whether or not you get mad about remakes is your businesses, but that leave will count against whoever caused the remake just like yours did. If it was a rare thing nothing will happen. If it isn't, they will get a low priority queue.
: Uhhh.. am I in trouble? (Odd situation here)
What exactly does the email say? Kinda sounds more like someone is phishing for your login info.
: Correct almost the system counts reports from other players that have a "viable" reason in this case calling someone a poop face is considered "viable" so you can be banned for calling people "poop face" (in multiple games yes)
No one is arguing that it can't get you banned, just that saying it once won't. Think of the punishment system as a bucket over your head. Every negative thing puts some amount of water in that bucket. Call someone a poop face, 1 drop. Call someone an idiot, 1 splash. Hate speech, 1 bucket full. When the bucket fills up, it tips over and dumps a punishment on your head.
: With the current system Anything that is considered negative breaks the summoners code, with enough report from that game if his friend said "ur a poop face" he would have received punishment
Calling someone a poop face may be considered negative and count against you. However, the standard for receiving a punishment is higher than "say 1 thing even remotely negative ever" so that would not, on its own, get you punished. Punishments come from the sum total of your negative behavior crossing certain thresholds, not just any minor infraction.
: So being assaulted by the players I assaulted means nothing? I don't see them with a permanent ban? I actually called no one a homophobic term. "%%%got" is widely used AND accepted by the gay community, the straight definition of %%%got is "Homosexual male". In what regards does that mean anything homophobic? I didn't say "Ew %%%got" or "%%%gots are gay", no I simply said "%%%got". The fact that Riot believes that to be homophobic is misogynistic in and of itself. None the less one game should not determine the fate of my account regardless of what was said, and how people interpret it. Also my "defeatist attitude" stems from being ridiculed by the entire games players. How am I supposed to stand tall when I am being kicked on the ground? I can understand a lot of your points and yes many involve me regularly, like announcing my report, I didn't know that was a rule. But I never use racial or homophobic terms when I play, nor am I a regular toxic player. This was just a bad game by the pure definition.
What anyone else said or did means nothing in regards to your case. The same way all this will have nothing to do with their cases. Each person is judged for the negativity they contributed. Retaliation is not acceptable and only makes things worse. It isn't a competition where the worst person earns a punishment. Everyone who crosses the line has it count against them. That is the definition of %%%got, but using it as a negative is saying that being gay is a negative. It may be arguably widely used, it is certainly not acceptable here(or most places).
: I logged in and it said I am banned for intentionally feeding. My friend said they would send me an email.
The info from the email should be in the reform card that pops up when you log in. For intentional feeding I think it is basically just a link to the game.
: where are my chat logs at?
A reform card should pop up when you log into the client that will have 1-3 games of chat logs.
: LeaverBuster is crap
This is working as intended. You need to make sure that you have roughly an hour(more like 90 mins to be safe) of time to dedicated to league when you queue up. The issue is you leaving games, that is what is ruining games. Not you being punished for it. If the issue is your parents try offering to see what they need you to do before you play. I would also recommend getting them to read :http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/bEhf1EPt-open-letter-to-parents-of-league-of-legends-players
: Once again I didn't say I wasn't toxic, and while according to the TOS I don't have a right to defend myself in any way shape or form, after being called a "n****r" in champ select I do have a right to be livid considering I'm Mulatto.
Right to be upset? sure. Your behavior while upset though was completely unacceptable. You just became exactly what you were mad about, a bigot. You weren't defending yourself. You were attacking someone. While that may have been in retaliation, that doesn't make it excusable.
: UnfathomableWin: riven UnfathomableWin: dont play ranked anymore kid UnfathomableWin: kys UnfathomableWin: lmfao UnfathomableWin: report him please UnfathomableWin: yas UnfathomableWin: you paying attention fam UnfathomableWin: "gonna feed if I adc" UnfathomableWin: fam you gonna feed no matter what UnfathomableWin: this scrub UnfathomableWin: just keeps feeding UnfathomableWin: yas do you pay attention fam? UnfathomableWin: this is the second time he's been @ mid and you are late UnfathomableWin: yi was already @ mid fam UnfathomableWin: he has been both times I've gone UnfathomableWin: fam you've literally UnfathomableWin: screwed your jg UnfathomableWin: every time I've come to gank UnfathomableWin: you stand bck and let me get fucked UnfathomableWin: then you die anyway UnfathomableWin: "dont want to fight" UnfathomableWin: less than 30 at this point UnfathomableWin: plz report her for inting UnfathomableWin: ... UnfathomableWin: did you just take my red UnfathomableWin: you et me die when I gank and you take my buffs? UnfathomableWin: lol UnfathomableWin: gj fam UnfathomableWin: that red UnfathomableWin: was UnfathomableWin: mine UnfathomableWin: ok UnfathomableWin: %%%got UnfathomableWin: dont touch my buffs UnfathomableWin: you fucking piece of shit UnfathomableWin: just /ff and move on to the next game UnfathomableWin: ... UnfathomableWin: why wouldn't you ff UnfathomableWin: with riven and yas feeding UnfathomableWin: they're both inting so I mean UnfathomableWin: 3 people want to keep playing this UnfathomableWin: ok UnfathomableWin: gj yas, you get that scuttle crab UnfathomableWin: mmh UnfathomableWin: ya UnfathomableWin: Lol jinx idk why you keep forcing us to play this game UnfathomableWin: if riven and yas, our only engage are feeding UnfathomableWin: wtf is the point in continuing this game UnfathomableWin: ff and move on to the next one UnfathomableWin: listen %%%got I've got the same amount of deaths as you UnfathomableWin: and I've been afking UnfathomableWin: lol UnfathomableWin: because this game is over UnfathomableWin: their teamfight is better than ours UnfathomableWin: because they're fed UnfathomableWin: thanks jinx UnfathomableWin: you use that chat UnfathomableWin: while yi fighting me UnfathomableWin: thanks for wasting time UnfathomableWin: so that we could lose anyway UnfathomableWin: gj kys %%%s
Hate speech and telling people to kill themselves pretty much sealed your fate.
: No 25 game chat restriction?
The steps are generally for minor chat offenses. So depending on what you said you could have been escalated higher. If you post you chat logs that can better be answered. They do have chat logs for pre/post game. I am not sure why the instant feedback system doesn't automatically use them but it doesn't. If you leave in the description that they were a problem in pre/post game chat it can be used in a manual review. Realistically though most people who are a problem in pre/post game are also a problem in game so I never really viewed this as significant.
: No season rewards for me?
You have to be chat restricted when the season ends or banned within 3 months to lose eligibility. As long as you finish that chat restriction before the end of the season then you will still be eligible.
: If I add someone to my block list can I still get qued with them?
Yes, you can still get matched with them. Block is purely a function of chat.
: I. DON'T. A. F. K. It was a 1 time crash. If they are including the games that happened YEARS ago that is bull. I don't leave games, period. I don't know how many times I have to say it. It happen ONCE. ONE TIME. The number is ONE. Seriously I don't know how many times I have to say it. That is my problem.
It wasn't for one time. You are just drawing your own arbitrary line where you think the past shouldn't count. I donno how far it goes back but it seems pretty far. A while back I had a string of different things happen in about a 2 week period that caused me to leave 4 games and I expected to get my first low priority queue on both the 3rd and 4th leave but it never happened. I have no doubt I was reported in those games and the only reason I can see for not being punished is my history of thousands of games with very few leaves. I think before those 4 leaves I had about 5 leaves in 5000 games. You can work off that history but you need to play significant amounts of games without leaving or disconnecting to prove that things have improved. It takes a significant amount of games, though. Think like 100+ games per leaverbuster punishment you have received.
TriStar (NA)
: Leaver Buster's Problem
Leaverbuster gives slack to everyone for occasional issues. If you are at 20 min leaverbuster that means you are leaving way too often. That is way past occasional issue, that is chronic leaver status. The punishments also already do reduce when you play enough games without leaving(there is a popup when it happens). You need to figure out a way to leave fewer games.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zezockary,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=JuQn5huw,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-10-06T16:04:24.349+0000) > > If your last punishment wasn't a 14 day suspension I would suggest submitting a support ticket, it may have either erroneously skipped you tiers or failed to give logs that properly outlined why you were skipped tiers. Remember that if you were not banned in error then it will not be overturned, and try to be as polite as you are being here in your ticket. > > Btw, the punishment system works in tiers if you didn't already know, it goes like this: > -10 game chat restrict > -25 game chat restrict > -14 day suspension > -permanent ban > > Anything that can move you up a tier can get you perma banned as long as you have had the appropriate punishments before. So if you have had a 14 day suspension then these logs would get you banned, but otherwise I don't see what would do it. hmm idk about those tiers. During s5 i got chat banned around 15 times without a single ban
It was implemented about a year ago.
: > [{quoted}](name=OnlyPlayMarksman,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Ao5KvfTo,comment-id=00000001000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-06T16:08:49.312+0000) > > rammus kept ganking me and i was running away no flash so i said race me fast, yasou was literally initng not lieing walked up stood still and died, then i said we can kill and he just ran into turret then afked, so i said ill be new midlaner as adc because no one was covering, then every lane lost with a afk mid so i just went thornmail the whole tema was troll building karma support with static shiv , udyr with ohmwreaker and they wanted to open, then i was jokeing wanted to 1v1 zed we all knew it was over and he was challinging me with his op zed zonyas build to iconic moment to forget. and i was really annoyed they purposly wouldnt end the gmae beside turrted they kill us and run and made the game super long just so thye can stomp us so i was really annoyed.. but i understand it was bad also one thing about the banning system is you never see what the said to me.... way harsher but i know its a game so i dont ban but ......
Each game isn't an isolated contest where only the worst person wins a punishment. If you reported them their behavior will count against them the same way yours counts against you. Their chat is irrelevant to your case. Nothing they said makes it acceptable to call people %%%gots.
: That isn't, my computer crashed, once. I should not get a leave buster for that. I play my games and refuse to surrender. I don't like losing like a wuss. I will not leave and if I DC I come back. But I don't even get the chance to anymore after that remake thing. I always got back in the game.
It being a crash doesn't change anything about the situation. Frequent technical issues are just as much a target of leaverbuster as rage quitters, not collateral damage. You are talking about a 20 min low priority queue, that is chronic leaver status.
: I disagree, but even if you're right. Do I deserve a perma ban on an account that I've had since I started playing League and dumped countless dollars into? If I really was in the .006% of league summoners toxic enough to be perma banned, don't you think it would have happened years ago? Keep in mind I've also had the ribbon for friendly, teamwork, and honorable opponent ribbon a number of times. How can I be in both of the extremes? Riddle me that RITO.
There aren't really a lot of specifics here about what you did so it is hard to really answer that, but if you used hate speech then I don't really see an issue with a permanent ban. Just because someone was once an upstanding member of the community doesn't mean they always will be.
: Exactly! My computer crashed, I didn't even get 5 minutes to reconnect. No chance to reconnect at all. (this was recently) then I get hit with an afk low priority for "multiple games afk" when a remake was needed for 1.
So is that what this is about? A DC leading to a leaverbuster? Because that is working as intended not any kind of mistake.
: I am a very aggressive player, which is why I don't understand my ban.
If you were here banned for intentional feeding that would make sense. But what could possibly be both aggressive and make you seem afk? Those two things are kinda on opposite sides of the spectrum.
The target of w/e you are saying isn't particularly important. What matters is who can read it.
: So don't tell someone to learn what they are talking about when they actually researched it it doesn't take time it takes games the more you play you don't have to wait 3 months the whole 3 months theory was made by random players it is not infact actually a statistic fact
> [{quoted}](name=Lyte,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=p7scKW1K,comment-id=00050000000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-15T23:31:12.435+0000) > > Neurocat talked about the escalation system when it launched here: > http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/Boqd81O0-upcoming-upgrades-to-chat-restrictions > > Also, just so there isn't any misinformation, it takes 3 months to drop down **one tier** of penalties, not to 0. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/f/mNBeEEkI/d/p7scKW1K?comment=00050000000000000000 It is not a player theory. 3 months was a theory people had about regaining hextech eligability that turned out not to be the case, it is not a theory about dropping punishment tiers.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Tantram,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=axT0mNKk,comment-id=000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-04T22:25:10.705+0000) > > I replied to you 30 minutes ago. You weren't punished by any system. You were manually punished after a manual review. It takes awhile for the player behavior specialists in player support to get to your ticket. This was the first time riot has ever responded about the issue so saying 'I have responded' implies you responded in the past, which is false. It has also been 7 days since I sent in the support ticket and I have been deferred multiple times. I have not received a in client card about my supposed 'verbal abuse'
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Tantram,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=axT0mNKk,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-10-04T21:58:03.130+0000) > > You need to open a support ticket (or wait if you already have). You were penalized due to the results of a manual review. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/axT0mNKk-riot-admitted-to-inappropriately-suspending-my-account?comment=0002
AdeBug (NA)
: Suggestion for preventing 'whoops! wrong masteries'
I like this idea. I actually sorta force this on myself. I only use 1 mastery page and I edit it every game.
: One chat restriction and then a Perma Ban
Severity of an offense has always been able to escalate a punished, even to a permanent ban. Particularly when hate speech, death threats, telling people to kill themselves type of stuff are involved.
: Opinions on Riot's Handling of LoL Community
Yes, hate speech is that big of a deal.
: I'm not trying to prove myself to you guys. I couldn't care less. I want to prove myself to riot. Unless you are riot yourself.
You don't have to prove anything to us. If you think you the punishment was a mistake you can submit a support ticket to get a response from riot. That will likely take a couple days and if you post your chat logs we can probably save everyone some time. Mistakes do happen, but they are rare. And based on your responses here it doesn't really seem like it is a mistake, but rather you disagree with what should be punishable.
: I understand this, BUT I was queued with 3 others. so it was literally just him and my group of friends. So how does him reporting ME get ME banned? When he was the one flaming the whole game.
How many reports you got doesn't really matter. What matters is the contents of your chat. If you really want to make a claim of innocence you should really include your chat logs. Saying you were defending yourself doesn't really tell us much about what happened. I have seen people's "self defense" include hate speech and death threats.
: Checking if Reports are legitimate
What exactly is your playstyle that the system is viewing as you being afk?
Artimedis (EUW)
: As you can see on the picture they are not linked to the official reason why I am banned there is only a link to my last game with Ryze
That isn't meant to be a comprehensive list. They just give you 1-3 examples.
Nebuul (NA)
: Leavebuster Question: When did a ranked dodge become 30 minutes?
How many times did you dodge today? Dodge penalties increase each time you dodge and reset every day.
Xavanic (NA)
: Smurfing
IP bans are ineffective and have huge side effects. Most people(at least in the US) have dynamic IP addresses which means they change. This can usually be done manually by simply unpugging your modem for a short period of time and plugging it back in. Or at most a phone call to your ISP. On top of that, that banned IP will eventually be assigned to someone else who would then be banned. There is also the issue of networks that share a public address like college campuses. If 1 person in a dorm got IP banned, the whole dorm would get banned.
Tokkì (NA)
: another game another troll
Did he do something besides pick shaco top?
: id like to know my fucken self
So you would like to know but refuse to look at the place that tells you the answer? I don't get it. You weren't banned for going sona top or because of anything anyone else did.
: Hey BobMarlyisLegend, We understand that you want to get word out about this player and their in-game behaviors but this is not the correct avenue to get attention on them. Please continue to use our in-game reporting system to put these players through our behavioral systems. Here is a link to your post below: That's what I thought I didn't report anyone in my game but I got banned because everyone in my team wanted to 4 man report me now im banned for 14 days and the mods here don't want to show my chat to prove i am innocent and to top it all off I have the players name "Removed name"_ who said in game he was going to afk and mods can check that too but they want me banned
What were you actually banned for? What does it say when you try to log in?
: Why is Riot 100% ok with people ruining games on purpose as long as they don't type?
You will almost never get the punishment feedback with griefing cases. Those messages are a part of the instant feedback system and are only generated for cases punished by that system. Griefing often requires manual reviews for punishments and those cases will never give you a notification that they were punished.
: that's not really what i asked, or if it is and i'm not reading it right, can you dumb it down? because i got this chat restriction, am i no longer eligible for the end of year rewards? the border, and whatever else is what i asked. and if i'm not, is there a way to "reform"
The requirements for this year haven't been announced yet. If they follow what they did the previous 2 years you will be fine as you had to be banned within 3 months of the end of the season or still chat restricted when the season ended. Even if they make changes this year I don't see a 10 game chat restriction now interfering with your eligibility.
iLasVegas (OCE)
: Banned for 14 Days (First Ban)
The standard escalation path for non-severe offenses is 10 game chat restriction, 25 game chat restrictions, 14 day ban, permanent ban. So take special note that your next punishment will be a permanent ban.
: does it ACTUALLY bother you?
Hurt is probably not the best word. But toxic people make me care less about the game. They simply suck the fun out of the game. AFKing or intentional feeding over it is silly, but it isn't hard to see why it happens. People end up feeling stuck in a game they aren't enjoying and they want out.
: You're leaving out that some people live in the same house, or even room. While I agree that all responsibility ultimately falls on what happens directly through your account, whether by your or not, sometimes it can't be helped when somebody else simply walks over while you're on the toilet or microwaving dinner. The lesson to be learned by him, I'd assume, would be to never give brother a chance on the account; set a password on the computer or log out completely when stepping away even for a moment. But I wouldn't just assume somebody else knew his password. I mean heck, my roommate could go over to my computer, get on my facebook, and do whatever he wanted while I go to class and I'd never know until the damage is done. He has no idea what my password is. Sometimes jerks are just jerks.
It absolutely can be helped. That is what passwords are for. Windows key+L when you leave your computer. Problem prevented.
In general protecting your account is your responsibility. How exactly did your brother get access to your account?
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